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Citizenship and Immigratin Canada Cityenneté et Immigratin Canada IMMIGRATION Canada Applicatin fr Permanent Residence Prvincial Nminee Prgram Table f Cntents Overview... 2 Befre Yu Apply... 3 Step 1.
Citizenship and Immigratin Canada Cityenneté et Immigratin Canada IMMIGRATION Canada Applicatin fr Permanent Residence Prvincial Nminee Prgram Table f Cntents Overview... 2 Befre Yu Apply... 3 Step 1. Gather Dcuments... 9 Step 2. Cmplete the Applicatins Step 3. Pay the Fee Step 4. Submit the Applicatins What Happens Next Hw t Cntact CIC Frms Generic Applicatin Frm fr Canada (IMM 0008) Additinal Dependants/Declaratin (IMM 0008DEP) Schedule A Backgrund/Declaratin (IMM 5669) Schedule 4: Ecnmic Classes Prvincial Nminees (IMM 0008 Schedule 4) Schedule 4A: Ecnmic Classes Prvincial Nminees Business Nminees (IMM 0008 Schedule 4A) Additinal Family Infrmatin (IMM 5406) Use f a Representative (IMM 5476) Visa Office specific instructins*: Appendix A Checklist Appendix B Pht Specificatins Appendix C Medical Instructins *Visa Office specific appendices cntain yur lcal requirements. Instructins can be fund n ur website at: vincial/apply-applicatin.asp This applicatin is made available free by Citizenship and Immigratin Canada and is nt t be sld t applicants. This publicatin is available in alternative frmats upn request. Cette trusse est également dispnible en français IMM EP7000 ( ) Overview Applicatin package This applicatin package cnsists f: an instructin guide and the required frms The instructin guide is a tl that prvides: the infrmatin yu must knw abut this applicatin befre sending it t Citizenship and Immigratin Canada (CIC) and assistance with hw t fill ut the frms and the required supprting dcuments Read the instructin guide thrughly and then fill ut each applicable frm. The frms are specifically designed with questins that will assist in the prcessing f yur applicatin. Symbls used in this guide This guide uses the fllwing symbls t indicate infrmatin f particular imprtance. This symbl Tells yu What yu must d t have yur applicatin prcessed. Imprtant infrmatin that yu need t be aware f in rder t avid delays r ther prblems. Where t get mre infrmatin. Nte: Tips that will assist yu with this applicatin. The applicatin prcess The instructins prvided in this guide fllw the basic steps yu will need t knw t cmplete yur applicatin. Step 1. Gather dcuments Step 2. Cmplete the applicatin Step 3. Pay the fees Step 4. Mail the applicatin 2 Prvincial Nminee Prgram Befre Yu Apply Permanent Residence under the Prvincial Nminee Prgram The Prvincial Nminee Prgram (PNP) Canada encurages applicatins fr permanent residence frm peple with abilities, educatin and wrk experience that will cntribute t the Canadian ecnmy. The Prvincial Nminee Prgram (PNP) allws prvincial gvernments t chse immigrants accrding t the ecnmic needs f the prvince. Each prvince: establishes its wn standards and prcesses by which it chses its nminees, tries t nminate thse candidates wh wuld be mst likely t settle effectively int the ecnmic and scial life f the regin. Wh may use this applicatin? Applicatins fr Permanent Residence under the Prvincial Nminee Prgram can be submitted by peple wh have been nminated by ne f the fllwing prvinces r territries: Alberta British Clumbia Manitba New Brunswick Newfundland and Labradr Nva Sctia Prvinces Nrthwest Territries Ontari Prince Edward Island Saskatchewan The Yukn Territry Prvincial Cntacts Befre yu can apply t immigrate t Canada as a prvincial nminee, yu must first be nminated by a prvince r territry. Each prvince r territry has its wn applicatin and nminatin prcedures. Hwever, Citizenship and Immigratin Canada (CIC) retains the authrity t make the final decisin n an applicatin fr permanent residence using existing selectin and admissibility criteria, including security, criminal, and medical cmpnents fr candidates wh hld Prvincial Nminee Certificates. If yu wuld like infrmatin n hw t becme nminated by a particular prvince, r if yu require further