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  QUESTIONNAIRE  Name of the employee:Age: Male FemaleDesignation: Marital Status: Married SingleEducation: SSLC PDC /! Degree P E#perience: Less than $ years $%&' years &'%&$ years a(o)e &$ yearsMonthly *ncome +,s-.:elo0 &'1''' &'1'''%&$''' &$1'''%!'1''' !'1'''%!$1''' !$1'''%2'''' A(o)e 2'1''' &-3o0 do you rate the training gi)en (y the employer4E#cellent 5ery ood ood Satisfactory 6nsatisfactory!-7he physical en)ironment of my 0or8 is 9999E#cellent 5ery ood ood Satisfactory 6nsatisfactory2-3o0 do you rate the (onus pro)ided to you4E#cellent 5ery ood ood Satisfactory 6nsatisfactory-3o0 do you compare the salary offered to you 0ith the salary offered in other hospitals for the similar 8ind of 0or84E#cellent 5ery ood ood Satisfactory 6nsatisfactory$-Do you thin8 that you are getting ade;uate remuneration according to the 0or8 you are doing4 <es No=-*s the institute pro)iding casual lea)e 0ith pay4<es No >-3o0 much you are satisfied 0ith grie)ance redressal system e#isting in your institute4E#cellent 5ery ood ood Satisfactory 6nsatisfactory  ?-My @o( is secure <es No- <ou are treated e;ually and fairly in the institute- Bhat is your opinion a(out this4Strongly agree Agree Moderate Disagree Strongly Disagree&'-3o0 0ell your organiation ta8es part in employee 0elfare acti)ities4E#cellent 5ery ood ood Satisfactory 6nsatisfactory&&-3o0 much you satisfied 0ith the safety and healthy 0or8ing conditions at your institute4E#cellent 5ery ood ood Satisfactory 6nsatisfactory&!-Bhat is your opinion a(out the @o( lin8ed performance re0ard system of S*MS4E#cellent 5ery ood ood Satisfactory 6nsatisfactory &2-Do you agree that you are )ery much moti)ated (y the organiation/institute4Strongly agree Agree Moderate Disagree Strongly Disagree&-3o0 much you satisfied 0ith the promotion policies in the institute 4E#cellent 5ery ood ood Satisfactory 6nsatisfactory&$-7he institute communicates e)ery ne0 change that ta8es place from time to time<es No &=-3o0 often do you 0or8 at home as part of your @o(4 Al0ays 5ery often often sometimes ne)er &>-3o0 often do you find that your 0or8 is stressful4 Al0ays 5ery often ften Sometimes Ne)er &?-7he relation 0ith my immediate superior is 99999E#cellent 5ery ood ood Satisfactory 6nsatisfactory&-Do they gi)e freedom to decide ho0 to do your 0or84Al0ays 5ery often ften Sometimes Ne)er !'-Do you feel that the 0or8 you are doing is challenging4  Strongly agree Agree Moderate Disagree Strongly Disagree!&-Are you agree that you can (alance your 0or8 life and personal life4Strongly agree Agree Moderate Disagree Strongly Disagree!!-Do you agree that your @o( enhances your social prestige4Strongly agree Agree Moderate Disagree Strongly Disagree!2-Bhat do you thin8 a(out the ;uality of 0or8 life in the institute4E#cellent 5ery ood ood Satisfactory 6nsatisfactory!-3o0 do you rate your current @o(4E#cellent 5ery ood ood Satisfactory 6nsatisfactory!$-<our attitude to0ards 0or8 is9999E#cellent 5ery ood ood Satisfactory 6nsatisfactory!=-Do you agree that ser)ice ;uality and ;uality of 0or8 life are interrelated4Strongly agree Agree Moderate Disagree Strongly DisagreeFAC7,S *NFL6ENC*N 6AL*7< F B,L*FE,an8 from & to&' for each factor as per your opinion-&-Go( Satisfaction!-Ade;uate Pay and (enefits2-rganiation Commitment-Safety and 3ealthy en)ironment$-pportunity for ro0th and de)elopment=-Superior%Su(ordinate relationship>-Social rele)ance of 0or8 life?-Employee participation in decision ma8ing-Belfare and sufficient leisure time &'-Bor8 life (alance and relationship  THANK YOU…..
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