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Monitoring Times 2006 Index FEATURES Broadcast Around the World in 24 Hrs Beginners Guide to TV DXing DRM Broadcasts in Europe Hi-Def Radio Fights Death Star IRIB: Islamic Republic of Iran BC Lithuania
Monitoring Times 2006 Index FEATURES Broadcast Around the World in 24 Hrs Beginners Guide to TV DXing DRM Broadcasts in Europe Hi-Def Radio Fights Death Star IRIB: Islamic Republic of Iran BC Lithuania Radio SW Century Weekend Tuning in to Baseball UN Peacekeeping Stations Venezuela on AM WWCR - 15 Years on the Air JAN MAR Nostalgia/Human Interest A Visit with Bob Grove Enigma Coding Machine Growing Up with Radio Intl Spy Museum Radio in Belfast, Maine Swan Island: Visitors Unwelcome Teenage Radio Amateur Zenith Transforms the Arctic and Amateur Radio Scanning: Buffalo Scanning Buying and Flying: MOA/MSP Charleston SC Scanning Dallas - A City Shaken Ft Worth TX Scanning Interoperability Freq Allocations Interop in NYC; Comm Vehicle MT's Annual Air Show Guide Scanning Oklahoma Signal Stalking at the Ballpark Two-Tone Fire Tones MAR Technical Band Master software package JAN Gerryrigging a Contact JAN MT Satellite Review 2006 Propagation, Space Wx, and You Propagation Outlook: -Sep MAR Propagation Outlook: Oct-Mar Utility Hams with a Mission Just do it! (Take the test) To Catch a Spy Working the World on VHF/UHF AMERICAN BANDSCAN (even months) State-by-State: Pacific Northwest; TV Powers; Canadian AM news; IBOC news; FCC broadcast station totals; really long DX State-by-State: Midwest; Lexington NB museum; NRC AM Station Pattern Book; URBONO QSLs; HD radios; Wash DC programming change; Fighting a format change State-by-State: Upper Midwest. Canada's last daytimer no dead yet? Two new ethnic Montreal AM stns; Montreal stn on 940; HD Radio updatew; DXing with a homemade radio; E-QSLing State-by-State: Great Lakes. IBOC news; EAS false alarm; pirate hijack; X-band activity; Sorrenson obit Alaska, Hawaii, and Beyond. IBOC news; RM translators & AM stations; More LPFMs?; More Exotic Pacific DX; Old Radio in the Gem State Digital Debacle? More on IBOC; New stations and stations going away; 750 kilowatts? DX! ANTENNA TOPICS JAN Factors Useful in Antenna Selection Antenna Farm in a Suitcase: (Antenna modeling, part 1) MAR (Antenna modeling, part 2); The Easy Way: HF Antenna Systems useful antenna book The Life and Times of a Radio Signal Building or Buying Your Antennas: Part 1 Building or Buying Your Antennas: Part 2 Yagi-Uda Beams for HF, VHF or UHF Antenna Wisdom from a Classic ( Radio Antenna Engineering ) Catching That Elusive Signal: Can't catch what's not there; your antenna catches noise too; look toward the signal to catch it; polarity; placement; A Good Allaround Antenna (long wire) Emergency Communication Antenna Readiness: Antennas above HF (let's build one); at HF or MF (let's build another antenna) Real Grounds, Radio Grounds, and Artificial Grounds Some Useful Antennas for Your Handheld ASK BOB JAN How to get started in ham radio; 463 MHz use; mobile FM broadcasting legal?; DSP status Digital phone correction; problem w/magnetic base scanner antenna; antenna problems for 6 meters; recommended antenna for HF with ATS 909 portable MAR TV set interferes w/sw; wiring interferes w/sw; using one antenna for two SW receivers; can PAR antenna transmit?; What is a Zepp antenna? Will new technologies kill AM/FM? One antenna for 2 radios; advantages of coax; need all elements of discone? metal mast effects on nondirectional antenna; BC ID regulations; agencies liable for personal info over air? protecting radio from overload w/external ant.; mounting multiple ants on same mast Direction-finding Radio Republica, What's DSP? Old vs new scanner, Electrocution cause shock? Voice IF on sat TV; digital TV converters Apartment antenna; scanner overload; MURS; signal stalker range; sat radio on R3? Car radio static; built-in antenna hook-ups in new house Satellites freqs?; Discone vs Beam; how to improve marineband antenna; how to check for