Radio Electronics March 1985

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Radio Electronics Magazine March 1985
  ã  rr K2236 MHZ I t:. OSCILLOSCOPETHEANSWERBY  NY MEASURE   100 MHzscope counter timer multimeter: All one integrated system 100MHzdualtimebasescope. 3.5nsrisetime; sweepsfrom 0 5 sto 5 ns/div;alter natesweep; ±2   vertical/horizontal acc uracy;verticalsensitivityto 2 mV/di v 90 MHz. 9-digitfluorescentdisplay. Digitallyaccurate readoutsaccom pan yth eCRTwaveform.Error messagesand promptsalso appear onthe display. DcvoltsandaccoupledtrueRMSvolts. Measuredthroughthe Ch1scopeinput. Gatedmeasurements. Usethescope sintensified markertomeasure frequency,period, widthandtocount eventswithin specifiedportions ofthesignal. Auto-ranged,auto-averagedcounter/timer. Frequency,period, width,delaytime,   plustotal izetomorethan 8 millionevents -with7digits plusexponent displayed. Auto-rangedDMM. Usefloating DMMsideinputs withupto 5000- countresolution. Getpreciseread outsofaveragedc andtrueRMSvolt age.Measure resistancefrommilliohmsto gigohms. Nowmake measurementsfaster,easier,withgreateraccuracyanduserconfidence. TheTek2236makesgatedcoun termeasurements,temperature, time,frequency,resistanceand voltagemeasurementspush buttoneasy.Youseeresultscon currentlyonthe9-digitnumeric readoutandCRTdisplay. Its comp letetriggersystemincludespushbuttontriggerview, pluspeak-to-peakauto,TV line,TVfield,singlesweepand normalmodes. Atjust 2650;the2236 includestheindustry sfirst3-year warrantyonallpartsandlabor, includingtheCRT. Integratedmeasurementsystem.3-yearwarranty.15dayreturnpolicy.Andexpertadvice.Onefreecallgetsitall Youcanorder,orobtainlit erature,throughtheTekNational MarketingCenter.Technicalper sonnel,expertinscope app lications,canansweryourquestions andexpeditedelivery.Direct ordersincludeprobes,operating manual,15-dayreturnpolicy,full warrantyandworldwideservice back-up. Ordertoll-free: 1-800-426-2200 Extension57 InOregoncallcollect: (503)627-9000Ext.57 OrwriteTektronix,Inc. P.O.Box1700 Beaverton,OR97075 C O TTEDTOEXCELLENCE Copyright 1984.Tektronix.Inc.Allrightsreserved.TTA-324-1.·USDomesticpriceF.OB.Beaverton.OregonPricesubjecttochange.  N W unil:len ®   Rebates Commun icatio nsE lectronics: theworld'slargestdistributorofradio scanners,celebrates 1985 withbigsavingson Bearcat scanners.Uniden Corpo rationofAmerica, the manufacturersof Bearcat scannersisofferinghuge consumer rebateson theirgreat lineofscanners,whenpur chasedfromCEbetweenFebruary1andMarch31, 1985 . Bearcarf 300-G ListpriceS549.95/CE price 344.00/ 10.00 rebat eYour fina l cost Isalow  334 .00 7 -Sand, 50 Channel. Service Search ã No  c ry stal scanner ã AM Aircraftand Public Sertflce bands   Priority  hannel AC/DC Bands :3 2-50 ,11 8-136 AM   144-174 421 - 512 MHz. The Bearcat 300 isthemostad vanced automat ic scan ning r adiothat hasever beenoffer edto the pub lic. The Bearc at 300 usesa bright green fluo rescen t digita l disp lay,soit's ideal for mobile appli cations .The Bearcat 300nowhas theseaddedfeatures :ServiceSearch,D ispla yIntensityControl, Ho ld Sea rchandR esum eSearchkeys,Se par ate