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NetSure 212 C23 插框电源系统 NetSure 212 C23 Subrack Power 用户手册 System User Manual 资料版本 V1.0 归档日期 2013-06-17 BOM 编码 31012878 艾默生网络能源有限公司为客户提供全方位的 技术支持,用户可与就近的艾默生网络能源有 限公司办事处或客户服务中心联系,也可直接 Version V1.0 Revision date June 17, 2013 BOM 31012878 Emerson Network Power provides customers with technical support. Users may contact the nearest Emerson local sales office or service center. 与公司总部联系。 艾默生网络能源有限公司 版权所有,保留一切权利。内容如有改动,恕 Copyright © 2013 by Emerson Network Power Co., Ltd. 不另行通知。 All rights
    NetSure 212 C23 插框电源系统   用 手 NetSure 212 C23 Subrack Power System User Manual   资料版本  V1.0 归档日期  2013-06-17 BOM 编码  31012878 Version V1.0 Revision date June 17, 2013 BOM 31012878 艾默生网络能源有限公司为客户提供全方位的技术支持,用户可与就近的艾默生网络能源有限公司办事处或客户服务中心联系,也可直接与公司总部联系。   艾默生网络能源有限公司   版权所有,保留一切权利。内容如有改动,恕不另行通知。   艾默生网络能源有限公司   地址:深圳市南山区科技工业园科发路一号   邮编: 518057 公司网址: 客户服务热线: 4008876510 E-mail : Emerson Network Power provides customers with technical support. Users may contact the nearest Emerson local sales office or service center. Copyright © 2013 by Emerson Network Power Co., Ltd.  All rights reserved. The contents in this document are subject to change without notice. Emerson Network Power Co., Ltd.  Address: No.1 Kefa Rd., Science & Industry Park, Nanshan District 518057, Shenzhen China Homepage: E-mail:    Safety Precautions To reduce the chance of accident, please read the safety precautions very carefully before operation. The 'Caution, Note, Warning, Danger' in this book and on the product do not represent all the safety points to be observed, and are only supplement to various safety points. Therefore, the installation and operation personnel must receive strict training and master the correct operations and all the safety points before operation. When operating Emerson products, the operation personnel must observe the safety rules in the industry, the general safety points and special safety instructions specified in this book. Electrical Safety I. Hazardous voltage Danger    Some components of the power system carry hazardous voltage in operation. Direct contact or indirect contact through moist objects with these components will result in fatal injury. Observe safety rules in the industry when installing the AC power devices. The installation personnel must be licensed to operate high voltage and AC power. In operation, the installation personnel are not allowed to wear conductive objects, such as watches, bracelets, bangles and rings. When you spot the cabinet with water or moisture, turn off the power immediately. In moist environment, precautions must be taken to keep moisture out of the power system. ‘ Prohibit ’  warning label must be attached to the switches and buttons that are not permitted to operate during installation. Danger    High voltage operation may cause fire or electric shock. The connection and wiring of AC cables must be in compliance with the local rules and regulations. Only those who are licensed to operate high voltage and AC power can perform high voltage operations. II. Tools Warning   In high voltage and AC operation, special tools must be used. III. Thunderstorm Danger     Never operate on high voltage, AC, iron tower or mast in the thunderstorm. In thunderstorms, a strong electromagnetic field will be generated in the air. Therefore the equipment should be well earthed in time to avoid damage by lightning strikes.    IV. ESD Note   The static electricity generated by the human body will damage the static sensitive elements on PCBs, such as large-scale ICs. Before touching any plug-in board, PCB or IC chip, ESD wrist strap must be worn to prevent body static from damaging the sensitive components. The other end of the ESD wrist strap must be well earthed. V. Short circuit Danger    During operation, never short the positive and negative poles of the DC distribution unit of the power system or the non-grounding pole and the earth. The power system is a constant-voltage DC power device, short circuit will result in equipment burning and endanger human safety. Check the polarity of the cable and connection terminal when performing DC live operations.  As the operation space in the DC distribution unit is very tight, please carefully select the operation space. Never wear a watch, bracelet, bangle, ring, or other conductive objects during operation. Use insulated tools. In live operation, keep the arm, wrist and hand tense, so that when the tool in operation slips, the movement of the human body and tool is reduced to a minimum. VI. Dangerous energy Note  More than 240VA system capacity, keep away from hazardous energy and avoid bridge connection. Battery Danger   Before any operation on the battery, read carefully the safety precautions for battery transportation and the correct battery connection method. Non-standard operation on the battery will cause danger. In operation, take precautions to prevent battery short circuit and overflow of electrolyte. The overflow of electrolyte will erode the metal objects and PCBs, thus causing equipment damage and short circuit of PCBs. Before any operation on battery, pay attention to the following points: Remove the watch, bracelet, bangle, ring, and other metal objects on the wrist. Use special insulated tools. Use eye protection device, and take preventive measures. Wear rubber gloves and apron to guard against electrolyte overflow. In battery transportation, the electrode of the battery should always be kept facing upward. Never put the battery upside down or slanted. Battery installation requires reliable grounding. And battery is connected before accessing the battery protection device.    BLVD The power system has battery low voltage disconnection (BLVD) function. BLVD means when battery voltage drops to 43.2V, the power system cuts the load off to prevent over-discharge. BLVD is enabled before delivery, which means that if power outage lasts for a long time or the power system fails, there might be BLVD. Users should classify the loads and connect the priority loads to BLVD routes. For vital loads, users can disable BLVD to ensure reliability of the power supply. The method of disabling BLVD is: Set ‘ BLVD disabled ’  parameter through the controller main menu   Settings (password: 1)   LVD   BLVD    ‘ No ’ . Notic     Note   The advantage of BLVD is protecting the batteries from over-discharge. The disadvantage of BLVD is that when the  battery voltage drops to a certain value, all the loads (including non-priority loads and priority loads) will be cut off due to  battery disconnection. The advantage of disabling BLVD is prolonging the power supply of priority loads. The disadvantage is that disabling cannot prevent unwanted power failure due to misoperation or power system failure. Others I. Sharp object Warning   When moving equipment by hand, wear protective gloves to avoid injury by sharp object. II. Power cable Notic     Note   Please verify the compliance of the cable and cable label with the actual installation prior to cable connection. III. Signal cables Notic     Note   The signal cables should be routed separately from power cables, with binding interval of at least 150mm.
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