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TABLE OF CONTENT 1. Generalities Sanctioning Courses «46K» Course «30K» Course «16K» Course «VZS» Course Substitution courses
TABLE OF CONTENT 1. Generalities Sanctioning Courses «46K» Course «30K» Course «16K» Course «VZS» Course Substitution courses Course and time limit modifications Signposting/Marking Entry conditions Participation Minimum age Categories Registration Entry fee Limited entries Course change / no show Race cancellation / course modification/ interruption Benefits Equipment Equipment Poles Competition Rules Timing Wearing the bib Behaviour on the course Withdrawal and disqualification Anti-doping Penalties Protest Results and Prize-giving Results Prize-giving Special Prizes Draw Organisation and Race Committee Organisation Race Committee MATTERHORN ULTRAKS TRAIL RULES & REGULATIONS 2015 VERSION 1.01 PAGE 2 / 14 11. Responsibility and Insurances Legal Provisions MATTERHORN ULTRAKS TRAIL RULES & REGULATIONS 2015 VERSION 1.01 PAGE 3 / 14 1. GENERALITIES Matterhorn Ultraks-Trail is an individual trail running competition that takes place in Zermatt every year. It took place for the first time on Saturday August 24, 2013 and will take place in 2017 on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 August. Matterhorn Ultraks offers competitors the opportunity of a personal challenge and an occasion to measure their level of performance against other competitors in a unique high-mountain setting. It also allows competitors to take advantage of a venue loaded with emotions and history through one of the four courses proposed. Matterhorn Ultraks is actively supported by the Zermatt local Council, the Zermatt Bourgeoisie, Zermatt Bergbahnen, Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn and Zermatt Tourist Office. 2. SANCTIONING The «16K» race of the Matterhorn Ultraks is an official race of the «Coupe valaisanne de la Montagne 2016» and in 2017 will bear the title of 13 th Wallis Championships The «46K» is an official race of the international circuit «Skyrunner World Series», SKY Catergorie. 3. COURSES Detailed plans of all courses, as well as profiles, are to be found on the website: All courses start and finish on Church Square in Zermatt (alt m). (exception: Finsih VZS at Sunnegga, m) Data being different depending on the source, here is a summary of the distances of the various courses. Composite Swisstopo Garmin Distance D+/D- Distance D+/D- Distance D+/D- «16K» 17 km 1'100 m 16.9 km 1'118 m 17.3 km 1'020 m «30K» 31.5 km 1'950 m 31.2 km 1'965 m 31.9 km 1'920 m «46K» 48 km 3'600 m km 3'449 m 48.4 km 3'665 m «VZS» 2.5 km 655 m 2.46 km 667 m WARNING: Do not rely exclusively on your watch s data. Indeed, depending on the weather and other factors, differences up to 5% must be considered. On a 48 km course, this can sum up to a difference of over 2km. MATTERHORN ULTRAKS TRAIL RULES & REGULATIONS 2015 VERSION 1.01 PAGE 4 / 14 3.1. «46K» Course Estimated length : 48 km VD+ : m ; VD- : 3'600 m Starting time :7:30 a.m. Colour code: Blue Aid Station Water Point Medical Check Point / Timing Time limit Zermatt (start) 1 605m Sunnegga 2 260m Gornergrat 3 130m Riffelalp 2 222m Furi 1 880m Schwarzsee 2 583m Trift 2 337m Zermatt (finish) 1 605m 1:00 p.m. 2:30 p.m. 6 :30 p.m «30K» Course Estimated length : 31.5 km VD+ : 1'950 m ; VD- : 1'950 m Starting time : 8:45 a.m. Colour code: Red Aid Station Water Point Medical Check Point / Timing Time limit Zermatt (start) 1 605m Sunnegga 2 260m Riffelalp 2 222m Furi 1 880m Schwarzsee 2 583m Zermatt (finish) 1 605m 1:00 p.m. 2:30 p.m. 6 :30 p.m. MATTERHORN ULTRAKS TRAIL RULES & REGULATIONS 2015 VERSION 1.01 PAGE 5 / 14 3.3. «16K» Course Estimated length : 17 km VD+ : 1'100 m ; VD- : m Starting time : 10:00 a.m. Colour code: Green Zermatt (start) 1 605m Sunnegga 2 260m Riffelalp 2 222m Zermatt (finish) 1 605m Aid Station Medical Timing/ Check point Time limit 6:30 pm 3.4. «VZS» Course Estimated length : 2.5 km VD+ : 655m ; VD- : 0m Starting time : Friday at 5:30 p.m.