Band keysto perm itlock-in/lock- out ofanyb andformoreefficie ntservicesearch. Bearcat 20/20-G ListpriceS449.95/CE price 274 .00/ 5.00 rebateYour fina l cost Isa low 269 .00 7-Band, 40 Ch an n .1 ã Crysta ll ss ã Searches AM A ircraft and P ubli c Servicebands ã AC/DC Priori ty Cha n ne lã. D ire ct Channel Access. Delay Frequencyrange32-50 118-136 AM 144-174 420-512MHz. Findan easy c hair . Turn on your Bea r cat   20 and you 're inan airp lane cockpit. Listeningtoall the air-to-ground conversations . Mayb eyou'llpickupanexc iting sear chand res cue miss iononthe CoastGuardchanne l.Inaflash,you'rebackonthe gro undlistening as newscrewsreport a fast b reakingstory .Or hearing policeandfire call sin yourown neig hbor hood, inp lenty oftimesoyou can take pre cautions .Youcaneven hear hamradio transmission , businessphone callsand govern mentintell i genceagencies .Wit hout leav ingyour easy chai r. Becauseyou 've go ta Bearcat   0 righ t beside it. The Bea rcat 20 /20 monitors 40 frequenc iesfrom7 ban ds, inc luding aircraft .A two-positionswitch , located on the front pane l,a llows m onit oring of20 channels ata time . Bearcat ® 21 OXL-G ListpriceS349.95/CE price5209 .00/ 35 .00 rebate Your fi nalcost Isalow 5174.00 tI-Sa nd   18 Channel. Crystalless ã AC/DC Frequenc y range 32-50 144 -174   21-51 2 MH z. The Bear cat 21OXLscanningradioisthesecondgener ationscannerthatreplacesthepopular Bearcat 210and211.Ithasalmosttwicethescanningcapacityof the Bearcat 210with18channelsplusdualscanning speedsandabrightgreen fluor escentdisplay.Auto mattesearchfindsnewfrequencies.Featuresscan delay,singleantenna,patentedtracktuningandmore. Bearcat® 260-G Listprice$399.95/CEpr ice 5274 .00/ 5.00 rebate Your fi nalcost Isalow 5269.00 8 -Sand, 1t1 Channel. Priority. AC/DC Frequency range 30-50 138-1 74 ,406-512 MHz. Keepupwithpoliceandfirecalls,hamradiooperators andothertransmissionwhileyou'reontheroadwitha B earcat 260scanner.Desi gned withpoliceandfire departmentcooperation,itsunique,practicalshape andspecialtwo-positionm ountin gbracketmakeshump mountedorunderdashinstallationpossiblein any vehicle.The Bearcat 260issoruggedlybuillformobile use that itmeetsmilitarystandard81Oc,curveyfor vibrationrating.Incorporatedinitsrugged,allmetal caseisaspeciallypositionedspeakerdelivering3 walls ofcrisp,clearaudio. FREE  earca ~ Rebate Offer GetacoupongoodforaS35.00rebatewhenyoupurchasea Bearcat210XL: 530 rebateonmodel201:$20rebateon models180and100:510rebateonmodelsD X 000or300;$5rebateonmodels20/20or260.Togetyourrebate,mail rebatecouponwith yoursrcinal datedsales recei ptfromCommunicationsElectronicsandthe Bearcat modelnumber fromthecartontoUniden.You'llreceiveyourrebateinsixto eightweeks.Offervalidonlyonpurchasesmadebetween Februa/y1,1985andMarch31,1985.Allrequestsmustbe postmarkedbyApril15,1985.Limitofonerebateper household.Specialrebatecouponmust acco mpanyallrebaterequestsandmaynotbereproduced. Offer goodonly intheU.S.A.Voidwheretaxedorprohibitedbylaw.Resellers, companiesandemployeesofUniden,theiradvertising agencies,distributorsandretailersarenoteligibleforthis rebate.Pleasebesuretosendinthecorrectamountforyour