listening devices; how to feed two scanners w/one antenna; is lightning arrestor necessary? Antenna mounted thru tree; RG- 6/U okay for SW too?; outdoor ant vs indoor amplified ant; more on checking for listening devices; ANC-4 noise canceller troubleshooting; identifying purpose of new ant towers; attaching ant directly to radio w/out coax; re unscrambling local agency comms Signal loss using 2 scanners on 1 antenna; tree contact cause sig loss? How far do various freqs travel? Fixing non-responsive key. WR303e good beginner scanner? Explain USB/LSB. What freqs do satellite radio use? Blocking interfering station; combining multiple SW antennas; baluns, preselectors, and tuners; finding RFID chips; Slinky vs conventional single-wire antenna; TAC still active on SW? can soldiers in lock-step break a bridge? do 2-meter transceivers outperform 70cm? Stacking Scanner Beams; future of SW radio; how to measure audio tone on oscilloscope; what is RG6-U coax good for?; Can I hear NASA/KSC trunk system?; Can I run coax alongside sat TV coax? Are spectrum displays in wideband receivers real time so you get instant display? Selling a cellular-capable scanner; power supply for old radio; descramblers illegal? jammers illegal? Is CB dead? sensitivity reduced in SW rx? wide-band scanner vs communications rx; acitve vs passive multicoupler BELOW 500 khz JAN New Tricks in '06: Tips and Resources; What I Use; A/N Range systems Prime Time - focus on Caribbean and S Am stations; LowFER listing MAR Tune into Natural Radio Buttoning Up the BBB-4 Your Logs & Letters - SAQ (17.2 khz), 454 khz mystery solved, Logs from Alaska (repeat of May column) Summer Fun on LW; Mailbag Low Band News and Notes: maritime navaid changes; AZ loggings; lightning web site; NDBs endangered? German experimental work on 440 khz; VA loggings DXing on the High Seas; SAQ Transmissions, 500 khz Progress, SC Logs Season Opener: Antenna Once- Over, Receiver Checks, Publications, Online Resources; Cape Cod loggings Details, Details (data that can help your loggings); FAA calls; FAA V-shaped antennas; finding a beacon on your AM radio; hams apply to experiment near 500kHz; DXer's tense moment Successful Miscou 2006 DXpedition; ARRL 500 khz experiment; 10 meter beacons BOATS, PLANES, and TRAINS JAN BOATS: Old and New on the Marine Bands; West Coast Canada Info; Automatic Information System; Digital Selective Calling; Great Lakes end of season PLANES: Navaids - nondirectional beacons, VOR, ILS, GPS MAR TRAINS: Railroad Radio's Golden Years? A round robin; new website for railscanners. BOATS: Gales, Groundhogs and Great DX; Marine Morse; VHF Freqs; Amateur radio; Lighthouse correction; HF Marine; Shack upgrade PLANES: Tracking Domestic Airliners (using TRAINS: Understanding Railroad Radio Transmissions BOATS: DX, Disasters, and Duty. Scanning Tips; HF DX; Emergency Duty; Equipment Changes; Useful Frequencies PLANES: Aeronautical HF (VOLMET, MWARA, LDOC) TRAINS: Understanding RR Radio Transmissions BOATS: Ships, Signals and Submissions. DC Everest, Point Vigour, Trieste; Amateur radio nets and contacts; NY Harbour freqs, McAlpine Dam KY freqs; Marine Radio Historical Society PLANES: Base Station Aircraft Listening Antennas TRAINS: Railroads and Geography; Narrowbanding; NC- DC Scanner Setup COMMUNICATIONS JAN AMATEUR: Straight Key Night. AVIATION: Restricted Air Space; Radar Malfunction? 390 MHz IF in Canada. BROADCASTING: Hard Date for DTV; Low Power AM proposal; no on-air IDs for football comms; Court upholds sentence for prankster ; Interoperability problems are people not equipment BROADCASTING: Ham broadcast station; weather and emergency stations; Va DOT considers higher powered station; Emergency Alert System reevaluated; hard date for HDTV; High Definition radio. SCANNING: New P25 system at BWI; Motorola Blocks RadioReference. Obit: ARRL Staff member Bob Schetgen MAR BROADCASTING: 75 Years of HCJB; airborne BC to Cuba; Cuban spies use numbers broadcasts; Is it a cellphone or radio?; Stern on pirate radio; TV calls for help. SPECTRUM