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PIC32MZ datsheet from Microchip.
    2015-2016 Microchip Technology Inc.DS60001320D-page 1 PIC32MZ Embedded Connectivity with Floating Point Unit (EF) Family Operating Conditions ã2.1V to 3.6V, -40ºC to +85ºC, DC to 252 MHzã2.1V to 3.6V, -40ºC to +125ºC, DC to 180 MHz Core: 252 MHz (up to 415 DMIPS) M-Class ã16 KB I-Cache, 4 KB D-CacheãFPU for 32-bit and 64-bit floating point mathãMMU for optimum embedded OS executionãmicroMIPS™ mode for up to 35% smaller code sizeãDSP-enhanced core:-Four 64-bit accumulators-Single-cycle MAC, saturating, and fractional math-IEEE 754-compliantãCode-efficient (C and Assembly) architecture Clock Management ãProgrammable PLLs and oscillator clock sourcesãFail-Safe Clock Monitor (FSCM)ãIndependent Watchdog Timers (WDT) and Deadman Timer (DMT) ãFast wake-up and start-up Power Management ãLow-power modes (Sleep and Idle)ãIntegrated Power-on Reset (POR) and Brown-out Reset (BOR) Memory Interfaces ã50 MHz External Bus Interface (EBI)ã50 MHz Serial Quad Interface (SQI) Audio and Graphics Interfaces ãGraphics interfaces: EBI or PMPãAudio data communication: I 2 S, LJ, and RJãAudio control interfaces: SPI and I 2 CãAudio master clock: Fractional clock frequencies with USB synchronization High-Speed (HS) Communication Interfaces (with Dedicated DMA) ãUSB 2.0-compliant Hi-Speed On-The-Go (OTG) controller ã10/100 Mbps Ethernet MAC with MII and RMII interface Security Features ãCrypto Engine with RNG for data encryption/decryption and authentication (AES, 3DES, SHA, MD5, and HMAC)ãAdvanced memory protection:-Peripheral and memory region access control Direct Memory Access (DMA) ãEight channels with automatic data size detectionãProgrammable Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) Advanced Analog Features ã12-bit ADC module:-18 Msps with up to six Sample and Hold (S&H) circuits (five dedicated and one shared)-Up to 48 analog inputs-Can operate during Sleep and Idle modes-Multiple trigger sources-Six Digital Comparators and six Digital FiltersãTwo comparators with 32 programmable voltage referencesãTemperature sensor with ±2ºC accuracy Communication Interfaces ãTwo CAN modules (with dedicated DMA channels):-2.0B Active with DeviceNet™ addressing supportãSix UART modules (25 Mbps):-Supports up to LIN 2.1 and IrDA ®  protocolsãSix 4-wire SPI modules (up to 50 MHz)ãSQI configurable as an additional SPI module (50 MHz)ãFive I 2 C modules (up to 1 Mbaud) with SMBus supportãParallel Master Port (PMP)ãPeripheral Pin Select (PPS) to enable function remap Timers/Output Compare/Input Capture ãNine 16-bit or up to four 32-bit timers/countersãNine Output Compare (OC) modulesãNine Input Capture (IC) modulesãReal-Time Clock and Calendar (RTCC) module Input/Output ã5V-tolerant pins with up to 32 mA