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The reader's guide for the chapter Violent Communications in Part I of Erik Larson's book Isaac's Storm. The guide was written for students in a seventh grade gifted and talented class.
   Esiin―s ^tgrb  Qlimlr―s Fueml‐Xeg`lkt Ngbbukenitegks‒  Ik upmitlm vlrsegk gh tces he`l nik al hgukm it NggplrCestgry.ngb/veg`lkt  ^ubbiry _ifls: 13„>8 (i`sg ekn`umls p. >8, ‐Iufust 16, 95??: 9<.> K, .6 ! # Is $siin f%g&s up ek 'lkklssll, l )lng*ls nu%egus i)gut tlkitu%i` l+lkts l slls i%gukm e*. l es i`sg ik i+em %liml% g- &g%s )/ iutg%s `el u`ls l%kl, &g &%etls im+lktu%l kg+l`ssun is 9?,??? @lifuls \kmlr tcl ^li . $siin geks tl i%*/ tg)l i pi%t g- tl .=. =efki` g%ps (p%gkguknlm ‐ng%l #. l is tg ukml%fg *e`eti%/ t%iekekf, )ut kg)gm/ sll*s tg til et sl%egus`/. $siin i%%e+ls ek !isekftgk .., ikm tl =efki` g%ps es %gnlm )/ snikmi` ikm n%etenes*. +lktui``/, $siin  geks tl !litl% u%liu. 'l )u%lius *iek g) es tg p%lment ikm stum/ &litl% pittl%ks. Nciptlr gut`ekl ã $siin f%g&s up ek 'lkklssll, ikm es nu%egus i)gut tl &litl% )lniusl g- es g)sl%+itegks (stg%*s# ikm %limekf (u`ls l%kl# ã $siin geks tl .=. =efki` g%ps, i me+esegk g- tl .=.  I%*/ ek ni%fl g- ng**ukenitegk ã l geks i me+esegk g- tl g%ps tit &e`` l+lktui``/ )lng*l tl !litl% u%liu, ek ni%fl g- %lsli%nekf ikm-g%lnistekf tl &litl%. ã l i%%e+ls ek !isekftgk .., ikm es i*ilm )/ tl sefts ikm sgukms ã 'l =efki` g%ps l4pl%elknls i snikmi`: 0kl g- tle% g2enl%s is %uk i&i/ &et i `i%fl i*gukt g- *gkl/  ã ;ik/ plgp`l n%etenel tl g%ps is usl`lss, ekl2enelkt, g% ng%%upt. ã $siin es t%ieklm it 7g%t ;/l%, &l%l l es fe+lk i *lmeni` l4i*ekitegk. l es ngkseml%lm Ot, )ut +l%/ sl%egus. ã 'l !litl% u%liu %l`els gk tl tl`lf%ip -g% ng**ukenitegk ikm ek-g%*itegk. 'l/ i+l tle% g&k ngml -g% mlsn%e)ekf tl &litl%. ã 7%g* ‐'l =tg%*: ;gkmi/, Iufust 16, 95?? : 'l stg%* *g+ls s`g&`/. =g*lgkl slls et, )ut mlsn%e)ls et is i ‐mestikt sui`` (i -i%Ai&i/ *ekg% stg%*#. Xgniau`iry ã i)/s*i` (p. ><# „ tl%%e)`l, kgt n`gsl tg *lltekf stikmi%ms ã imlpt (p. 15# „ ti`lktlm, se``lm ã nepl% (p. ># „ ngml, g-tlk *likt tg )l ã l*)l`ekf (p. >1# „ stli`ekf ã lpepik/ (p. 15# „ i summlk %li`eitegk g- ef e*pg%tiknl, g-tlk %l`efegus ek kitu%l ã hgrlnistlr (p. >1) „ sgblgkl wcg prlments tcl  wlitclr  ã ektl%*ettlkt (p. >?# „  sg*ltekf tit ipplks e%%lfu`i%`/ (kgt gk i %lfu`i% snlmu`l# ã ektg`l%i)`l (p. ><# „ sg*ltekf tit nikkgt )l tg`l%itlm (i``g&lm#  ã  u4tipgsetegk (p. >9# „ t&g g% *g%l tekfs put tgfltl% ek sun i &i/ is tg fe+l tl* i `i%fl% *likekf ã p%l+i%enitegk (p. 15# „ i skli/ `el ã p%g+eknl (p. >9# „ spl%l g- ekNulknl, g), mut/, mg*iek ã pukflkn/ (p. >?# „ i si%p s*l`` ã %l-g%* (p. >1# „ ittl*pt tg nikfl -g% tl )lttl% ã %ge`ekf (p. >8# „ slme*lkt it tl )gttg* g- &itl% mestu%)lmtg *il &itl% n`gum/ ã sui`` (p. >8# „ i s*i``, summlk stg%* ã ukni%intl%esten (p. >9# „ kgt t/peni` g- sg*l)gm/ g% sg*ltekf Mesnussegk qulstegks 9.'l &g%m ‐lpepik/ es mlOklm i)g+l. islm gk tit mlOketegk, &it mg /gu tek ‐tl `i& g- ngk+lkelkt lpepik/ *liksM1.'l !litl% u%liu l4pl%elknls i `gt g- n%etenes*.  Inng%mekf tg Li%sgk:=g*l n%etens i%fulm *lk sgu`m kgt t%/ tg p%lment tl &litl%, )lniusl et &is Hgms p%g+eknlF gtl%s tit *lk ngu`m kgt p%lment tl &litl%, )lniusl *lk&l%l ekng*pltlkt. (p. >9#!it mgls tes slktlknl *lik, ek /gu% g&k &g%msM >. 'l !litl% u%liu usls i nepl% (mlOklm i)g+l# tg slkm*lssifls +ei tl`lf%i*. g& mg /gu tek tes *eft i2lnt ng**ukenitegk &lk tl u%%enikl etsM
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