(tbc) Colour code: purple Aid Station Medical Timing/ Check point Time limit Zermatt (start) 1 605m Sunnegga 2 260m 3.5. Substitution courses In case weather conditions would prevent using the original courses, substitution courses will be used, if possible Course and time limit modifications In case of bad weather, and for safety reasons, the organisers are entitled to stop the race, to adapt the courses and/or checkpoints and/or time limits. All such decisions will be issued by the Race Committee Signposting/Marking Signposting and course marking explanations can be found online through the following link: MATTERHORN ULTRAKS TRAIL RULES & REGULATIONS 2015 VERSION 1.01 PAGE 6 / 14 4. ENTRY CONDITIONS 4.1. Participation The Trail race is an individual event Minimum age The persons fulfilling the following conditions can enter the competition: «16K» : Birth year 2002 or before ; «30K» : Birth year 1999 or before ; «46K» : Birth year 1999 or before; «VZS» : Birth year 2002 or before. Juniors: Races «VZS» and «16K» Exemptions Birth year between 1997 and The organisers keep the right to grant exemptions. Parental authorisation A written parental authorisation will be required for under-18 competitors. The form can be downloaded and must be filled, signed and presented to collect the bib. MATTERHORN ULTRAKS TRAIL RULES & REGULATIONS 2015 VERSION 1.01 PAGE 7 / 14 5. CATEGORIES «16K» «30K» «46K» «VZS» Men Overall Men I ( ) Men M30 ( ) Men M40 ( ) Men M50 ( ) Men M60+ (1957 or before) Women Overall Women I ( ) Women W30 ( ) Women W40 ( ) Women W50+ (1967 or before) Juniors Boys ( ) Juniors Girls ( ) MATTERHORN ULTRAKS TRAIL RULES & REGULATIONS 2015 VERSION 1.01 PAGE 8 / 14 6. REGISTRATION 6.1. Entry fee Prices per person, CHF (incl. 2.5% VAT) First 200 entries per race Fm 201 st to 500 th entry per race fm 501 st entry per race Junior «16K» «30K» «46K» «VZS» Subjec to available places, deadline for entries is set to Friday 18 August For «VZS» and the Kid s Race, that deadline is extended to Thursday 24 August However then, the name will not be printed on the bib Limited entries The organisers are entitled to limit the number of entries (per race or as a total of entries) Course change / no show Course change No Show A competitor can change course until Sunday, August 20, 2017 midnight. A change triggers the payment of the difference between the original entry fee and the new one at the time of change. No refund will be made, should the entry fee of the new course is lower than the fee originally paid. If a competitor cannot participate, he/she is entitled to give his/her slot to another person of his/her choice. Any change of name is free until 20 August For those who do not have a person to pass the slot and if and only if a race is full, then the organiser will organise a system so the waiting listed people can take advantage of cancellations. In such circumstances, a handling fee of 20% (minimum 15 CHF) will be retained from the person that cancelled the entry and the new competitor will be charged the fee corresponding to the 501 st entry and over. Exception made for the use of the exchange system described above, the entry fee will not be refunded in case a registered competitor does not participate for any reason. 2 From July 1, 2017 MATTERHORN ULTRAKS TRAIL RULES & REGULATIONS 2015 VERSION 1.01 PAGE 9 / 14 Insurance An optional insurance is made available during the online registration. This insurance covers exclusively the refund of the registration fee for the cases listed in the general conditions. ( 6.4. Race cancellation / course modification/ interruption 6.5. Benefits The entry fee will be refunded in the event the competition is cancelled by the organisers for reason other than safety or force majeure. The entry fee will not be refunded for cancellation due to safety or force majeure. No refund of the entry fee will apply in case of cancellation, modification of course or interruption of the competition for safety reasons (particularly bad weather) or force majeure. Each competitor will receive the following benefits: A bib number giving access to lifts and train for retired competitors who need to get back to Zermatt village 3 ; An electronic chip for timing (lend. If the chip is not returned, whatever the reason, then a lump sum of 75 CHF will be charged to the competitor) ; Aid stations supplies during the race ; After-race meal ; Access to medical service ; Showers at finish in Zermatt ; Left-luggage ; A souvenir-gift. A Finisher T-Shirt A commemorative medal. For the «VZS», in addition to the above : Transportation of a bag from the start in Zermatt to the finish in Sunnegga : Free access to lift to return to Zermatt. Anything not expressly mentioned here above is to be organised and borne by the competitors, including transportation, accommodation, food and beverage. 