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U alw NEWSLETTER Issue 12: May 2010 Letter from the editor Over the past two months, Animals Taiwan has hosted and participated in several events, such as the 446 Love Animal Day as an supporting organization
U alw NEWSLETTER Issue 12: May 2010 Letter from the editor Over the past two months, Animals Taiwan has hosted and participated in several events, such as the 446 Love Animal Day as an supporting organization to this Taipei City Government event. Our three-legged dogs are also featured in the latest anti-trap short film produced by the Taipei City Government to educate the public about the dangers of animal traps not only to animals, but to humans as well. Animals Taiwan has also been busy working with the Animal Protection Bureau in rescuing 17 small breed dogs from a back garden breeder. We have re-homed all of the dogs, except for the remaining four that are currently staying at the rescue center. Animals Taiwan currently has a small jeep in which we use to do all our animal rescues, vet visits and event runs. Unfortunately, due to the size of the vehicle, we are limited to only transporting one or two dogs at a time. We are now looking for a bigger automatic van with a 2500cc capacity to allow to help more injured animals and to perform CNR (catch-neuter-return) around the island. If you or anyone you know may be willing to sponsor our new van, please contact Liza Milne at Animals Taiwan is 100% funded by private and corporate donors. We are very grateful for the generous contributions from our friends and supporters. As such, we know how important it is for all our donors to fully understand how we are using these donations. All our monthly financials can be viewed and downloaded from the Animals Taiwan website at: Sincerely, Lilian Lim Newsletter Editor Become an Animals Taiwan Fan! CONTENTS Volunteering 2 Adoptions 3 Become a Member 3 Rescues 4 Recent Events 5 In the News 6 Happy Tails 7 Dog of the Month 8 Volunteer of the Month 9 Make a donation 10 Sponsor an animal 10 ANIMALS TAIWAN NEWSLETTER Page 2 Adoptions Volunteering Several animals have been adopted over the last two months. Here are a few of the lucky Overnight Volunteer Needed (Free Boarding) animals with their new parents. Over the last 2 years, Animals Taiwan was fortunate to have a volunteer stay in the upstairs studio at the rescue center to help take care of our dogs and cats at night. At the end of June, this volunteer Nio Nio has come a long way since being rescued off the street will be returning to the US and we will need a new volunteer to take over the task. If you are with serious skin disease and leg joint problems. Originally interested, please contact Rita Chen at or call (02) Below are the with no fur on her body, Nio Nio now has a nice new black responsibilities and living arrangements: coat. Responsibilities and Requirements: 1. When you return to the center at night, check to see if every dog and cat is safe and complete the inspection list. (In the beginning, the volunteer does not have to let the dogs out at night from their indoor rooms to the outdoor pens, but as the volunteer becomes familiar with the animals, AT will decide if the volunteer will be able to do so). 2. You will sometimes have to assist with the feeding and application of medicine. 3. Please do not complain about dog barking. 4. Must love dogs and cats. 5. Must live at the center for atleast one year. 6. Willing to communicate with people. 7. Must sign a contract to live at the center. Living arrangements: 1. One bedroom, one bathroom and one balcony 2. No electrical appliances available (ie. washing machine, air conditioner, television) 3. Volunteer must pay for water and electricity bill. 4. Free internet connection. 5. Free gas and hot water. 6. Free usage of refrigerator, oven and microwave in office kitchen. 7. Free boarding; no rent. 8. The cat quarantine room is next to the bedroom, so volunteer must be okay with people walking by to take care of the cats during day time. Volunteer Writers for Newsletter Committee Animals Taiwan is in need of volunteer writers to help put together monthly newsletters. Each volunteer may be in charge of one topic, such as Dog of the Month, Volunteer of the Month, Rescues, Adoptions, Happy Tails, etc. We also need a volunteer to help gather all articles and format into a newsletter. If you are interested in joining the Newsletter Committee, please contact Lilian at Page 3 ANIMALS TAIWAN NEWSLETTER Adoptions Adoptions Congratulations to POSH, MARBLE, MAY BROWN Here who are havea recently found Several animals have been adopted over theand lastmiss two months. few of the lucky their forever homes! animals with their new parents. Nio Nio has come a long way since being rescued off the street with serious skin disease and leg joint problems. Originally with no fur on her body, Nio Nio now has a nice new black coat. Marble May Posh Miss Brown Become a Member If you re interested in improving the lives of animals in Taiwan, and want to help drive the organization in the right direction, please become our member. As an Animals Taiwan member, you will receive a member card and enjoy a 20% discount on purchases from the rescue center. Become a member today and get one World Animal Day t-shirt for free! Only 50 t-shirts left! To find out how to become a member, please visit the AT website at: Page 4 ANIMALS TAIWAN NEWSLETTER Rescues Below are a few of the animals that Animals Taiwan has rescued over the last two months. WARNING: Some of these photos may be graphic. Jilly is a 20 year old dog rescued from a car accident with multiple leg wounds. Jilly can no longer walk because of his age, so the center staff use a special harness to pick him up everyday to help him exercise. Otis