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Professional vehicle equipment In-vehicle equipment 02/2011 810 10 051_eng bott vario Bott GmbH & Co. KG, Bahnstraße 17, D-74405 Gaildorf, Tel: +49…
Professional vehicle equipment In-vehicle equipment 02/2011 810 10 051_eng bott vario Bott GmbH & Co. KG, Bahnstraße 17, D-74405 Gaildorf, Tel: +49 (0)7971 251210, Fax: +49 (0)7971 251205 The basis of your efficiency bott vario Welcome to bott Optimum working conditions Every day you climb into your van, turn the key and drive your mobile workshop to site. With professional vehicle equipment from bott, you’ll always feel good about what’s behind you. Many years of experience, acquired knowledge and know-how have gone into the development of our latest comprehensive range of equipment. Components and Modules are subjected to extensive load and crash testing to allow optimisation of designs and facilitate expansion of the range. Providing secure load solutions from the outset is our aim. The inherently safe features of our products are backed up by intensive support, professional planning and installation services. Throughout Europe, customers large and small are supported by a network of Certified Regional Service Partners and Fleet Installation Centres. The full range of available equipment contains over 3000 components, allowing the most complex solutions to be developed. In the event that your conversion cannot be satisfied from the standard range, our Development Centres have the capability to quickly and expertly provide customised solutions to meet your exact requirements. Products, standard or customised, are produced in high technology ISO9001 certified Production Sites, and because we know how important it is for you to keep your van working, a European-wide integrated logistics system ensures requirements are satisfied on time and in full. Discover bott’s quality, functionality and flexibility for yourself! Dr. Reinhard Wollermann-Windgasse Clive R. Woodward Group Managing Director - Bott Germany Group Managing Director - Bott UK 2 Contents bott - an introduction 4–5 bott vario, the professional vehicle equipment range 6 – 11 Safety and load security 12 – 15 Planning 16 – 17 Certified installation 18 – 19 Choosing a vehicle 20 – 21 bott vario in your vehicle 22 – 27 Trade professionals 28 – 29 Container systems 30 – 35 System components 36 – 51 Vehicle accessories: roof racks, loading aids, warning lights 52 – 57 Mobile workspace 58 - 61 Transport of long items 62 – 63 Gas bottle transport 64 – 67 Window grilles 68 – 69 Load security 70 – 87 Accessories 88 – 95 Case holders 96 – 97 Lights and power 98 – 106 Storage organisation 108 – 117 Cases 118 – 129 Hygiene 130 – 132 Hooks and holders 132 – 137 Standard modules 138 – 167 Modules for small vans 140 – 143 Modules for medium vans 144 – 147 Modules for large vans 148 – 151 Acknowledgements 168 3 bott vario bott - an introduction World renowned levels of efficiency and safety bott is recognised across the world as the leading manufacturer of in-vehicle, workstation and workplace storage solutions. These innovative product ranges are employed to create customer specific solutions across all sectors. With manufacturing facilities in Germany, the UK and Hungary as well as licensee partners and importers across the world, bott offers a comprehensive service network to cater for local needs from the initial planning stages to the installation of turnkey solutions. At the bott group’s German headquarters, the latest information is gathered from every market to enable the evolution of new and innovative strategies. The creation of better working environments and the safety of our customers can thus stay very much in focus. 4 bott facility export partner 5 bott vario Values ■ modularity ■ safety individual planning and configuration for high quality surface finish and crash optimal organisation of your workplace, tested in accordance with ECE R44, tailored precisely to your needs. because your safety takes priority. What will you do tomorrow? 6 ■ lightweight ■ quality ■ aesthetic intelligent material combinations and uncompromising robustness and the appearance of bott vario transforms logical component design, for increased stability, designed to withstand many the workplace and guarantees a superior payloads with reduced weight. years of use. image. With bott vario, you can concentrate completely on tomorrow’s tasks and on providing a quality service for your customers. Concerns about safety, weight reduction, load security and the reduction of retrieval times are now a thing of the past. The basis for your efficiency. 