Rwanda Commemoration Events

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Rwanda Commemoration Events RWANDA During the week of -14, 2004, with the participation of leaders, researchers, friends of Rwanda and others from the four corners of the world, the Rwandans will organize
Rwanda Commemoration Events RWANDA During the week of -14, 2004, with the participation of leaders, researchers, friends of Rwanda and others from the four corners of the world, the Rwandans will organize the following events through the Mobilization and Communication Mission, with the theme: To Prevent and Banish Genocide by Active Universal Solidarity : A Mobilization and Communication Commission, with the theme: To Moments of meditation and actual commemoration; At midday on, ten minutes of silence will be observed throughout the country to commemorate the 10 years. Cultural events: music, poetry, drama, films, art exhibitions etc, recalling the horror but also singing the victory of life over death and putting forward love and hope; Visits to memorial sites and burial ceremonies of the remains of the victims; Conferences and discussions essentially based on the theme of total prevention; Awareness of the challenges of the aftermath of genocide in Rwanda and mobilization of conscientiousness and resources for supporting actions of the reconstruction of Rwandan society, by the development and preservation of memory, justice and restoration of social harmony, education for peace and respect for human rights, and assistance to destitute victims, notably the young, the sick, especially those suffering from AIDS, the disabled, the aged with no resources. Ceremonies along the same line will be organised throughout the entire world, by governments, anti genocide associations, research centres, Rwandan ambassadors abroad, as well as the Rwandans in the Diaspora. Kigali International Conference April 4 Opening Ceremony Speeches Visiting memorials, visiting survivors Survivors Testimonies: Armenians, Jews, Rwandans April 5 20 th Century Genocides: Comparative Studies Genocide - Roots - Causes - Mechanisms - Consequences National reconstruction challenges - Memory - Truth/Justice/Reparation - Survivors living conditions - Social cohesion - Economic reconstruction 1 Comparative situation after ten years of genocide - Holocaust - Rwanda - Armenia April 6 Genocide and the Role of the International Community Prevention and Intervention - Mechanisms - Political will - Instruments - Material and financial means Involvement in reconstruction - JusticeAssistance to victims - Memory - Economy Commemoration Day Visiting memorial sites/permanent exhibition - Nyanza: Role of International Community - Bisesero: Resistance to Genocide - Murambi: Education and Prevention Launching of a Memory Garden Permanent cultural activities: (will continue for 3 months) - Films - Drama - Music - Dances Inhumations of victims Closing cultural evening: Victory of Life over Death Gisozi 8:00AM-9:00AM Walk from Rond Point to Gisozi Genocide Museum (officials, delegates, neighbouring inhabitants, families of victims). 9:00AM-11:00AM Burying remains, honouring the dead, visiting Memorial National Stadium (for whole population) 9:00AM-11:00AM Arrival 11:00AM-Noon Speeches (Government, Ibuka, Delegates) 2 Testimonies Noon 10 Minutes of Silence for the 10 years that have passed 12:15PM Speech by the President of the Republic 4:00PM-6:00PM Music Poem Testimonies 6:00PM-10:00PM Testimonies, prayers Documentary films Nyanza 4:00PM to 6:00PM Launching of the memory garden (officials, delegates, neighbouring inhabitants, representatives of victims) NEW! ETHIOPIA Joint Preparation For The Commemoration Of The 10th Anniversary Of The Genocide In Rwanda 6th And 7th April 2004, Addis Ababa Held by the Africa Union, the Ethiopian government and the Rwandan Embassy April 6 7:00 pm 10:00 pm: Candlelight walk from the Rwandan Embassy to Meskel Square. Schools in the neighborhood to take part Mayor of Addis to speak. Film A Hundred Days to be shown. 1pm 10 minutes silence at the AU Silent walk Prayers by: Orthodox Muslim Catholic Protestant Special Public Session of the Permanent Representatives Committee (PRC): The failure of the International Community to prevent and publish genocide . To be opened by Adam Adieng, Registrar of ICTR. Message of African Union Message of United Nations Message of the President of Rwanda Key note address by the President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Evening: Presentations and film. 3 CANADA NEW! April 8 In Canada, Vision TV will be re-broadcasting the documentary Rwanda: In Search of Hope at 10 pm ET. This documentary follows a group of Canadian teachers and community workers who visited Rwanda in the aftermath of the genocide that engulfed the country in 1994 and left half a million children orphaned. The Canadians created the Hope for Rwanda's Children Fund to aid the orphans who are struggling to survive in the shattered country. Produced and directed by Peter Raymont in association with Vision TV. NEW! Halifax