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SPE Russian Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Technical Conference and Exhibition 2012 Moscow, xxx Russia October 2012 Volume 1 of 4 ISBN: Printed from e-media with permission
SPE Russian Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Technical Conference and Exhibition 2012 Moscow, xxx Russia October 2012 Volume 1 of 4 ISBN: Printed from e-media with permission by: Curran Associates, Inc. 57 Morehouse Lane Red Hook, NY Some format issues inherent in the e-media version may also appear in this print version. Copyright (2012) by the Society of Petroleum Engineers All rights reserved. Printed by Curran Associates, Inc. (2013) For permission requests, please contact the Society of Petroleum Engineers at the address below. Society of Petroleum Engineers P. O. Box Richardson, Texas Phone: (800) Fax: (972) Additional copies of this publication are available from: Curran Associates, Inc. 57 Morehouse Lane Red Hook, NY USA Phone: Fax: Web: TABLE OF CONTENTS VOLUME 1 SPE A New High Strength Drill Pipe Maximizing Safety and Performance in Low Temperature Environment... 1 K. El Bachiri, P. Machecourt, S. Mauries SPE Cementing Abnormally Over-pressurized Formations in Saudi Arabia Abdulla Faleh Al-Dossary, Scott Jennings SPE Improved Health, Safety and Environmental Profile of a New Field Proven Stimulation Fluid W. Braun, C.A. de Wolf, H.A. Nasr-El-Din SPE Design and Status of the Only Underground Gas Storage Project in Turkey After Three Years of Operation Secaeddin Sahin, Suleyman Abravci, Ali Tirek SPE Case Study of an East Siberian Field: A Holistic Review of Drilling Performance Enhancement Andrew Buchan, Marat Fazletdinov, Zimuzor Okafor, Vladimir Shulga SPE A Glass Micromodel Experimental Study of Hydrophilic Nanoparticles Retention for EOR Project Luky Hendraningrat, Li Shidong, Suwarno Torsaeter, Ole Torsaeter SPE «Smart Wells» is a Key to Production Enhancement from Low Permeable Reservoirs Danila Gulyaev, Andrey Ipatov, Vladimir Krichevskiy SPE Building a Roadmap for Enhanced Oil Recovery Prefeasibility Study C. Lefebvre, P. Lemouzy, D. Sorin, G. Roy, S. Serbutoviez SPE New Coiled-Tubing-Deployed Multizone Hydraulic Fracturing: An Unconventional Process for Unconventional Reservoirs Klaas van Gijtenbeek, Fraser McNeil, Leon Massaras SPE First Channel Fracturing Applied in Mature Wells Increases Production from Talinskoe Oilfield in Western Siberia Rifat Kayumov, Artem Klyubin, A. Yudin, P. Enkababian, Fedor Leskin, Igor Davidenko, Zdenko Kaluder SPE Ranking of Hydrocarbon Reserves For the Management Team A. Handrygin, T.N. Smagina, I.I. Diakonov, D.A. Dubrovskiy SPE Injectivity Profile Monitoring and Hot Water Flooding Optimization for Horizontal Well 2G on Rospan's Russkoe Heavy Oil Field Using DTS A. Rodionov, D. Lachugin, E. Muslimov, E. Makarov, G.A. Brown, M. Nukhaev, S. Tyutikov SPE Petrophysical Base of Reservoir Saturation Type Prediction in Interwell Space D. Kozhevnikov, K. Kovalenko, I. Deshenenkov SPE The First Implementation of Elongated Proppant for Hydraulic Fracturing in Russia Rifat Kayumov, Andrey Konchenko, Olga Nevvonen, Vladislav Firsov, Maxim Kuznetsov, Ivan Titov, Zdenko Kaluder SPE Integration of Conceptual Considerations in Geological Model of Riphean Carbonate Reservoir in Yurubcheno-Tokhomskoe Field