lost both his hind legs after getting caught in a gin trap. He is also blind in one eye. Otis is recovering well at the rescue center and is now comfortable using a wheelchair. Datoe is a paralyzed Chihuahua rescued on the streets of Taipei. He has undergone surgery and is now recovering in a foster home. Jilly Scooter is a severely malnourished Labrador found by a lady in Xindian. Animals Taiwan got Scooter neutered, vaccinated and also helped him find a permanent home. 17 small breed dogs were rescued from a back garden breeder in Muzha. These dogs were kept in dirty and small cages without fresh water. Animals Taiwan has found homes for all of them except for the remaining 4 dogs. If you are interested in fostering or adopting, please contact the rescue center. Otis Datoe One of the Chihuahuas rescued from back garden breeder Scooter Page 5 ANIMALS TAIWAN NEWSLETTER Recent Events 2010 Care for Animal Life Musical, March 11~13, 19, 20th Animals Taiwan hosted and participated in the five-day Animal Life Musical to educate the public about responsible pet ownership and animal compassion. For more photos of the musical, please visit l=awq9mtm=. Care for Animal Life Musical Adoption TAS, April 10th - Animals Taiwan held an animal adoption and fundraising event at the Taipei American School Spring Fair. For more photos of the event, please visit l=awq9mty=. 446 Love Animal Day, April 24th Animals Taiwan participated in the first annual 2010 Love Animal Day event at Taipei City Hall Plaza. Starting this year, the Taipei City Government has chosen the fourth Saturday of the month of April to be the 446 Love Animal Day. Because AT was the first animal group in Taiwan to hold a big event for last year s World Animal Day, and the first to organize a dogathon, the Animal Protection Bureau has chosen us as this event s supporting organization. AT had a dog walkathon team of 23 dogs, two adoption and merchandise booths and supplied 82 volunteers for the dogathon event. For more photos, please visit l=awq9mtq=. Fundraising Pub Carnegie s, May 2nd Animals Taiwan organized a fun night of trivia to fundraise for the stray animals of Taiwan. The pub quiz was hosted by celebrity Ivy Hsu and Carnegie s owner Kevin. A big thank you to our sponsors. For more photos of the pub quiz, please visit l=awq9mtu=. Adoption TAS Spring Fair AT dogathon Love Animal Day Fundraising Pub Carnegie s ANIMALS TAIWAN NEWSLETTER Page 6 In the News Dog Animals of the Month Previous Taiwan Board of Director and animal activist Faye Angevine was recently injured by an animal trap and calls press conference. Please read below news report. Government should enforce the law banning animal traps: dog lover The China Post, April 3, 2010 Taipei, Taiwan The government must enforce an existing law banning animal traps as the devices are still continuing to injure animals and people, said a dog lover yesterday. Faye Angevine, an American animal rights activist, said she and five of her dogs had fallen victim to illegal animal traps. She said her fifth dog was injured March 7, and she herself was hurt last Friday, both in Taipei s Yangmingshan area. Between July 2008 and July 2009, 141 cases of illegal animal traps were reported in Taipei, of which 98 resulted in trapped animals being amputated, according to figures from Animals Taiwan, a group devoted to caring injured stray dogs and cats. To read full article, please go to: Taipei City Government Produces Anti-Trap Video On April 15th, Animals Taiwan Executive Director Rosa Huang brought Animals Taiwan three-legged dogs Xiao Huang and Molly to a press conference regarding the latest educational video on leg traps. Three AT dogs, Xiao Huang, Molly and Nanook are part of the anti-trap video. To view the anti-trap video, please go to: ANIMALS TAIWAN NEWSLETTER Page 7 Happy Tails Written by: Polly Tripp I started fostering Ricky in August last year and almost immediately I realized I could never be without him. At the beginning of this year I decided to adopt him because I couldn t stand the thought of him being taken away and someone else having him. Ricky is a quiet but very loving dog. He almost never barks (except at cats) and he always sits next to me on the couch and lays his head on my lap and pushes my hands with his nose, looking for attention. He loves his bed and has a strange habit of sucking and chewing it, especially after we come home from a walk. When Ricky first came home he was quite relaxed, but it took a while for him to settle down and to get used to his new surroundings, both inside and out. For the first few nights he slept on the floor next to my bed and followed me around but after a while he started to sleep on his new bed. Ricky actually turned out to be house-trained, which was a great relief, but for the first few days he was a bit hesitant about peeing outside probably scared of being new in the neighborhood dogs territory. Magic in his new home Now Ricky is a relaxed, loving, playful, happy dog. He s a wonderful companion, friend and pet to both my boyfriend and I. He s always happy when I come home from work and comes to greet me at the door with his funny, short tail, wagging non-stop. He loves going for walks and gets excited and jumps about as soon as we step out the front door. He also loves playing with his toys and playing with his bed. He doesn t like other dogs that much. Sometimes he tries to run away from them when they come up to him, and the fur on his back stands up on end, but most times he just sniffs them and walks away. I think he prefers the company of people. When we go to visit my boyfriend s parents in Nantou, Ricky comes with us. In Nantou, he gets to run around in the mountains and is even friendly with the other dogs. Sometimes a chicken wanders into Ricky s bed and sits