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Taha & WAw Alphabets Definition
   {Taha} & {wAw}, The Universal Methods of writing - Alphabets Definition 0 { wAw } { w w } { w w }   & {Taha} { TaYa } { aYaT }    Arabizi-Taha Alphabet  Arabic Geometric Letters )  Easy - Arabic Easy (Arab  يزرع } IzIbaraq { -} qarabIzI {qarabIzI}, {   Marabizi-Revresed Arabizi Mirrored Arabic Geometric Letters Easy) - rab A - (MMirrored Arabic Easy زر } IzIbaram { -} marabIzI {marabIzI} {    Wawizi- wAw Alphabet Latin Matching Letters Easy) - writing Arabic way (wAw –  wAw زو و   } IzIwAw { -} wAwIzI } { wAwIzI {   {c, q, x} ≡ ( ح   ع   ( Dr. Eng. Ziad Amer Hammoodi 6 October 2016   {Taha} & {wAw}, The Universal Methods of writing - Alphabets Definition 1 Writing Geometric Method {Taha} { TaYa } - { aYaT }  {Taha} Alphabet    {Taha}  method, which stands for “T a reeqah Handasiyyah” in Arabic , is a universal Geometric method of writing from right to left using {Taha} alphabet. {Taha} alphabet   or  Arabizi  alphabet consists of Geometric Arabic letters enhanced by additional letters from other languages starting by English and French. There are 32   Geometric consonant letters  in Arabizi including 22  Phoenician letters plus 6  additive Arabic letters plus 4  specific Latin consonant letters used in English and French. There are also 18 Geometric vowels  in Arabizi including 6  Arabic vowels plus 4  additive Latin vowels used in English and French plus 8  specific French vowels. Each consonant letter can be associated with a vowel to represent a particular sound launched in a certain direction and called dynamic letter otherwise it is static by default. Writing Arabic Way Method {wAw} { wAw } - { wAw } wAw Alphabet {wAw}   method, which stands for “writing Arabic way” is the Latin version of {Taha) method of writing but from left to right and by using Latin wAw alphabet. Latin {wAw} or Wawizi  alphabet consists of small and capital Latin letters redefined to match Marabizi  Alphabet which is identical to mirrored Arabizi alphabet.   Wawizi  alphabet preserved the combined English consonant letters and included combined specific French vowels to produce easy to read Wawizi texts. Marabizi  alphabet is the Mirrored Geometric letters enhanced by additional letters from English and French and used for writing from left to right. Latinizi  alphabet consists of   small and capital Latin letters  redefined in order to establish a one to one relationship with the 32  Geometric or Mirrored Geometric consonant letters and the 18  Geometric or Mirrored Geometric vowels. Latinizi  alphabet is used to enter texts in the computer in order to generate  Arabizi  and Marabizi  texts by applying the Arabic Geometric or the Mirrored Arabic Geometric fonts.   {Taha} & {wAw}, The Universal Methods of writing - Alphabets Definition 2 Abjad, Arabic (A), Latin (L), Geometric (G), Mirrored Geometric (M), Latin {wAw} (W) Abjad, Arabic, Latinizi, Arabizi, Marabizi, Wawizi 4LatinLetters6ArabicLetters  22AbjadPhoenicianConsonantLetters    ػظ   ذ   تر   ص   ن   طح   زو   د A   غ   ظ   ض   ذ   خ   ث   ت   ش   ر   ق   ص   ف   ع   س   ن   م   ل   ك   ي   ط   ز   و   ه   د   ج   ب   L H v p g Q Z D P C B t F r K S f q s n l k y T c z w h d j b x G   H v p g Q D C B t F r K S f q s n m y c z w j b x M H v p g Q Z D P C B t F r K S f q s n m l k y T c z w h d j b x   ch v p g gh Dh D dh kh th t sh r K S f q s n m l k y T c z w h d j b x 32 Geometric Consonant Letters ( 22 Phoenician + 6 Arabic + 4 Latin)   Arabic, English & French Common Vowels 4 English & French Vowels 6 Arabic, English and French Vowels Mad Of Mad Kash Offah Kashah Mad Kasr Mad Dum Mad Fath Kasrah Dummah Fathah فو د   حسك   د   ة ةح   رسك   د   مض   د   حت   د   رسك   ةض   ةت   Latin Font O   E   o   e I   U   A   i   u   a   Geometric (Taha) O   E   o   e I   U   A   i   u   a   Mirrored Geometric O E o e I U A i u a Latin {wAw} O   E   o   e I   U   A   i   u   a   10 Geometric Vowels (6 Arabic, English & French + 4 English & French)   French Specific Vowels 4 Specific French Nasal Vowels 4 Specific French Oral Vowels  Naf Fath  Naf Dum  Naf Kasr  Naf Of Summah Lammah Mad Sum Mad Lam ت   ن   مض   ن   رسك   ن   نفوأ   ةّص   ةّل   مص   د   مل   د   Latin Font L M N G X Y J R Geometric (Taha) L M N G X Y J R Mirrored Geometric L M N G X Y J R Latin {wAw } aa uu ii oo iu eu Iu Eu French words an, en un vin nom du peu dur peur French wAw words aa uu vii noo diu peu dIur pEur 8 Specific Geometric French Vowels (4 Nasal + 4 Oral)
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