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JHCSC Grading System Final Documentation
  JOSEFINA HERRERA CERILLES STATE COLLEGE MOLAVE – ESU GRADE   RECORDINGMANAGEMENT SYSTEM  A Capstone Projectpresented to the Faculty of theCollege of Information Technology, JHCSC – ola!e S#In Partial Fulfillment of the $e%uirements for the degree &achelor of Science in Information Technology&y$a%ue angao$eymar' &alus(eraldine m)oySalter Trinidad ngr* Francis Jason Frederic' C* $e!il Ad!iser arch, +-.  Josefa Herrera Cerilles State College – Molave ESUPage 1  Chapter I 1.INTRODUCTION Computers ha!e changed the /orld and are here to stay* They ha!e changedpeople li!es not only in e!erything they do* &ut also they changed daily acti!ities,and lot more* Computers are used as storage and management of data0 they canser!e as huge 'no/ledge )ases and can )e harnessed for all sorts of transactionsdue to their processing po/er and storage capacities* As computers are a dailyutility, they ha!e gained immense importance in day1to1day life* Their increasingutility has made e!ery )usiness organi2ation and educational institutions s/itch frompaper1)ased to automated systems* The mo!e from paper1)ased record systems to automated systems, or theupgrade of e3isting automated systems, means that there is a greater chance thatinformation /ill )e readily a!aila)le /hen important decisions must )e made a)outimpro!ing educational ser!ices* A /ell1designed student record system ensures thatdata are readily a!aila)le to manage the education system efficiently and toeffecti!ely meet the needs of students* 4ne of so many pro)lems encountered )y students is the time they spend ingetting their grades in the $egistrar 4ffice* In front of the $egistrar5s office, a cro/dof student can )e seen /ho are /aiting for the release of their grades*(rading systems are designed to pro!ide incenti!es for achie!ement andassist in identifying pro)lem areas of a student* It is the most commonly used meansof analy2ing student performance, talents and s'ills* Students5 grades are !italinformation needed in ad!ancing to the ne3t grade6year le!el and its accuracy is !eryimportant* any teachers feel that the time they ta'e in recording and computing for thegrades of their students is time that could )e )etter spent else/here, li'e preparinglessons, researching or meeting /ith their students* 7ith the ad!ent of computer technology, more and more schools are ta'ing ad!antage of a !ariety of gradingsystems a!aila)le )oth off1line and online that can help sa!e time on administrati!e  Josefa Herrera Cerilles State College – Molave ESUPage 2  tas's and gi!e teachers more time to attend to other important functions* Ho/e!er, agreater majority, especially small schools, go!ernment schools, and schools inremote areas, still utili2e the manual method of recording and computing for thegrades of the students*The researchers of this study /ish to reduce the /or'load of teachers )yeliminating the need for recording of each grade* The common pro)lemsencountered in manual recording and computations are error1 and file1handling, andredundancy* As the /or'load gradually increases /ith gro/ing amounts of gradesand student lists that need to )e attended, it )ecomes tedious on the part of theteacher to proficiently manage them in time for documentation and file su)mission tohigher education authorities* As such, this paper aims to produce a /or'a)lecomputeri2ed recording grading system that /ill address these issues* JHCSC (rade $ecording anagement System /ould facilitate the record1'eeping and issuance of grades* It /ill pro!ide smooth operation purposes and itsee's for further ad!ancement in the school system /here technology can help theoffice to )e more efficient* The system /ill automate the records of students and theprocess of grade issuance of the school* If the student5s records /ill )e automated,the school /ill )e a)le to increase staff efficiency, perform routine tas'sautomatically, and deli!er their ser!ices more efficiently* 1.1.Proe!t Co te#t Josefa Herrera Cerilles State College is a small pu)lic school in ola!e8am)oanga del Sur* It /as esta)lished four years ago and is utili2ing the manualsystem in almost all phases of their school /or'* The school maintains a small staff of teachers and personnel as compared toits gro/ing population* There are teachers handling as much as four differentsu)jects, aside from )eing a class ad!iser* ajority of the teachers handle one or t/o more su)jects at different year le!el*  Josefa Herrera Cerilles State College – Molave ESUPage 3  Josefa Herrera Cerilles State College uses the manual /ay of computinggrades and adding information or records of )oth students and professors* Theprocess entails a lot of effort and )y computing and storing of data manually theprocess is prone to error especially for the professors /ho handle many su)jects ata time* &y using the manual /ay of computing and storing data, )eing prone toerror is possi)le and just )y a single mista'e, repeating the process may )ere%uired*9e!eloping a computeri2ed grade recording system for JHCSC – ola!e S# /ould ma'e the tas' of recording and computing grades easier for theteachers* This /ill not only )enefit the teachers of the school )ut /ill also )enefit thestudents )ecause of the impro!ement in the accuracy of calculations and in theproficiency and producti!ity of the teachers* 1.$.P%rpo&e a ' De&!r(pt(o o) the Proe!t This study /as made to find out that the use of computeri2ed – )ased system /illlessen the time for the transaction of encoding and releasing the grades of thestudents* Also in using this system it can recogni2e the person in!ol!e in this study*This study /ill )enefit the follo/ing person: ã Instructors of JHCSC – ola!e S# – it can help them to encode the gradesmuch faster* ã Students of JHCSC – ola!e S# 1 it can help them to in%uire their grades ina more efficient /ay* ã $egistrar of JHCSC – ola!e S# – it can help them to lessen their tas's inpreparing of summary of grades of the students* ã To the Parents6(uardians1 it can help them monitor the grades of their children ã To the Future $esearchers1 it can help them as a guide to enhance more fromtheir future thesis* 1.*.O+e!t(,e& o) the Proe!t  Josefa Herrera Cerilles State College – Molave ESUPage 4
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