Hot Swap Controllers

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Hot Swap Controllers VIN VOUT TO LOAD 10V/DIV CURRENT NFET CONTACT VIN BOUNCE SENSE DRIVE INRUSH 0.2A/DIV IIN CONNECTOR 1 CONNECTOR 2 OUTPUT CURRENT UV HOT SWAP MONITOR CONTROLLER OV VOUT SOFT-START POWERGOOD DC/DC 10V/DIV FAULT ENABLE TIMER POWERGOOD GND 20ms/DIV BACKPLANE PLUG-IN BOARD Inrush Control Circuit Breaker Telemetry UV/OV Protection Mission-critical servers and communication equipment must continue operating even as circuit boards and cards are plugged in or pulled out for maintenance and capacity adjustment. Hot swap controllers enable board insertion and removal from live systems by soft-starting the supply, avoiding connector sparks, backplane supply glitches and card resets. In addition to inrush current control, hot swap controllers provide fault isolation with a circuit breaker, undervoltage (UV) and overvoltage (OV) lockout, and digital telemetry of board electrical parameters. Linear Technology delivers leading-edge hot swap innovations and tough, dependable protection for high availability systems. nn Enables Safe Board Insertion and Removal from Live Systems Year First-to-Market nn Controls Up to ±80V, 200A Supply Rails 1996 Dual Supply Controller nn Protects System from Overload and Short-Circuit at Board 2001 Triple Supply Controller nn Validates Input Supply Against UV/OV Lockout Thresholds 2004 48V Controller with Telemetry nn Provides Board Voltage, Current, Power and Energy Telemetry nn Over 200 Million Hot Swap Controllers Shipped 2005 −48V Controller with Telemetry 2006 12V Controller with Telemetry 2015 Integrated Controller with Tested SOA 2015 SOA Sharing Controller with EEPROM L, LT, LTC, LTM, Linear Technology and the Linear logo are registered trademarks and ThinSOT is a trademark of Linear Technology Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Single Positive Supply Hot Swap Controllers VIN VOUT nn Controls Supply in the 0V to 80V Range 2.7V to 16.5V nn Load Soft-Start with Ramped Output or in Current Limit nn Circuit Breaker (CB) for Overcurrent Protection nn Adjustable Circuit Breaker Threshold and Delay LTC4210 nn Current Limiting (CL) Until CB Opens After Fault Timer Expires nn Adjustable Undervoltage/Overvoltage Thresholds Fault Timer Demo Package-Pins Device VIN IQ UV OV CL PG Features Board (mm × mm) LTC®4216 0V to 6V 1.68mA ã ã ã Controls 0V, CL Above CB Level NA 4 × 3 DFN-12, MSOP-10 LTC4210 2.7V to 16.5V 655µA ã ã Simple, Small, 6-Pin SOT-23 DC628 SOT23-6 LTC4211 2.5V to 16.5V 1mA ã ã 2-Level Slow and Fast CB DC536 SO-8, MSOP-8/10 LTC4218 2.9V to 26.5V 1.68mA ã ã ã ã 15mV±5% CB, Current Monitoring DC1052 5 × 3 DFN-16, SSOP-16 LTC4231 2.7V to 36V 4µA ã ã ã ã 4µA IQ, 0.3µA ISHDN, Survives ±40VIN DC2161 3 × 3 QFN-12, MSOP-12 