April 2 Screening of The Last Just Man, and Through the Lens of Love, at the Oxford Theatre in Halifax April 6 Cultural events, including a performance of the Rwandan National Dance Troupe (for more information, Susan Thomson at ) NEW! Toronto June Commemorative 3-day conference at the Toronto Harbourfront Centre, including Day 1: Reflection Day 2: Holistic and personal significance of the genocide through academic conferences, survivors testimonies and dramatic interpretations Day 3: Music, dance and art exhibitions Ottawa-Gatineau February-March Fundraising activities include a film night, evenings of music by various local artists, such as the Mighty Popo. Public lectures will be held on the Genocide at Carleton University and Ottawa University. Campaign: Lobbying the Government of Canada to declare a day of reflection of the Rwandan Genocide and tribute to the righteous people such as Roméo Dallaire who saved many lives. April 6-7: 7:00PM Candlelight Vigil at the Parliament or at the Human Rights monument. : 11:00AM 2:00PM Gathering at the Parliament (speeches/testimony/moments of silence/declarations). Noon Chimes 3:30PM-10:30PM 4 Launch of April commemoration events Panel Discussion (themes: Justice After 10 Years, Remembrance, Mental Health/Trauma, the History of the Genocide, and Current Status of the Survivor, particularly young orphans, heads of households). Invited guest speakers: Esther Mujawayo, Bishop Alexis Birindabagabo (Founder of Barakabaho), Chantal Kayitesi, Jean Bosco Rutagengwa, Edda Mukabagwiza (Rwandan Minister of Justice), Francine Rutazana, local speakers, and survivors of genocides around the world. Screening of Reflections of the Genocide Tragedy of Documentary: A documentary consisting of segments covering people's personal experiences with the tragedy of 1994, the failure of the international community, the displacement of women and children, the aftermath and the future of the Rwandian people. Reading of testimonies Launch of a Photo Exhibition (Through the Eyes of Children, by Ambreen Qurachi, or Gacaca Photo Exhibit, by Michal in Massachusetts depending on sponsorship) April 9 The first of up to three evenings of remembrance/wake that will take place in April to allow Rwandans to mourn their losses and share their stories. These events will be semi-structured to allow spontaneity. Music, pictures projected through a PowerPoint presentation, testimonies, and eulogies will be featured. April Trip to Montreal in solidarity with organizers of Remembering Rwanda Events April Art Exhibit-Auction: Local artists will be mobilized to donate pictures, paintings and other artwork (themes ranging from war, holocaust, to peace and protection) for an exhibit/auction in April/May/or June. Exhibition of books and journal articles: The community is currently collecting all that has been written on Rwandan to create a salon de livre during the events. High School Speaker tour: Bishop Alexis Bilindabagabo to share experiences working with children heads of households. This initiative will reinforce HUMURA s awareness-raising work in High Schools of the region. Making a Documentary: This documentary will focus on the lives of survivors in Canada as they reflect on the Genocide. The making of the documentary will be possible with active involvement of Rwandan youth who will not only learn and refresh their minds through interviewing survivors, but will also learn the skills of making a video. This project, the interviewing and filming will take place during the month of April Screening of 100 Days, a film by Nick Hughes and Eric Kabera :100 Days will be screened as a benefit at the Bytowne Cinema in collaboration with Partnership Africa Canada (PAC) during Colors of Africa Film Festival. We will present documentaries such as The Last Just Man, War Babies, and other commentaries that have been aired around the world. April 17 Symposium: Rwanda, the Genocide and the Aftermath The Responsibility to Protect: potential speakers will be from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA) and the Department of Foreign Affairs (yet to be confirmed). 5 Justice: 10 Years After: speakers to be confirmed The Portrait of the Survivor, Focus on Children Heads of Households. Invited speaker: Bishop Alexis Bilindabagabo. The Portrait of the Survivor, Focus on Women. Invited speaker: Chantal Kayitesi Remembrance: A Collective Responsibility, with Jean Bosco Rutagengwa (To be confirmed) The Anatomy of the Genocide, local speakers to be determined The New Rwanda Women and the Massive Release of Prisoners Music, Theatre and Poetry: Mennonite Children s Choir, music from Rwanda, and poetry. The will be a short play featuring Rwandan and Canadian actors with the help of the Ottawa-based Broken English Theatre Company. April 18 Ecumenical mass: to take place in Ottawa the weekend of April 17 to 18 th. Testimonies, film, music and a vigil will follow. Montreal, Quebec Wednesday to Saturday Mar , 2004 As part of the International Studies Association annual convention Hegemony and its