details regarding the Prvincial Nminee Prgram, cntact the fllwing prvincial authrities: Alberta Alberta Prvincial Nminee Prgram Emplyment, Immigratin and Industry Suite 940, Telus Plaza Nrth Twer Jasper Avenue Edmntn, AB T5J 1S6 Prvincial Cntacts Nva Sctia Prvincial Nminee Prgram Nva Sctia Office f Immigratin 1741 Brunswick Street, Suite 110A P. O. Bx 1535 Halifax, Nva Sctia Canada B3J 2Y3 Website: Prvincial Nminee Prgram 3 Website: British Clumbia Ecnmic Immigratin Prgrams W Gergia St Vancuver, BC Canada V6B 6B2 Website: Manitba Immigratin Prmtin and Recruitment Branch Manitba Labur and Immigratin 7 th Flr Ntre Dame Avenue Winnipeg, Manitba Canada R3B 1N3 Website: New Brunswick Immigratin Divisin Department f Business New Brunswick P.O. Bx 6000 Frederictn, New Brunswick Canada E3B 5H1 Website: Newfundland and Labradr Office f Immigratin and Multiculturalism Human Ressurces, Labur and Emplyment P.O. Bx 8700 St. Jhn's, Newfundland Canada A1B 4J6 Website: m/ Ontari Opprtunities Ontari: Prvincial Nminee Prgram 400 University Avenue, Grund Flr Trnt, Ontari Canada M7A 2R9 Website: Prince Edward Island Immigratin Services Department f Innvatin and Advanced Learning 94 Eustn Street P.O. Bx 1176 Charlttetwn, PEI Canada C1A 7M8 Website: Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan Immigratin Branch Ministry f Advanced Educatin, Emplyment and Labur 1945 Hamiltn Street, 7th Flr Regina, Saskatchewan Canada S4P 2C8 Website: Yukn Territry Advanced Educatin Branch Department f Educatin P.O. Bx 2703, Whitehrse, YT Canada Y1A 6C7 Website: ynp.html Nrthwest Territries Educatin, Culture and Emplyment P.O. Bx 1320 Yellwknife, Nrthwest Territries Canada X1A 2L9 Website: micdevelpment/nwtnmineeprgram.shtml 4 Prvincial Nminee Prgram Other classes This applicatin package is nly fr applicants in the Prvincial Nminee Prgram. If yu think yu may qualify t apply under a different class, cnsult the chart belw. If... Yu have been selected by the prvince f Quebec Yu have skilled wrk experience in Canada and are interested in immigrating t Canada under the Canadian Experience Class Yu are interested in immigrating t Canada as a Federal Skilled Wrker Yu are interested in immigrating t Canada as an investr, entrepreneur r self-emplyed persn A relative such as a parent, spuse r cmmn-law partner wuld like t spnsr yur applicatin fr permanent residence Cnsult the guide: Guide fr Quebec Skilled Wrkers Guide fr Canadian Experience Class Guide fr Federal Skilled Wrker Guide fr Business Class Applicants (Investrs, Entrepreneurs, Self- Emplyed Classes) Guide fr Family Class Applicants (parents, grandparents, adpted persns r rphans) r Guide fr Family Class Applicants (spuse, cmmn-law r cnjugal partner and dependant children) Staying infrmed Selectin criteria, requirements and ther infrmatin fr applicants can smetimes change. Please nte that: Applicatins will be prcessed accrding t the rules and regulatins in effect at the time f the assessment. These may change at any time. Our website cntains the latest news, selectin criteria updates and applicatins links. Check peridically fr updated infrmatin. Funds required t settle in Canada The gvernment f Canada prvides n financial supprt t new immigrants. Yu must prve that yu have enugh mney unencumbered by debts r bligatins t supprt yurself and yur family members after yu arrive in Canada. We strngly recmmend that yu research the cst f living in the regin f Canada where yu intend t live. Bring with yu as much mney as pssible t make yur establishment in Canada easier. Disclsure f funds Yu will have t tell a Canadian fficial if yu carry mre than $10,000 Canadian in cash funds upn yur entry t Canada. This culd be in the frm f: mney (cins r bank ntes) Prvincial Nminee Prgram 5 securities in bearer frm (stcks, bnds, debentures, treasury bills etc.) negtiable instruments in bearer frm (bankers drafts, cheques, travellers' cheques, mney rders etc.) Nte: Failure t disclse can result in fines and imprisnment. Wrking in Canada Finding emplyment in Canada requires planning. Yu shuld btain as