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Guardian Live Pro App Guide For more exciting new products please visit our website: Australia: OWNER S MANUAL GUARDIAN LIVE PRO APP Android: Open Google Play app in your smart phone.
Guardian Live Pro App Guide For more exciting new products please visit our website: Australia: OWNER S MANUAL GUARDIAN LIVE PRO APP Android: Open Google Play app in your smart phone. Search Guardian Live Pro or Guardian Live Pro HD, download it and install. ios: Open App Store app in your smart phone. Search Guardian Live Pro or Guardian Live Pro HD, download it and install. Compatibility: Android: Requires Android 3.0 and up ios: Requires ios 7.0 or later Using the App You can perform the following operation* when using the app for remote viewing. Icon: preview split open close all video menu gesture/demo/help select multiple camera open 1 camera video call preset iris control (open) iris control (close) focus control (wider) focus control (narrower) zoom in zoom out favourite snapshot selected window start stop record start stop real time playback open close ptz wheel open close encoding parameter open close alarm audio mute/on start stop two-way talk open close display parameter fisheye * Please note that app screenshots are for reference only. Most screenshots are for ipad and Android Tablets. User Interface for iphone and Android Phones might differ in terms of icons layout and functionality and may change without notice. Some features may not work with the cameras included and may work with other optional cameras. 2 Remote Monitoring Select the icon to enter DVR. Main Menu Enter camera, you will see Live Preview interface by default. 3 Click on, system displays main menu interface. User can click on function in main menu to enter corresponding function interface. Main functions includes: Live Preview, Playback, Device Manager, Local Files, Favorites, Alarm Manager and etc. Device Manager In Device Manager, you can add device, modify device info, remotely configure device, view HDD and delete device. Click on added device in the list, you can see its functional buttons. 4 Add Device To add device: Step 1. In device manager interface, click to enter add device interface. Parameter Register Mode Name SN Username/Password Live Preview/Playback Note P2P: for network environment, add device by scanning two-dimension code, inputting SN. QuickDDNS: for network environment, add device by inputting complete domain name address, and analysis is done by QuickDDNS. IP/Domain name: for normal environment, add device by inputting its IP address or third-party domain name. Device name. P2P type: input SN. QuickDDNS: input complete domain name. IP/Domain name type: input IP address or complete third party domain name. Device username and password are both admin. If changed, please input new username and password. Select main stream or extra stream for live preview and playback. 5 Step 2. Fill in parameter, and click on to save. You can click on Start Live Preview to view all channels of the device. System will go to monitoring page and save device info. For device supporting P2P, you can scan QR code, input SN to add device. Modify Device Info To modify device information: Step 1. In device manager interface, click on device. System shows dropdown menu. Step 2. Click on in dropdown menu. Step 3. Change device info, and click on to save. 6 Delete Device To delete device: Step 1. In device manager interface, click on device. System shows dropdown menu. Step 2. Click on Step 3. Click on OK. in dropdown menu. System asks if to delete the device. 7 Remote Configuration Via remote configuration, you can perform function of motion detect, alarm setting, camera setting, storage manager and user manager. To configure: Step 1. In device manager interface, click on device. System shows dropdown menu. Step 2. Click on in dropdown list. Step 3. Select corresponding item to remotely configure. View HDD Information You can view HDD name, status, free capacity and total capacity. Step 1. In device manager interface, click on device. System shows dropdown menu. Step 2. In dropdown menu, click on to view HDD information.. Alarm Out Control You can enable and disable alarm output of channel. To enable or disable alarm output: Step 1. In device manager interface, click on device. System shows dropdown menu. Step 2. In dropdown menu, click on. Step 3. Select alarm out channel, click on out. to enable or disable alarm 8 WIFI Config Device In live preview, it provides shortcut to add device, and supports to add product via the same WIFI and two-dimension code scanning which can get device SN filled in chart in App. Smart config add device: Step 1. User click device list button. Step 2. Click add device button select WIFI config device., system shows device adding interface, 9 Step 3. Interface displays: name, SN (QR code), username, password, live preview, and playback. Step 4. Tap, and it shows two-dimension code box. 10 Step 5. Scan QR code of device, when complete, return to device adding interface. SN will be automatically filled in. Step 6. When you scan QR code, click back to return to device adding interface. Step 7. Input SN, click input field to input device SN. 11 Step 8. After you complete input, click next. Step 9. Input WIFI password and click next. Step 10. System will auto configure (wait). Step 11. If failed, then click try again or repeat the above steps. Step 12. Save data if all config are correct and go to live preview interface. Step 13. Save data if information is correct. 12 Import Cloud Device GCVR series do not support cloud devices. Live Preview Click on and click on Live Preview in main interface to enter live preview. When you click camera, you will enter see live preview interface by default. 13 Video Monitoring The app supports 2 methods to monitoring video. 1. In corresponding window open monitoring video of a certain window. Click on in window, select channel of device displayed as to monitor the selected channel. 2. Open monitoring video of multiple windows. Click on at the upper-right corner, and select one or more channels in displayed device list. Click on Start Live Preview at the lower bottom. System will display monitoring video from first window in sequence. 14 Close Video Monitoring System supports two methods to close Video monitoring. 