ISSUES: Nextel swap may stall; other spectrum swaps; Airfone freqs to be auctioned. Obits: Radio Moscow's Joe Adamov, DXer Bjorn Malm. FCC: Expanded Band, Cable a la Carte, Budget Increase, Ramsey Electronics Fined. BROAD- CASTING: Digital Radio in Europe, Cuts for PBC and VOA, World's Tallest TV Tower. MISC: Western Union Stops Telegram Svc, Stealth Satellite, Low Freqs for Mine Safety, On-Scene Interoperability AMATEUR RADIO: Dayton Hamvention Awards, Hams Part of Solution , MS Adopts PRB-1 Statute, NC Next?, How NOT to Deal with Interference, Laws Amended WUN R.I.P.; Cellphones' Danger to Aviation no Myth; Trouble with Towers; A Matter of Time STORMS: Hurricane preparedness, ham emergency courses, storm watchers, National SOS network. NEWS BITES: Vint Hill Farms closing; Congress looks at Telecom rewrite; Night of Nights AMATEUR RADIO: Fatal accidents, volunteers for research, Manassas BPL, Mass hamsat launch, Moon Pie launch. BROADCASTING: Record BC, DRM 26 MHz service, DRM possibilities, Icelandic AFR signs off, SW in Latvia, NOA studio tour. FCC: Media ownership rules, SBCA takes on OTARD, Sat Radio Hijackings, Seeking comments, Satellite report, Airground auction concludes. MISC: Aging deep space antennas, GOES-N launched Predicting Space Weather, Navigating Galileo, GPS Scramble, Who's Who in Space, Ultimate DX Intruders Spotted in Several Amateur Radio HF Bands; National Emegency Communications Upgrade; Florida Going It Alone; Global Ham Radio Emergency Conference; Amateur Radio on Fed's Radar? Iqbal Arrest raises First Amendment questions; Hezbollah Eavesdrops on Israeli Comms; Pirate Goes Legit; HAMS: FCC Affirms BPL Rules; Hams Experiment w/marine Band; Space Adventuress Duplicating Marconi; FCC Passes Omnibus Ruling; Planespotters and SBS-1; 800 MHz Rebanding Freeze?; WW SWL Contest COMPUTERS & RADIO JAN Using Band Master with your Icom Receiver Words in Time: RecAll-Pro & ClocX MAR SysLabs' RadioControl and FTP Navigator Syslabs RadioControl, part 2; 45 million mile DX YPlog Radio Control and $20 Memory Device (USB 2.0 Slim External Enclosure) In the Air and On the Air; Free ACARS Decoder & More The ICOM_OKA Free Controller Spyware: Get Rid of It for Free HF ACARS with PC-HFDL Log Analyser: An ACARS Must- Have DX Monitor Goodbye Win 98 - Hello XP DIGITAL DIGEST JAN Digital Utility software Mac computers (Black Cat Systems MultiMode) All at Sea - GMDSS and Digital Selective Calling; Automatic Identification System; Ecuadorian Navy MAR XNet Yachting. and Aeronautical Selcals. Armada de Argentina; Mystery SITOR-B Station Algerian Digital Profile (MFA and embassies, Customs and Border Patrol, military agencies, oil and gas fields), Swiss Air Force and Navy systems Egyptian Digital Review; More XNet Mail; ALE-based State Emergency Nets; Antenna Update HF Digital Users from France. Welcome, UDXF; French Diplomatic Service; French Navy, French Air Force, French Army; A Word about IRC Digital Country Profile: Denmark (Air Force, Army, Navy, Weather, Coast Stations, Diplomatic Service), XSS ALE Mystery Net Brazilian Digital HF Users: Navy, Army, Air Force Which Decoder? Hardwarebased decoders, Software to the Rescue? Final Analysis What's That Sound? Identifying Utility Signals Current Traffic: Indian Diplomatic Service; STANAG 4285 THE FED FILES (odd months) JAN 2005 Hurricanes and Federal Comms; FEMA; FAA NARACS VHF; Miami Federal Freqs; Federal Trunking in So Fla MAR Mysteries: new TSA Freqs? Fed Nationwide Paging? UHF Band Reorganization? Feds Going Nextel? Pittsburgh Area Trunked System; Freqs from the West Coast Federal Fire Frequencies, Federal Protective Service, TSA follow-up Search and You Shall Find! FEMA Frequencies; Integrated Networks Coming Soon; Extended VHF Air Band; Fed Freq Updates; Travel Searches (Houston, San Jose, and Las Vegas) Shining Some Light on the Dept of Energy (DoE Hanford, Lawrence Livermore, Bettis Atomic Power Lab, Oak Ridge Lab, Bonneville Power Admin, NNSA and NEST, DOE SECOM FAA NARACS Reborn; Federal Trunked Systems in NYC; Pittsburgh