LT®4256 10.8V to 80V 1.84mA ã ã ã ã Survives 100VIN, Signals Light Load DC1354 SO-8, SSOP-16 Negative Supply Hot Swap Controllers GND nn Controls Supply in the 0V to Above −80V Range nn Floating Topology with Internal Shunt Regulator Enables Very PG VIN High Voltage Operation OV nn 3-Stage Overcurrent Protection (OCP): Filtered Circuit Breaker, UV LTC4252 Current Limit, Fast Comparator SS nn Adjustable Circuit Breaker Threshold and Delay TIMER nn Soft-Started Current Limit nn Telecom-Compatible UV/OV Thresholds –48V Demo Package-Pins Device VIN UV OV CL PG Features Board (mm × mm) LTC4214 0V to −16V ã ã ã ã 3-Stage OCP, VDS Accelerated Timer NA MSOP-10 LT4250 −18V to −80V ã ã ã ã 500µs Internal Fault Timer DC429 SO-8, PDIP-8 LTC4251 −15V to −80V ã ã ã 3-Stage OCP, Simple, Small, 6-Pin SOT-23 NA SOT23-6 LTC4252 −15V to −80V ã ã ã ã 3-Stage OCP, VDS Accelerated Timer DC787 MSOP-8/10 LTC4253 −15V to −80V ã ã ã ã LTC4252 Features + 3 Sequenced PG NA SSOP-16 Hot Swap Controllers with Integrated MOSFET nn Internal Power MOSFET and Current Sense Resistor nn Controllers for 2A to 20A Applications GUARANTEED SOA VIN nn Output Voltage Soft-Start 2.9V to 15V 20A nn Foldback Current-Limited Circuit Breaker with Adjustable Delay nn Resistor-Adjustable Circuit Breaker Threshold UV HOT SWAP Power Good nn Current & Temperature Monitor, Power Good and Fault Outputs Current nn UV, OV and Overtemperature Protection OV LTC4234 Monitor ADC nn Production Tested and Guaranteed SOA nn Pin-Compatible Controllers Current Limit Adjustment Fault Timer and Temperature Monitor Max Tested Pin Temp Demo Package-Pins Device VIN ILOAD RON UV OV CL PG SOA Compatible Grades Board (mm × mm) LTC4217 2.9V to 26.5V 1.85A 33mΩ ã ã ã ã LTC4232 C, I, H DC1051 5 × 3 DFN-16, TSSOP-20 LTC4219 5V or 12V 5A 33mΩ ã ã ã NA C, I DC1594 5 × 3 DFN-16 LTC4232 2.9V to 15V 5A 33mΩ ã ã ã ã LTC4217 C, I DC1886 5 × 3 DFN-16 LTC4233 2.9V to 15V 10A 10mΩ ã ã ã ã ã LTC4234 C, I, H DC2116 5 × 9 QFN-38 LTC4234 2.9V to 15V 20A 4mΩ ã ã ã ã ã LTC4233 C, I, H DC2116 5 × 9 DFN-38 Hot Swap Controllers with Digital Telemetry nn Monitors Supply Voltage, Current, Power and Energy VIN Parallel MOSFETs VOUT nn I2C/SMBus Digital Interface for Configuration and 2.9V to 33V Share SOA 200A Data Readback nn ADC with Low Total Unadjusted Error (TUE) nn Internal EEPROM for Nonvolatile Configuration and Fault Log LTC4282 nn Resistor- or Digitally Adjustable Circuit Breaker and UV/OV Thresholds EEPROM POWER ILOAD DUAL MULTIPLIER & 12-/16-BIT I2C/SMBus ENERGY ADC VIN/VOUT ACCUMULATOR GPIO Supplies EEPROM ADC Monitor Demo Package-Pins Device VIN Bits TUE V I P E Features Board (mm × mm) LTC4215 1 2.9V to 15V 8 2% ã ã dI/dt Controlled Inrush DC874 4 × 5 QFN-24, SSOP-16 LTC4281 1 2.9V to 33V 12/16 0.7% ã ã ã ã ã Adjust Thresholds