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Feature News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FOR MORE INFORMATION Mar. 4, 2017 Carla Parra-Martinez Student Director of New Student Orientation (785) 432-0460 cyparramartinez@mail.fhsu.edu Fort Hays State University orientation team excited for freshman pre
   Feature News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FOR MORE INFORMATION Mar. 4, 2017 Carla Parra-Martinez Student Director of New Student Orientation (785) 432-0460 cyparramartinez@mail.fhsu.edu  Fort Hays State University orientation team excited for freshman pre-enrollment HAYS, Kan.- The Fort Hays State University orientation team is getting ready to welcome incoming freshman to campus. The team had been training for weeks to prepare themselves for this welcoming. The orientation leaders were selected by an application and interview process. This year there was over 100 applicants, but only 68 students were selected to be a part of the orientation team. Many students who applied for the position had been nominated by faculty and staff  because they portrayed strong leadership skills and were highly qualified to represent their departments. The students who serve on the team are representing all the majors offered at FHSU. Each orientation leader works with the students within their major and assist them with their pre-enrollment process. In addition to the orientation leaders, the team also has team leaders. These team leaders are representing their college as a whole. Team leaders are returning orientation leaders and they also help assist in the training of new orientation leaders. The orientation team engages in weeks of training. These trainings touch on the role as on an orientation leader, professionalism and just general ground rules for the team. The training  provides the orientation leaders to learn about their role before pre-enrollment days and prepare them in order to help students and their parents out on the big day.   The orientation team also brings the fun and tiger spirit to pre-enrollment by engaging in cheers, meaningful conversation and activities with students and their parents. These students who serve as orientation leaders are ambassadors of the university; not only do they assist incoming students, but they are representing FHSU in a positive manner. “Being an orientation leader has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve had in my college career. I love being able to welcome new students and help them out when they arrive to Fort Hays.” says Marisol Regalado, team le ader for the College of Education. The orientation team provides an opportunity for students at FHSU to enhance their leadership skills and helps them build a sense of community. “We are a big family and I love it.” says Regalado. Before starting off pre-enrollment, the team engages in team building activities at their trainings to get to know each other. Freshman pre-enrollment is set to kick off on Apr. 22 and the orientation leaders will be working hard to help students enroll in their classes and help them navigate around campus.  Not only are the orientation leaders assisting students, but they help parents as well. A few of the leaders on the team are specifically trained to answer parent questions and provide them an overview of things such as safety on campus and involvement opportunities for their students. Parents are also able to participate in activities during pre-enrollment and meet up back with their student at the end of the pre-enrollment day. There are freshman pre-enrollment days all throughout the months of April, May, and June, so the team will remain busy and excited to continue to welcome new students to the FHSU tiger family. ###
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