Area Scanning FIRST LOOK JAN Alinco's DJ-X7T A Fresh Look at the TenTec RX- 340 MAR Kinetic Avionics' SBS-1 Virtual Radar The Eton S350DL WiNRADiO's G313e HF Receiver WiNRADiO DRM Decoder Plugin for G series The Uniden BCD996T Eton E5 Portable Uniden BCT15 Bear Tracker Receiving Side of the Icom IC Ramsey Aircraft Monitor WiNRADiO's G305i Wide Coverage Radio GETTING STARTED JAN QSL Mania: The Radio Hobbyist's Obsession Deaf PRO-95; DX on the AM Band; A Shortened Beverage; An All-Purpose All-Band HF Antenna MAR Slow Scan TV (SSTV) Searching for the Perfect Antenna? The Readers Comment - Satellite TV Combo, Getting Started w/sw Radio, Help for Grove Tunerless Antenna, Stateside QSL Depository Entry Level Ham Ticket: How easy to we have it? Radio Repair: Who Ya Gonna Call? Take a Radio Vacation Readers' Choice: Buying a SW Radio, Terk's AM Advantage, Repairing Broken Antennas Stalking Those Elusive Project Parts The Unintentional Philatelist (stamp collecting) The Readers Write: 10 Meter Challenge; MPEGII FTA; FM Translators GLOBAL FORUM JAN Vox Cristiana strong signal; B-05 schedule online resources; Condig list URL correction US SW Stations play Musical Frequencies ; Upcoming Conferences; historical DX URL MAR Radio Republica Becomes a Major Clandestine Broadcaster Major cuts at VOA; Libyan clannie resumes SW; Online loggings databases DRM Forges Ahead BBC Cuts More English and Spanish Relay Exchanges Between Greece and USA Abruptly Terminate Push for DRM on 25 MHz; 12th Nat'l Mexican DX Meeting Chinese Invade 20 Meters The Clock is Ticking for Radio Japan; Armenia; Uzbekistan DX Meeting in Peru; Earthview Daylight Savings Time Expands in 2007 LETTERS JAN Second MT Excellence Award; Corrections; Mt St Helens; Used Equip URL Interoperability Issues: New Orleans and Finger-Pointing, Not all APCO Systems created equal. 700 MHz for the Birds MAR Antenna experimentation; BBC Guide questions; experiences with repeaters; W0KIE satellite shack and radio station Two Views on the FCC; Bringing SWLs into the 'New World' MT Sparks Memories; Old School versus New School E Welcome New Columnist; Space Shuttle Blues;Space-saving Appliance Radio; Reader Recommended Websites; Eton 350DL Y Winner of SBS-1 and runners-up Job well done (Figliozzi final column); Radio Fun; Corrections; Teenage Amateur; Flex Antenna; Wrong conclusion drawn to RF interference to aviation; Air Antics; SBS-1 in Action Utility World Blog, Call RadioLabs for Super-909, 996 Review Missing Text, The Digital Effect (WLW), NTIA BPL report, QSL Expert Spooky October; Radio and TV Museum Thanks MT; Things I Like...; Tip for R20 Owners; New MT Blog; Information Please Thanks (Prog Spotlight column); A Capitol Mistake (Niagara Falls); Eton E5 Feedback Monitoring Times Celebrates 25 Years; Bonus Pages for MT Readers MILCOM JAN New Year, New Frequencies: US Coast Guard move; new MHz systems (Ft Benning, Seattle area, Los Angeles area; Ft Meade); Denver and Kansas City ARTCCs Land Mobile Radio News: new DoD LMR systems; Navy Region Northwest system; J-NCR Phase II contract; Westover ARB update; Milair Freq updates MAR Flight Demonstration Groups: Schedules and Recommended Equipment I don't live near a military base.. (N-Cent Fla Logs); Albuquerque ARTCC Hurricane Hunting on HF - US Coast Guard HF communications; Salt Lake City ARTCC The Military Weather Channel (Pilot to Metro Service) Monitoring the Forth Worth Military: NAS/JRB. DoD Frequency Changes; Atlanta Fifth Runway; EAM LF Broadcast DoD Trunk Frequencies Discovered; Trunk System at the Point; Westover ARB Update; Keflavik Closed; Seattle/Oakland ARTCCs US Military Satellites - An Overview (Super Secret Spy Satellite Programs; American Military Satellite Constellations) Monitoring Satellites 101: Easiest sats to hear; West Point Updates; More Milair Feq Changes; HF Civil Air Patrol Freqs; USCG Air- Ground Freqs MilSatcom - The Early Days: TACSATCOM, LES-8/9, New CAP Freqs Posted? Search and Rescue, Tyndall AFB Freqs, Major Military Comm Bands The Navy MARISAT Satellite