1.Close a single channel. Long press monitoring window you want to close and drag it to the trashcan, it will be deleted. 2. Close all monitoring channels Click on to close all monitoring channels. Record Select designated record channel and click on to start record. Record status on bar at the bottom will show a red dot. Click this button again to stop recording of the channel. Snapshot Select channel to snapshot, click on to snapshot current channel. You can view snapshots under local file path. Android device can view snapshots directly under app installation path. 15 Favorites App supports favorites features. In live preview interface, select a video window in preview, click on to favorites. to add it Select Favorites, and the process is complete. Playback In live preview, click on previous 30 seconds. Note:, the selected channel will play video of the System default playback is 30 seconds. You can set playback time in local config. Click on to end payback and return to monitoring mode. 16 PTZ Direction and Zooming Click on to activate PTZ panel. The selected window will be maximized. When PTZ control is activated, use hand to control PTZ direction by sliding touch screen: PTZ rotation: slide the touch screen toward designated direction to rotate PTZ. Focus control: Slide with two fingers to control focus. Bit Stream Switch System switches live preview and bit stream switch. Step 1. Under live preview, select a preview window, click on displays bit stream switch panel.. System 17 Step 2. Click on Click on Click on You can switch between main and extra stream., to switch to main stream encoding., to switch to encoding extra stream., customize main/extra stream. Alarm Out Control GCVR does not support alarm output. Image Adjustment System supports image adjustment including brightness, contrast, saturation and etc. Step 1. In live preview, select a monitoring window, click on image adjustment control panel. button, open Icon Note Adjust brightness Adjust contrast Adjust color Adjust saturation Reset Step 2. Click on functional icon to adjust corresponding effect. You can increase/decrease parameter by clicking on +/- buttons in monitoring window. 18 Zoom In Via touch signal to zoom in current video, and can drag zoomed video in order to view details in video. Window Position Switch Select a window, drag the window to the target window, and the two windows will switch position. Fish-eye For future use only. Playback System supports record playback and picture playback. Record playback is to play record saved on GCVR; picture playback is to play picture saved on smartphone/tablet. Click on button to view main menu. Click on playback on main menu to enter playback interface. The default is to play record, but you can switch it to picture by clicking on tab above. Record Playback To record: Step 1. Click on Step 2. Select playback period. in window to open device list. Step 3. Select record channel to view. System can play video of selected channel in selected window. 19 You can close playback by either of: Close a single channel playback: long press video to close playback and drag it to the trashcan above. Close all channels playback: click on to close all playback. Parameter Note Quick: quick play with 2x, 4x or 8x speed. Select playing video, click on to 2x play; click on to 4x play. During 4x play, click on to 8x play and click on it again back to normal speed. Slow: slow play with 1/2x, 1/4x and 1/8x speed. Select playing video, click on to 1/2 play; click on to 1/4 play. During 1/4 play, click on to 1/8 play and click on it again back to normal speed. Play/Pause Play by frame. Click on to play next frame. 20 Picture Playback To playback picture: Step 1. Click on Step 2. Select playback period. button to open device list. Step 3. Select picture channel to view. System will play picture of selected channel in selected window. Click on to close playback. File Manager System supports viewing, editing, exporting of live preview and snapshot, record during playback. View File Click on record file to view. In the interface, you can play, pause, snapshot, play audio, quickly play, slowly play and etc. E-Map For future use only. 21 Favorites System supports to create new favorites, or add monitoring spot to existing favorites. Step 1. Click on and input name. Step 2. Enter a certain favorite group, click on at upper-right corner to enter device list. Check designated channel and click on to add it into favorites. 22 Alarm Manager Alarm push function is the function to enable push notification generated on GCVR or App Cam devices to smartphone/tablet. User can preview and playback according to push info. Push Config (Motion Detection Only) Step 1. Select device to push. Step 2. Select push type. Step 3. Select Motion Detect. Step 4. Select camera that you want to send you push notification when it detects motion. Step 5: Tap back and save the setting. Other functions is not supported currently and is for future use only. Note: Android user need to login Google account. Videos and pictures push notification requires storage on smartphone or tablet and you must set alarm record. System supports to store up to 50 historical records in event list. 23 Alarm Push Event List You can view historical record in event list. Click all alarms dropdown list, you can view: face detection/moving detection/other alarm. 24 Local Config System supports local configuration including PTZ step, capture mode, push duration, video mode and etc. Parameter PTZ Step Capture Mode Push Duration Video Mode Real-time Playback Protection Note Used to set PTZ step during live preview. The larger the step length, the higher the speed will be. Range: 1~8. Configure continuous snapshot quantity in live preview interface and etc. There are three modes: 1, 3 and 5. Set corresponding playback duration of push info, including: 15s, 30s, 1min, 2min, 5min. Default is higher-performance mode. If you encounter window split error or system crash, please witch to compatible mode. Set playback period, as 5s~60s adjustable. Set password protection of mobile monitoring app. After you have set password, every time you login, you must verify password for security purpose. 25 2016 Uniden Australia Pty Limited. Version 1.0
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