there and Ricky barks and barks at the chicken until somebody comes to move it out of his bed. When we go on vacation, Ricky goes on his own vacation to Nantou. hows of his I m the king of the world pose Adopting Ricky is one of the best decisions I ever made. Now he s mine forever and I look forward to many long and happy years together with him. Thank you Animals Taiwan. ANIMALS TAIWAN NEWSLETTER Page 8 Dog of D the Month In each issue of the newsletter, we would like to highlight a dog or cat that we think would be particularly suitable for adoption. Obviously, we love all our animals and urge you to visit our website or visit the rescue center if you are thinking about adoption. In the meantime, if you or anyone you know is thinking of adopting a dog, please consider adopting Steinly. Steinly Hi, my name is Steinly, it means rock in German! I previously had a serious case of heartworm, as such, my tummy became really big like a rock, and that s how I got my name. My tummy was so big that I couldn t even walk anymore. Luckily, a very kind-hearted girl spotted me and called Animals Taiwan to rescue me. After a period of taking medication, I am all better now, and my tummy has returned to normal too! I almost thought that I would never be able to see my hind legs again! I ve made such huge progress since coming to Animals Taiwan. In the beginning, I was afraid of people and didn t let anyone touch me. But now look at me! I love snuggling up to people and always demand your full attention by putting my head on your lap or scratching you lightly with my paws! I really am a very well-behaved, quiet and affectionate dog. I also walk very well on the leash! If you re looking for a loyal and affectionate dog, please consider giving Steinly a permanent or temporary loving home. Please contact the AT Adoptions Team at For those who cannot adopt or foster an animal but would still like to help Steinly, please consider sponsoring Steinly. To sponsor Steinly, please visit the following URL: w.php?url=awq9odqmcgv0x3r5cgu9mq= =#imgs. ANIMALS TAIWAN NEWSLETTER Page 9 Volunteer of the Month APRIL FONG I had moved to Taipei from Vancouver, Canada at the end of 2006; it was soon after I had engaged to my now husband. When I arrived, there were many things different from what I was used to. One of them was the surprisingly large number of stray animals roaming the city streets. I ve always loved animals, though, I ve never had any pets growing up Something I promised to change once I had my own home! (I now have two beloved dogs, Latte & Johnnie.) It always bothered me when I saw stray dogs and cats on the streets, wandering aimlessly. To me, they looked like lost children, hungry and helpless. April with her adopted dog Latte It was three years ago when I first heard about Animals Taiwan - I went to Grandma Nitti s and saw one of AT s postcards. It was an adorable picture of a cat that caught my eye. When I went home, I goggled AT and was immediately attracted to the culture, and the mission of this Association. At first, I volunteered occasionally at the rescue centre by walking dogs in the afternoon. It was not until early this year that I became more committed, and began helping on a more routine basis. Currently, as the English Volunteer Co-ordinator at AT, I help with arranging volunteers to help at events, or translations; I also help reply volunteer inquiries. Helping at AT, gives me a peace of mind knowing that I m not sitting on my hands and just talking about all the poor animals on the streets. It empowers me to feel like I am doing something to help make a difference for something I feel strongly about. Animals do not need our pity, but far from that, they just need our love and care. As with all things in life, facing the problem can be overwhelming. But each little step we make helps to better the situation slowly but surely is the key. As I ve become more involved, I ve realized that everything that each volunteer does helps to run the engine needed to support these animals. Be it translating a Chinese article, walking a dog, or helping at an event, these all contribute to AT being able to operate, and function with the main goal of bettering the welfare of all animals. There are so many rewarding moments I have been blessed with since volunteering at AT and I continue to look forward to contributing what I can to such a worthwhile cause. ANIMALS TAIWAN NEWSLETTER Page 10 Make a Donation Donations are most welcome as we are continuously growing and in need of additional funds to improve the rescue center and develop in the areas of rescues, adoptions, CNR and education. Every dollar donated will help us grow further and realize our mission. To make a donation: 1) Bank Transfers: Mega Bank (Code 017), Lan-Ya Branch A/C Number A/C Name: Animals Taiwan Association 2) PayPal: Pay via the internet to 3) Online Credit Card: Pay online or download a credit card authorization form via Note: For those wishing an official, tax-deductable receipt from Animals Taiwan for your generous donation, please remember to send your name and mailing address to Sponsor an Animal Sponsoring an animal requires a monthly commitment of just NT$500 or US$15. Your contribution will mainly cover the medical expenses and will ensure a safe environment until he/she finds a permanent loving home. By sponsoring an animal you will receive a sponsorship certificate and receive periodic updates informing you of your sponsored animal s progress. You are encouraged to visit your sponsored animal and perhaps take them home on the weekends. Join our sponsorship program and feel the joy of helping a needy animal! To find out more about becoming an AT sponsor, please visit the sponsorship section of our website at:
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