System; Air Force SATCOM; Army Aviation Comms; Tri Service MARS HF ALE Net; DoD FLIP foreign pubs removed MT HELP DESK JAN NC VIPER statewide system; digital HF modes; Stark County OH public safety info QSLing overseas ute stations; freqs for Arnold Engineering Development Center; Alinco D- X7 vs Icom R5; freqs for Misawa AB, Japan; who will be on 700 MHz band? MAR APCO 25: setting the record straight. Series of questions re Uniden BR-330T and BCD-396T scanner operation. Recommended handheld for airshows; How to program EDACS LCN numbers (Hickory NC system) More on 700 MHz band allocations; Status on Morse code proceeding; band allocations EAMs on 11175; Canadian Air Traffic Control and other aero HF Trunking for Carroll Co MD; sources for MWARA, Volmet, ute freqs; mobile ant for mil-air; freq round-offs; freq for wireless mouse; mobile unit ID on EDACS USAF KAWN fax gone?; Do I need a digital scanner? What does APCO25 encoding sound like? Clarification on Calif. scanning law; Gulf Co Fla system changes Where to find local airline frequencies; where to find HF airline company frequencies Looking for new scanner; How to ID foreign stations? Who is Fastball? What is Skyking? When are aero comms on HF SSB? STANAG Noise on HF; Manual and EPROMS for M8000 decoder? Beacon DGPS vs WAAS DGPS; EAMs and tactical callsigns; Help with SIPRnet IDs; Do AFN and VOA relay stations have callsigns? Can I scan York Co PA M/A- COM system with BCD296T? Using a Wavecom receiver to monitor Inmarsat; How QSL bureau can find US SWLs to deliver ham QSLs; How to DX DGPS; Future of aero band Spanish on SATCOM freq? what scanners are affected by rebanding? USB strong signal on MHz? MT REVIEW JAN Hot and Cold Radio Appliances; AOR LA380 Active Lop Antenna Sangean WR-2 AM/FM/RDS Receiver; FRS or MURS - Hype or Hot Performance? MAR Comet CHA-250B Broadband Vertical Antenna Digital Radio Equipment: Kenwood EZ500 Mobile HD Radio; Winegard 10 Element Yagi; Winegard Sharpshooter TV-FM HD Antenna Heil Clear Speech Speaker SWLing on the Road with Sony's XR-CA660X Icom IC-PCR1500 & R1500 Comparing the PCR1000 to the PCR1500/PCR2500 MFJ's 932 Mini Loop Tuner: SWL & Ham Antenna Options for Tight Spaces Build the Hidden Flex-Tenna for Wide-Frequency-Coverage Receivers; Flex-Tenna Followup; 97-cent Hand-held Pouch The Tecsun R-919/Grundig Mini 300PE MT's Digital TV/Big Screen Buying Guide ON THE BENCH JAN Take Your Scanner Recording to the Next Level - the iriver H4300 MP3 Recorders Scanner Switch for multiple scanners on one speaker MAR Build the FlexTenna for Wideband Reception Digital TV Truth & Myths Law and Order on 2 Meters Cordless Phones - Buyer Beware Modifying the Uniden BC796D Scanner for Discriminator Audio Output (no column) The Magic of Radio (rediscovering the magic) Radio Direction Finding with the Adcock Goniometer Project (continuation of Spy feature) A Compact Adcock Array You Have What it Takes to Control Your R8B (using Windows to write a program) Antique Telephones: Durable, Cheap & Still Useful! ON THE HAM BANDS JAN Don't Just Sit There, Build Something! Political Power; Antenna Antics;; Logbook of the World; DX Bureaus; hands-free hamming MAR You can Never Have Too Many Keys Five New Radio Reads from ARRL If this is May, it must be Dayton; Four days in May; Ham radio headsets; What's so special about Special Events?; And May leads into June; 2005 ARRL Periodicals on CD Before It's Too Late! (recordkeeping and inventory) Show Your Stuff (QSLs on display) Amateur Radio Synergy: geocaching; S; ATV operation; dual band vs two radios; mobile or handheld? The New Tech Test and Learning Linux Another TechGuide (ARRL Ham Radio License Manual) and hams at HOPE6 (Hackers on Planet Earth) Great Radio in Grubby Times (things to do during sunspot minimum) I've Been a VERY Good Boy! (the ideal station) OUTER LIMITS JAN Pirate radio resources; British pirate crackdown; Dutch pirate Alfa Lima Intl Pirate Activity Still High; Shoech's QSL List; Black Arrow Radio;
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