7. EQUIPMENT 7.1. Equipment The Race Committee does not impose any compulsory equipment. For the first time in 2017, we will not offer cups at aid stations any longer. Thus it is necessary for a runner to have its own reusable cup. Each competitor is responsible to evaluate what he/she must take along. It is however recommended to check the weather forecast in order to adjust the 3 This does not apply in any way to the Taesch-Zermatt Train. MATTERHORN ULTRAKS TRAIL RULES & REGULATIONS 2015 VERSION 1.01 PAGE 10 / 14 equipment accordingly. It is also recommended to take a long sleeve jacket and a survival blanket. A weather bulletin will be published the day before the race. It is also recommended to well study the positions of the aid stations and take with you sufficient quantity of food and drinks to join the next point Poles Poles are accepted on all courses. 8. COMPETITION RULES 8.1. Timing Starts are mass starts. Staggered starts can be organised in case of high number of competitors. Time starts at the gun Wearing the bib Each competitor must wear the bib number on the chest, the stomach or the right thigh during the whole race. The bib must be well visible (full surface and markings: number and sponsor). Bib number gives access to aid stations, medical support as well as all facilities and services dedicated to competitors (such as left luggage, showers, etc.) Behaviour on the course Competitors shall comply with the present Rules & Regulations (including annexes) and follow all instructions of the Race Committee. It is reminded that: Every competitor must observe the signposting/course marking; Even in the absence of a specific rule or instruction, competitors will take the appropriate measures required by the circumstances in order to avoid accidents, which may affect them, other competitors, organisers representatives or third parties on the course; Competitors have a duty to assist any person in danger or victim of an accident et to inform promptly the Race Committee of any accident by phone ( ) or to a course marshal (orange gilet); A competitor must give way should he be asked to do so; Competitors must respect the environment. No littering on the course; Any third party physical assistance is forbidden (pushing, pulling or carry ) 8.4. Withdrawal and disqualification A competitor might decide to withdraw or can be pulled out of the race by the Race Committee. Except in case of injuries, withdrawal can only take place at a check point. The competitor will then follow instructions from the Race Committee. A competitor that does not meet the time limits is to be considered as disqualified and will follow instructions from the Race Committee. MATTERHORN ULTRAKS TRAIL RULES & REGULATIONS 2015 VERSION 1.01 PAGE 11 / 14 8.5. Anti-doping The organisers draw competitors attention on the respect of the integrity and sport ethic rules. Competitors shall abstain from any doping practice. The list of forbidden substances and methods is the WADA list (in competition) in force at the time of the competition. ( The organisers reserve the right to conduct anti-doping tests. Competitors accept to submit to such tests Penalties Generalities Penalties will be imposed in case of breach of the Rules & Regulations by a competitor. All decisions related to penalties are made by the Race Committee and are final Penalties table Breach Refusal to comply to direct instructions from Race Committee; Positive anti-doping test. Other non-compliance to Rules & Regulations. Penalty Disqualification Five minutes de penalty by breach (can be added) Disqualification for severe breaches Retaining prizes Protest Protest shall be made in writing to the Race Committee at the latest 15 min after a competitor crosses the finish line. Past this deadline, a protest will no longer be admitted. Protest must be accompanied by a deposit of 100,- CHF that will be refunded if the protest is allowed. The deposit is not refunded if the protest is rejected. Decisions related to protests are final. 