much infrmatin as pssible befre yu apply t immigrate. There is n guarantee that yu will be able t wrk in yur preferred ccupatin. Althugh credential assessment and licensing are nt requirements f the skilled wrker applicatin, yu need t be aware f these issues when cnsidering immigrating t Canada. Please cnsult the fllwing website fr sme helpful infrmatin n regulated and nn-regulated ccupatins. Regulated ccupatins Twenty percent f peple wrking in Canada wrk in ccupatins that are regulated t prtect the health and safety f Canadians. Examples include: nurses engineers electricians and teachers Prvincial and territrial regulatry bdies are respnsible fr establishing entry requirements fr individual ccupatins; fr recgnizing prir credentials, training and experience; and fr issuing licences required t practice. The recgnitin prcess varies between prvinces and territries and between ccupatins. Recgnitin f qualificatins and issuance f licenses can generally nly be cmpleted nce in Canada. The prcess can take time. Yu may be asked t: prvide dcumentatin f qualificatins underg a language examinatin (which may differ frm thse required fr immigratin) cmplete a technical exam (with accmpanying fee) d supervised wrk Nnregulated ccupatins Fr nn-regulated ccupatins, there are n set requirements and there is n legal requirement t btain a licence. The emplyer will set the standards and may very well request registratin with a prfessinal assciatin. Credential assessment A credential assessment is advice n hw qualificatins frm anther cuntry cmpare t Canadian qualificatins. An assessment des nt guarantee that: 6 Prvincial Nminee Prgram a regulatry bdy will issue yu a licence t practice yur credentials will be accepted by a Canadian emplyer Hwever, a credential assessment will help yu understand the Canadian educatinal system and assist yu with yur jb search. Yu can have yur credentials assessed by ne f the prvincial evaluatin services. Please cnsult the fllwing website fr mre infrmatin. Labur market infrmatin Jb pprtunities and labur market cnditins are different in each regin f Canada. It is imprtant t research cnditins in the area in which yu want t live. Please cnsult the Wrking in Canada tl n ur website fr infrmatin n the Canadian labur market, jb banks, and prvincial and territrial labur market infrmatin. Family Members Family members include a spuse, a cmmn-law partner, dependent children, and the dependent child f a dependent child: Term Spuse A cmmnlaw partner Dependent children Definitin Refers t either f the tw persns (ppsite r same sex) in a legally-recgnized marriage. Refers t a persn wh is living in a cnjugal relatinship with anther persn (ppsite r same sex), and has dne s cntinuusly fr a perid f at least ne year. A cnjugal relatinship exists when there is a significant degree f cmmitment between tw peple. Cmmn-law partners must attach any dcuments that shw they are in a cmmitted and genuine relatinship, fr example, evidence that they share the same hme, that they supprt each ther financially and emtinally, that they have had children tgether, r that they present themselves in public as a cuple. Cmmn-law partners wh are unable t live tgether r appear in public tgether because f legal restrictins in their hme cuntry may still qualify and shuld be included n the applicatin. Cmmn-law partners wh meet the cnditins utlined abve but wh have been separated fr reasns beynd their cntrl (fr example, civil war r armed cnflict) may qualify and shuld be included n the applicatin. Refers t the children f the applicant r thse f the spuse r cmmn-law partner. They must: be under the age f 22 and nt have a spuse r cmmn-law partner, r depend substantially n the financial supprt f a Prvincial Nminee Prgram 7 Dependent child f a dependent child parent and have been cntinuusly enrlled and in attendance as full-time students in a pst-secndary institutin accredited by the relevant gvernment authrity since befre the age f 22 (r since marrying r entering int a cmmn-law relatinship, if this happened befre the age f 22), r depend substantially n the financial supprt f a parent since befre the age f 22 and be unable t prvide fr themselves due t a medical cnditin. Refers t children f dependent children f the applicant r thse f the spuse r cmmn-law partner. 