Review: Roadburn Thursday 19th April 2017 By Sander van den Driesche

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Review: Roadburn Thursday 19th April 2017 By Sander van den Driesche It s that time of the year again, the much anticipated annual pilgrimage to Tilburg to join with many hundreds of travellers for Walter
Review: Roadburn Thursday 19th April 2017 By Sander van den Driesche It s that time of the year again, the much anticipated annual pilgrimage to Tilburg to join with many hundreds of travellers for Walter s party at Roadburn. As I get off the train the heat kicks me right in the face, what a massive difference to the dull and rainy morning I left behind in Scotland. This is glorious weather for a Roadburn Festival! Bring it on! After Yellow Eyes it s straight to the Main Stage to see Dark Buddha Rising perform with Oranssi Pazuzu as the Waste of Space Orchestra, which is another highly anticipated show, and in this case one that won t be played anywhere else (as far as I know). What happened on that big stage was phenomenal, we witnessed a near hour of glorious drone-infused psychedelic proggy doom. In fact, it felt a bit too early for me personally in the timing of the festival to experience such an extraordinarily mind-blowing set, but it was a remarkable collaboration and performance. I can t wait for the Live at Roadburn release to come out (someone make it happen please!). Yellow Eyes by Niels Vinck After getting my bearings with the new venues, I enter Het Patronaat for the first of my highly anticipated performances of the festival, Yellow Eyes. But after three blistering minutes of ferocious black metal the PA system seems to disagree and we have our first Zeal & Ardor moment of It s not even remotely funny to see the Roadburn crew frantically trying to figure out what went wrong, but luckily after 15 minutes or so we re back in action, and I think the band got back even more aggressive than before. This was a masterclass in melodic, progressive black metal. Waste of Space Orchestra by Niels Vinck On the same Main Stage, Earthless played the first of their sets as Roadburn s artist in residence. I think you either love or hate the endless jams this band produces, but to me it s the perfect Roadburn band, especially on a hot sunny day. You can give me warm, fuzzy guitar solos with that rhythm section to back things up anytime, really. And all the better with the other Earthless shows coming up this weekend, which are both completely unpredictable collaborations with no doubt tons of improvisations happening. Today at with Damo Suzuki and then on Saturday the East Meets West jam with Kikagaku Moyo. Don t miss out, fine people of Roadburn, ooft! But the most special performance of the day is Cult of Luna with Julie Christmas playing Mariner in full, which was just perfect. I have seen them play this at Damnation Festival, but on that big 013 stage it comes together perfectly. The sound, the lights, the performance, it all just clicks. Is this really the last time we will see Mariner live? Only time will tell, but if so, I m very pleased to witness it. Earthless by Paul Verhagen Another highlight this year is finally trying the vegan kapsalon for the very first time, which is four tokens extremely well spent. On a full stomach, I happily make my way into the Green Room for the first time this festival to see Ex Eye play a blinder of a set. Colin Stetson is a saxophone playing legend, and Ex Eye s album they released last year is a fantastic piece of work, so to witness this live performance is very special indeed. Cult of Luna / Julie Christmas by Paul Verhagen What will today bring? Definitely more riffs, more psych, more blastbeats, more jams and much more sun. Some top tips: use some sunscreen, as it ll be roasting again! And stay hydrated! I especially recommend the Affligem Dubbel that s on draught at the Cul de Sac! Sander van den Driesche Crowd in the Main Stage by Niels Vinck The Beginner s Guide To Japanese Psychedelia This year something magical is happening with the Japanese Psych Experience at Roadburn, and if you dig Kikagaku Moyo, Minami Deutsch and Dhidalah, a whole treasure trove awaits. Khaled Lowe (formerly of Messenger) has been kind enough to offer this guide through some of the essential Japanese psych classics. Pay attention and get yourself schooled: The land of the rising sun yields a bountiful treasure trove of psychedelic music if you dig deep enough; the albums listed below are just a small but essential selection from a wealth of mystical, monstrous and mind-melting sounds from Japan in the 1970s. Khaled Lowe Love Live Life Love Will Make a Better You (1971) One part scorchingly heavy acid blues, one part Sun Ra influenced free jazz, and one part eclectic experimentalism, this unique release by key producer Ikuzo Orita et al has it all: fuzzy guitars, stomping soul horns, celestial strings and spacey synths. What a trip! Blues Creation Demon & Eleven