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  11  Table of Contents Legal NoticesPage 4Chapter 1 - IntroductionPage 5Chapter 2 - What is Faceboo !d ertisingPage #Chapter $ - Planning %our Faceboo !dPage 1$Chapter 4 - Targeting %our Faceboo !dPage 2&Chapter 5 ' Choosing The (b)ecti e (f %our Faceboo !dPage $$Chapter & ' Faceboo Lie !dsPage $&Chapter # ' *aing The *ost (f Pro+oted PostsPage 4,Chapter  ' .unning ! Website Clic Through !dPage 42Chapter / ' 0sing !n !d To ell Products (r er icesPage 4$Chapter 1, ' Pro+oting %our Content With ! Faceboo !dPage 4&Chapter 11 ' .unning ! Faceboo (ffer Page 4#Chapter 12 ' !d ertising !n  ent Through Faceboo Page 4/Chapter 1$ ' Faceboo !pp Installations and ngage+ent !dsPage 51Chapter 14 ' plit Testing %our Faceboo !dPage 5$Chapter 15 ' 0nderstanding Faceboo InsightsPage 55 22  Chapter 1& ' Faceboo !d *anagerPage &4Chapter 1# ' Wh3 %ou hould e 0sing Poer ditor Page &/Chapter 1 ' *a6i+ising %our .(IPage #4Chapter 1/ - u++ar3Page #& 33  7ICL!I*. !N78(. L9!L N(TIC The infor+ation presented in this -oo represents the ies of the  publisher as of the date of publication: The publisher reser es the rights to alter and update their opinions based on ne conditions: This -oo is for infor+ational purposes onl3: The author and the publisher do not accept an3 responsibilities for an3 liabilities resulting fro+ the use of this infor+ation: While e er3 atte+pt has been +ade to erif3 the infor+ation  pro ided here; the author and the publisher cannot assu+e an3 responsibilit3 for errors; inaccuracies or o+issions: !n3 si+ilarities ith people or facts are   unintentional: No part of this -oo +a3 be reproduced or trans+itted in an3 for+; electronic; or +echanical; including photocop3ing; recording; or b3 an3 infor+ational storage or retrie al s3ste+ ithout e6pressed ritten; dated and signed  per+ission fro+ the publisher: 44
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