N.M. Kutukova, E.M. Birun, R.A. Malakhov, K.S. Savichev, V.M. Yatsenko SPE New Software for Processing of LWD Extra-Deep and Azimuthal Resistivity Data M. Sviridov, A. Mosin, Y. Antonov, M. Nikitenko, S. Martakov, M. Rabinovich SPE Additional Acoustic Method for Measuring Formation Permeability in the Presence of Mudcake Achieved V. Sinev, V.N. Dorovsky, I. Romensky SPE Fluid Mechanical Aspects of Wet Gas Metering A. Gryzlov, E. Nyfors, L. Jordaan, E. Undheim, N.A. Braaten, S.E. Gregersen, E. Steinsland SPE Preventing Annular Water Flow in Primary Cement Jobs Utilizing Swellable Packers S.F. Takhodinov, N.G. Ibragimov, R.S. Khisamov, R.R. Ibatullin, R.K. Mitchell, T.W. Davis SPE Digital Core Analysis - The Future of Petrophysics Nikolai Grachev SPE Drilling Support Center -In Its True Sense - A Russian Operator Experience Ali M. Bakici, Ivan I. Sarkisov, Azat A. Garifullin, Gokhan H. Aker SPE The New Multipurpose Neutron Generator MANK D.I. Kirgizov, V.E. Kosarev, B.E. Lukhminsky, A.V. Teplyakov SPE Reducing the Loss of Energy in Transport Pipeline For Viscous Oil Renata Radulescu, Marius C. Sin, Bogdan M. Clain SPE Fracturing Completion System Optimization Through Advanced Hydraulic Modeling K.M. Deshpande, D. Simpkins, R. Gandikota, L. Ring SPE IT Governance and Organization in Smart Oil Fields Ewoud Guldemond, Léon Acda, Mikhail Andronov SPE Optimised Solids Control in Arctic Environments Bjørn Dahl, Tor Henry Omland, Arild Saasen SPE The Estimation of Filtration Reservoir Properties with Log Data D. Kozhevnikov, K. Kovalenko, I. Deshenenkov, A.N. Petrov SPE Operational Performance Analysis of Mature Oilfields Sergey Turchin SPE E-Field Real Time Well Temperature Monitoring - Kharyaga Field Case Andrey Semenov, Antoine Renaud, Christophe Allanic SPE Invasion Modeling Assists in the Formation Permeability Evaluation from Resistivity Profiles and Mudcake Thickness Alexander Makarov, Igor Eltsov SPE Simulation of Complex Carbonate Field: Double Media vs. Single Media Kharyaga Field Case Irina Khvatova, Antoine Renaud, Galia-Banu Malyutina, Georgiy Sansiev, Igor Kuzilov, Tatyana Minnibaeva SPE Determining Reservoir Connectivity and Compositional Grading by Mapping Asphaltene Gradients A. Tsiklakov, P. Weinheber, W. Wichers, J. Zuo, S. Zimin, A. Driller, R. Oshmarin SPE Application of Dynamic Underbalance Perforating Technique on a Drillstem Test String in Combination with a Non-damaging Viscoelastic Surfactant-Based Fluid Loss Control Pill: Case Study from Western Siberia K. Gobert, Y. Pyatigorets, N. Krunic, M. Amanov, M. Belov, O. Belova, T. Khabibullin, O. Levanyuk, B. Lungwitz SPE Dynamic Underbalance Perforating maximizes Well's Productivity by Minimizing Completion Damage on a Western Siberia Oil Field M. Pickles, P. Lavdannikov, M. Amanov, T. Khabibullin SPE Application of Targeted Bit Speed Technology to Directional Drilling in Buzuluk Russia Christopher A. Maranuk, Wendell Bassarath, Nikolay Abaltusov, Vladimir F. Groshev, Sergey P. Zolotukhin, Anton Kutlashov VOLUME 2 SPE The Use of Artificial Bayesian Intelligence in Practical Well Control Abdullah S. Al-Yami, Jerome Schubert SPE Aerated Underbalanced Drilling System Development Abdullah S. Al-Yami, Jerome Schubert SPE Towards Effective Resolution of Borehole Stability Issues in Koshayskaya Suite While Drilling Horizontal Sidetracks in Samotlor A.B. Kharitonov, S. Pogorelova, E.V. Tikhonov, S.L. Sergeev, S. Andriadi