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Convetit Blog Post on Disruption
  This quarter’s disruptive startup: ISIS Most agree that ISIS should be stopped, but no one is sure how- including President Obama. Top Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkop dubbed his speech last Sunda! unclear, and the consensus isthat we e#pected a plan o action but got $sta! the course%.On the other side o the spectrum & in terms o both action and politics & Trump suggests' $(a total and complete shutdown o Muslims entering the )nited States until our countr!*s representati+es can igure out what is going on.% es, he actuall! said that. The right plan o action probabl! lies between doing nothing and shutting down e+er!thing, and e+er!one is weighing in. The I and /S0 want more access to encr!pted communications to sta! ahead o potential threats. 0pparentl!, howe+er, the terrorists behind the Paris attacks used the samenon-encr!pted te#t-messages !ou and I use to send emo1is.The )S State Department preaches curing the disease undamentall! instead o treating s!mptoms. 2reating 1obs and impro+ing education will diminish the allure o groups like ISIS that alienated  !outh turn to or a sense o belonging. Hard to argue against that, but it3s a long-term plan, not a response that will stop terrorist attacks now or e+en soon.Some suggest targeting radical recruiters on social media. /ot onl! does this open up a debate on themoralit! o censoring and limiting pri+ac! on the internet, but ignores the comple#it! o the issue. Tech gurus claim that identi!ing terrorist communications would be like inding a needle in a ha!stack.  4hiche+er plan !ou anc!, the act remains that the Paris attacks happened a month ago and we3re no closer to a coordinated plan, nonetheless action. ut wh! is that5 I most o the world3s leaders and top thinkers agree that a response is needed, wh! must we wait or it to arri+e at the pace o molasses5The answer lies in an unlikel! source' startups. Small startups are taking business rom established mega-companies. These disruptors are armed  with new ideas and the mobilit! to bring them to market eicientl!. )ber, barel! i+e !ears old, is bringing down the ta#i industr!, which has been slow to adapt and ma! not be around in i+e more !ears. /etli# and Hulu are taking market-share rom the 1aded consumer-base o giant cable companies. The common theme5 Passionate people with new ideas challenging bloated institutions that can3t react 6uickl! enough to cope, despite their +ast resources. Sound amiliar5 ISIS isn3t e#actl! inno+ating, per se, but the global communit!3s struggle to cope is the same. How does an institution, be it go+ernment or business, sta! agile to keep up with these disruptors5 The two steps to outpacing change are threat recognition and response e#ecution. The ke! to recognition is ree low o inormation, both rom the bottom-up and rom outside-in, so that an institution as a whole understands the threat.The ke! to response e#ecution is distilling that inormation into an actionable plan. Insights are 1ust a no+elt! i the! don3t spur action. 4hat I3m describing is a process o inno+ation' sourcing new ideas and inormation to be harnessed or tangible change. ig institutions must sel-diagnose and use the right tools to sta! agile and inno+ate, or risk becoming a relic o the past like lockbuster or ta#is.  Hillar! 2linton ties the two ends o m! metaphor together, calling upon Silicon 7alle! in the go+ernment3s ight against ISIS' $4e need to put the great disruptors to work in disrupting. I !our institution can3t reorgani8e or agilit!, !ou might as well recruit the writers o the agilit! pla!book. Sources:r!pt-ii-encryptionhttp:// ort!ocial-media-giant-cant-ever-wipe-o!t-ii-propaganda/http://www.economi/democracyinamerica/2015/12/tr!mp-m!lim$%a total and complete h!tdown o '!lim entering the (nited )tate !ntil o!r co!ntry* repreentative can +g!re o!t what i going on.,. http://ar-police-+nd-phone-with-!nencrypted-m-aying-let-go-were-tarting/ or-ii-attac// #i-comey-ii-encryption-recr!itment/omey*  and the ational )ec!rity gency have called or the government to have more acce to encrypted comm!nication.ere i lin to hi tetimony: http://www./tetimony/overight-o -the- ederal-#!rea!-o -invetigation-8http://www.nytime.com/2015/12/09/!/politic/o#ama-plan-to-top-ii-leave-many-democrat-wanting-more.htmlr0ma.com/olitic/democrat- ear-#aclah-o#ama/2015/12/08/id/704981/ op ;emocratic trategit an )heinop called the peech <wea and !nclear.<http://petitionign/top-ii-peace !llyhttp://www.mhow/we-cannot-ill-o!r-way-o!t-warhttp:///20151118/08474732854/a ter-endle-demoni=ation-encryption-police-+nd-pari-attacer-coordinated-via-!nencrypted-m.htmlhttp://tho!ghtleader!!/thenetdecade/dir!ptioninight/organi=ation/heeytoorgani=ationalagilitycidorg !t!re-eml-alt-mip-mc-oth-1512
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