Exam MTCUME Hasil Koreksi Jawaban

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Exam MTCUME Hasil Koreksi Jawaban
  Highlight Kuning : Jawaban hasil koreksi.What is the Encapsulation overhead on PPPoE tunnels? A. 1 b!tes ". # b!tes $. % b!tes &. ' b!tes E. #k b!tes (. ) b!tes *. 1' b!tes 2. +ou need to open ,,H service on Hot,pot server -or unauthoried users. Which rule do !ou need to con-igure ? A. /ip hotspot walled0garden ip add protocoltcp dst0port'' actionallow ". /ip -irewall -ilter add actionaccept chainhs0unauth dst0port'' protocoltcp 2 /ip -irewall -ilter add actionaccept chainhs0uanuth0to src0port'' protocoltcp $. /ip service enable ssh enabled!es &. /ip hotspot walled0garden add dst0port'' actionallow 3. What is re3uired to be con-igured be-ore running the Hot,pot setup wiard? A. /ip address con-iguration on local and public inter-aces ". /ip -irewall nat 4as3uerade rule $. &5, server con-iguration in /ip dns &. /ip pool 4. $on-iguring Hot,pot is possible on 6ikro7ik 8outer9, onl! with a wireless inter-ace. (alse   5. 7here are ' Hot,pot users and 1% PPPoE users in !our network2 !ou want to 4anage the4 b! ;ser 6anager. Which 8outer9, level should be on the router -or the nu4ber o- users? A.% 0 utk ' user ". 0 utk 1 user $.<  &.&e4o =icense level  6. Which PP7P para4eters can be obtained -ro4 8A&>;, server? A. ,i4ple ueue r@/t@ li4it. ". &5, address. $. =ocal address. &. 8e4ote address. 7. 7o securel! bridge together ' re4ote networks !ou can use A. Eo>P over PP7P ". PP7P "*P $. PP7P over Eo>P &. PPPoE over Eo>P 8. +ou are using http://>Paddress/user4an to access the ;ser 6anager. Where do !ou con-igure ;ser 6anager ad4inistrator2 who can login to http://>Paddress/user4an ? A. /radius add ". /tool user04anager custo4er $. /ip hotspot user add &. /user add 9. $hoose the re3uired options be-ore running /ip hotspot setup A. &e-ined >P0Pool ". $reated &H$P0,erver $. At least one created hotspot user &. Balid >P address on localChotspotD inter-ace and Public CinternetD inter-aceE. Balid &5, servers in /ip dns 10. Hot,pot is installed with a single address0pool. +ou want to e3ualie the bandwidth between clients2 dividing the4 in two groups C-ree users and pa!ing0usersD. ,elect the 4ost appropriate answer. A. >t is possible b! d!na4ic address list and 4arking connection/packets b! this addresslist.Appropriate P$ 3ueues are created -or both groups. ". >4possible with one address0pool  $. >t is possible b! using onl! hal- pool -or one group2 the hal- pool is sorted b! 4angle. ,et appropriate 3ueue with wireless0de-ault t!pe. 11. A walled garden can be used -or: A. a -unction o- the hotspot that allows the users to access onl! so4e area o- the internet ". a hotspot user2 to allow hi4 to see onl! a part o- an internet site and not the -ull site $. a wa! to reduce the use o- 8A6 4e4or! -ro4 a script under routeros &. replacing the -unctionalit! o- the routeros -irewall with other ones2 with a lower overhead and si4pli-ied policies 12. PPPoE tunnels can be used A. over routed Ethernet networks ". -or assigning >P addresses to clients $. over bridged wireless networks &. over routed wireless networks 13. +ou have selected service ppp in /radius con-iguration to authenticate using ;ser 6anager. What t!pe o- users will be sent to ;ser 6anager -or authentication? A. PPP ". ='7P $. Hot,pot &. PP7P E. Wireless (. PPPoE *. 8outer9, users 14. 9n 6ikro7ik ;ser 6anager2 choose the correct answer -or 6ikro7ik0Address0=ist-ilter attribute action: A. >t adds Hot,pot client >P address to Address0list-ilter and block its tra--ic b! /ip -irewall-ilter ". >t adds Hot,pot client >P address to Address0list-ilter and 4as3uerades its tra--ic b! /ip -irewall nat  $. >t adds Hot,pot client >P address to Address0list-ilter and 4arks its tra--ic b! /ip -irewall 4angle &. >t adds Hot,pot client >P address to Address0list-ilter 15. >t is possible to create a con-iguration where B=A5 and PP7P inter-aces are bridged together. 78;E   16. A PPPoE packet t!pe that ter4inates the connection to the PPPoE server is called A.PA&, ".PA&8 $.PA&7 &.PA&9 17. 7o custo4ise the look o- the hotspot login page2 !ou can edit A. redirect.ht4l ". te4plate.ht4l $. alogin.ht4l &. login.ht4l 18. What is necessar! -or PPPoE client con-iguration? A.ip -irewall nat 4as3uerade rule ".,tatic >P address on PPPoE client inter-ace $.>nter-ace Con which PPPoE client is going to workD 19. PPP ,ecrets are used -or A. PPtP clients ". >P,ec clients $. ='7P clients &. 8outer users E. PPPoE clients (. PPP clients
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