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Preface Open Source Software Table of Contents SIPROTEC 5 Introduction 1 Generator Protection Basic Structure of the Function 2 7UM85 System Functions 3 V7.30 and higher Applications 4 Function-Group Types 5 Manual Protection and Automation
  SIPROTEC 5Generator Protection7UM85 V7.30 and higher ManualC53000-G5040-C027-2 PrefaceOpen Source SoftwareTable of ContentsIntroduction 1 Basic Structure of the Function 2 System Functions 3  Applications 4 Function-Group Types 5 Protection and Automation Functions 6 Control Functions 7 Supervision Functions 8 Measured Values, Energy Values, andSupervision of the Primary System 9 Functional Tests 10 Technical Data 11  Appendix A GlossaryIndex  ii NOTE For your own safety, observe the warnings and safety instructions contained in this document, if available. Disclaimer of Liability This document has been subjected to rigorous technicalreview before being published. It is revised at regular inter-vals, and any modifications and amendments are includedin the subsequent issues. The content of this document hasbeen compiled for information purposes only. AlthoughSiemens AG has made best efforts to keep the document asprecise and up-to-date as possible, Siemens AG shall notassume any liability for defects and damage which resultthrough use of the information contained herein.This content does not form part of a contract or of businessrelations; nor does it change these. All obligations ofSiemens AG are stated in the relevant contractual agree-ments.Siemens AG reserves the right to revise this document fromtime to time.Document version: C53000-G5040-C027-2.01Edition: 07.2016Version of the product described: V7.30 and higher Copyright Copyright © Siemens AG 2016. All rights reserved.The disclosure, duplication, distribution and editing of thisdocument, or utilization and communication of the contentare not permitted, unless authorized in writing. All rights,including rights created by patent grant or registration of autility model or a design, are reserved. Registered Trademarks SIPROTEC ® , DIGSI ® , SIGUARD ® , SIMEAS ® , and SICAM ®  areregistered trademarks of Siemens AG. Any unauthorizeduse is illegal. All other designations in this document canbe trademarks whose use by third parties for their ownpurposes can infringe the rights of the owner.  Preface Purpose of the Manual This manual describes the functions for generator protection. Target Audience Protection system engineers, commissioning engineers, persons entrusted with the setting, testing and main-tenance of automation, selective protection and control equipment, and operational crew in electrical installa-tions and power plants. Scope This manual applies to the SIPROTEC 5 device family. Further Documentation [dwprefdm-221012-01.tif, 3, en_US] ã Device manualsEach Device manual describes the functions and applications of a specific SIPROTEC 5 device. The printedmanual and the online help for the device have the same informational structure. ã Hardware manualThe Hardware manual describes the hardware building blocks and device combinations of the SIPROTEC 5device family. ã Operating manualThe Operating manual describes the basic principles and procedures for operating and assembling thedevices of the SIPROTEC 5 range. SIPROTEC 5, Generator Protection, Manual3C53000-G5040-C027-2, Edition 07.2016  ã Communication protocol manualThe Communication protocol manual contains a description of the protocols for communication withinthe SIPROTEC 5 device family and to higher-level network control centers. ã Product informationThe Product information includes general information about device installation, technical data, limitingvalues for input and output modules, and conditions when preparing for operation. This document isprovided with each SIPROTEC 5 device. ã Engineering GuideThe Engineering Guide describes the essential steps when engineering with DIGSI 5. In addition, the Engi-neering Guide shows you how to load a planned configuration to a SIPROTEC 5 device and update thefunctionality of the SIPROTEC 5 device. ã DIGSI 5 online helpThe DIGSI 5 online help contains a help package for DIGSI 5 and CFC.The help package for DIGSI 5 includes a description of the basic operation of software, the DIGSI princi-ples and editors. The help package for CFC includes an introduction to CFC programming, basic examplesof working with CFC, and a reference chapter with all the CFC blocks available for the SIPROTEC 5 range. ã SIPROTEC 5/DIGSI 5 TutorialThe tutorial on the DVD contains brief information about important product features, more detailed infor-mation about the individual technical areas, as well as operating sequences with tasks based on practicaloperation and a brief explanation. ã SIPROTEC 5 catalogThe SIPROTEC 5 catalog describes the system features and the devices of SIPROTEC 5. ã Selection guide for SIPROTEC and ReyrolleThe selection guide offers an overview of the device series of the Siemens protection devices, and adevice selection table. Indication of Conformity This product complies with the directive of the Council of the European Communitieson harmonization of the laws of the Member States relating to electromagneticcompatibility (EMC Council Directive 2014/30/EU) and concerning electrical equipmentfor use within specified voltage limits (Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU).This conformity has been proved by tests performed according to the Council Directivein accordance with the product standard EN 60255-26 (for EMC directive) and with theproduct standard EN 60255-27 (for Low Voltage Directive) by Siemens AG.The device is designed and manufactured for application in an industrial environment.The product conforms with the international standards of IEC 60255 and the Germanstandard VDE 0435. Other Standards IEEE Std C 37.90The technical data of the product is approved in accordance with UL.For more information about the UL database, see Select Online Certifications Directory  and enter E194016  as UL File Number . IND. CONT. EQ.69CA [ul_listed_c_us, 1, --_--] Preface4SIPROTEC 5, Generator Protection, ManualC53000-G5040-C027-2, Edition 07.2016
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