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Popular Electronics August 1982
  0 Loran-e for Boat Navigating · Math Software for Elf Co 11puters The State of Stereo TV Sound SPECIAL FOCUS ON Home Energy Saving ApplicationS _· / l i f tilif l ii iiiii ã IT fmlf . ·  · Testedjn This Issue: r·  ~ o s oshiba 1 200-4 Microcomputer v~v 1 A IIIII Harma n -Kardon PM650 Stereo Amplifier };~~ GE J 9PC3708W 19 Co l or lV Receiver   >meday, in re comfort of ywr rome yw'll t able to srop ard bank electronical l y, read instantly updated newswires, analyze re performance of a stcck rot nterests yw, ser el ectronic ma. l across re cwntry, tr n play Bridge with three strangers in LA, Chicago and Dallas. Welcome to someday So m eday is today with the CompuServe Information Servi ce. Co mpu Se rv e is avail abl e through a local phone call in most majo r U  S cities. It connects almost any br and or type of pe rsonal co mputer or terminal with our big mainf r ame computers and data bases. A ll you n eed to ge t start ed is on inexpensive telephone co upler and easy-to-use sof tw are. CompuSe rv e's basic service costs on ly 5.00 pe r hour, billed in minute in cre ments to your ch arge cord The CompuSe rv e Infor mat ion Service is ava il ab le at m any co mput er stor es ac ross the country. Check with yo ur favo ri te computer cente r or contac t Comp u Se rv e. Welcome to so meday. ompuServe Information Serv i ce Di vis ion, 5000 A rlin gton Ce ntre Blvd Col um bus, Ohio 43220 ( 614) 457-8650 An H&R Bl oc k C ompany CIRCLE NO 9 ON FREE INFORM TION C RD  TEK 2200SERIES DUAL TRACE OSCILLOSCOPES THE PERFORMANCE/ PRICE STANDARD lntroducing ·a direct line to a 60 MHz Tektronix scope built for your bench From the world's most lesser-name scopes. 2 mV/div to 10 mV/div). ance, positive attachment, respected name in oscil- The 2213's practical de- Sweep speeds: Sweeps 10-14 pF and 60 MHz at the loscopes: a new scope, sign includes 65% fewer from 0.5 s to 50 ns (to 5 probe tip. plus a new direct order mechanical parts, fewer ns/div with X10 mag). The price: Just 1100 number, that finally circuit boards, electrical Sensitivity: Scale factors complete*. Order direct makes it practical to put connectors and cabling. from 100 V/div (10X probe) from Tektronix National Tektronix quality on your Result: a lower price for you to 2 mV/div 1X probe). Ac- Marketing Center. Phones bench ... at work or home. plus far greater reliability curate to ± 3%. Ac or de are staffed by technical Among professional en- Yet performance is pure coupling. people to answer your gineers and technicians Tektronix: there's 60 MHz Delayed sweep meas- questions about the 2213. there is no substitute for the bandwidth ior digital and urements: Standard Your direct order includes a performance and reliability high-speed analog circuits. sweep, intensified after 15-day return policy and full of Tektronix oscilloscopes. The sensitivity for low signal delay, and delayed. Tektronix warranty · Now, for the first time, measurements. The sweep (Need dual time-base Now it's easier than Tektronix is offering an ad-speeds for fast logic families. performance and timing ever to get your hands on vanced scope at an un-A complete trigger system accuracy to± 1.5%? Ask aTekscope precedented low price- for digital, analog or video about our 2215 priced at ORDER TOLL-FREE and has a direct order line waveforms. And new high-$1400.) 800-547-1845 hat lets you get your order performance Tektronix Complete trigger system: processed today' probes are included Modes include TV field, Ask for Dept. A0228 The scope: the 2213. 2213 PERFORMANCE normal, vertical mode, and (In Oregon, Alaska and Its radical new design DATA automatic; internal, exter- Hawaii 1-503-627-5402 brings you Tektronix Bandwidth: Two channels, nal, and line sources; vari- collect.) Lines are open quality for well below dc -60 MHz from 10 V/div able holdoff. from 8 am EST to 5 pm PST what you would pay for to 20 mV/ div (50 MHz from Probes: High perform-  Pr ice F O. B. Beave rt on. O R. l ktronoo C OMMITT ED TO EXCE LL E NCE Copyright©1982 Te kt ronix. Inc. A ll rights reserved. 