Radio Electronics December 1992

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Radio Electronics Magazine December 1992
  LIMITER l \ -oi=ll.:tlt\ \:- ~l ·  l  [ ~l tpln\:-Lll lx~w vcucan T U OI UGHTBEAM willl  ur \: ~I~\: L ·illl\:-lli.~l lluhi beamccuuuuutcatcr   RE \ ;XX-; , . X . X  R  R t S ill? rs: CHO  7S  56HR R5 165N093 12 pst   ,   ..  , , ,1   ,,1   , ,,1,11   11  V 9 -   . .   .  , -   .. ã ã   ã : ã  3.50 U.S. -- - S ~5 CAN  2 c H V m t  U1 C @   TIM R Ie 10 we t   fi  l l ~~  it c:r t A   ,,    The Fluke 79: More Of A Goo d Thing FlUJ..:E AND Pl ll J  S TilET  :< l.t  ll I A S c: E fluke79SeriesII I W 4o.n Joon f   I,lIQ Co, I n< .POBO 9090,MiS2 5O£ h .,,~, \\A ~ 06 ctopy r 1991 P cn ottd OINC I,..., , ,,  olI t<l Ie   UlIl   WIl r.o.o  ht ã.   oo ln T he Fuke79 comes Wthayellowholser andpate nted f le x · S t a nd  ~ - ea syto ha ~  h o m adoororpipe, clipontoabeltort OO lkrt,Os tand at Vi rtually anyview rng angle,Theresevenstorage spacefor testleads. 1   o-tt< to   70,..,  ~ . OpF .. ~ Lo- OO m.   w llll o COloIl .. ,, Geta goo d(hing goi ng:Toput more me terto work fory ou -ata price that worksfor you .too- he adfor you nea restFukedist ribut or.For thenameof your neares t dis tri butor, orformorep rod uctinfo rmation , ca lll-8DD 87-FLU KE . Smoothing ·: Our €lclusr.enew S m OO t h i ~g modegi ves youastabledigitalreadoutfor unsablesig na ls-bydisp layin gthe r u~ mnll averageof eigh t readrng s,Nomorej:lteror  digitr atue dueto ~ o is y si gnals. la-Ohms rang e: Our proprl€tary to-ones tunctionlets youmeasu re resistanc easlowas 0 .01 cnms.Highnoisere ec tionaneatestlead Zero Ca li bra tionfunctionmaketheFuke79 idealforde tect ing smallresistancechanges.   m...... 8>tt«)-l 1 ....... 1 H.  W  ,..  ã  wnWJ us..  pI ~ «100 Couor Cog . 0 .... 19999   t ,,~   WOOl lO-OMtl) J3. _1ftol<q e.r c ..... u o; l l   oc VOltl1<   001  ,   I  ~ I oooo T....   , 9 l.M>rwI   l   ,. f~,   tln l ActualS z 11111111 1 faSt6 3·segm entaMlogbelgraph:neFuke 79 s bar graphmovesasfastasthe eye cans ee. updatingatarate 01 40timesper seco ndto simula tethefU IClt onar:yofan anal Oil neene.You ge ttnenigh speed and nighresolutionyou neeetodetect pea k i ~g   nullingand tre ~ di ~ g   Fre quency: Th eFl uke 79 sbuilt-in fr e que ~cy counterretsyou measu refrom berow 1HEto over20 kH z.Andwhileyouviewhequencyon thedigrtaldispay.thea na l Oil bargraph shows you AC votage,Soyoucanseeil pOl e ~l r ally hazardousVoltageis pres ent.Caputtance:No need tocarry a separate de dica ted ca pacitance tester.theFuke79 meas ures cap acitance fromtopFto 99991l ', Morehigh-perform an celealures. More advance dmea su r em en t tapa bilill es.Moreofthe vi lalin for mation you ne ed 10 tro ubleshoo t eve nthet ou ghestprobl em s-wilhbolh ana  l og anddigitaldisplavs. Meet thelatest .g re atestmember of our best se lling70 Se riesIIfamily -t he newF uke 79digitam ulum eter. IIpic ks up whe re theoriginal fam ilyleftoff.Infact,it saquantumleap forward -in pe rforma nce.val ue an da ffor da bili ty. It s gollhefeatures you  de xp ect ãl rom Fluke. Inclu d ing hig h reso lu tion. Fas t autora n cinq. Pat ent to mat ic To uch Ho ld~   Aquickcontinuity bee per .Diodelest. Au tomatic se lf lest. Batte ry-co nservingslee p mo de. And it sjustasrugged and reliable as t he restof the 70 Se ries IIfa mily .E asy too pe ra te, too -with one hand. An dthanksto the Fuke79 s prop riet ary new integrat ed c ircui ttechnology,th at's only the beg in ning .Whenit comes to zer oinginontough el ec tr ical problems, the Fl uke 79le av es the comp etition behin d:  LUK . 