Digitally DC2278 4 × 5 QFN-28 LTC4282 1 2.9V to 33V 12/16 0.7% ã ã ã ã ã LTC4281 + SOA Sharing DC2024 5 × 5 QFN-32 LTC4260 1 8.5V to 80V 8 2% ã ã Survives 100VIN DC786 5 × 5 QFN-32, SO/SSOP-24 LTC4261 1 −12V to −80V 10 1.8% ã ã Floating Topology DC998 4 × 5 QFN-24, SSOP-28 LTC4222 2 2.9V to 29V 10 1% ã ã dI/dt Controlled Inrush DC1134 5 × 5 QFN-32, SSOP-36 LTC4245 4 ±12V, 5V, 3.3V 8 2% ã ã For cPCI/PCIe, Sequencing DC985 5 × 7 QFN-38, SSOP-36 Hot Swap Controllers with Ideal Diode 2.9V to 18V nn Ideal Diode (ID) for Low Loss Redundant Supply To Load Active ORing, Reverse Current Blocking and 2.9V to 18V Supply Holdup nn Eliminates Power Schottky Diodes and Heat Sinks HOT SWAP i i nn Fast 0.5µs Ideal Diode Turn-On and Turn-Off Time nn Current-Limited Circuit Breaker with Adjustable ON FAULT Delay EN PWRGD LTC4236 2 nn Current Monitoring (CM), Power Good, CB Fault, D2OFF DSTATn and Diode Status (DS) Outputs IMON ADC DTMR GND FTMR Output Demo Package-Pins Device Configuration VIN UV OV CM DS Features Board (mm × mm) LTC4229 ID + HS 2.9V to 18V ã ã ã Prioritizer, Adj Debounce Delay DC2060 4 × 5 QFN-24, SSOP-24 LTC4227 2 ã ID + HS 2.9V to 18V ã 100ms/1.6ms Debounce Options DC1625 4 × 5 QFN-20, SSOP-16 LTC4235 2 ã ID + HS 9V to 14V ã ã Preset 12V Power Good Threshold DC2315 4 × 5 QFN-20 LTC4236 2 ã ID + HS 2.9V to 18V ã ã ã Prioritizer, Adj Debounce Delay DC2314 4 × 5 QFN-28 LTC4228 2 ã [ID + HS] 2.9V to 18V ã ã Complete Dual for µTCA Systems DC1899 4 × 5 QFN-28, SSOP-28 Multiple Supply Hot Swap Controllers DUAL nn Compact Solution for Multiple Supplies VIN1 VOUT1 nn Supports Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC), MicroTCA (µTCA), PCI Express (PCIe), VIN2 VOUT2 CompactPCI (cPCI), and PCI Standards nn Internal MOSFET for Low Current Supply Rails nn Circuit Breaker for Each Supply with Coupled VCC1 or Independent Turn-Offs on Fault ON1 LTC4224 ON2 FAULT GND Connector Plug-In Card Independent Supplies Demo Package-Pins Device VIN UV OV CL PG Features Board (mm × mm) LTC4224 2 1V to 6V ã 0 ã Simple, Small, Internal Timers DC1364 3 × 2 DFN-10, MSOP-10 LTC4221 2 1V to 13.5V ã ã 2 Sequencing, 2-Level Slow/Fast CB DC1355 SSOP-16 LTC4223 2 12V, 3.3V ã ã 2 AMC, Internal Aux FET, I12V Monitor DC1162 5 × 4 DFN-16, SSOP-16 LT4220 2 ±2.7V to ±16.5V ã ã 1 Supply Tracking Mode DC665 SSOP-16 LTC4226 2 4.5V to 44V ã ã 0 ã 3-Selectable CL:CB Ratio DC1627 3 × 3 QFN-16, MSOP-16 LTC4230 3 1.7V to 16.5V 3 2-Level Slow/Fast CB DC537 SSOP-20 LTC4244 4 ±12V, 5V, 3.3V ã ã 1 For cPCI, Internal ±12V FETs NA SSOP-20 LTC4241 5 ±12V, 5V, 3.3V ã ã 1 PCI with 3.3VAUX, Internal ±12V FET NA SSOP-20 LTC4242 6 12V, 3.3V ã ã 4 ã For 2 PCIe Slots, Internal Aux FETs DC1054 5 × 7 QFN-38, SSOP-36 n 1-800-4-LINEAR 0516C
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