scanner.PaythelistedCEpriceinthisad.Do not deductthe rebateamountsinceyourr ebat ewillbesentdirectlytoyou fromUniden.Ordersreceivedwithinsufficientpaym ents willnotbeprocessedandwillbereturned.Offersubjectto changewithoutnotice. NEWl Bearcat® 201-G Listprice$279.95/CE price 5189 .00/530.00 rebateYour fina l cost Isalow 5159.00 9-Sand, 1t1 Channel. Crystalless ã AC on ly Priority Scan Delay One Key Weather Frequencyrange30-50 118-136AM 146-174 420-512MHz. The Bearcat 201performsanyscanningfunctionyou couldpossiblywant.Withpush butt on ease,youcan programupto16channelsforautomaticmonitoring. Pushanother button andsearchfornewfrequencies. Therearenocrystalstolimitwhatyouwanttohear. NEW Bearcat 180-G Listprice  249 .95/CE price 5164.00/ 20.00 rebateYour fina l cost Isalow 5144,00 8-Band, tts Chann.1 ã Prio rity ACon ly Frequencyrange:30-50 ,138-1 74 ,406-512 MHz. Policeandfirecalls.Hamradiotransmissions.Business andgovernmentundercoveroperations.Youcanhearit allona Bearcat 180scannerradio.Imaginethethrillof hearingamajornewseventunfoldevenbeforethe newsorganizationscanreportit.There'snothinglike scanningtokeepyouin-the-know,andnob ellerwa ytogetscannerradioperformanceatavaluepricethan withthe Bearcat 180. Bearcat 100-G Th f/rs' n~cry progr mm b l h nd   ld sc.nn.r. ListpriceS449.95/CE price 5229.00/520.00 rebate Your f inal cost Isa low5209.00 8-Band, tts  hannel Liquid Crysta l Disp lay Search ã Limit ã Hold ã Lockout ã AC/DC Frequencyrange: 30-50,13 8-174  406-51 2 MHz. Theworld'sfirstno-crystalhandheldscannerhas compressedintoa3 x 7 x1 W casemorescanning powerthanisfoundinmanybaseormobilescanners. The Bearcat 100hasafull16channelswithfrequency coveragethatincludesallpublicservicebands(Low, High,UHFand  1 bands),the2-Meterand70em. Amateurbands,plusMilitaryandFederalGovernment frequencies.Wow...whatascannert The Bearcat 100producesaudiopoweroutputof300 milliwa ll s,istrack-tunedandhasselectivityofbetter than50dBdownandsensitivityof0.6microvoltson VHFand1.0microvoltsonUHF,Powerconsumptionis keptextremelylowbyusingaliquidcrystaldisplayand exclusivelowpowerintegratedcircuits. .IncludedinourlowCEpriceis asturd ycarryingcase,earphone, ballery charger/ACadapter,sixAAnl-cad batteriesandflexibleantenna.Orderyourscannernow. Bea rcat DX OOO G Listprice$649.95/CE price 5499 .00/510 .00 rebateYour final costIsa low 489.00 Fr equenc yrange 10 kHzto 30 MHz. The Bearcat OX1 000 shortwaveradiomakestuningin Londonaseasyasdialingaphone.ItfeaturesPLL synthesizedaccuracy,twotimezone24-hourdigital quartzclockandabuill-intimertowakeyoutoyour favoriteshortwavestation.Itcan be programmedtoactivateperipheralequipmentlikeataperecorderto recorduptofivedifferentbroadcasts,anyfrequency, anymode,whileyouareasleepor'atwork.Itwillreceive AM,LSB.USB,CWandFMbroadcasts. There'sneverbeenaneasierwaytohearwhatthe worldhastosay.Withthe Bearcat OXl000shortwave receiver,younowhavedirectaccesstotheworld. Uniden®PC22-G Lis t pr ice $159.95/CE price 99 .00 The Unlden PC22isa40channelAMremotemobileCB radio.I rs theanswerfortoday'ssmallercarswhichdon't alwaysprovideadequatespaceformounting.Sinceall