Children (1971) Guitarist Kazuo Takeda s proto-metallic monster is a formidable document of Japan s obsession with the British blues boom of the late 60s; it s a gripping work full of explosive guitar riffing, lysergic soundscapes and doomy hard rock in the vein of Cream, Budgie and Leaf Hound. Speed Glue & Shinki Eve (1971) Ikuzo Orita teams up with virtuoso guitarist Shinki Chen, often referred to as the Japanese Jimi Hendrix for a master class in hard psych. Their passion for the consumption of illicit narcotics is alluded to in the band name and lyrics, that without a doubt influenced their gloriously stoned, loaded blues rock appealing to fans of Grand Funk Railroad and The Stooges. Flower Travellin Band Satori (1971) A criminally underrated gem of heavy psych and a cornerstone release of the genre: Satori mixes Blue Cheer s wigged-out fuzz with the doom of Black Sabbath and heavy lashings of Easterntinged krautrock to startling effect. This is a wild ride! Strap yourself in! The Taj Mahal Travellers July 15, 1972 (1972) Contemporary Fluxus artist and violinist Takehisa Kosugi s psychedelic collective specialises in deeply meditative drones and lengthy, spacey improvisations. Deep, mournful brass instruments echo over dark throbbing synths as strange percussion, haunting woodwind and alien electro pulses transport you to previously unchartered cosmic territories. Far Out Far Out 日本人 (1973) Existing as a prologue to the Far East Family Band, these two, side-long tracks are heavily influenced by Pink Floyd and are embellished by electric Sitar, fuzz-laden guitars, reverberating vocals and ethereal keyboards and recall a darker, more psychedelic King Crimson in certain passages. J.A. Seazer Kokkyou Junreika (1973) J.A. Seazer, aka Takaaki Terahara, made his name as a composer of film music. This is a very theatrical production; proggy, psychedelic organs and hypnotic, heavy guitars are mixed with traditional Japanese instruments, spoken word, Buddhist chanting and operatic wailing that sounds like Magma jamming with Amon Düül II. Magical Power Mako Super Record (1975) Shuzeni Izu s second album blends elements of traditional Japanese folk music and progressive psychedelia into a rich sonic tapestry. Synthesizers, sitars, flutes and heavily effected guitars evoke a dreamlike state that enthrals and captivates the listener from start to finish; taking cues from Ash Ra Tempel, Popol Vuh and early Tangerine Dream. Far East Family Band Parallel World (1976) A truly majestic album produced by ex-tangerine Dream member Klaus Schulze. This is cosmic space rock in the classic early 70s style, with killer guitar, ethereal Mellotron and trippy excursions into exotic, progressive realms. Fans of Pink Floyd, Gong and the deeper recesses of krautrock will love this release. COLLECT 'EM ALL (IF YOU DARE!) The Motorpsycho Discography So you saw Motorpsycho at Roadburn and now you want to own everything they ever put out? Well, here s a handy complete (we think) discography list to get you started. We even put check boxes next to the titles so you can mark them off as you spend the next 40 years trying to catch up with everything the Norwegians have done. Good luck and you re welcome! WCD Staff Full-Lengths Maiden Voyage Lobotomizer Soothe Soothing Songs For Rut Demon Box Timothy's Monster The Tussler Blissard Angels and Daemons at Play Trust Us Roadword Vol 1: Heavy Metall Iz A Poze, Hardt Rock Iz A Laifschteil - Live in Europe Let Them Eat Cake Motorpsycho, The Source & Deathprod - Roadwork Vol 2: The MotorSourceMassacre Barracuda Phanerothyme It's A Love Cult Motorpsycho + Jagga Jazzist Horns - In The Fishtank Motorpsycho Presents The International Tussler Society Black Hole / Blank Canvas Little Lucid Moments Child of the Future Heavy Metal Fruit Roadwork Vol 4 - Intrepid Skronk Strings of Stroop - Live at Effenaar The Death Defying Unicorn (w/ Ståle Storløkken) Still Life With Eggplant Behind The Sun Supersonic Scientists En Konsert For Folk Flest (w/ Ståle Storløkken Featuring Kammerkoret Aurum And Sheriffs Of Nothingness) Here Be Monsters Here Be Monsters Vol Begynnelser The Tower Singles & EPs Songs For Rut Split w/ Hedge Hog: Into The Sun/Surprise Mountain EP Another Ugly EP Leave It Like That Wearing Yr Smell The Nerve Tattoo 1995 Manmower Split w/ Alice Cooper: Mad Sun/Nobody Likes Me Starmelt EP Babyscooter Lovelight Mot Riving (w/ Tre Små Kinesere) Sinful, Wind-Borne Have Spacesuit Will Travel Hey, Jane Ozone Walkin' With J EP The Other Fool EP Go To California / Black To Comm / Broken Imaginary Time / Galaxy Gramophone Serpentine X-3 (Knuckleheads In Space) The Visitant Split w/ Sugarfoot: Stay Young/These Days Motorpnakotic Fragments Part I Motorpnakotic Fragments Part II Motorpnakotic Fragments Part III Motorpnakotic Fragments Part IV The Ninth Fragment - Toys Psychonaut / Toys Spin, Spin, Spin The California EP JK Broadrick s One-Man Roadburn Godflesh have played Roadburn. Jesu have played Roadburn. JK