SPE A Drilling Fluid with High Inhibitory Characteristics, Based on Freshwater, Contributing to Increased Drilling Efficiency in More Than 600 Wells at the Salym Oil Fields Michael Vasiliev, Oleg Afanasiev, Rustam Mekhdihanov, Andrey Rusanov, Andrey Kharitonov, Constantine Romanishin, Denis Bulanov SPE Peculiarities of Thin Oil Rim Development Sergey Kolbikov SPE Investigation of SWAG Injection and Prospects of Its Implementation with the Usage of Pump-Ejecting Systems at Existing Oil-Field Infrastructure A.N. Drozdov, N.A. Drozdov, E.A. Malyavko, Y.L. Alekseev, I.K. Shayhutdinov, A.G. Zakharyan SPE The Use of Umbilicals as a New Technology of Artificial-Lift Operation of Oil and Gas Wells without Well Killing when Workover A.N. Drozdov, E.A. Malyavko, Y.L. Alekseev, A.V. Robin, A.I. Alekseev, A.V. Stefomirov, S.R. Ageev SPE Drilling Optimization A Review of Process Changes Chimerebere Nkwocha SPE Improved Hydraulic Fracture Modeling Based on Geomechanical Correlation Functions to Optimize Development of Priobskoe Oilfield A. Nadeev, A. Yudin, I. Sudeev, A. Pestrikov, A. Nikitin, S. Sitdikov, A. Timonov SPE Modeling Uncertainties in Carbonate Karstic Reservoirs: Presentation of a Tool and its Application to a Real Field Case in Russia P. Biver, C. Longis, E. Penna, A. Ovsyannikov SPE Flow Induced Vibration In Subsea Production Systems Jan Smeulers, N. González Díez, Harmen Slot SPE Extensive Optimisation Analyses of the Piping of Two Large Underground Gas Storage Ariel Compressors A. Eijk, D. Heyer, A. Tenbrock SPE Increased Turbo Compressor Reliability by Analysis of Fluid Structure Interaction J. Smeulers, N. González Díez SPE Prediction and Dynamic Operation of Gas Distribution Networks N.E. Ligterink, R. van der Linden SPE In-depth Sweep Efficiency Improvement: Screening Criteria and Engineering Approach for Pattern Evaluation and Potential Field Implementation E. Manrique, G. Garmeh, M. Izadi, M. Salehi, J. Romero, N. Aye, C. Thomas, P. Shevelev SPE First Hydraulic Fracturing from a Supply Vessel in Russian Caspian Sea V.P. Stenin, S.V. Delia, V.S. Levchenko, S. Vereschagin, K.K. Butula, P. Enkababian SPE Thirty Years of Experience in the Application of Thermal Recovery in the Permian- Carboniferous Reservoir of the Usinsk Oil Field Evgeniy Taraskin, Stanislav Ursegov, Vladimir Muliak, Mikhail Chertenkov, Andrey Alabushin SPE Successful Application of Foamed Acid Stimulation of Severely Damaged Perforations in a Horizontal Intelligent Well W. Ruksanor, J. Webers, E. Vargas, R. Gdanski, S. Vickery SPE First Deployment of Oriented Perforation in Lunskoye V. Lyapunova, O. Komolafe, E. Vargas SPE Channel Fracturing in the Remote Taylakovskoe Oil Field: Reliable Stimulation Treatments for Significant Production Increase A. Sadykov, A. Yudin, M. Oparin, A. Efremov, S.A. Doctor, M.A. Vinohodov, N.V. Chebykin, I.V. Garus, N.M. Katrich, A.A. Rudnitsky SPE Significant Changes to Service Contracting and Execution are Required to Optimize the New Environments for Well Construction. Valuable Lessons from Russia Robert Whalley, Gokhan H. Aker SPE Waste Water Disposal Has Become Critical Strategic Focus Area Sameh Macary, Biganum Tenizbaeva, Aizada Azhigaliyeva, Arailym Yessalieva, Malika Seitim, Elrad Iskakov SPE Self Consistent Approach to Construct Inflow Performance Relationship for Oil Well