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  Name____________________________ Class____________________________  File Test 7Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation  A GRAMMAR 1Underline the correct word(s). Example:You must have  / can’t have  seen Billy. He’s on holiday at the moment.1They  must have  / should have gone to bed early – there are no lights on in the house.2 suppose  could have / must have dropped my !allet but  thin# it’s been stolen.$You loo# exhausted. You should have gone  / should go  %or a shorter run.& may have  / must have  met her at a 'on%eren'e but  'an’t remember i%  did.()iana can’t have  / mustn’t have  got engaged – she’s only #no!n him six !ee#s*+You shouldn’t have  / might not have  loo#ed at my emails it !as ,ery !rong o% you. -They might have  / must have  %inished their !al# by no!. t’s too dar# to see anything. 7 2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in bracets. Example:’d rather have  ha,e more %ree time than money.10ould you rather  eat out tonight or stay in2’d rather you  not meet me %or lun'h today ’,e got a lot o% !or# to do.$3hris says he’d rather you  pi'# him up at 4.55 not -.55.&)anielle admitted that she’d rather  not go to the barbe'ue.(0ouldn’t you rather 6ohn do the %ixed the bathroom this !ee# 5 !Complete the sentences with the correct word(s). Example:You look   really ill. You should 'all a do'tor.sound loo# %eel1Beth told me you  li#e going to a 'lub. 0here do you %an'y goingsound %eel loo# 2t’s so empty here today. t %eels  !e’,e got the 'a%7 to oursel,es.as i% i% that$ don’t #no! !hat this %ruit is but it tastes li#e *great pineapple horrible&8mm that  really good* 9re you ma#ing a 'a#esmells tastes %eels(This shirt  a bit tight. )o you ha,e it in a larger sie%eels as i% %eels %eels li#e+;obert loo#s more  his mother than his %ather.as li#e as i% -E,e loo#s as  she hasn’t slept %or a !ee#* though li#e !hen4This musi'  something ’,e heard be%ore. 0hat’s the name o% the bandsounds li#e %eels li#e sounds 8Grammar total20  Name____________________________ Class____________________________  File Test 7Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation  A VOCABULAR Underline the correct word(s). Example: hope  / wish  <i'# !as here.  miss him.1=lease  remember  / remind me to set my alarm 'lo'# %or -.55 instead o% 4.55.2Ha,e you  noticed  / reali#ed that ne! pia pla'e on the High >treet$0e 'ouldn’t  avoid / prevent her %rom buying that 'ar.&0e really don’t  matter  / mind 9li'e staying another night – she’s !el'ome.( 'an remember !hen 8an'hester ?nited beat  / won 9rsenal 4@2.+The trouble !ith 6e%% is that he  denies  / refuses to a''ept that anything is !rong.-?nemployment has  risen  / raised again this month.40e laid  / lay the blan#et on the ground and had a pi'ni' by the ri,er.AThat’s the e!eller’s that !as  stolen  / robbed last !ee#.15  advise  / warn you to loo# %or another ob – you really don’t seem happy in this one. 10 $Complete the sentences with one word. Example:6ason  scratched the bite on his arm and made it bleed.1You don’t loo# old* You ha,en’t got any  on your %a'e*2You loo# as i% you’,e ust got out o% bed* You should  your hair*$t’s ,ery rude to  your %inger at people. & #ne! you !ouldn’t agree be'ause you raised your  !hen  suggested it.(Business people o%ten  hands !hen they ma#e a deal.+)id you use to su'# your  !hen you !ere little-3an you gi,e me a tissue  need to blo! my .4Eri' shrugged his and said he had no idea !here the path !ent.AThere’s a 'old !ind today. =ut this s'ar% round your.15 'ould tell as soon as  sa! your %ingers that you bite your . 10Vocabulary total20 PRO!U!C AT O! %Underline the silent letters in the words. Example: hal% 1mus'le2'omb$#nee&!rist(thigh 5  Name____________________________ Class____________________________  File Test 7Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation  A &Underline the stressed syllable. Example:expand1eyeClashCes 2adC,ise$inC,esCtiCgate&arCguCment(exCpreCssion   5Pronunciation total10Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total50  Name____________________________ Class____________________________  File Test 7Readin# and $ritin# A R%A& !G 'ead the article about people and happiness. ive sentences have been removed. hich sentence (*+) fits each gap (1+$), -here is one etra sentence you do not need to use. Great Britain ' Or s t( I someone as!ed you o# a$$y t e $eo$le in your country are, # at #ould you say% & e'ritis (o)ernment recently as!ed t e *ice or National +tatistics *N+- to carry out asur)ey to ind out i $eo$le in t e country are, in (eneral, a$$y or not. /ost 'ritons re$ortbein( satisied #it lie, #it concerns o)er #or! and inances o)erta!en by a$$iness(ained rom c ildren, relations i$s, and # ere $eo$le li)e. & e (o)ernment sur)ey #as released ust days ater economists made one o t e mostde$ressin( orecasts o recent times about lon(term economic (ro#t .  1 - Notonly t at, but it #ould lea)e t e $ublic #orse o t an t ey #ere ten years a(o. 3es$ite t is,t e sur)ey $aints a $icture o t e country lar(ely emotionally unaected by t e crisis. & e sur)ey o 4,200 adults is $art o t e 'ritis Prime /inisters 62 million dri)e to (et abetter idea o o# t e country is doin(, rat er t an ust ocusin( on bud(ets and i(ures.Peo$le #ere as!ed )arious uestions about t eir li)es and #ere as!ed to (i)e mar!s out o ten about o# t ey elt about t ese areas. & e *N+s #or! s o#ed t at on a)era(e $eo$lerated t eir lie satisaction at 7.4 out o 10.  en as!ed # et er t in(s t ey did in lie #ere#ort # ile, $eo$le on a)era(e (a)e a score o 7.9.  2 - :a$$iness #it $eo$lesinancial situation ad t e lo#est a)era(e score o 9.2 out o 10, ollo#ed by #or! situation,#it 9.7 out o 10.  en as!ed s$eciically about satisaction #it t e balance bet#een times$ent on #or! and on ot er areas o lie, lo# scores #ere also (i)en, #it an a)era(e o 9.4out o 10. & e ans#er to t e uestion, ;*)erall, o# an<ious did you eel yesterday% caused some#orry. /ore t an a uarter rated t is 5 out o 10  # ere 10 #as eelin( ;com$letely an<ious. = - & ese areas o lie ad t e i( est a)era(e scores, #it bot scorin( at 8.=out o 10. >ord ?ic ard >ayard, $roessor at t e >ondon +c ool o @conomics, said it #as li!ely t at liesatisaction #ould all as t e situation (ets #orse.  4 - And # en t in(s are (oin(badly and times are ard, $eo$le start to eel less a$$y #it t eir li)es. & e $roessor, # o ounded t e Action or :a$$iness (rou$ to $romote #ellbein(, said$olicyma!ers  t e $eo$le # o ma!e im$ortant inancial decisions  could use t e data tolessen t e $ain o recession. 'ut t ey #ould need to irst identiy o# to measure a$$iness,t en #or! out # at ma!es $eo$le ;miserable or a$$y. >astly, t ey ou( t to assess o#muc a$$iness one can create by s$endin( ta<$ayers cas .  5 - Paul Allen o t e *N+ said anot er bi( actor in a$$iness #as ealt . :e said t ey sa# t at$eo$le # o res$onded # en t eir ealt #as bad, re$orted an<iety. :e added t at t ey #eretryin( to build u$ a $icture o o# $eo$le rate a$$iness. ;*ne o t e most re)ealin( as$ects
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