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  Gender Activities and Exercises   I use this activity in my stereotypes course to address the role of the media in both reflecting and maintaining gender roles, stereotypes etc. You might find it useful to.I ask students to purchase a magazine of their choice, something they ould normally read !no pornography please , to read it cover to cover, and then to identify examples in text, images, etc. that either support or counter traditional gender roles and stereotypes. #tudents flag the examples in their magazines and bring them to class. I begin class ith a partial vieing of the film $%illing &s #oftly$ and then open discussion about hat they found in their magazines. 'he idea is to get students thinking about ho the media is both constrained by social(cultural norms !they use these images and ideas because that is hat readers expect and responsible for maintaining these expectations !hat people see is hat they come to expect . )ne interesting thing students often note is that the same companies advertise in different ays, depending on the audience for the magazine * automobile ads are especially good examples of this. +or ads in mens magazines, the ads emphasize speed, freedom, and sex. +or ads in omens magazines, the ads emphasize #tephanie GoodinAssistant -rofessorept. of -sychological #ciences/01 'hird #treet2est 3afayette, I4 5/60/*7500'el8 /9:*565*9;6<+ax8 /9:*569*<795E*mail8 sgood )> stephanie.good**********************************************************************************************************************'his srcinal idea as suggested to me by my advisor, r. ?ennifer @unt. Get the book called 'he Giving 'ree by #hel #ilberstein. Give one half of your class the srcinal text of the book ith the oman*gendered tree and the man*gendered child. Give the other half of your class the book ith the genders of the characters sitched around !a man*gendered tree and a oman*gendered child . Ask them to read through the article, and then rate the characters on a number of dimensions !I gave my class a short uestionnaire . I asked them to rate each character on dimensions including8 niceness, generosity, selfishness, nurturance, assertiveness, compliance, ho satisfied they ere ith their actions, ho much they took advantage of the other character, as ell as ho good of a lesson the book presents for children, ho much they think the book is appropriate for a son, and ho much it is appropriate for a daughter. !2heB 'hat as a big listB Idid this activity during the class period before e talked about gender roles and the bias that can occur hen people adhere to them. uring my gender role lecture, I brought in the #-## analysis of their responses ith some bar graphs, and to say the least, the class as shocked. Cy class composed of people ho probably have decently egalitarian attitudes !they did elect to take an unreuired gender class, after all shoed interesting bias in the direction of traditional  gender roles. 7. Another idea I have for you involves gathering up a bunch of magazines !Caxim and Dosmopolitan(Glamour(Elle ork ell . I randomly passed them out to my class as they entered the room. At the beginning of class I told them to pretend that they ere coming to this planet for the first time !I kno that sounds a bit eird . I asked them to use the magazine they ere holding as a good $reference$ for learning hat men and omen ere supposed to act(be like in our culture. I had them ot don some notes, and then e had a really neat discussion afterard about the medias portrayal of gender. It as a nice set*up for a number of things !gender roles, body image, careers, personality, etc. .1. 'he last idea I have for you involves a little discussion ith no prep materials hatsoever. 'his is a funny demonstration to do hen you get to the Gender #cript 'heory section of the class. 'alk to your students about the behaviors that are and are not acceptable for them to do in a public restroom. Ive done this a couple of times ith different classes, and the behaviors that seem to evoke the greatest differences are hat they do hen they realize the stall they are in has no toilet paper !mostly the omen in the class say they ould politely ask the person next to them, hich is folloed by disgusted and shocked looks by the men in the class ho usually say they ouldnt dream of doing something like that . Ive also seen some funny differences hen Ive asked them about hetherthey talk to other people at all, or hether theyd compliment a stranger on their outfit. I usually follo this up ith a short discussion about ho this demonstration illustrates gender differences in scripts in our culture. Its a fun one to do because it reuires no materials, and it usually gets even the uietest, most shy students to talk, or at least laugh along ith the rest of the class. April 3. #eifert #ocial -sychology Graduate #tudent 71; Furnett @all epartment of -sychology &niversity of 4ebraska*3incoln 3incoln, 4E 9;:;;*010; 507.//0.6:<< lirpa*******************************************************************************************************Get to identical dolls, dress one in blue and the other in pink. 2rite don <7 mixed up gender stereotypical feminine and masculine ords. 'hen get the students to assign 9 ords to one of the dolls. You ill find students ill assign the ords based solely on the colour of the dolls cloths. 'hen you can talk about gender being assigned at birth by the colour of the baby gros given in hospitals.An alternative is to use pictures of male and female toys together ith either a picture of a baby in pink or blue. #tudents could get the pictures from catalogues and carry out a very simple experiment.