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  Name____________________________ Class____________________________  File Test 8Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation B GRAMMAR 1Complete the sentences with the correct passive form of the verb in brackets. Example:Nobody has been told   (tell) the time of the exam yet.1Djokovic refused ________ (beat) ad !o the match i the fial set. #ish ad chips used to ________ (!rap) i old e!spapers.$%he &a& ________ (thik) to be hidi& i the south of 'pai.%hat cheese ________ (say) to be the most delicious i the shop.* try to avoid ________ (photo&raph) !he *+m ot sutaed.,* sa! -race at the museum opei&. 'he ________ (sho!) aroud by the architect.%he library is closed for three days / it ________ (redecorate).0Nooe should ________ (fie) for putti& the !ro& rubbish i their bi. 8 2Order the words to make sentences. Example:my 2 the 2 take 2 of 2 * 2 photo 2 outside 2 3arliamet 2 had 2 4ouses  I had my photo taken outside the Houses of Parliament  1house 2 you 2 same 2 exactly 2 your 2 !ill 2 paited 2 have 2 colour 2 the bi&&er 2 ayoe 2 &et 2 !hy 2 lips 2 to 2 made 2 !ould 2 !at 2 their 2 5 $our 2 istalled 2 heati& 2 t!o 2 !e+re 2 e! 2 system 2 !eeks 2 havi& 2 i my 2 &oi& 2 out 2 tooth 2 have 2 *+m 2 bad 2 to 2 tomorro! 2 take it 2 my 2 serviced 2 * 2 fully 2 sold 2 had 2 car 2 * 2 before ,to 2 valued 2 the 2 a 2 !e 2 &et 2 paiti& 2 expert 2 decided 2 by 6 3Underline the correct word(s). Example:6are offered to lend  2 lending  me her car !he mie !as bei& repaired.1* su&&ested to bu ! buing  a chocolate cake for 7ia+s birthday. 8lex coviced me  not to give up 2 not giving up looki& for a job.$9ames ecoura&ed  me to tr 2 that tr the chicke curry istead of the beef.* threateed to cut ! cutting  do! my ei&hbour+s tree if he did+t &et it uder cotrol.ill re&retted  not asking 2 to not ask ho! much he !as isured for.,;ily isisted  on paing 2 to pa me for helpi& her. 6Grammar total20 VOCABULAR #Complete the sentences with the correct word. freelacesesatioalistrevie!s vo!s commetatorbiasede!sreader&ossipreportercesored  Name____________________________ Class____________________________  File Test 8Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation B Example:3hoto&raphers !ho follo! famous people aroud ad sell photos to the e!spapers are called  paparazzi .1<-oaaaaal=+ shouted the ______ !he ;iverpool scored the !ii& &oal. * ko! that reporti& ca+t be completely objective> but this is obviously ________.$* do+t ko! !hy you read all that celebrity ________ / you ko! oe of it+s true.*deally the *teret !ould+t be ________ but surely you ca+t have anything   o it57iister ________ to lo!er taxes for lo! paid.,* fid that e!spaper too ________ / they+re al!ays looki& for shocki& stories. *f * !as a ________ * thik *+d fid it difficult ot to lau&h !he readi& some stories.0* !as a !ar ________ !he * !as you& but * cover ecoomics stories o!. ?4is latest film has received very positive ________ from the critics.1@;uke is a ________ jouralist / he !orks for several differet e!spapers.   10 $Complete the words in the sentences. Example:%he ma had c ommitted   several previous crimes for !hich he !as also char&ed.1%he !oma !as %  ________ by police for hours> but !ould+t cofess to the crime. 'ix me !ere all s  ________ to a miimum of te years i priso. $%he  &  ________ said he !as &ivi& the !oma a shorter setece because of her child.Dru&s are sometimes s  _______ ito the coutry iside people+s pets. #amous perso !ith dark secrets risk bei& b  ________ by people !ho discover them.,%he miister+s !ife has bee take by k   ________ demadi& A1@@>@@@ for her release.Both of the accused !ere a  ________ because the !itess !as cosidered ureliable.0%he jury+s v  ________ !as that 7rs Bro! !as ot &uilty.?%he teea&er !as arrested for s  ________ after follo!i& the &irl for moths. 