source/sinkãSelectable open drain, pull-ups, pull-downs, and slew rate controlsãExternal interrupts on all I/O pinsãPPS to enable function remap Qualification and Class B Support ãAEC-Q100 REVH (Grade 1 -40ºC to +125ºC)ãClass B Safety Library, IEC 60730 (planned)ãBack-up internal oscillator  Debugger Development Support ãIn-circuit and in-application programmingã4-wire MIPS ®  Enhanced JTAG interfaceãUnlimited software and 12 complex breakpointsãIEEE 1149.2-compatible (JTAG) boundary scanãNon-intrusive hardware-based instruction trace Software and Tools Support ãC/C++ compiler with native DSP/fractional and FPU supportãMPLAB ®  Harmony Integrated Software FrameworkãTCP/IP, USB, Graphics, and mTouch™ middlewareãMFi, Android™, and Bluetooth ®  audio frameworksãRTOS Kernels: Express Logic ThreadX, FreeRTOS™, OPENRTOS ® , Micriµm ®  µC/OS™, and SEGGER embOS ® Packages TypeQFNTQFPTFBGA (1) VTLALQFPPin Count 6464100144100144124144 I/O Pins (up to) 5353781207812098120 Contact/Lead Pitch 0.50 mm0.50 mm0.40 mm0.50 mm0.40 mm0.65 mm0.50 mm0.50 mm0.50 mm Dimensions 9x9x0.9 mm10x10x1 mm12x12x1 mm14x14x1 mm16x16x1 mm7x7x1.2 mm7x7x1.2 mm9x9x0.9 mm20x20x1.40 mm Note1: Contact your local Microchip Sales Office for information on the availability of devices in the 100-pin and 144-pin TFBGA packages 32-bit MCUs (up to 2 MB Live-Update Flash and 512 KB SRAM) with FPU, Audio and Graphics Interfaces, HS USB, Ethernet, and Advanced Analog  P I   C  3 2 MZ E m b  e d  d  e d  C  onn e c t  i  vi   t   ywi   t  h F l   o a t  i  n gP  oi  n t   Uni   t   (  E F  )  F  ami  l   y D S  6  0  0  0 1  3 2  0 D- p a g e2     2  0 1  5 -2  0 1  6 Mi   c r  o c h i   pT  e c h n ol   o g y I  n c . TABLE 1:PIC32MZ EF FAMILY FEATURES    D  e  v   i  c  e   P  r  o  g  r  a  m    M  e  m  o  r  y   (   K   B   )   D  a   t  a   M  e  m  o  r  y   (   K   B   )   P   i  n  s   P  a  c   k  a  g  e  s   B  o  o   t   F   l  a  s   h   M  e  m  o  r  y   (   K   B   ) Remappable Peripherals    C  r  y  p   t  o   R   N   G   D   M   A   C   h  a  n  n  e   l  s   (   P  r  o  g  r  a  m  m  a   b   l  e   /   D  e   d   i  c  a   t  e   d   )   A   D   C   (   C   h  a  n  n  e   l  s   )   A  n  a   l  o  g   C  o  m  p  a  r  a   t  o  r  s   U   S   B   2 .   0   H   S   O   T   G   I    2    C   P   M   P   E   B   I   S   Q   I   R   T   C   C   E   t   h  e  r  n  e   t   I   /   O   P   i  n  s   J   T   A   G   T  r  a  c  e   R  e  m  a  p  p  a   b   l  e   P   i  n  s   T   i  m  e  r  s   /   C  a  p   t  u  r  e   /   C  o  m  p  a  r  e    (   1   )    U   A   R   T   S   P   I   /   I    2    S   E  x   t  e  r  n  a   l   I  n   t  e  r  r  u  p   t  s    (   2   )    C   A   N   2 .   