Radio Electronics September 1992

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Radio Electronics Magazine September 1992
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Au dibleContinuity; Tope 10r mlastconlllluity cbec ks,justjstenfor the beep ;no need towachue display . CIRCLE121   ~ fREE  ~ no ~ CARO ~  ty  a fluke standa rd: DeSigned tomeet U11 244, IEC 1010 , CSA and VUE safety requirements :e K/enslve overload pro tection bultin, New TL75HardPolnr r esn eaes:comrort ~r p witllenra s  ron~ hpslore xtense e service life. fast, accurate tests andmea surements : AC and DC vo tage measur emen ts 10 600valls,onms10 40 MO audiblecontinuitytest; anddiodet est. Ne / Slide twitth IndI lew pusllbuttons cont ro l all fun tUMS : De signed lor true cne -nan e opera tion. SleepMode: Shuts il tlf on II you lorgel extend ing lOng balltry ~   even lurther. Fl uk equali ty; Made in tile USA by Auk t. Wlltlltle same fllgged re liabi btythaI'smade usthe world leader...d lgrtal muh melers. Count on hard-work ing hiGh perfol lna nce  anda twD-yearViaHanly 10 back it up. Actualsire:E asy 10 carl) .\ eawte use   New  V Ch eP:For fast accura te checks en power sou rces ami su pplies .set vou r me ier on VChek and let it dotherestV Clle k WIll dete rmine continuity ohms: if voltaQe: is present. it will au  omatically change modes 10 measu re At or DC vols.wh cheve r is cetect ea For most inllial lroubleshootin gcneee.heres tile only se lling youneed til m ak e. AuI OJingingwith manual oplon: Your eeeee. depend inoon ) OJfSituatiOfl,  September  99 Jectronic s I«IW . Vol.63No.9 PAGE 79 PAGE 58 The555 AVersalile Timer   -- - 58 THE 555  A VERS ATILETI MER Learnhowtousethe555inpracticaltimerapplications. R ay M.Mars ton  dv ert i sing andSal es O ffic es8 VIDEO NEWS 92 AUDIO UP DAT E  dv erti s ing Inde x f hat snewinthistest Formalfutureshock. 110 changingfield. Lar ry Kl ein 101 Buye r s Ma rket 3 D av id La chenb ru ch95 DRA WIN G BOARD 4 Edi to ri al is 22 EQUIPME NT REP ORT Videoscrambling.   eckmanIndustrialOM1OXL Ro b ert Gro s sbl a tt 16 Le tt e rs DMM 33 Ne w Lit ~ 97 COMPU TER g 85 HARDWA RE HACKER CO NN ECTI ONS 24 NewProduct s   Apple sPhotoGrade.and TheCheshireCat multimedia 12 Q A ã more. andvision. z Don L anc ast er Jeff Ho lt z ma n6What  s N ew s ~ 1 37 VFXDIGIT AL SIG N AL PRDCESSD RUsethisvoiceeffectsprocessortochangethepitchofyourvoice andtocreatespecialeffects. Cr aig  o rax andD avid B ec k 71 SLOPI NG VEE AN T ENNA Alow-costboostforyourshortwave Dr hamtransmissions. RichardA.Form at a 53 NOTW ORK ING TO NETW ORKIN GBasicandadvancedequipmentfortroubleshootinglocal-area networks. G ary McClell an 79 ATV LI NEAR AM P LI FIER Our low noisedownconverterletsyoureceiveamateur lV signalson a sta ndard lV l Willi am She et sand Rudol fF. Gr   UILD THIS  OMPUTERS TE HNOLOGY  larry St.,;:.. .. r. E HF, CEl. editor-In-chiefandpubli.h lr EDITORIALDEPARTMENT Brian C.F enl on,editor Marc Spiw ak.   .cx:; t. editor  il  kl at er, .noda h edItor T .n  f;adart o.aQi,t.oont I ditor Jeffrey K. Holtzma.. computet editor RobertGro nb r. tt. citcuibecfitor l.arry Kle in,.... dio I ditor David u he nb ru ch c:ontribut:ingeclitor Don la C:' ''I _ contributingeditor Kathy T ...... :rI. ed;   I. .t.Iont ARTDEPARTMENT And ... Ollr ant . IIrt director InJa..L ee. illustratorRu   C. Tru al lon, ltI llrlIto.  le troni s NOW . O THE COVER I One of thelate st el ect ronicbuzz-wordsis digitalsignalprocessing  or OSP . We'renotsurprisedtohear somuchtalkabout it. OS?isbeing usedineverythingfromcompact discplayers,toweathersate lli tes. totheretrievalofphotographsfrom NASA spacemissions. If you'recuri-ousabout OS? technology,tumto page 37. OurVFXDigitalProcessors letsyoutakeahands-onapproachto anexci ti ngnewtechnology,and havesamefunwhileyou'reat it. The V FX (voiceeffectsJproces sor usesO S? techniquestoalterthe pit chofyourvoice.ortoproducereverband echoeffects.It smuchlessexpen sivethananycommerciallyavail able OS? product,andyou llleam aboutthetechnologyasyoubuild anduseit. THE OCTOBERISSUEGOES ONS ALE SEPTEMBER3. BUILD A HIGH EFF ICIENCY FM HANOI  TALKIE This s ma ll.light-weight tr ansc eiv er is powerful and efficient. oH ers narrow -band FM modulation and c an bede si gned to operat eanyw he re 'rom27to 32 mHz . PRODUCTIONDEPARTMENT RubyM.Y   production di r elo< KII...   5.81 O 'n Ildvttrtiai  ll prodo.It;tiorl Man;ellaAmoro _ productio<l   iatarlt Usa ltl editorial produdion CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT .hcq uel l,.. P. Ch _ saboro drculBtion di,..;tor W endy A lan ko c:itculB ioro analyst TheN Lont bardo drculBtioro ani.tan l Michele Tomllo , reprint boo bl o<e BUILD A 60 Hz POWER INVERTER It will provide ov er 200 w att s to your line -pow ered device s. T) JIOll l1lphy by Male. G.aphiea Covet photo by ow. .. ified PI>oI o Service. 2 DESIG NING HIGH POWER LOW·DISTORTIONAMPLIFIERS R eal - world ap plications from asimp le 20-watt compositeamplifier to a 70-w att bridg eamp. DIF F ERENT IAL TESTPROBES H ow and why to u se a diff e rent ial prob e. Electronic. Now I. Inda   dIn  ppl   Se la ne.   n ol  fly   n d a~ and RaMk Qlid ro  riodu lI~ Microfilm   Microlic;h ed ition. alS .... ilabla.ConlaCl circulation depart· ..-.1 for det.ilt . Adv ert i. ln9 5el ãã Offi cãã lltt.d .... page 10 2. EIe<:tronicI Now u lt Utive Iftd A< m ini. tr1I tiveOffice. 1·516-29 3· 3000 . Subscriber Cu.l ome.Service: 1 ·aOQ.288 ·0(HI2. 0nJe. Entry lor N..... Sub .~ribe .. , 1-800-999 ·7t39 .
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