Flesh has played Roadburn. At the root of these varied creative outlets is none other than Justin K. Broadrick, the Birmingham-based artist who as a teenager lit the world on fire when he and G.C. Green, as Godflesh, released their debut album, Streetcleaner, in 1989, and who s never looked back. I think every preceding performance by my numerous projects genuinely resonated with me since I was actually paying attention to the festival itself as opposed to myself! For him, the sense of connection with Roadburn was right there from the start. I had a meeting with Walter at another festival in Tilburg, NL, shortly after the Jesu [set] in 2008, and I immediately connected with his passion and overwhelming enthusiasm. It was a very inspiring conversation and we have had this same relationship since that meeting. He was and is instrumental in these whole album performances, as is the whole Roadburn team. Almost 30 years later, Broadrick seems like presence built for Roadburn. He works in no genre he doesn t invent as he goes. His experimentations are limitless, and every time he shows up, it seems to be in a different guise. His first appearance for the fest was a decade ago, with Jesu. I was very self-absorbed at that specific performance, Broadrick recalls. Firstly it was a solo Jesu performance, something I was eager to experiment with at that time. Secondly I was just getting over my reliance on alcohol, so was trying to learn to perform without being constantly inebriated and having that crutch. This evening, Broadrick is set to sit in with Scatterwound in the Green Room, and on Sunday, he and Kevin Martin (AKA The Bug) will perform as Zonal with Camae Ayewa (AKA Moor Mother) also taking part on the Main Stage for what s sure to be a standout performance for the fest as a whole. Oh yeah, and as part of Jacob Bannon s curation, Godflesh will perform 1994 s Selfless in its entirety this evening on the Main Stage. Don t want to forget that one. When asked if there will be any time to include material from Godflesh s latest album, 2017 s Post Self, Broadrick shoots it down point blank: No. These album performances are intended to be exclusive to the material on the LP itself. I d feel it wasn t true to concept of the record to also play other material apart from recordings from that approximate period. Emotional, and emotional in the broadest sense, says Broadrick of the Streetcleaner set. Nostalgic in the context of revisiting and performing the entire album, and emotionally painful in terms of the album s negativity. It s odd that the live album in a way displays how Streetcleaner can also be a live rock record, almost in a traditional sense. Arguably that also reduces the impact of the original recording and what that captures, but I like that the live album exists as the songs in another context! Selfless will be the third full album Godflesh have performed at Roadburn. Their reunion began in 2011 with a run through Streetcleaner, and they were back in 2013 to play 1992 s Pure. Pure was a whole other experience again, he continues, having Robert Hampson play exactly the songs he did on the album felt like a true live representation of the record. Also, we were never completely satisfied with the final production on Pure and are very excited to mix the live recording for general release, since although it s a live recording, it will still have better production values than the original album so will be a valid document of how Pure can or could have sounded. JJ Koczan Artwork by Maarten Donders Take Time Out With Friday s Side Programme: Discussions: 1.30pm, V39 - Industry Panel: Money - creative lifeblood or necessary evil? 3pm, V39 - Kirk Windstein Q&A 7pm, V39 (basement) - Cocks and Crosses Q&A with Kjetil Nernes Listening Sessions: 5pm, Hall of Fame: Minami Deutsch - With Dim Light 7.15pm, 013 Basement - At The Gates - To Drink From The Night Itself 9pm, 013 Basement: Wiegedood - De Doden Hebben Het Goed III Cinema: Revolver Films: 4pm-6pm daily A selection of short films including the world premiere of Full Bleed 002: Jef Whitehead, plus shorts featuring Scott Kelly, Melvins, John Baizley & more. Evening Programme: 7.30pm - Cocks and Crosses 9pm - The Doom Doc 10.30pm - San Diego Takeover: Through the Lens of Just Some Dude by Lannie Rhoades Around tomorrow? Then make sure you grab the next issue of Weirdo Canyon Dispatch featuring Review and photos of Friday at Roadburn 2018 Feature on Roadburn 2018 curator Jacob Bannon Bell Witch Mirror Reaper feature Black Metal and Brews feature Editorial Editor: JJ Koczan (The Obelisk) Technical Editor: Lee Edwards (The Sleeping Shaman) Artwork: Cavum Photography: Paul Verhagen (Achrome Moments) & Niels Vinck Contributors: Becky Laverty, Ben Handelman, Cheryl Carter, Dan Hunt, Guido Segers, Jamie Ludwig, José Carlos Santos, Kim Kelly, Niels Vinck, Paul Verhagen, Sander van den Driesche, Walter Hoeijmakers
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