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ABC Community School JORDAN SWARTZ, MARCH 2ND 2017 (702) 555-5555 1122 Education Rd. Las Vegas, Nevada 89166 STRIVING FOR GREATNESS AB COMMUNITY SCHOOL CC 2. Position Paper We believe here at ABC Community School that fundamental and pro
  ABC Community School  JORDAN SWARTZ, MARCH 2 ND  2017  (702) 555-5555 1122 Education Rd. Las   2. Position Paper Technology has been a very important part of the success here at ABC Community schooland gives our students the ability to be creative while developing new skills. For years, technology advancements have been beneficial to every part of this school. Cutting back and doing away with technology will set our school back and be detrimental to our future children. Today’s society is driven on technology and feeds off every invention, and here at ABC community chool we take pride in the time and research we put into each product we use for our kids. The benefits of technology in a school setting are endless and include, launching the developing mind, learning easily and more effectively, and allows teachers more one on one timewith students. WWW.ABCCOMMUNITYSCHOOL.COM   STRIVING FOR GREATNESS COMMUNITY SCHOOL AB !e believe here at ABC Community chool that fundamental and proper use of technology is essential now to the developing mind and allows our students to e press themselves more clearly through their work. Cutting back would not only set our school district  back with our state testing but also nationally. Basic technology has been ever present in a school setting for many years, from a pro#ector to a loudspeaker for announcements, all being vital for every day instruction. tudents who are deprived from learning with technology may face a steep learning curve adapting to a college curriculum or future #ob.ABC Community chool has used some of today’s best technology. $ne of the tools we have used is %A&T 'app. %A&T 'app is an essential part of our day to day instruction, and would be devastating if we were unable to provide this to our students. (t allows you to save andshare notes as they unfold using a regular dry)erase marker and is available on android and ($ which allows it to be accessible at home. (t’s a whiteboard, but everything written on it can be saved in a library on its app. *ou can also follow along in the app as other people write on the  board. %A&T 'app was awarded best in show at the largest +uropean’s A show in -/0 by (+ and the -/1 new product innovation award at (nfoCom. tudies have shown that the importance of technology in an educational setting is growing. The editorial team from +d Tech &eview  believe that technology saves money in the long run after their initial investment. They state that technology essential adds functional)teachers to the classroom and allows the real teacher more free time to address and answer 2uestions from the students individually. !ith the ever)growing free content that the internet rovides it will free u more time for the teachers and wont force them to send as much time  Acq! # M#$!% &2'2('201() A*+-# %% $ /+ -# #+!+*%  SMART 3%44, # !##$ / +56 -4''!*#8+ .85% #c-.c+5' ##%8#$#%!.c/59R##%8#ID:;<;17( E$ T#c- R#!# #$!+ !% #%5 &='20'201>) R#%8+*8 /+ #c-*++? !*#? %!+* !* #$c%!+*, # !##$ / +56 -4''#$#c- #!#.!*' #*$86!*8!?-8'!*8!?-8'2<06 #%8+*86#c-6!*6#$c%!+*
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