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SEMICONDUCTORS/MEMS 1 s3 Alliance S3 Alliance provides the network, and product portfolio that brings leading edge solutions to our customers. Our supply and service solutions are tailored
SEMICONDUCTORS/MEMS 1 s3 Alliance S3 Alliance provides the network, and product portfolio that brings leading edge solutions to our customers. Our supply and service solutions are tailored to meet our customers ever changing requirements, enabling them to be competitive in what is now a truly global marketplace. We source and offer quality products at the right price within the following areas: page Equipment 3 metrology & Handling 5 Parts & Consumables 6 Service / Cleaning and Facility 7 2 EQUIPMENT Tailored Wet Processing Systems Linear Wet Benches Semi to Fully Automated Upgrade Programs for SEMITOOL SST, SAT and SRD New SRD Systems Tabletop, Single or double Stack Stand Alone Refurbishment of Legacy Wetbenches, Parts for Akrion, SCP, Steag, UP Advanced Metal Etch Metal Lift Off Resist Strip Advanced Cleaning Remanufactured CMP / Grinding / Scrubbing Systems CMP AMAT / Mirra, Mirra Mesa Speedfam IPEC / 472, 372M Auriga, 676, 776 Strasbaugh / 6EC, 6DSSP Post CMP Scrubbers Ontrack / DSS 100, 200 Synergy Grinders Strasbaugh (7AF), Disco (DFG 841), Okamoto CMP and Backgrinding Upgrades Foundry Services for CMP, Backgrinding and Cleaning processes CMP & Cleaning Systems for R&D / MWS CMP Semi-automated CMP Systems from 2 to 12 Post CMP Cleaners semi-automated (4-12 ) or fully automated 3 to 6 Multi Wire Saw (Diamond Wire) for hard materials (Sapphire and SiC) Manufacturer of Plasma (RIE/ICP) Systems RIE, ICP Etch Phantom III Minilock PECVD Titan Minilock Orion Oracle III Resist Strip Descum / Strip Apollo (single chamber) Gemini (multi chamber) CO2 Dry Cleaning CO2 Snow Aerosol Cleaning Semi-automatic or fully automated 4 to 12 Equipment for MASK Cleaning Post Repair Clean Full MASK Clean MEMS Cleaning Backend Package Cleaning Metal lift Off Particle removal 3 EQUIPMENT PVD Systems PVD Systems Backside Metalisation High Deposition Rate Systems Through Silicon Via Deposition Nano Films for Data Storage MEMS large PCB SAW Spray Coating Systems Nozzle-less ultrasonic spray head technology Sprays thin, uniform films down to sub-micron thickness Variety of precision coating platforms available from bench-top to large format Coating applications include display, semiconductor Photoresist, Polyimide Conductiv Coating Metal Coating (EMI Shield) Room Temperature Wafer Bonder Principle surface activation Room Temperature Vacuum Void-free high yield rate bonding can be realized Si / Si SiO2 / SiO2: For insulated pack. Si / Quartz, Quartz / Quartz Cu / Cu Wafer Level Pack. for MEMS (Acc.sensor) Tape / Detape / Wafer Mounting / Systems Semi ore Fully Automatic Tape Lamination or Detape System Wafer Mounting UV Irradiation System Wafer tape / detape before grinding Dry Film Resist Lamination for MEMS specific applications ACT 8 Track Remanufactured TEL Track Systems MARK Series ACT Series LITHIUS Series Engineering Service Spare Parts 4 METROLOGY & HANDLING Scanning Acoustic Microscope Wafer Dimensional Metrology Formerly Sigmatech Scanning Acoustic Microscope for Semiconductor and Industrial Materials From Manual loading to fully automated equipment Alignement, recognition Mapping, location and characterization of the defects FLIP CHIP, BGA, FBGA, ITO sputtering Targets, Wafer bonding and Sapphire Wafer (LED) Capacitive, IR, BP or WL Interferometry Thickness, TTV, Bow, Warp measurement Wafer Characterization Layer thickness measurement Wafer Surface Metrology Roughness measurement MEMS/Membrane thickness Bumps dimensions Film Thickness Step Height, cavities Ultrathin wafer Automatic Wafer / Package Inspection / Laser Marking Systems Automated Wafer Handling Loader / Unloader 2D and 3D Vision with Micro and Nano Pixel Imaging Surface Defect Inspection for: Contamination, Foreign Material, Scratch, Etch Residue, Discoloration LED FAB Process Inspection Bump inspection Post Wafer thinning and Dicing Crack Inspection Standard wafer handling