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193 Coffeehouse 50 Lower College Road Kingston, RI 02881 News Release For immediate Release FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT Feb. 14, 2016 Jarrod Hol Director of Social Media 193deg
  193 Coffeehouse50 Lower College RoadKingston, RI 02881 News Release For immediate Release FR !R I#FR!$%I#, C#%$C%Fe&' 1(, 201) *arrod +ol ire-tor of .o-ial!edia 193degree'e/entsgmail'-om  193 Coffeehouse to host special event KI#.%#, RI 193 Coffeehouse, a -offee house at the ni/ersit4 of Rhode Island, is hosting an oen mi- night on Fe&ruar4 1)' %he e/ent will start at 6730 'm' in the RI !emorial nion and -ontinue throughout the night' a-h erformer has the otion to sing, re-ite oetr4 or do standu -omed4'  /ents lie our oen mi- night -reate a rare en/ironment that 4ou ha/e to e:erien-e to &elie/e; /er4one is so suorti/e and a--eting of ea-h other< whi-h is  art of the reason we ee hosting them= *arrod +ol, an emlo4ee at 193 Coffeehouse, stated'>erformers -an -hose their t4e of erforman-e' a-h erformer is limited to three songs or ten minutes total' Coffee and tea are a/aila&le for during mi- night for  erformers and audien-e mem&ers' 193 Coffeehouse is a student run -afe that is lo-ated in the !emorial nion at the ni/ersit4 of Rhode Island' It is nown for its   ?1   -offees and teas' It has re-entl4 made a shift towards &eing more en/ironmentall4 -ons-ious' It rela-ed lasti- straws with aer and &egun to -omost all waste' %he -offeehouse worers ride themsel/es on -reating a  -hill= and a--eting en/ironment for all -ustomers' %he emlo4ees host e/ents su-h as oen mi- night or art shows at least on-e a month' @@@
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