8 Prvincial Nminee Prgram Step 1. Gather Dcuments Step 1. Gather dcuments Step 2. Cmplete the applicatin Step 3. Pay the fees Step 4. Mail the applicatin What dcuments are required? Use Appendix A f the visa ffice specific instructins t assist yu in gathering the necessary dcumentatin. If yu d nt prvide all the requested infrmatin r dcuments, the prcessing f yur applicatin culd be delayed. Translatin f dcuments Any dcument that is nt in English r French must be accmpanied by: the English r French translatin; and an affidavit frm the persn wh cmpleted the translatin; and a certified cpy f the dcument. Nte: An affidavit is a dcument n which the translatr has swrn, in the presence f a cmmissiner authrized t administer aths in the cuntry in which the translatr is living, that the cntents f their translatin are a true translatin and representatin f the cntents f the riginal dcument. Translatins by family members are nt acceptable. Certified true cpies T have a phtcpy f a dcument certified, an authrized persn must cmpare the riginal dcument t the phtcpy and must print the fllwing n the phtcpy: I certify that this is a true cpy f the riginal dcument, the name f the riginal dcument, the date f the certificatin, his r her name, his r her fficial psitin r title, and his r her signature. Prvincial Nminee Prgram 9 Wh can certify cpies? Peple authrized t certify cpies include the fllwing: In Canada: a cmmissiner f aths a ntary public a justice f the peace Outside Canada: a judge a magistrate a ntary public an fficer f a curt f justice a cmmissiner authrized t administer aths in the cuntry in which the persn is living Family members may nt certify cpies f yur dcuments. Plice certificate Yu and yur family members wh are 18 years f age and lder and are nt permanent residents r Canadian citizens have t prvide: a valid plice certificate, r plice clearance, r recrd f n infrmatin. These dcuments are t be prvided fr each cuntry ther than Canada, in which yu have lived fr mre than six mnths since reaching the age f 18. Nte: If yu r yur family members were under 18 years f age (16 years f age in certain jurisdictins) fr the entire time yu lived in a particular cuntry, yu d nt need t prvide a plice certificate fr that cuntry. The certificate must have been issued n mre than three mnths prir t submitting yur applicatin. If the riginal certificate is neither in English nr in French, submit bth; the certificate and the riginal cpy f a translatin prepared by an accredited translatr. It is yur respnsibility t cntact the plice r relevant authrities. When ding s, yu may have t: pay a fee fr the service, and prvide infrmatin r dcumentatin such as: phtgraphs, fingerprints, yur addresses and perids f residence in the cuntry r territry. We will als d ur wn backgrund checks t determine if there are grunds under which yu and yur dependants may be inadmissible t Canada. Please cnsult ur website fr specific and up-t-date infrmatin n hw t btain plice certificates frm any cuntry. 10 Prvincial Nminee Prgram Cnvictins/ Offences in Canada If yu have a criminal cnvictin in Canada, yu must seek a pardn frm the Natinal Parle Bard f Canada befre yu will be admissible t Canada. D nt cmplete the frms in this guide. Yu can request a Pardn Applicatin Guide r additinal infrmatin frm: Clemency and Pardns Divisin, Natinal Parle Bard 410 Laurier Avenue West Ottawa, Ontari, Canada K1A 0R1 Telephne: (Callers in Canada nly) Fax: Website: (The instructinal guide and applicatin frms can be dwnladed frm the website) In rder t be cnsidered fr a pardn under the Criminal Recrds Act, a specified perid f time must pass after the end f the sentence impsed. The sentence may have been payment f a fine, perid f prbatin, r imprisnment. If yu have had tw r mre summary cnvictins in Canada, yu may n lnger be inadmissible if: at least