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syrian refugee crisis
  Committee: SOCHUMTopic: Syrian Refugee CrisisCountry: GermanyAs the war in Syria show no sign of ending, peope continue to fee and see! safety inneigh oring countries# The Syrian refugee crisis ecame a wordwide pro em and in $%&', morethan a miion Syrian refugees crossed into (urope# )*$,*%% peope had een recorded to caimasyum in (uropean countries, with Germany recei+ing the highest num er of asyumappications which amounted to o+er &',%%% y the end of Octo er $%&'# Germany has asowai+ed the -u in Reguation to aow refugees easier entrance to neigh oring countries in(urope# Germany has een at the forefront of the efforts of aiding Syrian refugees and asyumsee!ers in the (uropean Union#Germany has put in order an open.door poicy on refugees, aowing the Syrian refugees to crossthe order from Hungary and Austria and through to Germany# /n addition, this poicy grantsautomatic refugee status to Syrians entering the country# /n $%&', Germany has ta!en in anestimated 0%%,%%% asyum.see!ers and is set to recei+e yet e+en more in the ne1t year#Germany2s open.door poicy sets no fi1ed num er of refugees and asyum see!er that the countryis wiing to accept within its orders, ut this poicy is under threat ecause this is not acondition that Germany can sustain indefinitey# Regarding security issues in particuar, Germanyis at ris! y etting such a arge num er of peope into the country# Germany eie+es that the urden is not ony for the countries ad3acent to Syria or for mem er countries of the (uropean Union aone to ear, ut that a of the countries in this committeeshoud wor! together and do their part in aiding the Syrian refugees and find a soution to endthis crisis# Germany eseeches other countries to ta!e part in aiding the Syrian refugees andasyum.see!ers, especiay y increasing the 4uota of refugees and asyum.see!ers aowed in thecountry# Germany aso eie+es that tac!ing the source of the migrant crisis, which woud e thewar in Syria that dro+e the peope out in the first pace, is pi+ota in the efforts of reso+ing therefugee pro em# Therefore, Germany eie+es that y wor!ing together for peace in Syria is asoution the committee can wor! towards to end the Syrian refugee crisis#
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