Honda BF2D Outboard Motors Shop Manual

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Outboard Motors Honda Bf2d Online repair manual Outboard Motors Honda
  HONDA BFeD Paper book Part no. 66ZW600 PREF CE ONTENTS This manual covers the construction, function and servicing procedures of the Honda BF2D outboard motor. Careful observance of these instructions will result in better, safe service work. ALL INFORMATION, ILLUSTRATIONS, DIREC· TIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS INCLUDED IN THIS PUBLICATION ARE BASED ON THE LAT· EST PRODUCT INFORMATION AVAILABLE AT THE TIME OF APPROVAL FOR PRINTING. HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD. RESERVES THE RIGHT TO MAKE CHANGES WITHOUT INCUR· RING ANY OBLIGATION WHATEVER. NO PART OF THIS PUBLICATION MAY BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION. HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD. SERVICE PUBLICATION OFFICE SPECIFICATIONS SERVICE INFORMATION MAINTENANCE ENGINE COVER/FUEL TANK RECOIL STARTER/FAN COVER ENGINE REMOVAL/INSTALLATION CARBURETOR FLYWHEEL/IGNITION COIL CLUTCH CAMSHAFT/ROCKER ARM OIL CASE/CRANKSHAFT/ CYLINDER BLOCK/PISTON/VALVE STEERING HANDLE CLUTCH HOUSING/ENGINE UNDER CASE/EXHAUST PIPE STERN BRACKET/EXTENSION CASE GEAR CASE/VERTICAL SHAFT Page: 1 -Honda BF2D Outboard Motors Shop Manual -http://www.ReadManuals.Com  4) Turn the flywheel clockwise and set the piston at top dead center of the compression stroke. Align the A mark on the flywheel with the center of the ignition coil mounting stud bolt as shown.) If the exhaust side opens when the mark aligns with the end of the ignition coil installation part, turn the flywheel one turn again and bring the mark to the alignment position. 5 Insert a feeler gauge between the rocker arm and valve, and measure the valve clearance. 6) If adjustment is necessary, proceed as follows. a. Loosen the adjusting screw lock nut and adjust the valve clearance by turning the adjusting screw in or out. To increase valve clearance, screw out. To decrease valve clearance, screw in. b. Holding the adjusting screw with the valve adjusting wrench, tighten the lock nut to the specified torque. Valve clearance TORQUE: 5.5 N-m (0.55 kgf-m, 4.0 Ibf-ft) IN 0.06 0.10 mm EX 0.09 0.13 mm c. After tightening the lock nut, check the valve clearance again. 7) Install the valve cover P. 10-2 . 8) Reinstall the removed parts in the reverse order of removal. 6 CARBURETOR CAUTION Running the outboard motor for long time without sufficient water will damage the lower unit parts. Keep clear of moving parts. Adjustment: 1 Run the outboard motor in an outboard test tank with the water at least 100 mm 4 in) above the antiventilation plate. Allow the engine to warm up to normal operating temperature. 2) Stop the engine and remove the engine cover. Attach an engine tachometer and restart the engine. 121 IGNITION COIL 131 FLYWHEEL [21 FEELER GAUGE 31 ADJUSTING Page: 25 - Honda BF2D Outboard Motors Shop Manual - http://www.ReadManuals.Com  8 FLYWHEEUIGNITION COIL I 1. FLYWHEEL/IGNITION COIL 1 FLYWHEEUIGNITION COIL a DISASSEMBLY/REASSEMBLY CAUTION Take care not to damage the fan blades during removal and installation of the flywheel. 1) Remove the fuel tank P. 4-2). 2) Remove the recoil starter and fan over P. 5-1). [1] STARTER PULLEY I REASSEMBLY:P.8-2 セ [11 ] [10] IGNITION COIL INSPECTION: P. 8-3 ADJUSTMENT: P. 8-3 FAN COVER STUD BOLT B 2) [9] WOODRUFF KEY REASSEMBL Y: After installing the flywheel, i-tl---H--l_ /?I check to see whether the key is set in the key groove securely. [8] CRANKSHAFT REASSEMBLY: Clean the crankshaft tapered part of dirt, oil, grease and other foreign material before installing the flywheel. :HON DA. BF D [2] 10 mm FLANGE NUT REASSEMBLY: Apply oil to the threads and seat ofthe nut. 27.5 N m (2.75 kgf·m, 20 IbHt) [3] FL VWHEEL REMOVAL: P. 8-2 INSTALLATION: P. 8-2 [4] FAN COVER STUD BOLT A 6.0 N·m (0.6 kgf·m, 4.3 IbHt) [5] 5 20 REASSEMBLY: Check for damaged insulation before connection. 8-1 Page: 40 -Honda BF2D Outboard Motors Shop Manual -http://www.ReadManuals.Com  Buy this Manual Honda BF2D Outboard Motors ShopManual Original Honda factory service manual.This manual covers the construction, function and servicing procedures of the HondaBF2D outboard motor.Paper book Part no. 66ZW600This manual covers:SPECIFICATIONSSERVICE INFORMATIONMAINTENANCEENGINE COVER/FUEL TANKRECOIL STARTER/FAN COVERENGINE REMOVAL/INSTALLATIONCARBURETORFLYWHEEL/IGNITION COILCLUTCHCAMSHAFT/ROCKER ARMSTEERING HANDLESTERN BRACKET/EXTENSION CASEGEAR CASE/VERTICAL SHAFT Also included in this manual:Honda BF models information and specification information Buy this Manual Searches for   Honda bf2 outboard engines Excel Honda moto, 2001 hondabzbf 2hp outboard, outboard motor carburetor cleaning,descargar, letras, owner manual for 2006 Honda marine BF2DHonda, Honda marine manual, Honda BF2D - problem high rpm,Honda 2HP outboard manual, stuck lower unit, marine safetymanual, Honda 15 HP outboard lower unit documents, HondaOutboard Motor, pdf Honda outboard BF2D, Honda outboardservice manual 1978 to 2001 2HP to 130HP, official Honda BF2Dmarine shop manual - 61zw600, Honda Outboard Motor Parts
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