M. Khasanov, V. Krasnov, R. Khabibullin, T. Musabirov SPE Addressing Wellbore Position Challenges in Ultra-Extended-Reach Drilling in Russia's Far East Benny Poedjono, Sheldon Andre Rawlins, Chandrasekhar Kirthi Singam, Alexander Van Den Tweel, Alexey Dubinsky, Rustam Rakhmangulov, Stefan Maus SPE Improvement of the Efficiency of Remaining Oil Reserves Recovery at Mature Field T.F. Manapov, A.A. Ruchkin, E.V. Ustyugova, A.N. Levanov SPE Differential Approach to Determination of Compartmentalized Reservoir Properties Evgeniy Yudin, Alexander Lubnin, V. Krasnov, T. Musabirov, M. Khasanov SPE Monitoring Technology for Co-Mingled Tight Play Development with Hydraulic Fractures V.V. Kokurina, M.I. Kremenetsky, S.I. Melmikov SPE Oil Production in Chechen Republic. Present-day Situation and Perpective I.V. Kuleshkov, L.G. Stulov, O.N. Danilchenko, V.V. Kolbikova, V.S. Kolbikov SPE Deliverability Modeling of West Siberia Gas-Condensate Wells S. Dobkine, W. Dewenter, I. Yushkov, A. Nesterenko SPE Do No Harm or When There is an Advantage from the Oil Production Equipment Failures Prediction R. Khabibullin, V.Krasnov SPE Multi-fracs in Horizontal Well in Tumenskoe Formations of Em-Egovskoe Field Krasnoleninsky Play Western Siberia Andrey Platunov, Maxim Nikolaev, Fedor Leskin, Zdenko Kaluder, Yuri Masalkin, Igor Davidenko, V. Fedotov, Alexey Murzinov VOLUME 3 SPE Process of Selecting and Testing Well Lower Completion Methods for Russkoe Field Poorly Consolidated Rock Conditions N.V. Bolychev, E. Muslimov, I.K. Shayhutdinov, E. Makarov SPE Experience with Dual Completions in TNK-BP E. Muslimov, P. Medvedev SPE Water Shut-Off New Technology Solutions Striving for Energy Efficiency Sergey Dubovitsky, Sergey Goryachev, Alexander Klimentiev, Sergey Vorontsov, Tereschenko Aleksandr Spe Oil Production Process Optimization Resultant from Intelligent Field Technologies Implementation in Samotlorskoe Field S.D. Shevchenko, V.A. Navozov, D.V. Mironov, R.L. Pchelnikov, E. Muslimov SPE Assessment of the Risk of Accidents and Hydrocarbon Spills on the Offshore Facilities of the Shtokman Gas Condensate Field Development in the Barents Sea Valentine Jouravel SPE Production Monitoring System Application Development in TNK-BP E. Muslimov, P. Medvedev, R.L. Pchelnikov, A.A. Strugov, S.V. Rekov SPE GIS Technology - A Modern Tool for the Implementation of Environmental Monitoring Programs of JC Rusvietpetro LLC in the North-Hosedayuskiy A. Slivki Oil Field: Integrated Environmental Management at the Enterprise A. Glad`ko SPE Application of Active Temperature Logging at Oilfields of Russia R. Sharafutdinov, R. Valiullin, I. Ramazanov, V. Fedotov, I. Sadretdinov, M. Zakirov SPE The Kinematic Modeling for Exploration of Oil and Gas Prospects in Fold-and-Thrust Belts V.V. Gayduk, S.V. Kuksov SPE Determination of Residual Water and Oil Saturation from NMR Data in Reservoirs with Mixed Wettability A.V. Chashkov, V.A. Kolesov SPE Problems and Solutions for Shallow Heavy Oil Production R.R. Ibatullin, N.G. Ibragimov, R.S.Khisamov, A.T. Zaripov SPE Technique and Results of Complex Laboratory Researches of Anisotropic Filtration and Capacity Properties in Cores V.V. Kadet, N.M. Dmitriev, A.N. Kuzmichev SPE Project Approach to Staff Training for Divisions, Performing Design and Survey Works on Development of Oil and Gas Fields Andrey Sergeevich Latyshev SPE Experience in