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micro credit
  1.1 Introduction Due to the increased competition of the increased number of commercial banks and the growingeconomy, the expectations of the customers have also increased than ever before. Realizing the present condition, banks, especially the commercial banks are trying to elevate their loan givingservice as much as reachable to their customers. The most serious difficulty facing the financialsector is the high level of interest rate and inflation rate. So it is the duty of the top managementof the commercial banks to work with the situation. 1.2 OBJECTIVES OF THE REPORT The obectives of the report are to determine how credit policy applied in sanctioning andrecovering loans and advances. !redit policy varies in terms of loan sector, status of theorganization, government policy, fiscal budget and guidelines etc. Specific objective! .To present an overview of #anata $ank %imited&#$%'(.To assess the credit structure of the #$%in practice.).To measure the effectiveness of the bank in the utilization of available resources.*.To identify the recovery performance of #$%.+.To point out the problems in fund utilization and recovery thereon. 1. SCOPE OF THE ST#$%  am assigned to learn practical knowledge from #anata $ank %imited, at -ugda $ranch. n thisstudy  would try to concentrate on the theoretical aspect of credit management, that is, thedefinition of credit management, policy of credit management, tools for managing credit etc. would analyze the data on the bank and various programs for loan recovery, problems in loan inloan recovery, pattern of loan recovery and the performance of the bank under study in loanrecovery, the information in respect to the classification of unsound credit and provision thereonand also concentrates on the performance of the bank. nd finally  would conclude with the  critical evaluation of the credit management under the guidelines of the $ank !ompanies ct // , S0)1 and a discussion on the maor findings and recommendations. 1.&'ETHO$O(O)% OF THE ST#$% The study is performed based on the information extracted from different sources collected byusing a specific methodology. To fulfill the obectives of this report total methodology hasdivided into two maor parts2 * +$,t, Co--ection Procedure! n order to make the report more meaningful and presentable, two sources of data andinformation have been used widely. The “ Primary Sources” are as follows:- ã  have made 3uestionnaire survey of both managers of credit department and thecustomers who have taken loans from #anata $ank %imited. ã Relevant file study as provided by the officers concerned. The “ secondary Sources” are as follows:- ã nnual report of #anata $ank %imited ã 4eriodicals 4ublished by $angladesh $ank  ã 5ffice files and documents  b+ $,t, Procein / *n,-0i! !ollected information have then processed 6 compiled with the aid of -S 7ord, 8xcel 6other related computer software. 9ecessary tables have been prepared on the basis of collected data and various statistical techni3ues have been applied to analyses on the basis of classified information. Detail explanation and analysis have also been incorporated in thereport.  Managing Director siness Development / Corporate Banking / Marketing   Credit CommitteeHO Credit / Risk Branch ManagerMarketingCredit OfcerCredit Admn.Loan Recover 1.(I'IT*TIO OF THE ST#$% To prepare a report on the topic like this in a short duration is not easy task. :rom the beginningto end,the study has been conducted with the intention of making it as a complete and truthfulone. n preparing this report some problems and limitations have encountered which are asfollows2a'The main constraint of the study was insufficiency of information, which was re3uiredfor the study. There are various information the bank employee cannot provide due tosecurity and other corporate obligations. b's the data, in most cases, are not in organized way, the bank failed to provide allinformation.c'Due to time limitation, many of the aspects could not be discussed in the present report.d'Since the bank personnel were very busy, they could not pay enough time.e'%ack of opportunity to access to internal data. 5verview of #anata $ank  2.1 ',n,e3ent tructure ,nd reponibi-itie The following chart presents an example of credit management structure2  2.2 CRE$IT PRO)R*')ener,- ,nd Indutri,- Credit! #anata $ank %td. has formulated its policy to give priority to small and medium business whilefinancing large scale enterprise through consortium of banks total loan and advance of the bank stood at $DT ( (1*.*+ million as of December ) , (1 ;as compared to $DT )<*/(.+ (=million in (1 +. ncrease rate is ;> compared to (1 ;. :ollowing the guideline of $angladesh$ank, credit facilities have been extended to productive and priority sectors. n extending creditfacilities, the $ank has given due importance to sectoral needs and re3uirements of both publicand private sectors. -aor sectors include #ute, Textile nd. 6 trade, Steel 6 8ngineering, :ood6 llied, and 8xport 6 mport etc. %e,r*dv,nce24111455672412885&6.5241141&71.8241712124&.&&8Rur,- Credit9 'icro Ent. / SP. Pror,3 Fin,ncin! %oan is provided to the rural people for agricultural production and other off?farm activities.  %oan pricing system is customer friendly.  4rime customers enoy prime rate in lending and other services.  @uick appreciation, appraisal, decision and disbursement are ensured.!redit facilities are extended as per guide?lines of $angladesh $ank &!entral $ank of $angladesh' and operational procedures of the $ank.The rates may, however, change from timeto time depending on the level of competition in the financial sector.s a nationalized $ank it has a social responsibility to improve the financial condition of the poorAunemployed people. 7ith a view to perform that social responsibility, $ank has initiatedrural credit program since /=*. 9ow under this rural portfolio there are )) products.
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