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Description paws for thought Toezy, Adopted from Animal Humane Volume 44, Number 3 transforming Animal Humane preparing for our next half century Fall 2013 We continue to actively invest in ways
Transcript paws for thought Toezy, Adopted from Animal Humane Volume 44, Number 3 transforming Animal Humane preparing for our next half century Fall 2013 We continue to actively invest in ways to save more lives, which involves many interconnected initiatives. Over the last 18 months, we kicked off Project Humane, a major campus wide renovation to improve our pet quarters and to make our Virginia Street Campus a positive, welcoming destination. During this time, we also moved to a Pet Admissions by Appointment process to balance intakes with our resources and significantly increase the life-saving transfers of pets to Animal Humane from other New Mexico shelters. Pet Admissions by Appointment, introduced in March 2013, has had immediate positive results including the reduction of the chaos and stress of the admission process for clients, their pets and our team. Appointments let us know how many pets we will take in that day, as well as what each pet needs to be ready for a new home. One goal of Pet Admissions by Appointment is to encourage pet owners to use our shelter as the last resort, not the first choice when they need to re-home their pet. More pet owners are taking advantage of our many support services. During the first three months of Pet Admissions by Appointment, 79 pets never entered our shelter because they were re-homed or kept by their owners. That represented 9% of the total scheduled admission appointments and is a very positive result for those pets. And, despite fears that people surrendering strays or walk-ins would be turned away, we have accepted 100% of the non-aggressive strays and have taken all walk-ins, a total of 20 pets in three months. While our Live Release Rate reached 94% for the month of June, the biggest winners are the severely at-risk shelter pets around our state. By knowing how many pets will be in our care in a given week, we are able to maximize transfers of pets from shelters all over New Mexico, many of whom were scheduled for euthanasia before we took them in. Project Fetch, our statewide pet transfer program, serves dozens of shelters and rescue groups from 12 counties throughout New Mexico, counties that comprise 75% of the state s population. To date this year, we have brought in over 600 pets representing a 45% increase over the first six months of 2012, including 161 from the City of Albuquerque s Animal Welfare Department (AWD). The success of Pet Admissions by Appointment s has dovetailed nicely with another major milestone, the opening of our new Adoption & Administration Center in mid-june. Our Grand Opening weekend drew hundreds and hundreds of supporters who were impressed and thrilled with what they saw and experienced when they entered Big Blue. Adoptions were through the roof that weekend with 53 pets finding loving homes in 48 hours. People are indeed blown away with our Center s aesthetics, but the real design coup is the quiet, more supportive environment we ve created. We knew we had met the mark the first day we moved 20 dogs into their new Real Life Rooms. They simply crashed; they curled up on their private cots and went sound asleep because they felt safe. They were finally in a place where they could rest and be themselves without the noise and stress of our circa 1990 s kennels. Opening Big Blue represented the completion of Phase I of Project Humane. We did not miss a beat, breaking ground in mid-june continued on page 2 92% to goal! To make a gift that will be matched visit Big Blue, which opened in June 2013 On May 23, 2013, we were invited to be honored by Albuquerque Business First, alongside 23 other New Mexico nonprofit organizations. This was the inaugural year of the Albuquerque Business First Nonprofit of the Year awards. We were excited to be recognized with 24 deserving nonprofits in 7 different categories of service, and were even more ecstatic to have been awarded the Top Nonprofit in our category environment and animals! One of seven organizations to have been recognized state-wide for our stellar achievements and powerful work, we are proud to have been recognized by the Albuquerque business community. We thank you for this wonderful demonstration of your confidence in our devoted work! for Phase II, our new Admission Center, immediately. As of the beginning of July, our Admission Building s foundation has been poured, the exterior framing and sheathing has been completed, and the interior work has begun. This 8,000+ square-foot building is scheduled to be completed by late September, at which point we will move all Admissions (intake), Animal Care, and Project Fetch functions into our new building. Project Humane will come to its conclusion in Summer of 2014, with the creation of two handsome new buildings, the demolition of two 30-year-old