7 bott vario Optimum working conditions 8 Unforeseen issues can be an every day occurance in service and installation work. The highest levels of creativity and professionalism are needed if you are to get the job done. Being prepared for every eventuality means having the right tools, the right fixings and the necessary spare parts at your finger tips. In short - you need the right in-vehicle equipment solution. The primary goal of in-vehicle equipment is to optimise the organisation of all available storage space. Essential tools and equipment need to be safely transported in the smallest possible space. On site with the client, quick and easy access to clearly laid out utensils is essential for productive work. Through its unique modularity, bott vario provides the most efficient solution. Functional reliability and supreme ease of use further add to user appeal. These characteristics allow van storage solutions to be tailored to meet the most exacting requirements. Tailored to your success. 9 bott vario Material mix Being permanently on call means spending a considerable part of the working day en-route to clients. 10 Individual bott vario components have been designed from an intelligent mix of materials. Powder coated steel, anodised aluminium and high grade plastics - a combination that ensures the highest levels of safety and stability with minimal weight. This philosophy not only increases the payload, but offers the occupants improved protection. The lightweight construction helps retain precise road handling in critical situations and has a positive influence on fuel consumption. When it comes to using your mobile workshop on site, bott understands what is important. High levels of build quality and surface finishing coupled with details such as the rounding of corners, protect against injury and enhance your safety at work. The mix of materials used in bott vario combined with this high attention to detail result in a strikingly attractive design. The net effect is that you will leave your clients with a positive first impression. Your safety on the road is of paramount importance. A lighter, safer future. 11 bott vario Safety In collaboration with the car industry, the TÜV and other independent test institutes – bott carries out regular crash tests all to the latest guidelines. Independent experts check the manufacturer’s claims to investigate the safety of a fully laden in-vehicle equipment solution. This tests the behaviour of individual components, their connections and the strength of the vehicle attachment points in an emergency. For comparison: Crash test of a wooden in-vehicle solution. The load is transformed into a projectile, endangering the occupants. 12 Does bott vario absorb the dynamic energy? Does the secured 500 kg load of tools and equipment stay in place? Are the extreme forces successfully dissipated by the deformation of the bott designed components? We checked and validated all of the lab based pavé, load and shear tests to confirm the bott solution would withstand such an extreme situation. Realistic in every detail, a vehicle collision was simulated at a speed of 50 km/h. The vehicle was subjected to an acceleration of 20g over a period of 30 milliseconds, in accordance with ECE R44 guidelines. The results were clear. The crash test has proven that both driver and passenger can rely on bott vario. GS certification provides further proof of the quality of bott vario. Examining the evidence. 13 bott vario Securing of loads For vehicle occupants, wearing a seat belt goes without saying. Attaching a seat belt is an almost automatic process for everyone getting into a vehicle. Every driver knows that a firm connection to the vehicle is essential for his safety. But what about the load behind the occupants? 14 The principles of physics are the same for loaded goods and people. But unfortunately loads are unable to strap themselves in - and unsecured they represent an extreme risk. Even on minor avoidance manoeuvres, sliding loads can disrupt the handling of the vehicle and the driver’s concentration. Responsible drivers secure their loads properly. Whether large and bulky, or tall and thin - bott vario offers the right solution for every transported item, guaranteeing a secure attachment to the vehicle. So vehicle owners and those who load them - both subjected to the same legal regulations as the driver - can rest assured. Because wearing a seat belt is law. 15 bott vario Planning bott vario, with its unique modularity and technical properties, can offer you the optimal in-vehicle equipment solution, individually tailored to your requirements. 16 The efficient use of space, stability, durability, safety and low weight are all vitally important when developing an in-vehicle equipment solution. These properties must all be properly considered during the initial planning phase. Safety begins by considering where items of different weight should sensibly be positioned in the vehicle. Efficient use of space results from knowing how frequently access is required to materials and tools. Trade specific or special requirements can easily be satisfied if fully considered during initial planning. bott vario, with its unique modularity and technical properties, can offer you the optimal in-vehicle equipment solution, individually tailored to your requirements. With close client collaboration, our service partners and experts are able to develop the right solution for your needs. After a detailed needs based analysis, 3D concept drawings are presented. Initial thoughts and ideas can immediately be explained through direct use of one of our demonstration vehicles. It’s all in the planning. 