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ST. JOHN’S UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST WORSHIP OF GOD THE FATHER, SON & HOLY SPIRIT 300 N. Huntersville Road Batesville, IN 47006 Worship Services: 8:00 & 10:15 AM “First Sunday in Lent” March 5, 2017 Ministers Every Member
   ST. JOHN’S UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST WORSHIP OF GOD THE FATHER, SON & HOLY SPIRIT  300 N. Huntersville RoadBatesville, IN 47006Worship Services: :00 ! 0: # $%   &&&.st'ohnsucc(atesville.or) “First Sun! in L#nt$  %arch #, *0 7 MinistersEvery Member Co-Interim PastorsRev. Linda Frische-MouriRev. Dennis Frische-MouriOrganist/Choir DirectorMr. David . !anson # $ %hose &ho are ab'e may stand( + $ Leader(  $ Peo)'e and $ $ *''+ords o, e'comee'come to &orshi). %hough &ere in the midst o, Lent( undays dont count as days o, that season because theyre a'&ays ce'ebrations o, the resurrection. %han0s be to 1od2%hought to Ponder 3Faith is )ermitting ourse'ves to be sei4ed by the things &e do not see.5 -Martin Luther Organ Pre'ude 3ere 6ou %here75 -arr. Da'e oode'come 8 *nnouncements -  O)ening !ymn 9:;< 3*'' !ai' the Po&er o, =esus >ame25#Ca'' to orshi)L   %oday the ?ourney begins. *re you ready7 : here is so /uch I still have to do. I a/ not sure Ill ever (e read1.  L Let go o, those things %!*% chain you to des)air. P +ord, help /e loo2 and see the &a1s in &hich I have a(andoned 1ou.  L Come( 'et us &orshi) and ,ee' the )o&er o, ,reedom in 1od. P pen our hearts toda1 to receive 1our reein) love,  +ord. $%5N.  @## #O)ening Prayer In Anison+ :   +ord, &e are so te/pted (1 ever1thin) &e see the )lit and )litter o the &orld andthe )et8rich89uic2 sche/es are placed (eore us. We (elieve that i &e 'ust haveenou)h /one1, enou)h riends, enou)h po&er, enou)h saet1 &e &ill (e . Sho& usho& oolish &e are to place our hope and trust in these thin)s. ;ive us hearts orlovin) service in &hich &e &ill ind our stren)th, our coura)e, our securit1, our ho/e.$%5N .  @## Ba moment o, si'ent )rayerMission Moment : Global Ministries *nthem 3I e'ieve in a !i'' Ca''ed Mount Ca'vary5 -Mens Choir   Chi'drens Message!ymn 3=esus Loves the Litt'e Chi'dren5 Bsee &ords be'o& <esus loves the little children,$ll the children o the &orld.5ver1 child in ever1 land,<esus holds the/ in His hand,<esus loves the little children o the &orld. Reading ,rom the !o'y cri)tures : Matthe& :-:: BPg.  >.%.!ymn 9GH 3=esus a'0ed %his Lonesome a''ey5 Bvs. : 8 GMessage 3%he Lenten =ourney Learning ,rom =esus in the i'dernessPastora' Prayer 8 %he Lords Prayer ung+ !ymn 9J;   ur =ather, &ho art in heaven, hallo&ed (e th1 na/e. h1 in)do/ co/e, th1 &ill(e done, on earth as it is in heaven. ;ive us this da1 our dail1 (read, and or)ive usour de(ts as &e or)ive our de(tors. $nd lead us not into te/ptation, (ut deliver usro/ evil. =or thine is the in)do/, and the po&er, and the )lor1 orever. $/en Invitation ,or Our O,,erings B:;:H *MOrgan O,,ertory 3*ria5 -%anag'ia - DoKo'ogy 9 3Praise 1od ,rom hom *'' 'essings F'o&5 -  O,,ertory Prayer -  C'osing !ymn 9GH 3=esus a'0ed %his Lonesome a''ey5 Bvs.  8  -  enediction -  enediction Res)onse 9:; 3%heres omething *bout %hat >ame Bt&ice Organ Post'ude 3o'emn March5 -Mo4art Worship Notes @##  Re)rinted &ith )ermission ,rom Ministry Matters $ttendance ta2en last Sunda1 >=e(. *6?: :00 $% Worship Service 8 6 0: # $% Worship Service 860 otal 8 *$ttendance ro/ $sh Wednesda1 Service:otal 874@$+5NA$R = H5 W55:  %oday  : st  unday in Lent %oday  Mens Choir( N; *M %oday  )ud( ou) 8 a'ad Luncheon( ::;; *M  :;; PM %oday  o&' For ids a0e B6outh Event  1reensburg - see artic'e in Messenger Mar.;<  unday choo' oard Meeting( <;; PM Mar.;<  Ecumenica' Choir Practice( J;; PM Mar.;  Con,irmation( HH PM Mar.;  !andbe''s( <;; PM Mar. ;  Lenten ervice( J;; PM Mar.;  Chance' Choir Mar.;N( :;( ::  Friends o, atesvi''e Memoria' Pub'ic Library Ased oo0 a'eBsee bu''etin board in Commons ,or more in,ormation Mar.:;  >e& Point Community Fire De)artment FI! FR6( H;;  ;; PM( *'' 6ou Can Eat Bsee bu''etin board ,or more in,ormation Mar.::  dont or)et 8 Aa1li)ht Savin)s i/e Be)ins to/orro& >sprin) or&ard?   @%IN; 5C5NS:  Mar.:G  G nd  unday in Lent Mar.:G  Morris o'unteer Firemens rea0,ast had !a''Q J;; *M  :;; PM( Free i'' O,,ering Mar.:  Ecumenica' Choir Practice( J;; PM Mar.:  C'ergy Meeting( :;; *M Mar.:H  Con,irmation( HH PM Mar.:H  !andbe''s( <;; PM Mar.:H  Lenten ervice( J;; PM Mar.:J  edding Rehearsa'( <;; PM Mar.:  edding o, im >ar&o'd 8 cott ueste,e'd( G; PM Mar.:N  *)ri' Messenger dead'ine Mar.G;  Mens Fe''o&shi)( J;; PM  Food Pantry Mar.G;  Ecumenica' Choir Practice( J;; PM Mar.G:  rea0,ast C'ubs  *rbys( N;; PM  B5N5C+5N@5 @$+5NA$R: Mar.:G  ashington ACC Mar.:N  t. =ohns Music Fund Mar.G<  One 1reat !our o, haring *)r.;G  Margaret Mary !ea'th - !os)ice
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