1@%here !ere may w  ________ to the crime !ho all described seei& a tall !hite ma. 10Vocabulary total20  Name____________________________ Class____________________________  File Test 8Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation B PRO!U!C AT O! 'Underline the stressed sllable. Example: exCpad1paCpaCraCi maCslau&hCter $kidCappCi& coCmmeCtaCtor preCseCter   5 atch the words with the same sound. acc u se c au &ht dr  u &s masl au &hter m ur derer j ur yExample:fr  au d manslaughter  1comm u ity________  t our ists________ $b ur &lar________ j u d&e________ c our t________  5Pronunciation total10Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total50  Name____________________________ Class____________________________  File Test 8Readin# and $ritin# B R%A& !G *ead the article about a writer+s life. ,ive sentences have been removed. -hich sentence(/,) fits each gap (1/$)0 here is one etra sentence ou do not need to use. 'o( to be an aut)or My biest dream !as al ays been to become an aut!or# $n ent!usiastic reader since % asa toddler, boo&s !a'e been a steady in(luence, a (riend, and an esca)e# % cannot imaineli'in it!out t!e ritten ord# *o me, readin is second only to breat!in# +rom cerealboes to (iction, % de'our anyt!in and e'eryt!in % can et !old o(# -.... 1 ..../ ome o( my (a'ourite enres include contem)orary omens no'els and t!rillers# % uess t!is lo'e o( boo&s is !at dro'e me to become a riter# *!e (act t!at % am al aystal&in, t!in&in, and )lottin !el)ed me it! my ambition# % !a'e a need to create and to )utinto ords (eelins, t!ou!ts, and desires# *o me, boo&s s!ould )resent a elcome brea&(rom t!e stresses o( e'ery day, a ay to rela and un ind# *!ere are !orrors all around us# $(ter all, e ust !a'e to )ic& u) a ne s)a)er or turn on t!e ne s to reali3e !o muc! crimet!ere is in society# -.... 2 ..../ $ny ty)e o( readin ins)ires t!e brain and i'es a c!aneo( )ace# C!ildren re4uire (antasy and )lay, and adults also need a brea& (rom reality# citin as it is to be able to ins)ire ot!ers, an aut!ors career is lonely and o(ten dull# ritinre4uires sel(7control and determination, and riters, as ell as !a'in &no lede o( t!edi((iculty o( ettin )ublis!ed, need to be able to deal it! criticism# +or e'ery )otential riter t!at t!ere is out t!ere, many i'e u) or (ail# % &e)t tryin it! t!e burnin desire to do ell# %could not o t!rou! li(e onderin i( % ould be success(ul or not# -....  ..../ My (irst ritin e)erience as as a re)orter (or a small ne s)a)er, almost t enty yearsao# % submitted t o articles (or eac! o( t!e t!ree mont!s t!e )a)er as )ublis!ed# *!e (irstmont!, % as i'en a bridal s!o to co'er and % !ad to rite an article on !o to )re)are aneleant, yet ine)ensi'e, eddin# * o local ne s)a)ers a'e me assinments (or 'ariousto)ics, and % reali3ed t!is is an ecellent ay to learn t!e basics as a riter# $lt!ou! % (oundre)ortin enoyable, % reconi3ed t!is as not t!e ty)e o( ritin % anted to do# My oal as to rite (iction# !et!er creatin s!ort stories or 9t!e reat $merican no'el, %enoy (antasy and ma&in u) (ictitious )eo)le and tales about t!eir li'es# -.... : ..../ % (irststarted or&in on t!is in 1;;5, and a(ter readin t!e etremely rou! dra(t, % reconi3ed t!etet as a mi o( in(ormation ust t!ro n toet!er and !ic! as too muc! (or c!ildren tounderstand# % bro&e u) t!e ideas, )lannin to turn t!em into (our boo&s# <n(ortunately, li(e too& o'er and % !ad to )ut t!e boo& on !old (or a !ile# $(ter my !usbandand % mo'ed, % returned to re)ortin, recei'in se'eral assinments (or a local maa3ine andt o national and international (ood7trade maa3ines# Ne'ert!eless, % &e)t returnin to t!e c!ildrens no'el % !ad in my !ead# *!e desire tocom)lete and submit t!e boo& (or )ublication as as stron as e'er# +ortunately, % became amember o( a onder(ul rou) t!at o((ered su))ort, as ell as ecellent suestions# My (irstboo&, a c!ildrens boo& intended (or aes 8 . 12, as acce)ted by a )ublis!er and released
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