17 bott vario Certified installation 18 Each individual bott vario component has passed numerous safety tests and meets the rigorous standards defined in ECE R44. Professional installation of your in-vehicle equipment is also vitally important for your own on-road safety. bott trained and certified specialists guarantee a professional bott vario installation in your vehicle. With over 40 service centres in Germany alone, it is always possible to find a conveniently located bott service partner for professional planning, sales, and a certified installation service. Professional installation, locally. 19 bott vario A world of choice 20 The choice of a specific vehicle type is one decision, choosing the marque is the other. Whatever your choice of vehicle, rest assured that bott vario is able to support you regardless of marque or model. Solutions for vehicles from Citroën, Fiat, Ford, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, GM, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, Volkswagen and many others, are all readily available. Whatever your choice of vehicle, rest assured that bott vario is able to support you. The choice is yours. 21 bott vario Large vans 22 The most popular vehicles all offer plenty of space for everything you have to carry. The more that will fit in however, the bigger the challenge there is to stay organised and maintain those short retrieval times. Many items also need to be quickly and safely secured. bott vario takes these issues in its stride. With different system depths on offer, the size and shape of the storage solution is defined by your requirements. Defining the floor area to be kept clear at the planning stage ensures sufficient space is reserved for tying down bulky items. Tailor your space to suit your needs. 23 bott vario Small vans 24 Whether selecting, using, or maintaining a small van, efficiency is always high on the agenda. Because operator efficiency is equally as important, we’ve included some well thought out bott vario solutions specifically for this vehicle class. Underfloor modules provide generous storage space and quick access to everyday tools and utensils, whilst allowing the vehicle floor area to be kept clear for loading other items. A place for everything, and everything in its place. Make the best possible impression on your clients. Efficiency in every detail. 25 bott vario In your car 26 Comfort on long journeys is important. Many would choose an estate car in preference to the often obligatory van. With bott vario mounting platforms this preference becomes a reality. In MPV’s and estate cars, existing manufacturers fixing points are used to secure the mounting platforms into position. Easy access to drawers, service cases and shelving is gained via the rear and side doors of the vehicle. Pleasant, comfortable journeys and optimal use of storage space. Individually tailored to your requirements. Comfortable working conditions. 27 bott vario Trade professionals 28 The activities of individual trades differ greatly and so too do their demands from in-vehicle equipment. Each trade transports different materials, has its own specialised tools, and its own unique load securing requirements. Thanks to many years of experience and the close working relationship that bott has with its clients, the bott vario accessory range contains numerous trade specific components. There are solutions for service professionals, plumbers, heating engineers, roofers, electricians, decorators, HVAC technicians, joiners and couriers to name but a few. Whether in a trade, a local authority, or a service profession – bott vario can provide the solution you need to get the job done. A solution for every trade. 29 bott vario Container systems 30 Even when taking the best route to work, the last few metres are usually completed on foot. Now you can take part of your in-vehicle equipment with you. Tools, fixings, and a whole range of accessories can be quickly and conveniently removed from your van – because for your client, every minute counts. To do your work well, you need to carry many things with you. bott container systems, with their lightweight design and ergonomic carry handles, help keep loads to a minimum. Whether large or small, light or heavy, objects make different demands on a storage container - a problem bott solves by offering several different systems. Different containers have been developed to cater for a variety of applications - all can be safely secured in your van. bott vario supports container systems used by leading power tool manufacturers and fixings suppliers. They too can be securely stored in specially developed adaptors. Systems that set the standard. 