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PD 532
  MALACAÑANGM a n i l aPRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 532 August 8, 1! ANTI#PIRAC$ AND ANTI#%IG%&A$ R'((ER$ LA& ') 1! &%EREAS, *+o*ts -*o la/#+n-o*0++nt ag+n0i+s *++al tat la/l+ss +l++nts a*+ still 0oitting a0ts o- +*+ationsuon t+ +*sons an *o+*ti+s o- inno0+nt an +-+ns+l+ss ina4itants /o t*a+l -*o on+ la0+ to anot+*, t+*+4ist*i4uting t+ +a0+, o*+* an t*an6uilit o- t+ nation an stunting t+ +0onoi0 an so0ial *og*+ss o- t+ +ol+7&%EREAS, su0 a0ts o- +*+ations 0onstitut+ +it+* i*a0 o* ig/a *o44+*4*iganag+ /i0 a*+ aong t+ ig+st-o*s o- la/l+ssn+ss 0on+n+ 4 t+ +nal statut+s o- all 0ount*i+s7 an,&%EREAS, it is i+*ati+ tat sai la/l+ss +l++nts 4+ is0ou*ag+ -*o +*+t*ating su0 a0ts o- +*+ations 4iosing +a +nalt on t+ o--+n+*s, /it t+ +n in i+/ o- +liinating all o4sta0l+s to t+ +0onoi0, so0ial,+u0ational an 0ounit *og*+ss o- t+ +ol+7 N'&, T%ERE)'RE, I, )ERDINAND E. MARC'S, P*+si+nt o- t+ Piliin+s, 4 i*tu+ o- t+ o/+*s +st+ in + 4t+ Constitution an u*suant to *o0laation No. 1981, at+ S+t+4+* 21, 1!2 an No. 119 , at+ :anua* 1!, 1!3an G+n+*al '*+* No. 1, at+ S+t+4+* 22, 1!2, o +*+4 o*+* an +0*++ as a*t o- t+ la/ o- t+ lan t+ -ollo/ing;S+0tion 1. Titl+. Tis D+0*++ sall 4+ <no/n as t+ Anti#Pi*a0 an Anti#%ig/a Ro44+* La/ o- 1! .S+0tion 2. D+-inition o- T+*s. T+ -ollo/ing t+*s sall +an an 4+ un+*stoo, as -ollo/s;a. Piliin+ &at+*s. It sall *+-+* to all 4oi+s o- /at+*, su0 as 4ut not liit+ to, s+as, gul-s, 4as a*oun, 4+t/++n an0onn+0ting +a0 o- t+ Islans o- t+ Piliin+ A*0i+lago, i**+s+0ti+ o- its +t, 4*+at, l+ngt o* i+nsion, an allot+* /at+*s 4+longing to t+ Piliin+s 4 isto*i0 o* l+gal titl+, in0luing t+**ito*ial s+a, t+ s+a#4+, t+ insula* s+l+s,an ot+* su4a*in+ a*+as o+* /i0 t+ Piliin+s as so+*+ignt o* =u*isi0tion. 4. >+ss+l. An +ss+l o* /at+*0*a-t us+ -o* t*anso*t o- ass+ng+*s an 0a*go -*o on+ la0+ to anot+* t*oug Piliin+&at+*s. It sall in0lu+ all <ins an t+s o- +ss+ls o* 4oats us+ in -ising.0. Piliin+ %ig/a. It sall *+-+* to an *oa, st*++t, assag+, ig/a an 4*ig+s o* ot+* a*ts t+*+o-, o* *ail/a o* *ail*oa /itin t+ Piliin+s us+ 4 +*sons, o* +i0l+s, o* lo0ooti+s o* t*ains -o* t+ o++nt o* 0i*0ulation o-  +*sons o* t*anso*tation o- goos, a*ti0l+s, o* *o+*t o* 4ot.. Pi*a0. An atta0< uon o* s+i?u*+ o- an +ss+l, o* t+ ta<ing a/a o- t+ /ol+ o* a*t t+*+o- o* its 0a*go, +6ui+nt,o* t+ +*sonal 4+longings o- its 0ol++nt o* ass+ng+*s, i**+s+0ti+ o- t+ alu+ t+*+o-, 4 +ans o- iol+n0+ againsto* intiiation o- +*sons o* -o*0+ uon tings, 0oitt+ 4 an +*son, in0luing a ass+ng+* o* +4+* o- t+0ol++nt o- sai +ss+l, in Piliin+ /at+*s, sall 4+ 0onsi+*+ as i*a0. T+ o--+n+*s sall 4+ 0onsi+*+ as i*at+san unis+ as +*+ina-t+* *oi+.