thecontrolsareonthemicrophone,youcanstashthe  guts inthetrunk.Themicrophonehasup /do wnchannelselector,digitaldisplay,TX/AXindicatorand externalspeakerjack.Dimensions;5:  < 'Wx 7  10 0x:1 y, H.13.8VDC,positiveornegativeground. QUANTITYDISCOUNTS AVAILABLE Order t wo scannersat the sametime and deduct 1%, for threescannersdeduct 2%,four scanners deduct 3%,f ive scanners deduct 4% and six or moresc anne rs purchased at the same time earnsyou a5% discountoff oursuper low single unit pr ice . CIRCLE 276ONFREE INFORMATIONCARD Uniden®PC55-G List pr ice  89.95/CE price 59.00 The Unlden PC5540ChannelCBradioisafU th.,.. 'ed transceiverthatboastsasuper-compactcase ar.c F  front-panelmike.IthasANL,PA-CB,Channel9 anc. q Gainswitches.LED S /RFmeter,TXlite,PA&extern. speakerjacks.Dimensions:6 Wx6  0 x1 %  H. ±13 . VDC.The Uniden at aspeciallowprice. Choosefrommanydifferentmodels. OTHERRADIOS AND ACCESSORIES RD55·GUniden visor mounfRadarDetector$119.00 RD95·GUniden remotemount RadarDetector$139.00 F8'E-GFrequencyDirectoryforEasternU.S.A.512.00 FB-W·GFrequencyDirectoryforWesternU.S.A.512.00 8C·WA·GBearcatWeatherAlert-$39.00 A60-GMagnetmountmobileantenna$35.00 A70·GBasestationantenna535.00 Add$3.00shippingforall accessories orderedatthesametime. Add$3.00shippingperscannerantenna. BUY WITHCONFIDENCE To get the fastest dell ery f rom CE ofanyproduct inthisad, send or p hone yourorder di rectly toour Scanner D istribution Center   Michigan residents p leaseadd 4% sales ta x orsupplyyour tax 1.0. number . Writtenpurchaseordersare accepte d fromapprovedgovernme ntag enc iesa nd most we ll rate d firmsat a 10 %s urc hargefor net10billi ng .All salesaresub jectto availab i lity, ac ceptanceand verifica t ion .All sales on accessoriesare final. Pr ices ,te rmsand specifications aresubject tochange w ithoutnotice .All pricesare inU.S. dollars . Out of stockitems willbeplacedon backo rder a utomat icallyunless C5 is instr ucted differ ently .A  5 .00 a dditional , handlingfee wil l becharged for all o rders with a merchandise total under 50 .00 . Sh ipments are F.O .B . AnnArbo r, Michigan . No COD's . Most products thatwe sellhave a manufacturer'swarranty .Free copies ofwarra n ties on these productsareavailab lep rio r to purchase by writing toC Eo Internati on al order s are invitedwitha$20.00 surcharge for specialhandling in addition to shipping charges. Non-certified checks 'require bankclearance . Ma il ord ersto: CommunicationsElectron lcs Box1045,A nn Arbor, Michigan 48106 U. S.AAdd 7.00per scanner,rada rdetector or CB or 12.00per sh ortwavereceive r fo rU.P.S. ground shippingandhandling in thecontinental U .S .A. For Canada , Puerto'Rico , Hawa ii, Alas ka, or APO/FPOdel ivery, sh ipping charges are t hree timescontinental U.S . rates. If youhave aV isa orMaster Card, you may ca ll and place ac red it ca rdo rde r. Orde r to ll- free in the U.S.Dial 800 -USA -SCAN. In Canada, order toll-freebycalling 800 - 221 -3475 . WU ITelex CEanytime , dia l 671 -0155 .If youareoutside the U.S. or in Michigan d ial 313-973-8888 . Ordertoday .ScannerDistributionCenter'andCElogosaretrade marksofCommunications   