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Congressional Hearing Held: 2003-02-05
  U . S . GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICEWASHINGTON : For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing OfficeInternet: bookstore.gpo.govPhone: toll free (866) 512–1800; DC area (202) 512–1800Fax: (202) 512–2250Mail: Stop SSOP, Washington, DC 20402–000186–543  2003 ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING TO APPROVE COMMITTEE RULES   AND OVERSIGHT PLAN, APPROVE THE HOUSE PERIMETER SE-CURITY PLAN, AND MAKE ANNOUNCEMENTS OF ACTIONS   TAKEN UNDER INTERIM AUTHORITY ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING BEFORE THE   COMMITTEE ON HOUSE  ADMINISTRATION HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES ONE HUNDRED EIGHTH CONGRESS FIRST SESSIONHearing Held in Washington, DC, February 5, 2003 ( Printed for the Use of the Committee on House Administration VerDate Jan 31 2003 03:16 Apr 19, 2003Jkt 086543PO 00000Frm 00001Fmt 5011Sfmt 5011E:\HR\OC\B543A.XXXB543A  (II) COMMITTEE ON HOUSE ADMINISTRATION BOB NEY, Ohio, Chairman  VERNON J. EHLERS, Michigan JOHN L. MICA, Florida JOHN LINDER, Georgia JOHN T. DOOLITTLE, California THOMAS M. REYNOLDS, New York JOHN B. LARSON, Connecticut  Ranking Minority Member JUANITA MILLENDER-M C DONALD, California ROBERT A. BRADY, Pennsylvania P  AUL  V  INOVICH , Staff Director G EORGE S HEVLIN ,  Minority Staff Director VerDate Jan 31 2003 02:26 Apr 19, 2003Jkt 086543PO 00000Frm 00002Fmt 5904Sfmt 5904E:\HR\OC\B543A.XXXB543A  (1) ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING TO APPROVE COMMITTEE RULES AND OVERSIGHT PLAN,  APPROVE THE HOUSE PERIMETER SECU-RITY PLAN, AND MAKE ANNOUNCEMENTS OF ACTIONS TAKEN UNDER INTERIM AU-THORITY WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2003 H OUSE OF R EPRESENTATIVES , C OMMITTEE ON H OUSE  A  DMINISTRATION , Washington, DC. The committee met, pursuant to call, at 7:05 p.m., in room 1310, Longworth House Office Building, Hon. Robert W. Ney (chairman of the committee) presiding. Present: Representatives Ney, Ehlers, Linder, Doolittle, Larson, Millender-McDonald and Brady. Staff Present: Paul Vinovich, Staff Director; Jeff Janas, Profes-sional Staff Member; Fred Hay, Counsel, Channing Nuss, Deputy Staff Director; Bill Cable, Minority Staff Director; George Shevlin,  Administrative Assistant to Mr. Larson; and Matt Pinkus, Minority Professional Staff Member. The C HAIRMAN . Today the Committee on House Administration will be holding its first meeting of the 108th Congress, and today we will be adopting our committee rules and oversight plan for the 108th Congress as well as considering a motion for approval of the House perimeter security plan, on which I understand now that all Members have been briefed and had the opportunity to be briefed. In addition, we will be voting to report a resolution favorably to the House dismissing an election contest arising from the 6th Congres-sional District of Tennessee. Before I proceed, though, any further, I would like to take a mo-ment to welcome all of our Members to the committee for this ses-sion of Congress, particularly our new Democratic Members, in-cluding our new Ranking Member, the gentleman from Connecticut Mr. Larson, who has had great reviews by Senator Dodd, I will tell you that, who we worked with, of course, last year. He and I have already had the opportunity to discuss our expectations for, I think, a productive Congress. We both look forward to working together on many important issues. In addition, I want to also welcome the gentlewoman from Cali-fornia, Juanita Millender-McDonald, and also the gentleman for Pennsylvania that borders Ohio, Robert Brady. We are excited to VerDate Jan 31 2003 02:26 Apr 19, 2003Jkt 086543PO 00000Frm 00003Fmt 6633Sfmt 6633E:\HR\OC\B543A.XXXB543A  2have you on this committee and really look forward to a very pro-ductive Congress. And, of course, returning are Members Vice Chairman Vern Ehlers. And Mr. Mica of Florida is here. And also reappointed is John Linder of Georgia, John Doolittle from California, and Tom Reynolds from New York. So I am glad to be back, and I am sure you are glad to be back also, and I look forward to working with all of you in the next few years. In addition to the campaign and election jurisdiction, which I am sure we will be doing some work in the upcoming months, the pri-mary responsibility of the committee on House Administration is to make sure that the House runs smoothly so that Members can bet-ter represent their constituents, and that allows for full constituent service, which is what we all strive for. I also plan to continue the work of the committee improving the tools and technology Members have at their disposal, and we will look for ways the committee can assist Members in the committees of the House to better serve the people who elect us to this institution.  And in addition, as evidenced by the consideration of our perim-eter security plan we will be undertaking shortly, let me emphasize that the safety and security of all who serve, work, or visit this in-stitution will remain the highest priority of the committee as we continue to build upon many improvements we have made since September 11th. This community had a large volume of work when Steny Hoyer was here as a Ranking Member, and all the Members of the committee worked together. It was a very difficult time, but we always made sure that we were cautious but calm, and made sure that we had security, we kept the people’s House open.  Again, I look forward to working with all the Members, and wel-come our new Members and our new Ranking Member. And at this point I will yield to the gentleman Mr. Larson. Mr. L  ARSON . Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman. And may I say from the outset what an honor it is to serve on this committee and to succeed Steny Hoyer and the outstanding job that he did on this committee. He is also an individual who has enormous respect for the institution. I am also pleased—it is a position that was also held by Sam Gejdenson from my State of Connecticut as well as Senator Dodd on the Senate side, who you mentioned before. So to say that I come to the committee humbly and with a grounded sense for the institution would be an understatement. And everything that I have heard from my predecessor and anyone that has been associ-ated with this committee only has laudatory remarks for your role here as Chairman and what is a unique bipartisan opportunity to assist the Members here and to help this institution grow. I would also add that the professional staff that services this committee on both sides of the aisle again receives enormous acco-lades for the kind of diligent work that they perform on behalf of this institution and its Members and staff. I am honored to be joined by two distinguished Members who have served the United States Congress well, Juanita Millender-McDonald, the gentlelady from California, and Bob Brady, the gen-tleman from Pennsylvania. And I think all of us are excited about VerDate Jan 31 2003 02:26 Apr 19, 2003Jkt 086543PO 00000Frm 00004Fmt 6633Sfmt 6602E:\HR\OC\B543A.XXXB543A
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