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Sarah B. Kangas 1167 Jerome Avenue, Astoria, OR 97103 603-831-4055 (cell) - Massachusetts Initial Physical Education PreK-8 License: 480504 Oregon Initial Physical Education PreK-12 License: 10452074 EDUCATION Bachelor of Science, Physical Education Teacher Certification December 2012 Keene State College, Keene, NH Dean’s List: Fall 2009, Spring 2010, & Spring 2012 Phi Epsilon Kappa Honor Society RELATED PROFESSIONAL E
  Sarah B. Kangas 1167 Jerome Avenue, Astoria, OR 97103603-831-4055 (cell) - s!an as# mail$com %assac&usetts 'nitial &sical *+ucation re-8 icense. 480504Ore on 'nitial &sical *+ucation re-1/ icense. 1045/074   EDUCATION Bachelor of Science, Physical Educaion Teacher Cerificaion ecemer /01/eene tate 2olle e, eene,  eans ist. all /009, rin /010,  rin /01/ &i *silon aa onor ociet !E ATED P!O#ESSIONA E$PE!IENCE K%& Physical Educaion Teacher Au ust /015-resent 'arrenon (rade School, arrenton, OR  ã 2reate innovative -4 curriculum t&at meets t&e nee+s o: stu+ents in a &i & nee+s an+ rural sc&ool ã ellness 2ommittee memer lea+in initiatives to uil+ a &ealt& environment amon sta:: an+ stu+ents  or ani;in &sical activit c&allen es an+ &ealt& curriculum ã romote lea+ers&i amon 3-8 t&   ra+e stu+ents  emo<erin t&em <it& teac&in oortunities ã 2reate an Out+oor ro ram  initiatin an+ imlementin a roc! climin unit ã 'mlement 2ollaorative rolem olvin <&en +ealin <it& stu+ents <&o e=&iit rolem e&avior  ã >se sc&ool-<i+e ositive ?e&avior 'nterventions an+ uort to romote &i &er learnin amon stu+ents )ead Coach of Cross Counry and Trac* and #ield Tea+s Au ust /015-resent 'arrenon (rade School, arrenton, OR  ã ea+ u @rac! an+ iel+ team o: 90 mi++le sc&ool stu+ents <it& t&e suort o: t<o assistant coac&es ã 'ntro+uce runnin an+ cometition to at&letes as an enoale an+ re<ar+in activit Kuenda for he Children Januar /016 -oun Kili+anaro, @an;ania ã ea+ communit an+ sc&ool ase+ initiatives in arrenton to in:orm t&e ulic aout t&e  li &t o: c&il+ren <it& +isailities in *ast A:rica ã 2ollaorate+ <it& a numer o: local usinesses to raise :un+s :or t&e non-ro:it or ani;ation ã lae+ a vital role in assistin 3 enan c&il+ren <it& +isailities to t&e summit o: %t$ ilimanaro Progra+ Coordinaor Inern ummer /015 'ayoin Ad/enure,  e<ton, %A ã acilitate+ an+ lea+ !aa!in , roc!-climin , an+ &i & roes course ro rams :or c&il+ren an+ a+ults <it&  &sical an+ co nitive +isailities ã 2oor+inate+ ro ram site lo istics an+ volunteers :or ro ram suort an+ service rior to eac& ro ram ã ele+ +esi n ro ram lessons an+ itineraries in ali nment <it& rou an+ in+ivi+ual articiant oals K%0 Physical Educaion Teacher1)igh School Trac* Coach Au ust /014-June /015 -ysic 2alley !egional Charer School, %al+en, %A ã esi n an+ imlement lesson lans t&at are ase+ uon unit lans t&at are +evelomentall an+ a e aroriate :or a class o: 30B stu+ents ã 2ollaorate <it& t&e ea+ o: c&ool, ecial *+$, ean o: tu+ents, an+ teac&ers to ensure a sa:e an+ suortive environment :or stu+ents to e success:ul Caernau+ eader Au ust /013-resent Norh Shore 3oung ife, en&am, %A   2reate i-mont&l social outin s :or mi++le an+ &i & sc&ool stu+ents <it& a <i+e arra o: secial nee+s ã or! alon si+e 4 t&e ot&er lea+ers in maintainin a ositive an+ sa:e environment    Once a <ee! sen+ one-on-one time <it& t&e stu+ents as a C?est ?u++D mentor :ocusin on teac&in li:e s!ills s!an as# mail$com a e / TIDES Secial Educaion Pararofessional Octoer /013-June /014 (lo/er School, %arle&ea+, %A ã Assist tau &t core suects an+ aca+emic rein in a 3 r+   ra+e classroom ã Accomanie+ an+ suorte+ stu+ents aca+emicall an+ e&aviorall in mainstream classes ã 'mlemente+ t&eraeutic milieu an+ e&avioral lans 2oluneer Bas*e4all Coach inter o: /014  /015 Secial Oly+ics, 's<ic&, %A ã Assiste+ in rovi+in a sa:e an+ :un as!etall environment :or mi++le an+ &i & sc&ool stu+ents <it& +isailities Disco/ery Insrucor a (ordon College all /013 a 2ida Disco/ery, en&am, %A ã @au &t t<o out+oor e=eriential ase+ classes <it& 1/ colle e stu+ent in eac& class <&ic& :ocuse+ on team-uil+in an+ c&aracter :ormation similar to t&at o: roect A+venture ã or!e+ <it& :our teac&in assistants, suervise+ an+ mentore+ t&eir lea+ers&i e=erience 5unior Counselor 65C7 Progra+ Direcor S ummer /013 a 2ida Ad/enure Ca+, en&am, %A ã Assiste+ in sta:: trainin activities as nee+e+ an+ +irecte+ t&e J2 trainin ro ram ã uervise+ 30 &i & sc&ool stu+ents an+ +eveloe+ relations&is, rovi+e+ suort an+ :ee+ac! on t&eir lea+ers&i e=erience, an+ :acilitate+ +ail rou meetin s ã Assiste+ t&e cam +irector <it& lo istical suort as nee+e+ E8ediion eader ummer /013 a 2ida Adirondac* E8ediion Saff, 2lear a!e, E ã 2o-le+ a 10-1/ +a canoe an+ &i!in e=e+ition :ocusin on c&aracter ro<t& an+ lea+ers&i +eveloment amon 1/ colle e stu+ents 2oluneer Assisan S*i1Sno94oard Insrucor inter /01/  /013 Croched -ounain Accessi4le !ecreaion and Sors , Freen:iel+,    ã rovi+e+ sa:e an+ suortive s!i an+ sno<oar+ instruction to a+ults an+ c&il+ren <it& co nitiveG&sical +isailities Ad/enure Counselor1-ounain Bi*e Insrucor ummer /011  /01/ a 2ida Ad/enure Ca+, en&am, %A ã %o+ele+ stren t& o: c&aracter, service, secure sense o: i+entit, an+ ositive relational s!ills :or camers ã Frou lea+ers&i an+ :acilitation :or small an+ lar e rou activities ã rovi+e+ s!ill instruction :or roes course elements, !aa!in , canoein , roc! climin , an+ i!in   CE!TI#ICATIONS 1 SPECIA T!AININ( ã evel 1 @rac! an+ iel+ 2oac& (/017)->nite+ tate o: America @rac! an+ iel+ ã 2ollaorative rolem olvin @rainin (/017)-Ore on ealt& an+ cience >niversit ã il+erness irst Reson+er (*=ires %arc& /018)-ational Out+oor ea+ers&i c&ool  -'nclu+es 2RGA* in 'n:antG2&il+GA+ult ã i & Roes 2ourse 2erti:ie+ evel 1 (/011  /01/)-a Hi+a 2enter :or Out+oor *+ucation !eferences A/aila4le Uon !e:ues
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