ctronics~ Ad   010285-G t B earcat isaregisteredtrademarkofUnidenCorporation. Copyrlght c> 1985Communications Electron ics Formore information call 1-800-SCANNER For credit card orderscall 1-800-USA-SCAN  ~OMMUNIC TIONS &ELECTRONICS   Consumer Producs Division P.O.Box10450AnnArbor,Michigan48106-1045U.S.A Call8oo-USA·SCANor outs ideU.S.A. 313·973 -8888 s: » Jl C; I   ec 0: (J  Regency® C403-G Listprice  99 .95/ CEprice 62 .00 5-Band 4 Cha nne l ã Crysta l scanne r Channel Indica tor LED AC o nly Low cost Bands: 30-50 148-174 450 -470MHz. Regency'sbasicscanner,the C403 givesyouthee xciteme ntofpolice,fireand emergency callsata budget price.Itcantuneintoanyof fivepublicservicebandsandbringsthesignal inloudand clea r...onanyoffourpossible channels.Itcomeswithdetachabletelescope antennaandACpowercord.Orderonecrystal certificate for eachchannelyouwanttoreceive. RegencV®HX 1000-G Listprice  329 .95/CEprice 2 09 . 00 fJ-Band 30 C han ne l ã No C rys tal scannerSearch ã Loc k out ã P riority ã Scan delay Sidelit li qu id c ry stal display ã Digita l Clock Frequencyrange:30-50,144-174  440-51 2MHz. Thenewhandheld Regency H X 000scannerisfullykeyboardprogrammablefortheultimateinversatil ity.Youcanscanup t030 channelsalthesamelime.Whenyouactivatetheprioritycontrol,youautomaticallyoverrideallothercallstolistentoyourfavorite frequency.TheLCDdisplayisevensidelit tor nightuse.Adie-castaluminumchasismakesthisthe mostruggedanddurablehand-heldscanneravail able.Thereisevenabackuplithiumbatterytomain tainmemoryfortwoyears.Includeswallcharger, carryingcase,beltclip,flexibleantennaand nicad battery.Orderyour Regency H X 000now. Rege ncy®R106-G Listprice 159.9 5/ CE pric e  92 .00 5 -Band 1 0Cha nn e Crys ta/ s ca nn er . AC /DC Frequencyrange:30-50,146-174  450-51 2MHz. Aversatilesca nner ,The Regency R-106isbuilttoprovidemaximumreceptionathomeoron theroad.Ruggedcabinetprotectstheadvanced designcircui try allowingyouyearsofdepend ablelistening. NEWl Regency® R1050 -G Listprice 179.9 5/ CE pric e 109.00 B -Ba nd 10 Chan ne   Crysta lless ã ACo nl yFrequencyrange:30-50  144- 174  44 0-512MHz. Nowyoucanenjoycomputerizedscannerver satilityatapricethat'slessthansomecrystal units.The Rege ncy R1050letsyouinonallthe actionofpolice,fire,wea ther ,andemergencycalls.You'llevenhearmobile telephones .ProgrammingtheR1050iseasy.Merelytouch thekeyboardand enter anyofover 15,000 frequenciesonyourchoiceof10channels. Regency @ HX650-G Listprice  129.95/ CEprice  79.00 5 -Ba nd,BCh an n el .Hand he ld crystals canner Bands:30-50,146-174  450-512 MHz. Nowyoucantuneinanyemergencyaround town,fromwhereveryouare,thesecondit happens.Advancedcircuitrygivesyouthe world'ssmallestscanner.OurlowCEpricein cludesbatterycharger/A.C.adapter. NEW l Regency®HX -650P-G ListPrice  189.95/ CEp rice  104 . 