Discontents, CDP Director Erin Baines will organize the panel Rwanda: 10 Years after Genocide. March 19 Release of the Genocide, illustrated story by Rupert Bazambanza, hosted by Images Interculturelles March 22 Press Conference at Concordia University to present Montreal s Commemoration Program, hosted by Vues d Afrique. Concordia Univ., Fonds Africa, Group 1-Minute Silence, and PAGE- Rwanda March 24 Workshop on Mental Health at Concordia University, hosted by Images Interculturelles and PAGE- Rwanda March 26 Genocide Conference at Concordia University, hosted by Fonds Africa, Concordia Univ., Vues d Afrique, and PAGE-Rwanda March Films on Rwanda with panel discussions at Concordia University, hosted by Vues d Afrique Moment of Silence: A Reminder of Never Again, at noon at UQAM British Columbia 6 March 31 UBC Main Campus Dramatic Public Performances The Orange Ribbon UBC students will organize a public performance to remind the campus community of the significance of the 1994 genocide in world history. The performance will launch the orange ribbon campaign *. Volunteers will dress in dark colors and use a 20 meter piece of orange cloth to be used in a series of tableaux, held once an hour (during rush hours when students change classes). Other volunteers dressed in dark colors and wearing orange ribbons will hand out pamphlets providing information on the Rwandan Genocide planned public lectures and events on RR10 in Vancouver, and to sell orange ribbons. One Million Drumbeats At 1 PM, we will invite university President Martha Piper to open the project One million drum beats. An African drum will be held at the Student Union Building and students will be asked to beat the drum to represent the one million lives lost in Rwanda. An electric counter will count and display the drumbeat. The drum will remain until the counter reaches one million. Bolt of organic cloth will unravel to symbolize the start of the drumbeat. Faculty will be invited to observe a moment of silence during classes throughout the day. This action will be lead by students and the university administration will be invited to officially recognize this day. Speakers from the Rwandan community and Canadians who are familiar with the Rwandan genocide will available to give contextual analysis of issues related to this event. Vancouver Arts - Downtown A Dramatic Public Action UBC students in collaboration with the Rwandan Association of BC will perform the dramatic public action to remind the Vancouver public of the significance of the 1994 genocide in world history. Official launch of the RR10 Memorial Project and the acknowledgement of the UN Proclamation of th as the International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda. April 8 Morris J. Wosk Center for Dialogue Liu Institute and The Dialogue Institute Public Lecture & Memorial Ceremony Guest Speakers: Ester Mujawayo of AVEGA & Hon. Lloyd Axworthy of LIGI Dr. Lloyd Axworthy, CEO of the Liu Institute will host a public lecture by Ms. Esther Mujawayo, Co-Founder of AVEGA a widows and orphans of the 1994 genocide of Rwanda. Mujawayo will be on a Canadian tour to address issues faced by AVEGA and develop partnerships with Canadian organizations. Dr. Axworthy will speak on the concept of the responsibility to protect and lessons learned from the ordeal of Rwanda and how Canada can be part of the solution. April 24 Liu Institute for Global Issues (LIGI) Focus on the Great Lakes Region of Africa 7 The Conflict and Development Program at LIGI will host an academic panel of researchers who have specialized on issues related to the Great Lakes Region of Africa to examine lessons learned and opportunity for Canada s role in sustainable development. USA Washington DC Sponsors and Participants of Remembering Rwanda in Washington DC to date: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Center for Strategic and International Studies Council on Foreign Relations Refugees International International Crisis Group Fund for Peace Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Search for Common Ground Center for American Progress Citizens for Global Solutions United States Institute of Peace Embassy of Rwanda. March 8 Press conference to announce commemoration, at National Press Club, followed by a informational lunch on the Rwandan genocide with a selection of teachers from all over the U.S. attending the Close-Up Foundation monthly meeting March 24 7PM Premiere of excerpts from the new Frontline/BBC documentary tentatively titled Ghosts of Rwanda at the Holocaust Museum March 26 7PM American Youth encounter with Genocide Survivors at Newseum Studio, moderated by Donatella Lorch of The New York Times, televised on C-SPAN that evening March 29 7PM Screening of Anne Aghion s new film, In Rwanda We Say the Family that Does Not Speak Dies a follow-up on her first film Gacaca: Living Together Again in Rwanda at Visions Theatre March 30 1PM -4PM Panel: Global Truth and Reconciliation Processes at Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars April 1 9AM-11AM 