1 21  NO.1 IN A SERIES GU RDING YOUR MILIT RY EXPERIENCE EXTRA INCOME If you have experience in any branch ofthe Armed Forces, you have the chance to earn good extra income while you hold one of the most impor· tantjobs in America. In an Army National Guard unit close to home . Take income. In the Army National Guard, the work you ve put into military service can really go to work for you. For instance, if you left as an E 4 with three years experience, you can earn overS 1500 a year. As an E 5 with 6 years experience, overS 1700 . And, if you have a critical skill you may also qualify for a cash bonus. To see exactly how far your rank and experience can take you, check out the chart below. E-3with PER YEAR flncluding Annual training 2+years 51375.68 3+years 1427.34 E-4with 3+years 1519.92 4+ years 1630 .17 E-5 with 4+years 1687.11 6+years 1789.80 Plus, a part·timejob in the Army National Guard fits in well with your current lifestyle. Because all it takes is two days a month of your time, along with 15 days annual training. And, in the Guard, you re serving close to home, helping the people in your community and state when natural disasters or emergencies occur . Extra income that s important to you, in a job that s important to your community. It s just one reason to Guard your military experience in the Army National Guard. To learn about other reasons-from benefits to new skills-contact your local Guard recruiter, or call toll-free 800-638-7600. *In Hawaii: 737 - 5255; Puerto Ri co: 723 - 44 50; Virgi n Islands (St. Croix}: 773-6438; Maryland: 72 8-3388; in Alaska, consult local phone di rec tory. The Guard s merica at its best NATIONAL GU RD CIRCLE NO . 5 ON FREE INFORMATION CARD AUGUST 1982 VOLUME 20, NUMBER 8 J\lmlar Electronics · Special Focus on Home Energy avingsã - New Vacation Thermostat, Set to Just Above Freezing, Saves Heating Costs/Tom ox Triac Motor Control for Warm-Air Systems Reduces Fuel Use and Eliminates Cool Spots/Anthony Caristi Power Motor Keeps Tails of How Much Electricity an Appliance Uses/Cass Lewart How to Use Solar Energy to Recharge Your Batteries/Ed Karns: 48 51 53 54 Feature rticles LORAN·C-A MARINE LONG RANGE NAVIGATION TOOL/Ken Englert·   40 Measures precision of coordinates by one-tenth of a mile. A 16-BIT MATH PACKAGE FOR ELF COMPUTERS/A . Scott itzgerald -   -   Operates on a minimum configuration of 256 bytes. 60 Construction rticles PROGRAMMING EPROM's WITH A SMALL COMPUTER/J. Doolittle nd S. Tkalcevic 67 Part 2: Construction plans nd software information for the EPROM programmer. Equipment Reviews HARMAN·KARDON MODEL PM650 INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER _   _   _ 20 GENERAL ELECTRIC MODEL 19PC3708W 19 COLOR TV ___ 22 TOSHIBA MODEL T200·4 COMPUTER SYSTEM 30 TRIPLETI MODEL 7000 UNIVERSAL COUNTER -   71 Columns 14 NTERTAINMENT ELECTRONICS /Len Feldman __   _ _ Stereo TV is Coming Soon. COMPUTER BITS/Car/ Warren --   ----   - -- -   Accessories nd Software. COMPUTER SOURCES / Leslie Solomon SOLID-STATE DEVELOPMENTS / Forrest M Mims PIGs: Photonic Integrated Circuits. 34 73 76 EXPERIMENTER'S CORNER /Forrest M Mims Experimenting with Piezoel ec tric Devices. - 80 Part 2 Piezo-Aierters nd Crystal Oscillators. PROGRAMMER'S NOTEBOOK / Jim Keogh Drawing Ba r Graphs. PROJECT OF THE MONTH/Forrest M Mims A Tunable Notch Filter. 84 90 Departments EDITORIAL / Art Salsberg _   6 Free Energy. LETIERS NEW PRODUCTS 1 0 OPERATION ASSIST 86 PERSONAL ELECTRONIC NEWS 1 06 COVER GRAPHICS BY STEVE N HUNT COPYRI GHT c 1982 BY ZI FF -DAVIS PUBLISHING CO MPANY. All rig ht s reserved. Popul ar El ec tr onics (ISSN 0032-4485) August 1 98 2, Vo lum e 20, Num ber 8. Pub lished month ly by Zi ff · Da vis Publishing Co ., at One Park Av e., New York, NY 10016. Rich ard P. Fri ese , Pr es ide nt ; Selwy n Ta u bman , Tr eas ur er; Be rtram A. A br ams, Sec retary. One yea r subscr iption rate for U.S. a nd Possessions, $15.97; Ca nada, $20.97; all ot h er co untries, $23. 97 (cash orders only, payable in U.S. currency ). Second Class Postage Paid at New York, N.Y. 10016 and at addi tional mailing offices. Authoriz ed as second class ma il by the Post Office Dept., Otta wa, Canada, and for payme nt of postage in cash. POPULAR ELECTRONICS including ELECTRONICS WORLD, Trade Mark Registered. Indexed in th e Reader's Guide to Periodi ca l Literature. Ziff-Davis also publishes Boa ting, Car and Drive r, Cycle, Flying, Popu_ar Photography, Skiing, Stereo Revi ew , Electronic Experime nt er's Handb ook , and Tape Recording & Buying Guide. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to POPULAR ELECTRONICS. Circul at ion Dept. P.O. Box 2774, Bo ulder, CO 80302. Please allow at least eig ht w ee ks for ch ange of address, encl os ing, if possible, an addre ss l ab el from a rece nt ssue. Permissions Material in th is publi ca tion may not be reprodu ce d in any form without permi ss ion. Requests for permis sion should be directed to John Babcock, Rig ht s and Permissi on s, Ziff-Dayis Publishing Co., One Park Ave., New York, NY 10016. POPULAR ELECTRONICS
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