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LIST OF ACCEPTED ABSTRACTS 1. RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES 1. A. I. Patonia (University of St Andrews, United Kingdom) SELF-SUFFICIENT RENEWBLE ENERGY COMMUNITIES: THE IMPORTANCE OF SOCIAL CAPITAL 2. L. Jasiūnas (Aalborg University, Denmark) THE POTENTIAL OF FUCUS VESICULOSUS SEAWEED AS A FEEDSTOCK FOR BIO- REFINERY INTEGRATED HYDROTHERMAL LIQUEFACTION 3. D. Čepauskienė, M. Valantinavičius (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania) EXPERIMENTAL STUDY ON ASH FUSION CHARACTERISTICS OF AGROMASS AND WOODY BIOMASS 4. A. N. Karnitski (The Institute of Power Engineering, Belarus) EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF THE PRODUCTION OF CARBON SORBENT WITH GRAIN HUSKS 5. V. Zaleskas, N. Pedišius (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania) INVESTIGATION OF PARTICULATE MATTER EMMITED FROM SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE BOILERS SIZE DISTRIBUTION 6. A. Karnaushenko, E. Shestova (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia) THE POTENTIAL OF THE LIVESTOCK FARMS AS A SOURCE OF ENERGY (EVIDENCE FROM THE BELGOROD REGION) 7. M. Praspaliauskas, N. Striūgas (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania) HEAVY METAL DISTRIBUTION IN RESIDUAL PYROLYSIS PRODUCTS OF ANAEROBICALLY DIGESTED SEWAGE SLUDGE 8. M. Ruduks, A. Lešinskis (Latvia University of Agriculture, Latvia) GENERATION OF A TEST REFERENCE YEAR FOR DAUGAVPILS, LATVIA 9. V. Zimnickas, G. Gecevičius, A. Markevičius (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania) A LITERATURE REVIEW OF SMALL WIND TURBINES USAGE IN URBAN AREAS 10. A. Mockutė (University of Florence, Italy) NEED FOR ADVANCING THE WAVE LOAD MODELLING ON MONOPILE OFFSHORE WIND TURBINES 11. G. Gecevičius, M. Marčiukaitis, V. Zimnickas (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania), G. Gecevičius (Kauno Kolegija, University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania) NOVEL APPLICATION OF STATISTICAL AND PHYSICAL METHODS FOR WIND POWER PREDICTION IN LITHUANIA 12. M. Savenets, I. Dvoretska (Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute, Ukraine), G. Kruchenitsky (Central Aerological Observatory, Russia) LONG-TERM UPPER WIND DYNAMICS: VARIABILITY AND TRENDS 2. ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND RELIABILITY 13. Y. Salehy, P. Clain (Léonard de Vinci Pôle Universitaire, Research Center, France), A. Boufares, V. Osswald, A. Delahaye, L. Fournaison (Irstea GPAN, France) RHEOLOGICAL STUDY ON CO 2 HYDRATE SLURRIES 14. V. Varanavicius (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania) THE CHALLENGE OF GREEN CONSUMPTION BEHAVIORS 15. V. A. Voloshchuk (National Technical University of Ukraine, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine) ADVANCED EXERGETIC ANALYSIS OF A HEAT PUMP PROVIDING SPACE HEATING IN BUILT ENVIRONMENT 16. A. Zuoza (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania), V. Pilinkienė (Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania) INFLUENCE OF THE COUNTRY S ECONOMIC STRUCTURE ON ENERGY EFFICIENCY 3. SMART ENERGY NETWORKS 17. B. Pichon, P. Clain (Léonard de Vinci Pôle Universitaire, Research Center, France), H.M. Hoang, T. Dufour, A. Delahaye, L. Fournaison (Irstea GPAN, France) REVIEW OF THERMAL ENERGY STORAGE TECHNOLOGIES INTEGRATION IN SMART GRID 18. I. Dimoulkas, M. Amelin (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden) A MONTE CARLO BASED APPROACH OF DISTRICT HEATING SYSTEM SHORT-TERM OPERATION 19. Z. Nehai, G. Guerard (Léonard de Vinci Pôle Universitaire, Research Centre, France) PEER-TO-PEER ENERGY TRANSACTION USING SMART CONTRACT 20. R. Liepniece, S. Vitolina, J. Marks (Riga Technical University, Latvia) STUDY OF APPROACHES TO INCIPIENT FAULT DETECTION IN POWER TRANSFORMER BY USING DISSOLVED GAS ANALYSIS 21. E. Cathelineau, L-N. Levy, G. Guerard (Léonard de Vinci Pôle Universitaire, Research Center, France) SMART GRID: FROM RAW DATA TO A DIGITAL MODEL 22. V. O. Antonenko (Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF ELEMENT COMPOSITION, ASH MELTING BEHAVIOUR, CHEMICAL COMPOSITION AND NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF UKRAINIAN CORN STRAW 4. ENERGY