cinder block buildings, and the renovation of four existing campus buildings. In effect, every building on our campus will have been built or renovated in the last seven years, preparing us for our next half century and saving thousands more of New Mexico s homeless and abandoned pets! And it has ALL been possible thanks to YOU, our devoted, generous and loyal donors. Peggy Weigle, Executive Director Animal Humane New Mexico, through Project Fetch, has been instrumental in saving hundreds of lives of homeless pets from Roswell, New Mexico area shelters. This year, we have been able to send countless pets, that otherwise wouldn't be adopted locally, to a metropolitan area where they stand a much greater chance at finding a new, loving home. This has also enabled us to save more lives, by opening up much-needed kennel space for homeless pets awaiting their chance at a new, better life. If it weren't for Project Fetch, many of the Roswell homeless pets would have no other option than euthanasia. Project Fetch has been able to serve many rural areas of the state of New Mexico. Without this project, the entire state's homeless pets would suffer. Roswell Humane Society Peggy and kitten resident, Cindy Trap-Neuter-Return: reducing kitten intakes and saving more lives Everyone loves kittens. They re cute, cuddly, and fun. But, where do they come from, and what part do they play in the greater issue of saving homeless pets? It s reported that 80% of kittens in shelters come from feral cats, and that nearly 50% of kittens born outdoors die from disease, exposure, or parasites before their first year. A cat can begin reproducing as early as 5-months-old, and can have 2-3 litters a year, with an average of 4 kittens per litter. Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is a comprehensive program in which feral cats are humanely trapped, evaluated, vaccinated, and sterilized by veterinarians, then returned to their original location. TNR is proven as the most effective and humane way to lessen the numbers of kittens and cats flowing into shelters, resulting in lower euthanasia rates and increased adoptions of cats already in shelters. In 2012, our amazing veterinary team at our Donor-subsidized Veterinary Clinic sterilized 1,849 feral cats. Of this, over 1,000 were in 6 zip codes with substantial feral cat colonies targeted through our 2011/12 PetSmart Charities TNR Grant. The results from our TNR program have been staggering! Between January 2010 and December 2012: Cat Intakes for our shelter decreased 7% Cat Intakes from our 6 PetSmart Charities Zip Codes* decreased 57% Kitten Intakes for our shelter decreased 34% Kitten Intakes from our 6 PetSmart Charities Zip Codes decreased 67% Our TNR program is seeing incredible results thanks to our enthusiastic team, partners and volunteers who trap and transport cats. We rely on the devotion and expertise of Street Cat Companion volunteers as well as concerned citizens that borrow gravity-driven traps, which we supply free of charge. Our dedicated work has proved successful, and we ve subsequently received a 2nd multi-year grant from PetSmart Charities to help us continue this program through 2015! Our dedicated TNR efforts have slowed the numbers of kittens available for adoption, but not stopped them. In July 2013, we reached 129% capacity for felines. * Our TNR targeted zip codes are 87102, 87105, 87106, 87107, 87108, and (recently added!) Register today at DoggieDashAndD nt code and use the discou a $5 discount READYSETGO for.2013). (valid through 9.30 register r eg gister a at t Recognized as A lbuquerque s mus t attend pet ow Animal Humane s ner event, Dogg largest fundraise ie Dash, r, is a festival to ce that love them! lebrate pets and the people This year s event will include: 5K Dash 2-Mile Dawdle Rent-A-Dog (if you don t have a dog of your own, Doggie Carniva you can rent one l Games of ours!) Food Trucks Contests Live Entertainm ent New this year: Event held on Sa turday! Purchase an al l day pass for our Doggie Carnival Live chat with when you registe our customer se r online rv ice representativ about registration es online with qu or the event estions All new fundra ising prizes! Our to p fu nd on JetBlue Airline raiser will receiv e 2 roundtrip ticke s! ts presented by Doggie Dash Top FUNdraiser! For years Megan Edwards has been working diligently to support our dedicated work as a participant in Doggie Dash & Dawdle. This amazing Albuquerque Public School teacher has been a pet lover all of her life, and knew she wanted to help other pets after meeting her best canine friend. Louie, a chocolate Labrador mix, came into Megan's life in Over the past 12 years, he has been her best friend, her partner, and cherished comfort through good times and bad. Louie inspired Megan to give back to homeless pets, as he taught her the significance of the unconditional love of a furry companion. Megan and her best friend Louie Megan started participating in Doggie Dash at 23 years old. Her first year she raised $1,000, and