8 Panel: Impunity and Accountability in the Great Lakes, at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies 3:30PM Liturgical service in memory of the victims of the Rwandan Genocide at Catholic University Basilica 5:30PM Commemorative Reception for the Diplomatic Community at Woodrow Wilson Center ALL DAY All-day program by the Washington School of Law and the International Students Association April 8 Tree-of-the-future planting ceremony by Rwandan child at American University April 14 10AM-12PM Panel: Journalists and Diplomats on the Spot- Reporting the Rwandan Genocide, at the United States Institute of Peace April 21 10:30AM-12PM Address: Rwandan President Kagame talks at Woodrow Wilson Center April 22 11:30AM-1PM Panel: Judicial Accountability for Crimes Against Humanity, at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 2PM Hearing: Testimony by Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Romeo Dallaire (former Commander of the UN Mission in Rwanda) and Pierre Prosper (US Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes) at the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee 4PM-6:30PM Address and Reception: Lessons from Rwanda, with Lt. Gen. Dallaire at the Woodrow Wilson Center April 27 10AM-12PM Panel: Post-Conflict Reconstruction, at the United States Institute for Peace May 4 Keynote Address: The Responsibility to Protect, at the Holocaust Museum May 5 1PM-5PM 9 Panels: The Capacity to Protect; The Capacity to Intervene, at the Woodrow Wilson Center May 6 9AM-11AM Panel: The Genocide s Aftermath in the Great Lakes, at Johns Hopkins University of Advanced International Studies May 31 Performance: God Sleeps in Rwanda, a theatrical production at Arena Stage, to benefit AVEGA, the Rwandan genocide widows association. A monologue-style performance depicting the lives of Rwandan women who were raped during the genocide (script written by photojournalist and writer Kimberlee Acquaro in collaboration with writer and journalist Peter Landesman, based on Kimberlee Acquaro s Rwanda photo essay, available on the site of the US Holocaust Museum ( NEW! Virginia April 9 Remembering and Reflecting on Rwanda 10AM-9PM at George Mason University, Fairfax Campus, Innovation Hall, Room 132 Speakers include: Rwandan Ambassador to the US Zac Nsenga, Former Assistant Secretary of State Harold Saunders, National University of Rwanda and Kroc Institute for International Peace Representative Jean-Marie Kamatalie, and more New York March 19 April 2 NEW! Photo Exhibition by Adam Nadel of Rwandan children, Through the Eyes of Children, in the UN Public Lobby March 26 Memorial Conference on the Rwandan Genocide hosted by the Missions of Canada and Rwanda, United Nations Conference Room 3 (9:00am-1:00 pm) Panel 1: In Memoriam: Bearing Witness Panel 2: Never Again: Towards a More Effective International Response to Genocide April 1 NEW! New York City Council Proclamation and Resolution to Remember the 1994 Genocide and to Support Development in Rwanda City Hall Council Chambers (1:00pm-1:30pm) April 2 NEW! City College Panel Discussion NEW! New York premier of Anne Aghion s new film, In Rwanda We Say the Family that Does Not Speak Dies, New School University, John L. Tishman Auditorium, 6:30pm April 4 NEW! Commemoration Prayers St. Bartholomew s Church, 109 E. 50 th St., (2:00pm-3:15pm) 10 April 5-9 NEW! Photo Exhibition by Adam Nadel, Rwanda Testimonies, at the UN Viennese Café April 6 NEW! Commemoration Evening at NYU, NYU School of Law 7pm, Washington Square Park NEW! Day of Prayer and Fasting: Remember Rwanda (All of New York) NEW! Screening of In Rwanda We Say the Family that Does Not Speak Dies, followed by a discussion with Anne Aghion, at Bard College, Annandale-on Hudson, NY. For more information and directions please click here: NEW! Commemoration Event at the UN: Co-chaired by Presidents of the General Assembly and the Security Council, at UN General Assembly Plenary Hall, 10:00am- 1:00 pm NEW! Press Conference, UN Room 226, 2:00pm NEW! Panel Discussion: A Decade After Rwanda: The United Nations and the Responsibility to Protect, at the ECOSOC Chamber, 1:00pm-3:00pm A Collective Observance on The International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda 3:13-3:30 PM in Tillman Chapel, Church Center for the UN, 44 th St. and 1 st Ave., New York, NY. The Chapel will be open from 9 AM-5 PM for individual prayers Rwanda Genocide Memorial Program, Vassar College Rockefeller Hall, Poughkeepsie, NY. 7:00 9:00pm April NEW! Anne Aghion s film, In Rwanda We Say the Family that Does Not Speak Dies, at the Pioneer Theatre in Manhattan NEW! Los Angeles April 23 Remembering Rwanda Event Lenart Auditorium, UCLA Campus 6:00pm - 10:00pm (Times subject to change) Samantha Power's book, A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide and another book, Witness to Genocide - The Children of Rwanda will be available for purchase before and after the program. (There will be a book signing by Samantha Power ei
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