ECONOMICS AND POLICY 23. I. Ališauskaitė-Šeškienė (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania) THE EVALUATION OF LITHUANIAN HOUSEHOLDS WILLINGNESS TO PAY FOR MICROGENERATION TECHNOLOGY 24. N. Maghradze (Georgian Technical University, Georgia) IMPLEMENTATION OF EU DIRECTIVES IN GEORGIAN ELECTRICITY MARKET 25. P. Mačiulis (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania) ANALYSIS OF THE APPLICATION OF RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES FOR ROAD PUBLIC TRANSPORT 26. V. V. Klimenko, E. V. Kasilova, A. G. Tereshin (Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia) ESTIMATION OF INTEGRAL IMPACTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON RUSSIAN ENERGY SYSTEM 5. HYDROGEN ENERGY AND FUEL CELL TECHNOLOGIES 27. M. Urbonavičius, D. Girdzevičius, Š. Varnagiris, D. Milčius (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania) THE POSSIBLE REDUCTION OF ALUMINUM HYDROXIDE/OXIDE IN HYDROGEN GAS PLASMA 28. D. Milčius (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania), J. R. Díaz Ordaz (Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania) NI-NACL NANOPOWDERS PRODUCTION USING MAGNETRON SPUTTERING 29. D. Girdzevičius, D. Milčius, M. Urbonavičius, Š. Varnagiris (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania) ATTEMPT TO REGENERATE Mg(OH) 2 /MgO TO Mg UNDER HYDROGEN PLASMA CONDITIONS 6. FUSION ENERGY 30. D. Cruz, R. Vila (CIEMAT National Fusion Laboratory, Spain), B. Gómez-Ferrer (Université et INSA de Rouen, France) DIELECTRIC PROPERTIES OF ALUMINA CERAMICS FOR FUSION APPLICATIONS 31. A. Tidikas, G. Stankūnas (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania) INFLUENCE OF BREEDER BLANKET MODULE SIZE VARIATION ON NEUTRON ACTIVATION INVENTORIES 7. NUCLEAR FISSION AND RADIATION PROTECTION 32. M. V.Frankova, M.P. Vyshemirskyi (State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Ukraine) DEVELOPMENT OF VVER-1000/V320 MODEL FOR SEVERE ACCIDENT ANALYSIS WITH ATHLET-CD CODE 33. A. Graževičius (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania) modelling of pool heat-up experiment using ansys fluent 34. E. Lagzdina, D. Lingis, A. Plukis, R. Plukienė, J. Garankin, V. Remeikis (Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania) EVALUATION OF THE POINT DEFECTS PRODUCTION IN NEUTRON IRRADIATED RBMK-1500 GRAPHITE 8. COMBUSTION AND PLASMA PROCESSES 35. D. Gimžauskaitė, A. Tamošiūnas, V. Snapkauskienė, P. Valatkevičius, V. Valinčius (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania) REMEDIATION OF PETROLEUM HYDROCARBONS CONTAMINATED SOIL USING WATER VAPOR PLASMA 36. A. Liavonchyk, V. Sauchyn, H. Dalholenka, D. Skamarokhau, I. Khvedchyn, N. Sabirau (A. V. Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute, Belarus) TWO-STAGE TECHNOLOGY FOR TREATMENT OF WASTE WITH HIGH CONTENT OF ORGANIC 37. A. Šuopys, L. Marcinauskas (Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania), L. Marcinauskas, M. Milieška, R. Kėželis, M. Aikas (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania), J. Rodrigues (PSA Plataforma Solar de Almeria, CIEMAT Centro de Investigiones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas, Spain) THE EFFECT OF HEAT TREATMENT ON THE STRUCTURE OF ALUMINA COATINGS 38. A. Stankevičiūtė, A. Iljinas (Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania), F. Kalyk (Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, Kazakhstan) INVESTIGATION OF THE MAGNETRON SYSTEM CONDITION AND ITS MAGNETIC PROPERTIES 39. V. Dovydaitis, L. Marcinauskas, M. Černauskas (Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania), M. Milieška, M. Aikas (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania), M. Černauskas (Vilnius University, Lithuania) INVESTIGATION OF ARGON-ACETYLENE PLASMA USING OPTICAL EMISSION SPECTROMETRY 40. Yu. V. Kovtun, Y.V. Siusko, A.I. Skibenko, E.I. Skibenko (National Science Center, Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology, Ukraine) REFRACTION OF MICROWAVES IN AN INHOMOGENEOUS GAS-METAL ROTATING PLASMA 41. L. Vorotinskienė, N. Striūgas (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania) INVESTIGATION OF THE BIOFUEL DRYING INTENSIFICATION BY EXPERIMENTS IMITATING THE FURNACE OPERATIONAL PROCESSES 42. Yu. V. Kovtun (National Science Center, Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology, Ukraine) CALCULATION AND COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF THE MEAN ENERGY EXPENDED PER ION PAIR BY ELECTRONS IN WATER AND HYDROXYL RADICAL 43. M. Sadeckas, N. Striūgas (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania) FLAME CHEMILUMINESCENCE AND RADICALS EMISSION RESEARCH DURING COMBUSTION OF SINGLE BIOMASS PARTICLE 9. THERMAL PHYSICS, FLUID MECHANICS AND METROLOGY 44. M. Maziukiene, G. Miliauskas (Kaunas University of Technologies, Lithuania), (V. Ramanauskas UAB Enerstena, Lithuania) THE COMBINED TRANSIT PROCESSES OF HEAT TRANSFER AND PHASE TRANSFORMATIONS OF SPRAYED WATER IN BIOFUEL TECHNOLOGIES 45. E. Misiulis, A. Džiugys (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania) AN INVESTIGATION OF THE BALANCE PRINCIPLE IMPLEMENTED BY NON-INVASIVE INTRACRANIAL PRESSURE MEASUREMENT METHOD BY MEANS OF COMPUTATIONAL MODEL 46. M. Dussouillez, S. Yahiaoui (Léonard de Vinci Pôle Universitaire, Research Center, France) STUDY AND MODELLING OF THE TURBULENT FLUID FLOW IN A PVC INDUSTRIAL REACTOR 47. P. Vilkinis, N. Pedišius (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania) INVESTIGATION OF PULSATING FLOW IN OPEN-TYPE MICROCAVITY 10. MATERIALS SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY 48. M.Üürike, N. Maticiuc (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia) INFLUENCE OF ph ON THE HYDROXIDE IMPURITIES IN CHEMICALLY DEPOSITED CdS THIN FILM 49. Š. Varnagiris, M. Urbonavičius, D. Girdzevičius, D. Milčius (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania), S. Sakalauskaitė (Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania) PHOTOCATALYTIC PROPERTIES OF TiO 2 COATED NON-EXPANDED POLYSTYRENE BEADS 50. J. S. Eensalu, M. Krunks, I. Gromyko, A. Katerski, A. Mere, V. Mikli (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia) A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF AL DOPED ZINC OXIDE THIN FILMS DEPOSITED FROM ZINC ACETATE AND ZINC ACETYLACETONATE BY SPRAY PYROLYSIS 51. J. Cipa, G. Kizane, A. Zolotarjovs (University of Latvia), A. Zarins (Daugavpils University, Latvia) LUMINESCENCE OF X-RAY INDUCED RADIATION DEFECTS IN MODIFIED LITHIUM ORTHOSILICATE PEBBLES WITH ADDITIONS OF TITANIUM DIOXIDE 52. J. Garankin, A. Plukis, E. Lagzdina (Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania) THERMAL NEUTRON DETECTION USING THIN PEN FILM DOPED WITH HIGH CROSS SECTION MATERIALS 53. R. Janulionis (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania) NUMERICAL INVESTIGATION OF J-INTEGRAL 54. D.R. Zhydyk, YA.P. Cherniak, O.P. Shugailo (State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Ukraine) IMPROVEMENT OF IMAGING ALGORITHMS TO INCREASE THE RELIABILITY OF ULTRASONIC INSPECTION RESULTS FOR NPP EQUIPMENT 55. A. J. Allamuratova, A. U. Erkaev (Tashkent Chemical Technological Institute, Uzbekistan), A. M. Reymov (Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Uzbekistan) TECHNOLOGY OF PHOSPHORUS CONTAINING FERTILIZERS FROM CENTRAL KYZYL KUM PHOSPHORITES 56. V. Rudelis, T. Dambrauskas, K. Baltakys (Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania) PECULIARITIES OF F- IONS LEACHING FROM WASTE SILICA GEL IN STATIC AND DYNAMIC CONDITIONS 11. GLOBAL CHANGE AND ECOSYSTEMS 57. L. Pysarenko (Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute, Ukraine) THE SUM OF ACTIVE TEMPERATURES AND THEIR LONG-TERM CHANGES IN UKRAINE 58. V. Akstinas (Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania) IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE SCENARIOS AND STATISTICAL DOWNSCALING METHODS ON PROJECTIONS OF METEOROLOGICAL PARAMETERS OVER LITHUANIA 59. O. Shchehlov (Ukrainian Hydrometeorology Institute, Ukraine) CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACT ON EFFICIENCY OF USAGE A ROOFTOP RAINWATER HARVESTING SYSTEMS OVER THE TERRITORY OF UKRAINE 12. CROSS-CUTTING ENERGY ISSUES 60. J. Lunytė (University of Oslo, Norway) ENERGY TRANSITION IMPACT ON LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS (LNG) SECTOR 61. P. Bertheau (Reiner Lemoine Institut ggmbh, Germany) PROJECTION OF RURAL ELECTRICITY DEMANDS FOR NIGERIA
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