0   B PIC32MZ0512EFE064 512 12864 TQFP, QFN 160 34 9/9/9 6 4 50 N Y 8/1224 2 Y 4 Y N Y Y Y 46 Y Y PIC32MZ0512EFF064  2 N Y 8/16 PIC32MZ0512EFK064  2 Y Y 8/18 PIC32MZ1024EFE064 10240 N Y 8/12 PIC32MZ1024EFF064  256 2 N Y 8/16 PIC32MZ1024EFK064  2 Y Y 8/18 PIC32MZ0512EFE100 512 128100 TQFP 160 51 9/9/9 6 6 50 N Y 8/1240 2 Y 5 Y Y Y Y Y 78 Y Y PIC32MZ0512EFF100  2 N Y 8/16 PIC32MZ0512EFK100  2 Y Y 8/18 PIC32MZ1024EFE100 10240 N Y 8/12 PIC32MZ1024EFF100  256 2 N Y 8/16 PIC32MZ1024EFK100  2 Y Y 8/18 PIC32MZ0512EFE124 512 128124 VTLA 160 53 9/9/9 6 6 50 N Y 8/1248 2 Y 5 Y Y Y Y Y 97 Y Y PIC32MZ0512EFF124  2 N Y 8/16 PIC32MZ0512EFK124  2 Y Y 8/18 PIC32MZ1024EFE124 10240 N Y 8/12 PIC32MZ1024EFF124  256 2 N Y 8/16 PIC32MZ1024EFK124  2 Y Y 8/18 PIC32MZ0512EFE144 512 128144  LQFP, TQFP  160 53 9/9/9 6 6 50 N Y 8/1248 2 Y 5 Y Y Y Y Y 120 Y Y PIC32MZ0512EFF144  2 N Y 8/16 PIC32MZ0512EFK144  2 Y Y 8/18 PIC32MZ1024EFE144 1024 2560 N Y 8/12 PIC32MZ1024EFF144  2 N Y 8/16 PIC32MZ1024EFK144  2 Y Y 8/18 Note1:  Eight out of nine timers are remappable. 2:  Four out of five external interrupts are remappable. 3:  This device is available with a 252 MHz speed rating.     2  0 1  5 -2  0 1  6 Mi   c r  o c h i   pT  e c h n ol   o g y I  n c .D S  6  0  0  0 1  3 2  0 D- p a g e 3  P I   C  3 2 MZ E m b  e d  d  e d  C  onn e c t  i  vi   t   ywi   t  h F l   o a t  i  n gP  oi  n t   Uni   t   (  E F  )  F  ami  l   y PIC32MZ1024EFG0641024512 64 TQFP, QFN 160 34 9/9/9 6 4 50 N Y 8/1224 2 Y 4 Y N Y Y Y 46 Y YPIC32MZ1024EFH064 2 N Y 8/16PIC32MZ1024EFM064 2 Y Y 8/18PIC32MZ2048EFG06420480 N Y 8/12PIC32MZ2048EFH064 (3) 2 N Y 8/16PIC32MZ2048EFM064 2 Y Y 8/18PIC32MZ1024EFG1001024512 100 TQFP 160 51 9/9/9 6 6 50 N Y 8/1240 2 Y 5 Y Y Y Y Y 78 Y YPIC32MZ1024EFH100 2 N Y 8/16PIC32MZ1024EFM100 2 Y Y 8/18PIC32MZ2048EFG10020480 N Y 8/12PIC32MZ2048EFH100 (3) 2 N Y 8/16PIC32MZ2048EFM100 2 Y Y 8/18PIC32MZ1024EFG1241024512 124 VTLA 160 53 9/9/9 6 6 50 N Y 8/1248 2 Y 5 Y Y Y Y Y 97 Y YPIC32MZ1024EFH124 2 N Y 8/16PIC32MZ1024EFM124 2 Y Y 8/18PIC32MZ2048EFG12420480 N Y 8/12PIC32MZ2048EFH124 2 N Y 8/16PIC32MZ2048EFM124 2 Y Y 8/18PIC32MZ1024EFG1441024512 144 LQFP,TQFP 160 53 9/9/9 6 6 50 N Y 8/1248 2 Y 5 Y Y Y Y Y 120 Y YPIC32MZ1024EFH144 2 N Y 8/16PIC32MZ1024EFM144 2 Y Y 8/18PIC32MZ2048EFG14420480 N Y 8/12PIC32MZ2048EFH144 (3) 2 N Y 8/16PIC32MZ2048EFM144 2 Y Y 8/18 TABLE 1:PIC32MZ EF FAMILY FEATURES (CONTINUED)    D  e  v   i  c  e   P  r  o  g  r  a  m    M  e  m  o  r  y   (   K   B   )   D  a   t  a   M  e  m  o  r  y   (   K   B   )   P   i  n  s   P  a  c   k  a  g  e  s   B  o  o   t   F   l  a  s   h   M  e  m  o  r  y   (   K   B   ) Remappable Peripherals    C  r  y  p   t  o   R   N   G   D   M   A   C   h  a  n  n  e   l  s   (   P  r  o  g  r  a  m  m  a   b   l  e   /   D  e   d   i  c  a   t  e   d   )   A   D   C   (   C   h  a  n  n  e   l  s   )   A  n  a   l  o  g   C  o  m  p  a  r  a   t  o  r  s   U   S   B   2 .   