*******************************************************************************************************I have got my students to mark the same essay, but alter the gender of the authors name !e.g. ?oanne(?ohn to see hether it makes a difference to the average mark given. If it does, you can then discuss contemporary sexism. If it does not, you can discuss the reasons for a decline in sexismB  'his links in ith a study !but Im not absolutely sure about this by Goldberg !circa <6;5 . It is also uite a good exercise to improve essay*riting !having to consider ho to allocate marks .3ouise #ire !4otre ame Dollege, 3eeds, &.%. ********************************************************************************************************In*Dlass Exercises-sychology of Gender>. Engeln*CaddoxI use a subset of the folloing exercises each semester based on time available inclass and the interest level of students in different topics. Cost exercises are completed in groups of 1*5 and then discussed as a class.>esearching Gender)ption <8 After shoing a recording of a 70(70 sho by ?ohn #tossel !$Cen, omen, and the sex difference8 Foys and girls are different$ , students break intogroups of 1*5 and, using the research terms they have ust learned, compile a listof criticisms and perceived strengths of the research presented by #tossel. #tudents are also asked to list any evidence of bias seen in the program. Each group presents their conclusions to the class to facilitate class discussion.)ption 78 #tudents break into groups of 1*5. Each group is asked to come up itha ay in hich they believe men and omen are different or similar. 'heir task is to design a study to test their hypothesis. Groups must explain their research design, ho variables ill be operationalized, and any confounds or potential sources of bias.@ormones, Dhromosomes, and 'he Frain)ption <8 After reading the article $omestic isputes$ from 'ime Cagazine, students break into groups of 1*5. 'his article covers to court cases involving transsexuals ho married partners ho ere technically $same sex$ !if the transsexuals srcinal sex is used as the criterion . #tudents are instructed to imagine that they are the udges deciding the to cases in uestion. 'hey must summarize their udgment and their reasons for deciding as they did. 'hese decisions are incorporated into a broader discussion on hat it is that makes people male or female.Dognitive Abilities)ption <8 After being introduced to research findings suggesting that gender differences in math skills do not emerge until unior high, students break into groups of 1*5 and create a list of potential hypotheses to explain this finding. 'hey must rank their hypotheses according to ho plausible they are and ho much variance they are likely to account for.Gender evelopment * -sychoanalysis  )ption <8 After an overvie of +reuds general theories and his specific theories regarding sex(gender differences, students break into groups of 1*5 and compile any examples they can think of suggesting that +reuds theories still influence ho omen and men are perceived today.)ption 78 #tudents read the $@einz dilemma.$ !A man breaks into a drug store to steal a drug that he cannot afford but is needed to save his ifes life. #tudents individually rite hat choice they feel @einz should have made and hy. 'hey then ork in groups to evaluate hether their responses provide support for %ohlbergs theory of moral development, Darol Gilligans theory !$A ifferent Hoice$ , both, or neither.Gender evelopment * #ocial 'heories)ption <8 After atching the 70(70 documentary $'he #ecret 3ife of Foys,$ students break into groups and evaluate hether the story shon in this film provides support for social learning theory, gender schema(script theory, or cognitive developmental theory. All pieces of evidence are evaluated in terms of their likely validity. -otential sources of bias in the film are also identified.#tereotypes)ption <8 #tudents are each handed a piece of paper at the beginning of class. 'hey are instructed not to look at hat is on the papers others have. 'hey are given one of the folloing tasks8a. 3ist the ; most important characteristics that an ideal person should have.b. 3ist the ; most important characteristics that an ideal oman should have.c. 3ist the ; most important characteristics that an ideal man should have.3ists of the characteristics they come up ith for each three categories are ritten on the board. #tudents discuss and evaluate the degree of overlap beteen perceptions of the ideal person and the male and female stereotypes. 'his discussion is then extended to include the ideal characteristics of people ithcertain obs !e.g. president, teacher, accountant to look for degree of overlap ith the lists of ideal characteristics for men(omen.)ption 78 #tudents are asked to bring copies of mens and omens magazines toclass !e.g. Hogue, Dosmo, G etc. After atching ?ean %ilbournes $#till %illing &s #oftly$ !about images of omen in the media , students break into groups andlook for images that support or fail to support %ilbournes findings. Each group then reports their findings back to the class.Emotion and Aggression)ption <8 #tudents atch the film $'ough Guise$ !about media images of masculinity . #tudents then break into groups and compile of list of the most and least persuasive arguments made in the film and their reasons for these choices.)ption 78 #tudents read the article $Girls ?ust 2ant to be Cean$ from 'he 4e York 'imes Cagazine !about relational aggression in unior high and high school age girls . #tudents are then asked to come to their on conclusions about hether there are differences in aggression beteen male and female teenagers and, if so, hat the nature of these differences is.>elationships
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