31 bott vario Container systems varioCase Extremely light and robust service cases ■■ anodised aluminium: low weight with easy to clean surface ■■ intelligent construction: increased strength ■■ ergonomical carry handle improves ease of use ■■ sprung catches secure the lid automatically when closed ■■ plastic corner protectors: protect surfaces from damage ■■ case divider kit options - choose from small parts storage boxes, dividers or die-cut foam inserts: structured organisation varioSort Service case with transparent lid ■■ plastic housing with see-though lid: reduces search times ■■ handle position controls case access: contents are automatically secured and access blocked when case is picked up ■■ divider kit with small parts storage boxes: structured organisation ■■ profiled base and lid aid secure case stacking ■■ radiused edges and smooth form: improves safety and protects surfaces from damage ■■ integral foot in rear wall: improves stability when case is on end 32 varioSafe Removable carry box with lockable lid ■■ ABS plastics: high strength and low weight ■■ colour: anthracite grey (RAL 7016) - consistent design ■■ mechanically secures stacked boxes together: effectively creates one container from several to ease transportation ■■ handle position controls case access: contents are automatically secured and access blocked when case is picked up ■■ case divider kit options - choose from small parts storage boxes, dividers or die-cut foam inserts: structured organisation ■■ stores on purpose made guide-rails, on a shelf, or directly between vario endframes: numerous ways to integrate into storage design varioSlide Open storage drawer ■■ ABS plastics: high strength and low weight ■■ colour: anthracite grey (RAL 7016) - consistent design ■■ case divider kit options - choose from dividers or die-cut foam inserts: structured organisation ■■ store on purpose made guide-rails, on a shelf, or directly between vario endframes: numerous ways to integrate into storage design 33 bott vario Container systems varioCart Wire basket - use as a drawer or a standalone basket ■■ chrome plated wire basket: contents are easily visible at all times ■■ open structure: improved ventilation / drying of loaded goods ■■ store on purpose made guide-rails, on a shelf, or directly between vario endframes: numerous ways to integrate into storage design varioBox Easy to carry storage boxes that offer quick and convenient content overview ■■ durable plastics: high strength and low weight ■■ ergonomical double handles: heavy items are easily carried ■■ stackable: transport several boxes securely ■■ optional front to back and cross dividers: numerous different dividing options 34 35 bott vario System components End frames The stability of an in-vehicle equipment design depends on the end frames it uses. The end frames support the cumulative load from all drawers and shelving. They are the connecting element between the stored goods and the vehicle, and transmit load into the body shell. For this reason bott manufactures these components from high stength steel using a very robust design ■■ closed panel steel end frames: increased penetration resistance ■■ perforated grid pattern: easy accessory attachment ■■ colour: anthracite grey (RAL 7016) - consistent design ■■ PVC front edge and Polyamide top edge protection of side and central end frames: improved equipment, loaded goods and user protection ■■ different system depths: freedom to design a solution that suits your needs / vehicle limitations Aluminium drop-front Secure storage of goods loaded on the vehicle floor ■■ anodised aluminium: low weight with easy to clean surface ■■ colour of plastic components: anthracite grey (RAL 7016) ■■ drop-front height less than base compartment height: ■■ allows full view of loaded goods when closed ■■ robust extruded profile, lies flat against vehicle floor when open: easily strong enough to be stood on ■■ oversized handle design: easy to operate with gloved hands 36 37 bott vario System components Drawers Quick and easy content overview with convenient access ■■ ergonomical, well engineered handle mechanism: easy to open, even with gloved hands ■■ sprung mechanism secures drawer on closing: safe storage ■■ drawer brake mechanism when fully open: prevents accidental closure when parked on an uneven surface ■■ optionally available with keyed lock to control access and prevent theft ■■ anti-slip matting: reduces noise and prevents movement ■■ full extension ball-bearing slides with 40 or 70kg load capacity: easy and full access to entire drawer contents, high load capacity Drawer dividers Organised and easy to access storage for all tools and equipment ■■ foam inlay mat to prevent contents rattling ■■ aluminium dividers: divides drawer and secures contents ■■ plastic label clips: improves organisation and reduces search times ■■ file hangers: mobile office organisation 38 Dro
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