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Olina Y. Xie 5048 Netherstone Court Columbia, MD 21045 (443) 473-9631 ã yxie719@gmail.com EDUCATION Bachelor of Science, Computer Science Expected: May 2017 University of Maryland, College Park, MD College Park, MD College of Comp
  Olina Y. Xie 5048 Netherstone Court Columbia, MD 21045(443) 473-931 ! #ie719$%mail&'om EDUCATION Bachelor of Science, Computer Science #e'te*+ Ma 2017 Univerit! of ar!lan#, Colle$e %ar&, D Colle%e ar, MD College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences   ./+ 3&23 %'O('A IN( EX%E'IENCE )% or$an Chae  Ne or, N Technology Analyst Intern une 201  /u%ust 201 ã Create* a uer tool that a'ilitates the 6 ueries submitte* b erations to in'rease their ro*u'ti:it ã De:eloe* the eb ali'ation in a:a to * nami'all %enerates 6 a%es base* on mo*iie* uer inuts ã .enerate* an /N;< %rammar to *eine an* arse the mo*iie* 6 ã =n'ororate* st les sheets to imro:e the user intera'e *esi%n o the ali'ation AppCo*    Ne or, N Software Developer Intern  une 2015  6etember 2015 ã .rahi'all *esi%ne* the aearan'e o the ba'en* *atabase >= or internal users ã =mlemente* the ba'en* >= base* on the inal *esi%ns usin% ?;M an* C66 ã Desi%ne* the :isual la out o an inormati:e eba%e or the / 6tore o osh Mobile ã =ntro*u'e* the intera'ti:e eba%e usin% ?;M an* C66 Bitcamp +ac&athon Colle%e ar, MD Contestant /ril 2015 ã De:eloe* an i6 ali'ation that allos users to initiate mutual un*s ith other a users& >sers oul* brose in:estment ools an* ha:e the otion to arti'iate, 'reatin% an easier a or lo-ris an* lo-rin'ial in:estments& ã Co*e* the ali'ation usin% b@e'ti:e C alon% ith /=s an* *ata ro:i*e* b the sonsors Unoun# Concept, Inc.   Columbia, MD  Programming Intern  'tober 2012  /ril 2013 ã Aormulate* a ro@e't usin% Natural an%ua%e ro'essin% that anal Be* ?;M inuts ã erorme* anal ses su'h as or* 'ount, senten'e 'ount, an* :o'abular reuen' usin%  thon TEC+NICA- SI--S 'elevant Coure*or&  ã =ntro*u'tion to Ma'hine earnin% Comuter  Netorin% 6e'urit  ro%rammin% ?an*hel* 6 stems 6o'ial Me*ia Comutin% =ntro*u'tion to Eirtual an* /u%mente* <ealit  Data 6tru'tures r%aniBation o ro%rammin% an%ua%es /l%orithms =ntro*u'tion to Comuter 6 stems b@e't-riente* ro%rammin% =  == Dis'rete 6tru'ture ã =ntro*u'tion to inear /l%ebra /lie* robabilit an* 6tatisti's Cal'ulus == Fusiness ro'ess 6imulations %ro$rammin$ ã a:a (roi'ient), 6rin% Arameor ('ometent), C ('ometent), C66 (rior e#erien'e), ?;M (rior e#erien'e),  thon (rior e#erien'e), inu# ('ometent), 6 (basi') -EADE'S+I% / ACTI0ITIES Computer Science Stu#ent A#vior! Boar# Colle%e ar, MD  Active Memer Mar'h 2015  resent ã Meet to romote stu*ent in:ol:ement in the Comuter 6'ien'e *eartment ã 6er:e as a stu*ent lea*er an* reresentati:e in the Comuter 6'ien'e *eartment Intercolle$iate Tai*anee American Stu#ent Aociation Colle%e ar, MD  !ast Coast Conference !ntertainment Director Aebruar 2015  Aebruar 201 ã lanne* meetin%s, orsho, an* e:ents or a 'oneren'e in:ol:in% more than to hun*re* atten*ees ã Dire'te* e:ents an* 'oor*inate* 'oneren'e *etails to ensure su''ess Tai*anee American Stu#ent Aociation  Colle%e ar, MD Committee ead# $unior %fficer   6etember 2013  resent ã ea* maretin% an* ubli' relations or one o the lar%est 'ultural e:ent in the >ni:ersit ã r%aniBe in 'ultural mi#er e:ents, un*raisers, re'reational a'ti:ities, an* %eneral bo* meetin%s ADDITIONA- IN1O' ATION -an$ua$e2  Aluent in n%lish, aanese, an* Man*arin Chinese  Interet2 iano, hoto%rah , *rain%, sin%in%, 'ooin%
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