Geology Study and 3D Modeling of Achimovka Formations of the Urengoy Field Based on 3D Seismic Survey Data O. Grechneva, O. Malygina, A. Ignatyev, K. Zakrevskiy SPE Development and Application of Small ESP`s for Efficient Development of Remaining Reserves in Poorly Drained Parts of Reservoirs of Samotlor Field B. Akopyan, S. Svidersky, E. Liron, A. Prudnikov, E. Vetokhin, D. Martyushev, D. Khudyakov, O. Komarov SPE Integrated Reservoir Modeling of Two Urengoy Gas Fields S.S. Mustaeva, V.N. Vasilev SPE Geant4 for Solving Nuclear Geophysics Problems N.N. Velker, B.V. Banzarov, F. Inanc, N.A. Simonov SPE Applicability Appraisal of the Multiphase Transport Technologies of Associated Petroleum Gas in the Arctic Shelves of the Russia I.V. Levin, O.V. Glazkov, S.A. Malyshev SPE Well Test for In-Situ Determination of Oil and Water Relative Permeabilities S.N. Zakirov, I.M. Indrupskiy, E.S. Zakirov, D.P. Anikeev, I.V. Vasiliev, E.V. Severinov, L.A. Gaidukov, A. Rodionov, D. Lachugin, T.N. Tsagan-Mandjiev SPE Predictions of Cyclic Water Injection on Urnenskoe Oil Field A.B. Rublev, Y.A. Khuzeev, I.A. Ishimov, K.M. Fedorov SPE Turbulent Flow Laminarization Under Conditions Of Spatial and Heat Deformations in Pipelines R.A. Alginov, S.N. Kharlamov SPE Implementation of the Upgraded Shut-Off Valves for Protecting Productive Formations' Reservoir Properties in the Vankor Field Conditions V.I. Kuznetsov, I.F. Nurgaliev, R.O. Kutko SPE Selection of the Optimal Type of Fractured Well Completion Based on Simulation of Highly Heterogeneous Reservoir T.I. Gataullin, P.I. Eliseev, F.S. Zavalin SPE Integrated Reservoir Fluid Characterization: A Case Study of Multilayered Yuzhno- Tambeyskoe Gas Condensate Field J. Filippova, D. Mezentsev SPE Computation of Reservoir Properties Based on 3D-Structure of Porous Media D.V. Korost, K.M. Gerke SPE Effective Management of Pilot Projects V.A. Alekseeva, J. Karfunkle SPE The Use of Block Permeability Fractured Reservoir Model for Engineering Horizontal Well Bores V.M. Kiselev, A.R. Kinsfator, A.A. Antonenko, A. Chaskov SPE Analysis of Multiple Fractured Horizontal Wells Application at Priobskoye Field I.S. Afanasyev, A. Timonov, I. Sudeev, T. Musabirov, M.A. Stepanov, A.V. Kolonskikh, R.R. Galeev SPE Latest Marine Geophysical Technologies for Comprehensive Study of Natural Hydrocarbon Reservoirs and Monitoring of Production Y.P. Ampilov, D.G. Baturin SPE Geosteering: Experience in Practical Use at the Ust-Tegusskoye Field, Analysis of Efficiency Larisa Ustinova, Ekaterina Makarova, Artem Sokolov, Suren Osepyan SPE Electromagnetic Sounding in Deviated and Horizontal Wells: Mathematical Modeling and Real Data Interpretation Michael I. Epov, Carina V. Suhorukova, M. Nikitenko, Aleksey A. Gorbatenko, Vitali S. Arzhantsev SPE Geological Modeling of Fractured Carbonate Reservoir of Paleozoic Basement in Western Siberia with Application of 3D Seismic Data S.V. Pylnik, S.N. Shaporenko, V.N. Babov, M.N. Shtokolova SPE Uncertainty Analysis as Decision Making Tool for Green Fields of Yamal Region S.D. Biryukov, I.S. Zakirov, E.V. Severinov, L.A. Gaidukov, A.V. Miroshnichenko, N.V. Kudlaeva, Y.V. Endalova, I.L. Chameev SPE Increase of Certainty of Calculation of Hydrocarbon Reserves on the Basis of Fuzzy Petrophysical Compositions Method Kobrunov Aleksandr Ivanovich, Kuleshov Vladislav Evgenevich, Mogutov Aleksandr