Pre Repair Test Instructions. iphone Field Test Mode. RF Test Images. Required Tools. Parts Required (1 Per Model) Scope:

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Scope: Details: Required Tools For Reference when repairing the: Display Assembly Replacement Heat Gun For iphone 6s & 6S Plus ESD Strap Suction cup iphone Pentalobe Bit (P2) Phillips Screw Driver #000
Scope: Details: Required Tools For Reference when repairing the: Display Assembly Replacement Heat Gun For iphone 6s & 6S Plus ESD Strap Suction cup iphone Pentalobe Bit (P2) Phillips Screw Driver #000 iphone 6 Phillips SCrew Driver #00 iphone 6s and 6s Plus isclack Opening Tool Tweezers Plastic Spudger MODEL: iphone 6 Parts Required (1 Per Model) SKU Description QTY RPG1343 Gray iphone 6 Plus 1 RPG1269 Gold/Silver iphone 6 Plus 1 RPG1747 Silver/Gold/Rose Gold iphone 6S Plus 1 RPG1748 Gray iphone 6S Plus 1 RPG1264 Silver/Gold iphone 6 1 RPG1307 Gray iphone 6 1 Specifications Pre Repair Test Instructions iphone Field Test Mode Perform a full function test to ensure that there are no other issues with the phone. I.E. No power, will not make a phone call, etc. Any issue outside of the LCM and the repair should not be performed. PHONE RF FIELD TEST Perform this test BEFORE conducting the screen replacement to confirm the phone is working properly and To put the Iphone in field test mode: Need to dial the following: *3001#12345#* the press the Phone icon to dial. It will then automatically go into Field test mode. Press Select serving call measurements Look at MAX UE Tx Power. Annotate power RF Test Images Once repairs are completed Signal Strength must be compared to the original readings. Strength of signal must be within -5 dbm of the original reading at the same phone location. Example: If first reading is -29 dbm, new reading cannot be lower than -34 dbm or greater than Note: Clean Work area of all or any debris after Repair. Disassembly Step 1: Remove the SIM tray. Step 2: Remove the two Penta lobe screws (RPG1193) using Penta lobe bit and screwdriver. **For iphone 6s & 6s Plus Only** Step 2a: Apply low heat in a slow circular motion around the outer edges of the glass front of the handset using a heat gun. Exercise caution when heating any handset to ensure that the temperature does not exceed the point where unintended damage occurs. Step 3: Take the isclack tool and apply suction to both to top and bottom of the iphone in the areas shown. Step 4: Once suction is applied, slowly squeeze on the tool until the phone opens at the bottom. **iphone 6** Step 4a: Using a Phillips Screw Driver #000 Remove the 5 LCM retaining clips (+) screws; take note on the sizes. Step 4b: **iphone 6s** Remove 4 Phillips Screws #00 from the display cable Bracket. (3) 1.2mm screws & (1) 2.8mm Screw Step 4c: **iphone 6s Plus** Remove the following 5 screws securing the front panel assembly cable bracket: Three 1.2 mm Phillips #00 screws One 1.5 mm Phillips #00 screw One 2.9 mm Phillips #00 screw Step 5: Carefully disconnect the Ribbon connectors using plastic opening tool: 4 on the iphone 6 4 on the iphone 6s and 6s Plus Step 6: Remove the 3 receiver speaker screws and retaining plate. Using Philips screw driver. Then remove the receiver speaker Step 7: Lift up the front camera flex to release and remove the receiver speaker. Step 8: Remove the front camera using plastic opening tool. Step 9: Remove the receiver speaker gasket Step 10: Remove the 2 Phillips screws from the Home Key Retaining Plate and then continue removing the Retaining Plate Step 11: Using a plastic tool remove the home button flex connector, separate the flex ribbon from the adhesive and then gently push the home button and take it out. Step 12: Remove the 7 Phillips screws that locking LCD frame and Display frame. Screws are location 3 on both side on the LCD and 1 down near the home button. Step 13: Before removing the display frame ensure the home button connector adhesive is totally separated from the LCD, Gently lift then remove the LCM frame flex by gently lifting on the LCM metal frame using LCM flex removing tool. Step 14: Disassembly is finished Note: Clean Work area of all or any debris after Repair. Assembly Step 1: Place LCM Frame onto replacement LCM. Replace all screws using the Phillips screwdriver. Step 2: Replace the Home Key and Ground Clip. Step 3: Replace the speaker gasket. Step 4: Replace the Camera Assembly and Receiver Flex. Step 5: Replace the Speaker, Speaker Cover and install the 3 Screws. Step 6: Position LCM and Phone as shown Step 7: Carefully connect the following connectors: 1. Digitizer cable connector 2. Display data cable connector 3. Home button cable connector 4. Front-facing camera and earpiece speaker cable connector Step 8: Replace the connector cover and reinstall screws in the same location from which they came on the iphone 6/6s/6 Plus Step 9: You can now fully seat the LCM assembly. Start at the top and gently press LCM into place. Step 10: Reinstall SIM Card and into Phone. Step 11: Reinstall 2 Pentalobe screws to secure LCM into place. Step 12: Repair is complete. Perform a function test checking all sound, keys, and buttons. Enter into Test Mode and check RF signal strength. Note: Clean Work area of all or any debris after Repair. Known issues: Date Issues Back to top
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