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SM-CSM52 SOUNDMAX 13 CM 2-WAY COMPONENT ACOUSTIC SYSTEM Instruction manual Description The set of acoustic system includes: - acoustic system - metal grill 2 pcs - speaker wire 3 m - screw 16 pcs
SM-CSM52 SOUNDMAX 13 CM 2-WAY COMPONENT ACOUSTIC SYSTEM Instruction manual Description The set of acoustic system includes: - acoustic system - metal grill 2 pcs - speaker wire 3 m - screw 16 pcs - clip 16 pcs SOUNDMAX 2 m (x 16) (x 16) 2 Important safeguards The owner s manual contains important operating and maintenance instructions for your safety. It is necessary to refer the manual. Do not install the speakers where they may be subjected to excessive heat moisture, dust or where they will be kicked repeatedly, brushed or bumped. Before mounting and connecting the wires b e sure that wire of the negative pole terminal is disconnected from accumulator. Nonobservance of this demand may cause the short circuit or fire. To prevent short circuit never put or leave any metal objects (e.g. coins or metal tools) inside the acoustic system. Make absolutely sure that the terminals for the speakers are connected to the proper outputs from the music source. Never run the wiring on the outside of the vehicle or under it where it can be damaged by road hazards or the moving parts of the vehicle. Use existing wire channels, sills, panels and molding strips inside the vehicle to hide the wiring for safety and a neat appliance. Make sure the wire of the negative pole terminal is disconnected from accumulator while connecting the speaker terminals. Turn on the various components and slowly advance the volume. Remember to check and re-check all connections to insure proper installation and use. Do not continuously use the speaker system beyond the nominal power handling capacity. Keep recorded tapes, watches, and personal credit cards using magnetic coding away from the speaker system to protect them from damage caused by the magnets in the speakers. If you cannot find the appropriate mounting location, consult your car dealer or your nearest dealer before mounting. CAUTION: Take extreme caution when working near the gas tank, gas lines, brake or hydraulic lines and electrical wiring. 3 Mounting the speakers Installation kits are available from your dealer or local stereo shop to help make your installation easy. These kits also give your installation a clean, custom appearance. Questions about installations methods please consult a professional auto sound dealer/installer for assistance. Choose the place of installation for acoustic system. For most acoustic system stipulated regular places in the automobile approach. In this case you need to know only assembly depth. Before installation acoustic system check up their assembly depth. At a choice of a non-standard arrangement of speakers at which it is necessary to cut them in panels of the automobile, use a mould (not included). For achievement of ideal arrangement of acoustic system keep up geometry of a mould, as it is very important for correct installation of your system ( =115 mm, Ø =5 mm). If it will be necessary to cut steel, reinstall the cosmetic panel in place and use the hole you have previously cut as a template. This will help to insure proper cutting and a good fit. Now, mark the locations for the speakers mounting screws, remove the panel and drill the screw holes. When finished you may replace the panel. After cutting and drilling all holes, inspect the mounting areas for any metal burrs or rough edges. File any area that may interfere with the mounting of the speaker. Clean any metal shavings from the mounting area and check for areas in which water may enter the speaker cavity. Treat the area for water protection when necessary. 4 Securing the speakers Position the speaker into the mounting hole and re-confirm the correct mounting location and hole placement. Screw clips are provided to ensure a snug fit. These should be placed over the metal surface and line up the hole you have previously drilled with the screw clip. Place the speaker into the hole, align the holes and proceed to insert the screws. Be sure to tighten the screws evenly so that it will not warp the speaker frame. Turn your system back on and confirm the speakers operation first at a low volume and then you may increase the volume as you desire. After installation acoustic system and having tested it the speaker grill will have to be inserted. Turn on you system and follow these steps carefully: - locate the speaker grill; - now carefully inspect the place where the speaker grill will be mounted there should be no blowholes; - fix the speaker grill by screws. 5 If unit fails to operate properly Carefully read the instruction to make sure the unit is being operated properly. Check the following before you take your unit to the local dealer for repair. SYMPTOM POSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION No sound Unnatural sound The volume control regulator set in the minimal position Adjust sound level Bad power connections Check to see that all the power and speaker leads are securely connected The audio cassette receiver is Take your unit to the local dealer for damaged repair Acoustic system cables are Check to see that all the power and connected without observance of speaker leads are securely connected polarity (+ or -) Damage speaker wire or speaker Replace the speaker or speaker wires The audio cassette receiver is Take your unit to the local dealer for damaged repair 6 Specification Loudspeaker one woofer: 13 cm (5 ) carbon compound Kevlar woven cone Magnet main: ferrite 10 Oz magnet tweeter: 25 mm silk dome tweeter Peak output power 180 W Rated output power 90 W Impedance 4 hm Sensitivity 92 db Frequency response Hz Dimensions x 75 mm Net / Gross weight 1.1 kg / 3.1 kg Gift box dimension (L x H x W) 420 mm 287 mm 107 mm 7 : SOUNDMAX 2 (x 16) ( 16)..,,,,., (-).. 8 , (, ).,.,.,,,., (-).,.,.,,.,. :,,...,, ,, ( )., ( =115, Ø =5 )., : - ; - ; - ; -.,,.,.,. 10 ,.,.,.,... : - ; - ; -. 11 ,,.,. (+ -) 12 : 13 (5 ) : 10 (311 ) : x 75 / 1,1 / 3,1 ( x x )
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