solutions for non-standard wafer handling requirements (OEM, end-users) From 50mm to 450mm Bridge tool capability with no tooling change-over Non-standard wafer handling solutions (thin, warped, glass, thick, film frame) Manual Wafer Handling Products Automatic Batch Wafer Systems Manual Wafer Transfer from 2 to 8 Auto Wafer Transfer from 2 to 8 Manual Flat/Notch finder Auto Flat/Finder Manual Wafer Lifter from 2 to 8 (Italy and UK) Single Batch Transfer 2/3 Station or Vertical Transfer Sorters, OCR Sorters OCR Readers 2D & 3D X-ray Inspection System TSV 3D (Size, Void, Alignment) Cu Pillar Bump (Void) Micro Bump WLP Micro Void Analysis (Size %) 3D CT Images 5 PARTS & CONSUMABLES Polishing Pads Retaining Ring & Customized Plastic Parts Bare Si Polish Pads Cast Foamed Elastomer with controlled Cells Napped Poromeric Material for Final Polishing Available up to 65 inches Segmented Diameters Larger than 66 inches Grooving available in a variety of grooving patterns Retaining Ring available in different materials PEEK, PPS, PBN available for AMAT Mirra, Reflexion Ebara FREX Others Parts for CVD and ETCH Producer, Speed, Endura, Centura Water Based Removers CMP Pad Conditioners Photo Resist strip Lift off Parts Cleaning Post Wire Saw Clean Screen Printing Clean (Germany & UK) Pad conditioner design allows A higher lifetime Excellent reproducibility Lower defectivity, scratch precaution Advanced Quality Control systems CMP Membranes & Rubber Parts Hard Material Slurries EPDM Membranes Silicon Membranes Diaphragms & Seals Hard Materials: SiC, GaN, Diamond, AlN Sapphire Slurry GaN, SiC and other Foundry Services GRINDING WHEEL, DICING SAW & BLADES Wafer Cassette Grinding Wheel for hard Materials SiC, GaN, Sapphire Chuck Tables New and Refurbished Dicing Saw Dicing Blades Resin, Electro formed, Metal, vitrified Bond Wafer Cassette PEEK from 4 to 8 Teflon/PFA, PP from 2 to 12 Shipping Box from 2 to 8 Single Wafer Carrier 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 made of PP Mask Package Reticle SMIF POD Bearingless Pumps Diaphragm Pumps & Heaters (UK & Ireland) For following applications: Slurry mixing and dispense Electro Chemical Deposition (Au, Cu, Permalloy, Solder) (CH, CZ, D, France, Italy, PL, Russia) High Purity Pumps Chemical Mixer DI Water Heaters Chemical Heaters 6 SERVICE / CLEANING AND FACILITIES Vacuum Pump and Power Supply Repair / Exchange Atmospheric and Vacuum Robot Repair / Exchange Cryo Pump Repair, Refurbishment or Exchange Power Generators / Supply Repair and Refurbishment Refurbished turbo and mechanical pumps Robots and Aligner Aligners, Brooks, PRI, Equipe Genmark, Rorze Head Platen Motors Kollmorgen CVD Vaporizer / LMFM Unit Repair / Overhaul Source Material: TEOS, TDMAT, TEP, TMCTS, BCHD Materials for Cleaning Critical Surfaces On Site H 2 Generator N 2 Generator Materials ScrubPads Foams Microfiber Wipers Swabs Ergonomic Tools (ScrubPen, tips...) Chamber Cleans CVD, HDP chamber from AMAT, NVLS ETCH from LAM, AMAT, TEL VOC Free PM Wiping Change tent IMPLANT Source and Chamber from VARIAN, AMAT, Axcellis PHOTO tracks Manufacturer of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) H2 GENERATION products using electrolysis Enhanced gas supply reliability Improved prity repeatability Improved Safety Stable and reduced costs Generally more space-efficient Hydrogen Separators, Analyzers, Generators Hydrogen Analysis HEMS Hydrogen Elimination Mass Spectroscopy ppb qualification of Hydrogen Hydrogen Generation Fuel Cell-Ready Hydrogen Hydrogen Separation Reforming fuels Gas or Liquid, Fossil or Bio 7 LOCATIONS S3 Alliance operates from 4 locations within Europe UK - Ireland Office S3 Alliance Ltd Skeoge Industrial Estate Beraghmore Road Derry, BT48 8SE N. Ireland Tel: +44(0) Fax: +44(0) German Office S3 Alliance GmbH Mahdenstraße 23 D Kirchentellinsfurt Germany Tel: Fax: Russian Office A Subsidiary of S3 Alliance GmbH S3 Alliance Rus LLC Ugreshskaya str. 2/5, office 02, Moscow, Russia Теl: Italian Office S3 Alliance SRL Via Rossini Busto Arsizio (VA) Italy Tel: Fax: S3 SEMI.7 8
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