has since raised over $30,000 to support homeless cats & dogs. We are honored to receive support and dedication from Megan, and all of her family and friends that rise to the challenge of saving the lives of homeless and abandoned pets. Megan invites each of you to join her at New Mexico s biggest party for pets and people on Saturday, November 2, 2013 as a Dasher or a Dawdler, and hopes that you ll reach out to all of your family and friends in raising money and awareness for homeless pets. Your participation will fund a wide variety of programs, resources, and activities that help thousands of cats and dogs find permanent homes each year. Dash over to to learn more! Project Timeline Feb 2012 The journey begins... Animal Humane s Board of Directors approves Project Humane & a campus wide renovation plan to upgrade our facilities, save more pets lives, and redefine the shelter experience for pets and people. Mar 2012 Phase I begins: Our Thrift Shop is relocated from our Virginia Street campus to 4646 Menaul Blvd NE. Sept 2012 Jan 2013 Feb 2013 Demolition begins on our former Thrift building. The foundation for our new Adoption & Administration Center is poured. The steel frame of our new Adoption & Administration Center is completed every moment counts when teaching Humane Education It has been an exciting year for our Humane Education programs, Learn Humane and 505 Pit Crew, as a quick look at the numbers reveals. Between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013, we reached an astonishing 3,029 individuals with lessons on pet care and building empathetic and respectful relationships with people and pets. Of those, 50% were school children under the age of 10, and 35% were youth in middle or high school. All told, this marks a 65% increase over the previous year, a fantastic jump to make in so short a time. Ellen Schmidt, Senior Director of Outreach & Volunteer Programs, has done an incredible job developing and implementing lessons that tie into Common Core Standards and State of New Mexico educational requirements. Our favorite numbers to watch, however, are our Educational Contact Hours. Educational Contact Hours are the number of hours spent teaching multiplied by the numbers of students reached, and it shows us how many hours we were able to devote to educating our community with messages of compassion, respect, and responsibility. In FY13, we offered an incredible 3,757 contact hours. That means 3,757 hours in which youth and adults learned what it means to care for another and be responsible to pets who depend on us. It s 3,757 hours toward teaching our neighbors what to do in the face of animal cruelty and how to make a difference in the lives of people and pets alike. Learn Humane will continue to grow in the coming year, as our education programs have received crucial support with generous gifts from the Brabson Library and Educational Foundation and the Albuquerque Community Foundation. We re expanding our educational offerings and adding an additional staff member to our dedicated team. Ellen and her team cannot wait to teach more students and continue our efforts to create a loving humane community for generations to come! Ellen and 505 Pit Crew Ambassador in training Petrie, in Sadie s Room one of our Get Acquainted Rooms. Oct 2013 May 2013 Jan 2014 Phase II kicks off: Work begins on the foundation of our new Admission Center, which will give incoming cats and dogs their own entrances and separate facilities to receive medical exams & behavioral assessments. June 2013 Phase I is complete: The Grand Opening of the Adoption & Administration Center takes place and hundreds attend our weekendlong open house. Phase II is complete: The Grand Opening of our Admission Center. Phase III launches: The renovation of our 25-year-old dog kennels begins. Phase IV kicks off: Renovations start on La Casa de los Gatos in our former Adoptions building, which will put all things cat under one roof. Phase IV is complete: The Grand Opening of La Casa de los Gatos. Renovations begin on the first floor of our former Administration building to create expanded isolation & treatment space for patients of our Donor-subsidized Veterinary Clinic. Mar 2014 Phase III is complete: The Grand Opening of our renovated kennels. Phase V launches: Demolition of our former Admissions building and installation of landscaping and features in Central Park begin, giving our pets, visitors, and volunteers a beautiful space to enjoy time outside. Summer 2014 Project Humane is Complete! Stephanie and adoptable kitty, Roxanne, at one of our CAT locations on the Westside Jack & Rascal's 1,000 adoptions and a felines best friend You don t know it yet, kitty, but you just won the cat lottery! Stephanie Gerrish It takes more than compassion and dedication to homeless pets to be an Adoptions Advisor at Animal Humane New Mexico; it also takes thoughtful evaluation skills, focus, and the ability to build meaningful relationships. One team member exemplifies all of these, and has achieved a