00 Now,CommunicationsElectronicsoffersa specialpackagedpriceonthe Rege ncy HX -650 scannerandthefollowingi temsforon ly 104.00. Yougetthe Regency HX-650scanner,asetof4 AAAni-cadbatteries,theMA-506carryingcase, sixcrystal cert ificates,ACadapter/chargerand flexiblerubberantennaforonly 104.00per packageplus  10 .00 shipping/handling .To order thisspecialpackage,useCEspecial order nu mber HX-650P-E. QUANTITY D IS C OUNTS AVAILABLE Ordertwoscannersatthesametimeanddeduct 1%,forthreescannersdeduct2%,fourscanners deduct3%,fivescannersdeduct4%andsixor morescannerspurchasedatthesametime earnsyoua5%discountoffoursuperlow singleunitprice. NEWl Regenc   HX2000-G The World s Flrst800 11Hz. Handheld Scanner Listprice  569 .95 /CEprice  359.00 7-Band 20 Channel ã No-crystal scanner Priority control SearchiScan ã AC/DC Sidelltllquid crystal display. Memory backup Bands:118-136  1 44-174  4 40- 512 800 -950MHz. Thenew Regen cy HX2000,handhelds canner coversthousandsoffrequenciesincludingthe new 800 does not havelowband,youcanscanupto20 channe lsatthesametime.Selectable AM/FM receptionmodesonallfrequencies.Withthe includedAC /DC transformer,theHX2000can beoperatedon either 120VACor6VDC.Scans 15channelspersecond.Size3 x 7 x1 v,. Includeswallcharger,carryingcase,belt clip ,flexibleantennaandnicadbatteries. NEWl Regency® RH250 B-G Listprice  699.95/CEprice  379.00 10Channel IIHF synthesized transceiver Built-In scanner with progr{lmmable priority Fullyprogrammable CTCSS on every channel If you'reafireman,policemanorapersononthe goandit'sessentialthatyoustayintouchwith headquarters,youneedthe Regency RH250 transceiver.Youcanprogramsimplexorsemi duplexfrequenciesincludingCTCSS tones . OTHER RADIOS & ACCESSORIES Z 1O- GSc ann er.........  136 00 Z45-GS canner.  19900 RPH41o-G lOch. handhe ldno-c ryst altranscie ver  399 .00B-4-G1.2 V AAA N;'(:ad batteri es(setoff our 9.00A -135C -GC rysta lcertificate  3 00 A60-G Mag netmountmobleantenna  35 00 A70G Bas estationantenna  35 00  d d 3.00shippngforalla cce s sori eso rde red atthesameti me . Add  3.00 shippingperscannerantenna. BUY WITHCONFIDENCE To get the f stest del/lleryfrom CE ofanyscanner,sendorphoneyour orderdirectly toour Scanner DistributionCe nter  Besuretocalculate your priceusingtheCEpricesinthis ad.Michiganresidentspleaseadd4%salestax orsupplyyourtax1.0.number.Writtenpur chaseordersareacceptedfromapprovedgov ernmentagenciesandmostwellratedfirmsata 10%surchargefornet10billing.Allsalesare subject toavailability,acceptanceandverifica tion.Allsalesonaccessoriesarefinal.Prices, termsandspecificationsare subject to changewithout notice.AllpricesareinU.S.dollars.Out of stoc kitemswillbeplacedon backorderautomatically unlessCEisinstructeddiffer ently.A 5.00additionalhandlingfeewillbe charged for allorderswithamerchandisetotalunder  50 .00.ShipmentsareF.O.B.AnnArbor, Michigan. NoCOD's .Mostproductsthatwesell haveamanufacturer'swarranty.Free copies ofwarrantiesontheseproductsareavailable priortopurchasebywritingto CEo Internationalordersareinvitedwitha  20.00 surchargefor specialhandling in addit ion toshippingcharges.Non-certifiedchecksrequirebankclearance. Mallordersto: CommunicationsElectron ics Box 1045, AnnArbor,Michigan 48106 U.S.A.Add 7.00perscanner for U.P.S. ground shippingandhandlinginthe continenta lU.S.A.ForCanada,PuertoRico,Hawaii,Alaska,or APO/FPOdelivery,shippingchargesare three times cont inentalU.S.rates. If youhaveaVisaor Master