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Sahajalal islami bank
  Chapter-1Introduction - 1 -  Introduction  Statement of the Problem  Rationale of the Study  Background of the Report  Objective of the Report  Scope of the Report  Limitation  ethodology  1. Introduction !ith the opening up of the economy of Banglade h# a dramatic change ha beenob erved both in manufacturing and in ervice ector $ %hi ha brought higher employment opportunitie # increa e in income level# and change in con umption pattern and con e&uently there emerge a competitive environment in the country$Specifically# the e'pan ion of banking bu ine # along (ith cu tomi)ed ervice # ha created a evere implied competition in thi ector$ %hi competition ha made the ervice gap (ider a private bank offer better ervice to their internal and e'ternalcu tomer $ %he cenario ha created an urge to the bank policy maker to identify theunderlying rea on and brought them into con ideration the job ati faction i ue$ It(ill inve tigate that officer of Shahjalal I lami Bank Limited play the key role inmanipulating their ervice through implementing policy$ 1.1: Statement of the Problem *ob ati faction i the reaction of the (orker again t the role they play in their (ork$%he tudie (ill de ignee to inve tigate the level of achievement of employee+ job ati faction of Shahjalal I lami Bank Limited in Banglade h$ 1.2: Rationale of the Study %oday+ bu ine (orld i dynamic and competitive therefore organi)ation lookingfor talent# e'trovert graduate (ho belong to high degree of adaptability &uality$%oday+ bu ine graduate (ill be the core part of bu ine organi)ation$ So bu ine graduate need to have both theoretical , practical kno(ledge to manage the bu ine activity properly$ In order to be familiar (ith organi)ational culture and to gain ome practical kno(ledge about an organi)ation our epartment provide ./day intern hip program a a part of the 0B program$ fter completion of the program period a tudent mu t ubmit the report on the a igned topic to the Supervi or and thedepartment$ %hi program carrie three 234 credit hour of the 0B program$ 1.3: Backround of the Report I (a a igned in Shahjalal I lami Bank Limited through my Intern hip upervi or$ I (a electing Banglade h Shahjalal I lami Bank Limited to perform my intern hip program a my honorable upervi or in pired me$ Ithought S*IBL being the prime development financing in titution continued it - 5 -  effort to make an effective contribution to(ard e'pan ion of indu triali)ation proce of Banglade h$ It eem to me that in S*IBL there i a ufficientopportunity to gain practical kno(ledge about the activitie of a bank$ %he(orking environment i good and the employee are very much cooperative to provide practical kno(ledge about different function of the bank$ I elected atopic named 6*ob Sati faction of Shahjalal I lami Bank Ltd$6 On the ba i of thi topic I have prepare my Intern hip Report$ 1.!: b#ecti$e of the Report1.!.1: Broad b#ecti$e: %he attitude regarding job ati faction are broadly related to the area of intrin icnature of (ork# (age and ecurity# upervi ion# and company policie and practice $%he broad objective of the tudy i de criptive analy i that employee ati faction of Shahjalal I lami Bank Limited$ 1.!.2: Specific b#ecti$e: %he Specific objective of the tudy i finding the re ult from the balancing and ummation of many pecific like and di like of employee e'perienced inconnection (ith their job $ %he pre ent tudy deal (ith the t(o i ue to analy)e the job ati faction of bank officer of the S*IBL in$ %he i ue are7  %he relative importance of job ati faction factor $  %he impact of bank type# (ork e'perience# age and e' difference on theattitude to(ard job ati faction$ 1.%: Scope of the Report Since I have (orked in the Shahjalal I lami Bank Limited# %ongi Branch# I get theopportunity to gain kno(ledge of different part of banking y tem$ %he upervi or divided into the (hole banking in three part $  a re ult I got the opportunity to (ork in all three divi ion 2inve tment divi ion# general banking divi ion# foreign e'changedivi ion4$ nd from the e three different department or divi ion # I hope that I (ill becapable of doing the e type of job in the future$ oreover# a I am a 8R tudent omy upervi or help me to communicate (ith 8R epartment$ - 3 -  1.&: 'imitation On the (ay of my tudy in Shahjalal I lami Bank Limited# I faced the follo(ing problem # (hich may be termed a the limitation of the tudy$ %he major limitation of thi tudy are given a follo( 7  %here (ere ome re triction to have acce to the information confidential byconcern authority$  Sufficient record # publication regarding cu tomer ervice (ere not availablea per re&uirement$  %hree-month i not ufficient time to gain practical kno(ledge and prepare areport$  %he employee of the bank are o much bu y o they cannot provide me togive information$  I have no proper e'perience to do thi kind of report$ So# ine'perience create ob tacle to follo( the y tematic and logical re earch methodology$ 1.(: )ethodoloy: 1.(.1: Source* of +ata Collection: 1.(.1.1: Primary Source*:  Primary data (ill be collecting by different ource $  Ob ervation of banking activitie $  9ace to face Intervie( $  0mployee urvey data (ere gathering by analy)ing re pon e to &ue tionnaire$  0'perience gained during performing dutie for :eneral Banking department and 8R department$  i cu ion (ith officer of Shahjalal I lami Bank Limited$ 1.(.1.2: Secondary Source*:  nnual report of Shahjalal I lami Bank Limited$  ;ariou document from :eneral Banking department$  ifferent (eb ite # book $  Internal Record $- . -
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