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2017-02-07 2-3 Hero or Monster? Hero Monster  Command Economy  Lenin stated that Stalin was  Greater emphases on too arrogant and rude making ppl  Slave labour increased, as literate/educated (85% of
  2017-02-072-3Hero or Monster? *Products of agriculture- feed workers or sell it to pay for macinery Hero Monster ã Command Economy ã Greater emphases on making ppl literate/educated (85% of ppl could read & rite! ã Hospitals/clinics opened ã octors trained/more omen (all for the sake of the country! ã #o unemployment ã Ga$e reards to orkers ho orked ell ã ')s 85 million tons of grain produced ã Mosco underground ã *irst time orkers could use a fast and cheap ser$ice ã End of +$e,year plan, oil production tripled ã Coal production increased four times ã *our times as much steal as -eing produced ã .ho trail, keep society at -ay ã Modernied 0ussia ã 1ll 2o-s are done ã More omen entered the ork force ã 3y '4 8% in countryside & % in tons could read ã 6ni$ersal Health Care ã Holidays ith pay ã !enin stated tat talin was too arrogant and rude ã la#e la$our increased% as industriali&ation took place ã 'o unemployment-terri$le working conditions% pay% and di(cult work ã )ulag-workconcentration camp ã Placed in ere if you did not perform well in work% so forcedto work ã lackers ridiculedpunised ã +ollecti#i&ation-getting rid of pri#ate property into group ownersip ,Pooling resources ã 1.3/  million tons of grain produced  famine ã star#ation or deat ã life for a#erage citi&en long line ups to o$tain materials ,food% crowed cities% sortageof food ã ow trail  ppl were punisedgreatly and demonstrated talin4s power ã +ountless li#es were lost ,millions ã 5illed 6rotsky e#en toug e was eiled in Meico ã  million 8kraine4s died due tostar#ation ã 'ot gi#en a coice for a#ing a 9o$ ,loss of free will ã :omen only entered te work force as more la$our ands ã ;ltered law so tat cildren under 12 can $e eecuted ã +ensorsip ã <amily life weakened 1.2.  2017-02-072-3 * ;$ortion laws  1.204s  a$ortions a#aila$le  1.304s  a$ortion crime
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