celebrated milestone of 1,000 adoptions during the past 5 years at Animal Humane. Congratulations Stephanie Gerrish! In 2010, Stephanie took responsibility for our Cats Around Town (CAT) program, which places adoptable cats in 10 businesses throughout the Albuquerque metropolitan area. For her, finding great homes for homeless pets is about quality, not quantity. Her passion for our CAT program stems from her love of building relationships with people and business owners, and showing them how fun and easy it is to be an ambassador for Animal Humane. Her strong focus and dedication to this program has helped CAT to successfully re-home a total 750 adult cats (and counting!). Stephanie s love of kitties goes beyond just finding them forever homes; she also helps to change each cats life through behavior modification and placement. She is selective about which cats are chosen for CAT partner locations, because it takes a specific temperament and personality to handle temporary residence in a business environment. Stephanie loves to meet new cats daily, treasures working for them, and truly sympathizes with each cat she places. Stephanie is an exemplary member of our dynamic team, and we are thankful for everything she does each day to support our mission. This success is not my own, everybody works as a team at Animal Humane. Stephanie Gerrish a lifetime of love and a passion for pets Laurie Garihee, who passed away on December 23, 2012 at the age of 80, truly knew the meaning of giving. In her lifetime she donated to over 50 charities; however, Animal Humane New Mexico held a special place in her heart. Laurie made yearly contributions to Animal Humane for decades, with the first check being written in She believed this organization was the only hope for animals less fortunate than her pets. She was a pet owner of numerous dogs, with standard poodles finding her soft spot. When we discussed Laurie's Will 10 years ago, it was no surprise she designated Animal Humane New Mexico as one of her beneficiaries. Laurie believed any donation, small or large, made an impact. Her last wishes also encouraged family and friends to donate to Animal Humane or their favorite charity. As a result of her final wishes, over $5,000 was donated to Animal Humane. I hope Laurie's generosity is an inspiration to you. Consider making Animal Humane New Mexico a beneficiary in your Will and encourage loved ones to contribute to this life-saving organization. By doing so, their legacy and passion for pets will live on forever. Dr. Francine Olmstead Long time friend If you are making your estate plans, and Laurie and one of her cherished poodles, Katie, in 1994 it s i easy to support Animal Humane New Mexico through workplace giving programs Many employers sponsor annual workplace giving campaigns through which employees may elect to make payroll deductions to selected nonprofit organizations. If you are a federal or state employee, or you work for a corporation that provides a workplace giving program, you have available to you a very simple and convenient way to support our devoted work. For years, we have partnered with programs like the Combined Federal Campaign, New Mexico State Employees Charities Campaign, and United Way of Central New Mexico to offer effortless ways for compassionate people to support Animal Humane. See your human resource manager or payroll department to learn how you may designate your tax-deductible contributions through your workplace. It's simple, and a wonderful way to show your passion for homeless pets year-round. Will your employer match your gift? Contact your human resources department! Animal Humane New Mexico is grateful for the dedicated support we receive from donors who choose to donate through their office or place of business. If you have any questions, or you would like to have Animal Humane attend a company event or workplace giving fair with a furry friend, contact Marina Muñoz de Martínez, Annual Giving Manager, at or would like to make homeless pets the beneficiaries of your estate, life insurance policy or IRA, please contact Donna M. Stumpf, Senior Director of Development & Marketing at or for further details. We welcome the opportunity to discuss legacy gift options with you. Ilona playing in the Robbie Jones Memorial Cat House honorarium & memorial list Mar 26, June 24, 2013 In Honor of People Correen Bales HRMA of New Mexico Barbara Caldwell Catherine Caldwell Josiah Fidel Pat & Larry Bost Roger W. Gossett Sally D. Gossett Sarah Harper Ruth A. Held Mr. & Mrs. Louis Brenda McKenna Carl Mayfield Candice Kjobech Ranne Miller & Margo McCormick Huning Castle Neighborhood Association Pedro Martinez-Rosenfelt Daniel Rosenfelt David & Audrey Northrup Stephen D. Northrop Checky Okun & Suzi Corley's Commitment Celebration Michelle Andes Thom Andrewz Darcy Babb Beatrice Berlin Esther Davis Trudy DiLeo Cora & Phil Furia Nancy Futran & Frank Giovanni Marisa & Eric Hausenfleck Karen Ann Karina Joanne Keane
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