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Lesson Plan Template 2016 SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES LESSON PLAN HPE1202 LESSON ORGANISATION (based on Australian Curriculum: Health & Physical Education) Intention: At the completion of the lesson students should be able to correctly execute passing, attacking and defensive skills in a game like situation. They should be confident in all asp
  Lesson Plan Template 2016  SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCESLESSON PLAN HPE1202 LESSON ORGANISATION (based on Australian Curriulu! Healt# $ P#%sial Eduation&Intention    At the completion of the lesson students should be able to correctly execute passing, attacking and defensive skills in a game like situation. They should be confident in all aspects of the game and understand basic rules and strategies. Pre'lesson oranisation  - Ensure all balls are pumped and equipment is in an easily accessible area E)ui*!ent -1x netballs- x sets of bibs Learnin Area Outo!es !ear #etball $rogram Strand  %ovement and $hysical Activity &%$A' Sub'Strand %oving our body &%(', )earning through movement &)%'  Fous Areas  Active $lay and %inor *ames &A$', +undamental %ovement kills &+%', *ames and port &*' Ti!eTas+(s& &hat students do' Obser,ations &hat to look for' Tas+ -anae!ent &%anagement of tudent *roup' // .einnin lass oranisation ' (ring the class into a stationary point ' plit the class into pairs ' *ive a brief explanation of the 0arm up drill and a demonstration using one of the pairs Lesson Plan Template 2016  / /ar! * %na!i Partner Passin ã $layers pair up ã $artner 1 stands on the base line ã $artner  stands m in front of them, facing to0ards them ã $artner 1 is the 0orker and $artner  the feeder  ã hilst running back0ards, $artner  0ill feed various types of passes to $artner 1 &lobs, bounce passes, chest passes' ã $artner 1 must catch the ball, make sure they do not step, and pass it back ã 2rill continues until pairs reachthe end of the court ã $layers s0itch roles on the 0ay back do0n the court  All students are moving and participating and are not stepping. Teacher is positioned at the end of the court and is moving bet0een the pairs 1/ .ridin oranisation' 3 0histles to signal completion of 0arm up '  Ask students to number off in their pairs 1 and  ' *et students to collect all netballs and come and sit do0n in 14s and 4s in preparation for the first drill ' *o over the 5T$4s of passing, defending and attacking ' *et  students to give a demonstration of the drill ' (egin the game 0ith all students Lesson Plan Template 2016  1 -odiied Ga!e 1 Nu!bers Netball ã T0o even teams, depending on the numbers the game can be played in a half court or &0ith large numbers' extendedto a full court ã Each team stands on oppositesideline and each player receives a number &0ith a corresponding number on the other team ã T0o numbers are randomly called &for example numbers 16 7' ã The t0o players from each team run into the playing area ã  All players remain along the sideline ã The first number called &in thisexample 1' are the only players able to contest the firstball &may be thro0n or rolled by teacher8coach' ã The team 0ho gain possession becomes the attackers 0hilst the other defending team tries to intercept the ball. All netball rules can apply. ã There are a number of passing and scoring ,ariations - 9f t0o attacking players are able to make 7 consecutive passes 0ithout the ball being intercepted their team scores one point - 9f the t0o attacking players areable to pass the ball into the goal circle they score t0o points and an additional point if they score a goal - 9f playing half-court both teams are shooting to0ards the same goal ring, therefore, if the ball is intercepted the defending team becomes the attacking team but before attempting a goal they must first pass the ball back to the coach8teacher on the transverse line - :oach can call a varying number of passes - Each variation can be extended to include at least onpass to the sideline players ontheir team  Act as an umpire in this game%ake sure all students are displaying the correct technique Lesson Plan Template 2016
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