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ThetwoLED soneachPCboard  chase eachother,creatingthe illusionthattheGlitterGlobeis spinning.Hangingon the tree.or'sasureattention grabberlTurntopage35forall thedetails. ã   J \1 ~~ rv  ---   _- ----- - FAH/mODEm PROTECTOR PAGE 43 ..... _ £L ECTfIOHICS HONp.II>hs/Ift.....- .................... ....-..IO_--,~todwMoIue.   -tJ In ....   tJ   --........,{  _ n.tCTJlOMCS 4;.-......,.~bi/it) Ior ... ...  j_  - lItJ~~_ ......  ~ ........... ..   li<Ioo _ tJ ~   _ ~_ In EU C 1llONICS NON mq   ta   ... .-..d u .s. pII_. £U CT1 lONICS NON   ....,.liabUl tylor ~ _ <If_   l_ IIM-..kirov   .  e tJ...., __  ~ __ .. IIMt_ ...dIn .uII.~aaorn. . EUCTllONlCS HaN. OSSN 0033-7 N2I   1802. PuI>li.~ _Ihlyl>y   PublIeoUon .. Inc.ã :s.GO-B81-<:ounty8ovlnllrd.F .....   ~dII   , N'l11735.  keond·CIao Po .log. pIIHl .1F. mW\a<l .... IfV...., oddllioMl lftOllit>O oIIIcfl. s.c0lld.a. .   1 ..ooio_ No. A12516ll21Oã   ... .t T_. Canoda 0-. ,.., oub.<riptloft rat. u.s.A. ..... 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Doug las Wirth 51 LIGHT BEAM COMMUNICATOR Theinexpensive AirHop communicateswithlight  Rodn ey A. Kre ut er COMPUTERS   lectr nics  OW  ã Hugo c. . ..bacJ 11884-1967)foul lde< Lan')' Steo;k&.,.EHFCET editooill-Chief andpubl;aher EDITO RIAL OEPARTME NT B rill ..C. F ento n.editorM arc S piwak. a  ~t editorNeil5<:l at. ãã aMOCI lte editor T eri  a duto . auil tant.clitor..J tf   y K. Holt%m an computer.clitar Ro  l1 Gro   blatt. cireui~  <li tor Lan')' Kl ein .alldioMlitar D evid l.II ch enbruch cont.ibutingIdito. D on L. n ca ltãã contributing.ditor K lthy Te   ndãã ditorial   ~  t ARTDEPAR TMENT And   II~e .. t. etl director I.. jae L_. m , tretor R..   .l1C.Tru .l . on .illllltnltor 69 M ONI TOR TECHNOLOGY Alookattoday'scomputermonitors. St an War ne r TECHNOLOGY   PRODUCTIO N DEPARTMENT RubyM.Y_. production d   K.   nS.B rown eclvertising production Maroc-'I.Amoro so productiona ll iltant U ... fbchowm editorial prvduction 62 THEVER SA TILE 555 Morecircuitsthanyoueverthoughtp oss iblel R ay M.Marston DEP RTMENTS   CIRCU LA TI ON DEPA RTME NT J acq ... llne P.Ch   boro cin:uqtiondirector W...dyA .... ko cin:u qt ion. ,,1yIt The .. saLomlNlrdo clrcullltion auie tant Mi ch el. Torri lloreprintbookttore  ND MORE   108 Ad vertis ingandSales 14 Le tte rs Offic es 32 New Lit 108 Adv ertisin gIndex 22 N ewProduct s 91 Buy er sM ark et 12 Q A 4 Editorial 6 What sN ew s TJllOllrajHlybyMat.eC .. ph ic eov. . in .. t photo by DI lified Photo   Sacl\gIvU Id by0lMdP. Dill. Unicom StodI PhoIoI Ad . rt lel..g S. Iãã Off ice  l i  t ad on pa ge 102 . E1ecttwIIca Now   and Ad 'in i treti\le Office 1·516- 283 · 3000 . So bKri befe...tom .. S. Mce: 1-8 00 ·2 88 -06 52. Onle. 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