Sergeevich VOLUME 4 SPE Potential to Increase Oil Reserves Due to Non-used Lost Deposits Located at Presently Operated Fields of OAO Samaraneftegas V.S. Arkhipov, Y.A. Zubova, Y.D. Krainiy, A.E. Manasyan, A.S. Ustinov SPE Stochastic Uncertainty Analysis in Compositional Simulation for Giant Gas-Condensate Field Reservoir Performance Prediction E. Descubes, R. Madatov, T. Graf, A. Ignatyev, I. Mukminov, S. Redikultsev SPE Accounting VTI Anisotropy in the Performance of Pre-stack Depth Migration on West Siberian Data I.Y Khromova, T.A. Grechishnikova, D.Y. Nadezhkina SPE Salym Petroleum Development: Experience and Lessons in WRM on Salym Group of Fields A. Alexeyev, Y. Volokitin, D. Karnaukh, E. Domnin, A. Bydzan, M. Pickles SPE A Robust Method to Quantify Reservoir Connectivity Using Field Performance Data V. Krasnov, V. Ivanov, M. Khasanov SPE Memory Magnetic Imaging Defectoscopy A.A. Arbuzov, V.V. Bochkarev, A.M. Bragin, Y.S. Maslennikova, B.A. Zagidullin, A.A. Achkeev, R.S. Kirillov SPE Integration of Conceptual Considerations in Geological Model of Riphean Carbonate Reservoir in Yurubcheno-Tokhomskoe Field N.M. Kutukova, E.M. Birun, R.A. Malakhov, K.S. Savichev, V.M.Yatsenko SPE Improving the Efficiency of Oil and Gas Field Development by Optimizing the Operation of Injection Wells S. Margarit, R. Garifoullina, V. Mazhar, I. Almukhametov SPE First Russian Underground Oil Pipeline with Skin-Effect to Transport Jellying Oil A.V. Grishagin, T.I. Kologreeva, A.V. Smirnov, V. Shashel, S.N. Vakulenko, I.V. Savinova, R.A. Kamashev SPE Using Aerospace Information for Monitoring Green Fields in the Russian Arctic Region K.K. Sevastyanova, V.V. Shmakov, S. Nekhaev, A.E. Konygin, S.A. Stolbov SPE Experimental Studies of Oil Recovery After Alkali-Surfactant-Polymer (ASP) Flooding with West Salym Cores A.G. Skripkin, I.A. Kuznetsov, Y. Volokitin, I.V. Chmuzh SPE The Analytical Basis for Accetability Appraisal of the High Pressure Air Injection for West Siberian Oil Fields M.Y. Evseeva, A.S. Ushakova, Y. Volokitin, A.I. Brusilovsky, M. Shaymardanov SPE Estimating Flow Profile and Composition in Horizontal Wells While Draining the Oil Rim with a Massive Gas Cap Dmitriy Semikin, Mikhail Rakitin, Leonid Kolomytsev SPE Causes of Decreased Condensate Recovery from Loe-Permeable Formations and Ways to Increase It A.N. Shandrygin, A.Y. Yushkov, D.N. Glumov SPE Chemical and Analytical Work in Support of West Salym Field Enhanced Oil Recovery Project (ASP) Y. Volokitin, R. Sakhibgareev, M. Shaymardanov, O. Nurieva SPE Use of Fiberglass Equipment in Petroleum Production Y.A. Gavrilyuk, D.O. Perevoshchikov, Y.V. Shlyapnikov, A. A. Agafonov SPE Approaches for Estimating Carbonate Fractured Reservoir Property Cutoffs V. Kolganov, G. Kovaleva SPE Memory Pulsed Neutron-Neutron Logging A.A.Arbuzov, A.P.Alekhin, V.V.Bochkarev, R.N. Minakhmetova, D.V. Chukhutin, A.N. Zakirov SPE Refinement of a Geological Reservoir Model by Detailed Correlation A. Mubarakova, V. Sudakov, S. Sidorov SPE Spectral Noise Logging Data Processing Technology Y.S. Maslennikova, V.V. Bochkarev, A.V. Savinkov, D.A. Davydov SPE Supertoxicants: Modeling of Their Formation and Distribution Caused by the Oil Spills on the Objects of Production and Transportation of Oil Alexander P. Khaustov, Margarita M. Redina SPE The Optimal Pa
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