Card,youmaycallandplacea cred itcard order .Ordertoll-freeintheU.S.Dial 800-USA -SCAN.InCanada,ordertoll-freeby calling 800-221-3475 .WUITelexCEanytime, dial671-0155. If youareoutsidetheU.S.orin Michigandial 313 -973 -8888. Order today.ScannerDistributionCenter'andCElogosaretrade marks ofComm unications EectronicsInc. t Regency isaf edera llyregsteredt rad emar kofR ege ncyE ectro nicsInc.AD.020185-G Copyright Cl 1985CommunicationsElectronics For credit card orderscall 1-800- USA-SCAN  ~OMMUNIC TIONS tiiiELECTRONICS ™ Consumer Producs Division P.O.Box10450AnnArbor.Michigan48106-1045U.S.A. Call800-USA SCAN oroutsideU.S.A.313-973-8888 Regency HX1000 egency  XS egency RH2S0  W ~~c~ I ®  c nners C ommunications Ele ctron ic s: theworld'slargestdistributorofradio scanners, introduces newmodelswithspecialsavingsonallradio scanners.Chancesarethepolice, fireand weather emergenciesyou'llread about intomorrow'spaperarecoming through onascanner today . NEWl Regenc~ MX ~G Listprice  699 .95 /CEprice  449 . 00 1a-Band 20 Channel. Crystalless ã AC/DC Frequencyrange:25-550MHz.continuouscoverage 1.2 GHz. conti nuouscoverage  Inadditiontonormalscannerlistening,the MX7000 offersCB ,VHF,and UHFTVaud io,FMBroadcast,allaircraftbands(civilandmilitary), 800 MHz communications ,cellular telep hone,andwhenconnectedtoaprinterorCRT,satellite weather pictures. NEWl Regency®MX5000-G Listprice  599.95/CEprice  354.00 IIultl-Band 20 Channel. No-crysta/scanne r Search ã Lockout Prior ity AC/DC Selectable AII-FII modes ã LCD d isplay World s tlrstcontinuouscoverage sca n ner . Frequencyrange:25-550MHz.continuouscoverage. Never beforehavesomanyfeaturescomein suchasmall pack age.The Regency MX5000mobileorhomesca nner hascontinuouscover agefrom25to 550 MHz.Thatmeansyoucan hearCB,Televisionaudio,FMbroadcaststa tions,allaircraftbandsincludingmilitaryand thenormal scanner bands,allonyourchoiceof20programmable channels .. NEWl Regency®MX4000-G l st price  629.95/CEprice  394 .00 IIultl-Band 20 Channel. No-crysta /s ca n ner Search Lockout Priority AC/D C Be/ectable AII-FII mod s ã LCD di spl ay Bands:30-50, 118-136, 144-174.440-512,800-950MHz. The Regency MX4000 isgivescoverageinthe standardVHFandUHFrangeswiththeimpor tantadditionofthe 800 MHz.andalrcraftbands. It feat ures keyboarde ntry, multifu nctio nliquidcrystaldisplayandvariablesearchincrements. Regency®MX3000-G Listprice  319.95/CEprice  182 .00 fJ-Band 30 Channel ã No-crystal sca nner Bea rch ã Lockout Priority AC/D CBands:30-50  14 4-174  440-512 MHz. The RegencyTouch MX3000 providestheeaseof computercontrolled ,touch-entry progr amminginacompact-sizedscannerforuseathome oron theroad. Enteryou rfavoritepublicservice 'frequenciesbysimplytouchingthenumbered pressurepads.You'llevenheara  bee p tonethat letsyouknowyou'vemadecontact. Regency @ Z30 -G Listprice  279.95/CEpri ce  16 6.00 fJ-Ba nd 30 Channe l ã No-crystal s canner Bands:30-50,144-174  440 -512MHz. Cover your choiceofover15 ,000 frequencieson30channelsatthetouchofyourf inger .2   o Z o a:  - o UJ ...J UJ o is -c a: I CIRCLE79ONFREEINFORMATIONCARD
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