five (5) years have passed since all sentences impsed were served r t be served yu have had n ther cnvictins Nte: Once yu have a cpy f the pardn, send a phtcpy t a Canadian visa ffice r Citizenship and Immigratin Centre. If yu are travelling t Canada carry a cpy f the pardn with yu. Prvincial Nminee Prgram 11 Step 2. Cmplete the Applicatins Step 1. Gather dcuments Step 2. Cmplete the applicatin Step 3. Pay the fees Step 4. Mail the applicatin Filling ut the applicatin Fllw the step-by-step instructins belw t cmplete the applicatin frms. The fllwing are the frms that must be filled ut and submitted: Generic Applicatin Frm fr Canada (IMM 0008) Additinal Dependants/Declaratin (IMM 0008DEP) Schedule A Backgrund/Declaratin (IMM 5669) Schedule 4: Ecnmic Classes Prvincial Nminee (IMM Schedule 4) Schedule 4A: Ecnmic Classes Prvincial Nminee Business Nminees (IMM Schedule 4A) Additinal Family Infrmatin (IMM 5406) Use f a Representative (IMM 5476), if applicable. It is a serius ffence t give false r misleading infrmatin n these frms. The infrmatin yu prvide n yur applicatin may be subject t verificatin. Be cmplete and accurate Cmplete all sectins. If a sectin des nt apply t yu, write Nt Applicable r NA. If yur applicatin is incmplete it may be returned t yu and this will delay the prcessing f yur applicatin. If yu need mre space fr any sectin, print ut an additinal page cntaining the apprpriate sectin, cmplete it and submit it alng with yur applicatin. 12 Prvincial Nminee Prgram Generic Applicatin Frm fr Canada (IMM 0008) Wh must fill ut this applicatin frm? This frm must be cmpleted by: Yu, the principal applicant. Cmpleting the frm Yu must answer all questins n this applicatin frm unless indicated therwise. Dwnlad and fill ut the applicatin frm n a cmputer. Yu als have the ptin f saving yur frm and cmpleting it later. Nte: Cmpleting the frm electrnically is easier and reduces the risk f errrs that can slw dwn the applicatin prcess. In rder t help yu fill ut the applicatin frm, read and fllw the steps belw. APPLICATION DETAILS Questin Actin 1 Frm the list, select the Prgram under which yu are applying: Family Ecnmic Refugee Other 2 Frm the list, select the Categry under which yu are applying: If yu chse Family in questin 1, select ne f the fllwing: Spuse Cmmn-law partner Cnjugal partner Dependent child/adpted child Child t be adpted in Canada Parents/ grandparents Orphaned sibling/nephew/niece/grandchild Other relative If yu chse Ecnmic in questin 1, select ne the fllwing: Skilled wrker Investr Entrepreneur Self-emplyed Prvincial nminee Canadian experience class Live-in Caregiver Prgram (LCP) Quebec selected skilled wrker Quebec selected entrepreneur Prvincial Nminee Prgram 13 Quebec selected self emplyed Quebec selected investr If yu chse Refugee in questin 1, select ne f the fllwing: Outside Canada Cnventin Refugee Outside Canada Cuntry f Asylum In Canada Claim Refugee In Canada Prtected Persn In Canada - Cnventin Refugee If yu chse Other in questin 1, select In Canada Humanitarian & Cmpassinate Cnsideratins Permit Hlder Class 3 Indicate the ttal number f family members included in yur applicatin. This includes yurself and any family members, regardless f whether they intend t accmpany yu t Canada r nt. 4 Immigratin Office requested fr the prcessing f yur applicatin Indicate the name f the Immigratin Office which serves: yur cuntry f natinality, r the cuntry in which yu are residing, prvided that yu have been lawfully admitted t that cuntry fr at least ne year. 5 Language preference Frm the list, select yur preferred language fr: a) crrespndence b) interview and c) interpreter requested (if applicable) 6 Where d yu intend t live in Canada? Frm the list select the: a) Prvince/Territry b) City/Twn 7 Have yu received yur Certificat de Sélectin du Québec (CSQ)? a) Check the crrespnding bx b) If yu checked Yes, please indicate the CSQ number c) If yu checked N, indicate the date when yu applied fr yur CSQ PRINCIPAL APPLICANT S PERSONAL DETAILS Quest
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