+. %ig/a Ro44+*(*iganag+. T+ s+i?u*+ o- an +*son -o* *anso, +@to*tion o* ot+* unla/-ul u*os+s, o* t+ ta<inga/a o- t+ *o+*t o- anot+* 4 +ans o- iol+n0+ against o* intiiation o- +*son o* -o*0+ uon tings o- ot+* unla/-ul +ans, 0oitt+ 4 an +*son on an Piliin+ %ig/a.S+0tion 3. P+nalti+s. An +*son /o 0oits i*a0 o* ig/a *o44+*4*iganag+ as +*+in +-in+, sall, uon  0oni0tion 4 0o+t+nts 0ou*t 4+ unis+ 4;a. Pi*a0. T+ +nalt o- *+0lusion t+o*al in its +iu an a@iu +*ios sall 4+ ios+. I- si0al in=u*i+s o* ot+* 0*i+s a*+ 0oitt+ as a *+sult o* on t+ o00asion t+*+o-, t+ +nalt o- *+0lusion +*+tua sall 4+ ios+. I- *a+,u*+* o* oi0i+ is 0oitt+ as a *+sult o* on t+ o00asion o- i*a0, o* /+n t+ o--+n+*s a4anon+ t+ i0tis/itout +ans o- saing t+s+l+s, o* /+n t+ s+i?u*+ is a00olis+ 4 -i*ing uon o* 4oa*ing a +ss+l, t+anato* +nalt o- +at sall 4+ ios+. 4. %ig/a Ro44+*(*iganag+. T+ +nalt o- *+0lusion t+o*al in its iniu +*io sall 4+ ios+. I- si0alin=u*i+s o* ot+* 0*i+s a*+ 0oitt+ u*ing o* on t+ o00asion o- t+ 0oission o- *o44+* o* 4*iganag+, t+ +nalt o- *+0lusion t+o*al in its +iu an a@iu +*ios sall 4+ ios+. I- <inaing -o* *anso o* +@to*tion, o* u*+* o* oi0i+, o* *a+ is 0oitt+ as a *+sult o* on t+ o00asion t+*+o-, t+ +nalt o- +at sall 4+ ios+.S+0tion . Aiing i*at+s o* ig/a *o44+*s4*igans o* a4+tting i*a0 o* ig/a *o44+*4*iganag+. An +*son /o<no/ingl an in an ann+* ais o* *ot+0ts i*at+s o* ig/a *o44+*s4*igans, su0 as giing t+ in-o*ation a4outt+ o++nt o- oli0+ o* ot+* +a0+ o--i0+*s o- t+ go+*n+nt, o* a06ui*+s o* *+0+i+s *o+*t ta<+n 4 su0 i*at+s o*  4*igans o* in an ann+* +*i+s an 4+n+-it t+*+-*o7 o* an +*son /o i*+0tl o* ini*+0tl a4+ts t+ 0oission o-  i*a0 o* ig/a *o44+* o* 4*iganag+, sall 4+ 0onsi+*+ as an a00oli0+ o- t+ *in0ial o--+n+*s an 4+ unis+ ina00o*an0+ /it t+ Rul+s *+s0*i4+ 4 t+ R+is+ P+nal Co+.It sall 4+ *+su+ tat an +*son /o o+s an o- t+ a0ts *oi+ in tis S+0tion as +*-o*+ <no/ingl, unl+ss t+0ont*a* is *o+n.S+0tion 5. R++aling Claus+. P+*tin+nt o*tions o- A0t No. 3815, ot+*/is+ <no/n as t+ R+is+ P+nal Co+7 an all la/s,+0*++s, o* o*+*s o* inst*u0tions, o* a*ts t+*+o-, inso-a* as t+ a*+ in0onsist+nt /it tis D+0*++ a*+ +*+4 *++al+ o* oi-i+ a00o*ingl.S+0tion . E--+0tiit. Tis D+0*++ sall ta<+ +--+0t uon a*oal.Don+ in t+ Cit o- Manila, tis 8t a o- August, in t+ +a* o- 'u* Lo*, nin+t++n un*+ an s++nt#-ou*.
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