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GetinGe 8666/8668 Washer-disinfector Always with you /8668 Lean back and Let the GetinGe 8666/8668 deal With everything The Getinge 8666/8668 is the optimal system for advanced cleaning and disinfection
GetinGe 8666/8668 Washer-disinfector Always with you 2 8666/8668 Lean back and Let the GetinGe 8666/8668 deal With everything The Getinge 8666/8668 is the optimal system for advanced cleaning and disinfection in central sterile supply departments. It has high capacity for goods and can deal with everything from loading and unloading to program selection and starting completely automatically! The result is not just reduced workload for staff and less need for supervision but also a substantial decrease in total costs. effective cleaning capacity The machine s cleaning capacity is exceptional. Removable spray arms between each level of goods are standard in each wash cart. Thanks to functional accessories and well-balanced water pressure, cleaning even on surfaces difficult to access is guaranteed. Guaranteed disinfection The relationship between time and temperature is decisive in achieving disinfection. Therefore the Getinge 8666/8668 has a built-in monitoring system that guarantees disinfection in every single process. interior and exterior drying The drying module on the Getinge 8666/8668 is effective, fast and dries both the insides and outsides of the goods washed. It is also energy-efficient, as the heat in the drying air is recycled. fast process The effective drying and powerful elements guarantee a short process time. As a result, the throughput of goods is high, and instruments are quickly ready for re-use. norms and standards The Getinge 8666/8668 has been tested and approved by an independent institute in Germany in accordance with the standard EN-ISO The machine is also approved under MDD. high capacity The Getinge 8666/8668 has high capacity for goods and can deal with everything from loading and unloading to program selection and starting completely automatically. Process verification The Getinge 8666/8668 comes with several outputs intended for communication with printers or Getinge's T-DOC. 8666/ removable spray arms Easy-to-clean spray arms are placed between each level of goods. sliding doors moving downwards Made of sound- and heat-insulated safety glass. hygienic design Top-quality stainless steel plates with no exterior screws and a flat operating panel. Easy to wipe off and keep clean and disinfected. User-friendly Getinge s sterilizers and washerdisinfectors have the same type of control system (PACS), which simplifies operation. Many different programs OP, AN and MIS programs etc. all approved in accordance with current standards. two detergent pumps as standard Another two are available as options. The display indicates when it is time to change detergent. barrier version Getinge 8666/8668 is also available in a barrier version with two doors for pass-through. Getinge washer-disinfectors 8666/8668 Chamber volume (net) Chamber depth Chamber height/width Capacity per load (SPRI-trays)* Capacity per load (DIN-trays)** Washer-disinfector ModeL Units L/Cu.ft. 314/ /12.3 mm/in. 720/ /31.5 mm/in. 660/26 pcs pcs * Tray size (SPRI/ISO): 450x340x70 mm (LxWxH) ** Tray size (DIN): 480x250x50 (LxWxH) 4 8666/8668 automated LoadinG and UnLoadinG for More effective Work Studies show that staff costs account for up to 70% of the total cost of a washer-disinfector. An automatic loading and unloading system reduces these costs, and consequently also the total cost of washing and disinfection. automatic loaders and unloaders When the disinfector is ready for loading or unloading, this is done automatically. The wash carts have sensors that start the right wash program for the particular cart. Automatic loading and unloading is a handy option that reduces handling time and means that the operator can perform other tasks. Getinge ags system (air Glide system) The principle of the Getinge AGS is no waiting. Wash carts are loaded into the washer-disinfector in the order of their arrival, since the wash carts for all washerdisinfectors queue up at one single point. The system handles all loading, program selection and unloading automatically. 8666/ system for total control control system Getinge s PACS control system is used in thousands of Getinge sterilizers and washer-disinfectors around the world. The system is easy to use for operators and service technicians. The similarity with Getinge sterilizers gives a familiar environment for the user. compatible with Getinge t-doc (instrument traceability and asset Management system) Available as an option for Getinge washer-disinfectors our T-DOC Cycle System provides direct interfacing and thus enables you to maintain a real time overview of the most important machine data. T-DOC can store all the process information from your machines - all in one place. This means that you can enter and study a process at any time via a graph or via the log values in numerical form. Quickly, securely and simply! The Getinge PACS control system is user-friendly and is found in sterilizers and washer-disinfectors all over the world. compatible with Getinge cm 320-series The Getinge 8668 (Note! Not Getinge 8666) has the same chamber size as the Getinge CM 320-series of Index washer-disinfector and can therefore be supplied with accessories that are fully compatible with the CM 320-series. The modular T-DOC system can be adapted precisely to the needs of every customer. The accessories for the Getinge 8668 are compatible with the Getinge CM320-series Index washer-disinfector. options booster tank to speed up the process c onductivity monitoring to check that there are no residues of detergent in the final rinse water and therefore none on the item either Printer Integrated on the machine or free-standing dosing pumps 3rd and 4th cover plates for building into barrier Pressure monitoring checks the water pressure drain cooling cools the drain water Purified water valve 6 8666/8668 GetinGe 8666/8668 examples of accessory alternatives There is a wide range of accessories for the Getinge 8666/8668. The machine can be equipped with accessories for everything from recirculated goods, tubular instruments and various surgical sets to anaesthetic items and containers. In addition, there are a large number of accessories for laboratory items. instrument wash cart, 2 levels instrument wash cart, 5 levels Mis wash cart With 96 connections instrument insert For tubular instruments stand for clogs To be fitted to instrument wash cart. For up to 10 pairs. 2 stands to fit each instrument cart. an wash cart For up to 30 anaesthetic hoses 8666/ container cart injector cart 1 1/2 levels For 4x8 glass cassettes height adjustable trolley transport trolley Each wash cart is designed for easy and quick loading. The smart accessories, combined with the large chamber, give unbeatable capacity with excellent cleaning results. capacity One Getinge 8666 can clean and disinfect: 10 SPRI-1 trays 12 DIN trays 30 AN hoses MIS cart with 96 connections 4x 1/1 STE DIN containers per cycle One Getinge 8668 can clean and disinfect: 10 SPRI-1 trays 15 DIN trays 40 AN hoses MIS cart with 96 connections 6x 1/1 STE DIN containers with lids per cycle For detailed infor mation about the Getinge 8666/8668 accessories, see separate Loading Equipment Catalogue. COMPLETE SOLUTIONS FOR INFECTION CONTROL Getinge is the world s leading provider of solutions for effective cleaning, disinfection and sterilization in the healthcare and life science sectors. We are dedicated to helping our customers provide better care at a lower cost. We do this by offering well-thought-through and customized solutions. This means that we are with our customers all the way from architectural planning and education to traceability and support with complete solutions, long-term commitment and global presence. Getinge Always with you ENG Göteborgstryckeriet We reserve the right to make technical and construction changes. Getinge USA, Inc 1777 East Henrietta Road Rochester, New York USA Phone: (800) Fax: (585) Getinge Canada Ltd South Gateway Road, Unit C Mississauga, Ontario L4W 5J1 Canada Phone: (905)
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