0   H   S   O   T   G   I    2    C   P   M   P   E   B   I   S   Q   I   R   T   C   C   E   t   h  e  r  n  e   t   I   /   O   P   i  n  s   J   T   A   G   T  r  a  c  e   R  e  m  a  p  p  a   b   l  e   P   i  n  s   T   i  m  e  r  s   /   C  a  p   t  u  r  e   /   C  o  m  p  a  r  e    (   1   )    U   A   R   T   S   P   I   /   I    2    S   E  x   t  e  r  n  a   l   I  n   t  e  r  r  u  p   t  s    (   2   )    C   A   N   2 .   0   B Note1:  Eight out of nine timers are remappable. 2:  Four out of five external interrupts are remappable. 3:  This device is available with a 252 MHz speed rating.  PIC32MZ Embedded Connectivity with Floating Point Unit (EF) Family DS60001320D-page 4    2015-2016 Microchip Technology Inc. Device Pin Tables TABLE 2:PIN NAMES FOR 64-PIN DEVICES Pin #Full Pin NamePin #Full Pin Name 1AN17/ETXEN/RPE5/PMD5/RE533V BUS 2AN16/ETXD0/PMD6/RE634V USB 3 V 3 3AN15/ETXD1/PMD7/RE735V SS 4AN14/C1IND/RPG6/SCK2/PMA5/RG636D-5AN13/C1INC/RPG7/SDA4/PMA4/RG737D+6AN12/C2IND/RPG8/SCL4/PMA3/RG838RPF3/USBID/RF37V SS 39V DD 8V DD 40V SS 9MCLR41RPF4/SDA5/PMA9/RF410AN11/C2INC/RPG9/PMA2/RG942RPF5/SCL5/PMA8/RF511AN45/C1INA/RPB5/RB543AERXD0/ETXD2/RPD9/SDA1/PMCS2/PMA15/RD912AN4/C1INB/RB444ECOL/RPD10/SCL1/SCK4/RD1013AN3/C2INA/RPB3/RB345AERXCLK/AEREFCLK/ECRS/RPD11/PMCS1/PMA14/RD1114AN2/C2INB/RPB2/RB246AERXD1/ETXD3/RPD0/RTCC/INT0/RD015PGEC1/V REF -/CV REF -/AN1/RPB1/RB147SOSCI/RPC13/RC1316PGED1/V REF +/CV REF +/AN0/RPB0/PMA6/RB048SOSCO/RPC14/T1CK/RC1417PGEC2/AN46/RPB6/RB649EMDIO/AEMDIO/RPD1/SCK1/RD118PGED2/AN47/RPB7/RB750ETXERR/AETXEN/RPD2/SDA3/RD219AV DD 51 AERXERR/ETXCLK/RPD3/SCL3/RD320AVss52SQICS0/RPD4/PMWR/RD421AN48/RPB8/PMA10/RB853SQICS1/RPD5/PMRD/RD522AN49/RPB9/PMA7/RB954V DD 23TMS/CV REFOUT /AN5/RPB10/PMA13/RB1055V SS 24TDO/AN6/PMA12/RB1156ERXD3/AETXD1/RPF0/RF025V SS 57TRCLK/SQICLK/ERXD2/AETXD0/RPF1/RF126V DD 58TRD0/SQID0/ERXD1/PMD0/RE027TCK/AN7/PMA11/RB1259V SS 28TDI/AN8/RB1360V DD 29AN9/RPB14/SCK3/PMA1/RB1461TRD1/SQID1/ERXD0/PMD1/RE130AN10/EMDC/AEMDC/RPB15/OCFB/PMA0/RB1562TRD2/SQID2/ERXDV/ECRSDV/AECRSDV/PMD2/RE231OSC1/CLKI/RC1263TRD3/SQID3/ERXCLK/EREFCLK/RPE3/PMD3/RE332OSC2/CLKO/RC1564AN18/ERXERR/PMD4/RE4 Note1: The RPn pins can be used by remappable peripherals. See Table 1 for the available peripherals and Section 12.4 “Peripheral Pin Select (PPS)”  for restrictions. 2: Every I/O port pin (RBx-RGx) can be used as a change notification pin (CNBx-CNGx). See Section 12.0 “I/O Ports”  for more information. 3: Shaded pins are 5V tolerant. 4: The metal plane at the bottom of the device is not connected to any pins and is recommended to be connected to V SS  externally.164 64-PIN QFN (4)  AND TQFP (TOP VIEW) PIC32MZ0512EF(E/F/K)064PIC32MZ1024EF(G/H/M)064PIC32MZ2048EF(G/H/M)064TQFPQFN (4) PIC32MZ1024EF(E/F/K)064 164
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