9. RESULTS AND PRIZE-GIVING 9.1. Results Rankings per category will be published on the website ( after the results are made final. In case of discontinuation of the race, ranking will be set according to times at the last check point. MATTERHORN ULTRAKS TRAIL RULES & REGULATIONS 2015 VERSION 1.01 PAGE 12 / 14 9.2. Prize-giving Prizes in kind will be awarded to the top ten competitors in categories Men Overall and Women Overall, to the top three for the Junior categories and to the winner for each category as per Article 4. A EUR prize money will be distributed for the «46K» race. These prizes will be awarded during a prize-giving ceremony, of which the schedule will be confirmed in due time. It is indispensable to be present at the prize-giving to receive the prize Special Prizes 9.4. Draw Special prizes may be awarded by sponsors based on intermediary timing. In order to win one of these prizes, the competitor must have finished the race. A draw for prizes will take place during the prize-giving ceremony. 10. ORGANISATION AND RACE COMMITTEE Organisation The Matterhorn Ultraks competition is organised by Ultraks SA in Geneva Race Committee Formation A Race Committee will be formed by the organisers. It will be made of four persons. Officials, such as guides, doctors, etc. that are present along the course must be considered as representatives of the Race Committee Sphere of competence Manage the competition, including changing or stopping the programme/course ; Enforce the Rules & Regulations ; Act as Jury in case of protest ; Take all decision commanded by the circumstances and that are not expressly covered by the Rules & Regulations. 11. RESPONSIBILITY AND INSURANCES Each competitor must be personally insured against accidents and other damages. Rescue costs in case of accident are not borne by the organisers. In case of need, the official mountain rescue service will be called to operate rescue operations and make decision regarding the engagement of necessary means, including helicopter. Costs resulting from rescue, including cost of transportation from the location where the person is transported, will be borne by the rescued person. It is the sole responsibility of the competitor to submit a claim in due time to his/her insurance. MATTERHORN ULTRAKS TRAIL RULES & REGULATIONS 2015 VERSION 1.01 PAGE 13 / 14 In case the organisers have to meet costs of the rescue, such costs will have to be reimbursed to the organisers by the competitor (or his/her insurance). 12. LEGAL PROVISIONS Competitors take part to the competition under their sole responsibility and at their own risks. Competitors waive any claim or recourse against the organisers, whatever the damage suffered. In case of accident, any liability of the organisers, its officers, employees, agents, auxiliaries, volunteers is expressly excluded to the full extent permitted by law. Each competitor expressly allows the organisers, as well as its licensees and cocontractors, such as media and sponsors, to use pictures and films of the competition, including its preparation and follow-up phases, where he/she could appear in the context of his/her participation to Matterhorn Ultraks, on any medium, including promotional and/or advertising documents and without limitation in time and space. Participation to the competition does not confer any rights to use the race for promotional or commercial purposes. Any communication on the competition or use of images of the race is forbidden subject to an express and written authorisation from the organisers. Matterhorn Ultraks is a registered trademark. In case of differences between the different versions of the Rules & Regulations, the French version shall be the prevailing one. Done in Zermatt, October 5, 2016 The organisers. Change Log MATTERHORN ULTRAKS TRAIL RULES & REGULATIONS 2015 VERSION 1.01 PAGE 14 / 14
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