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  Name____________________________ Class____________________________  File Test 5 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A GRAMMAR 1Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Example:If I was rich, I would travel   (travel) around the world.1I’d never have got to the airport on time if I _____ (tae) the !us. #e could have finished much earlier if we ________ (have) fewer !reas. $%ou ________ (not crash) the car if &ou hadn’t !een using &our phone.'I wouldn’t eat there if I ________ (!e) &ou. he service is awful.revor ________ (not go) on the trip if he’d nown how much it was going to cost.*If &ou ________ (spend) less on clothes, &ou might !e a!le to rent a nicer apartment. 6 2Underline the correct verb forms. Example:%ou wouldn’t be + wouldn’t have been  here now if &ou hadn’t wored hard.1%ou’d now what to do if &ou were listening / ’d listened  to her instructions properl&. I  wouldn’t go + wouldn’t have gone  to his leaving part& even if he’d ased me.$I’d help &ou fix &our !ie if I ’d known + knew how to do it.'%ou’d !e a!le to eno& the sun toda& if &ou ’d done  + ’d have done  &our wor &esterda&.#e ’d have cleaned  + ’d   clean  the house if &ou’d told us &ou were coming toda&.*%ou wouldn’t !e so hungr& now if &ou ’d eaten + ’d have eaten a good !reafast. 6 3Complete the sentences with the correct form of one of the verbs.  !elivecome!u&stopnot starthavenot !epla&Example:I wish m& hair was  longer.1I wish &ou ________ so tall - I can’t find clothes to fit &ou. I !et &ou sometimes wish we ________ in a !igger house. $I’m so thirst&. I wish we ________ some water when we were in that shop. 'I wish &ou ________ singing that tune - it’s starting to drive me mad/& girlfriend has alwa&s wished she ________ a musical instrument.*/& 0istor& of rt course isn’t ver& good. I wish I ________ it.2I wish that taxi ________ soon he& said the& would send one straight awa&.34o &ou ever wish &ou ________ more time to spend with &our famil&5 6Grammar total20  Name____________________________ Class____________________________  File Test 5 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A VOCABULAR 4Complete the words in the sentences. Example:0arr& felt h omesick   when he went awa& on his own for the first time.1/ar had !een unemplo&ed for three months and was d to find a o!. I was s  ________ when I heard that he’d died. 0e was so &oung$I was ver& o  ________ when /ar& said she couldn’t understand m& accent.'#e were so g  ________ when 6arr& offered to help us clear up the mess.I get reall& n  ________ !efore giving a presentation, !ut I’m 78 once I’ve started.*he& must have !een d  ________ when their house was flooded a second time.2I was so o  ________ with emotion I !urst into tears.3I’ve !een digging this garden for hours. I’m completel& sh  ________ 8 !Underline the correct ad ective. Example:%ou looed ver& boring + bored during his speech.1he facts in that article are a!solutel& astonished / astonishing  I find dealing with large groups of children ver& stressing / stressful .$I felt inspired / inspiring  to paint a picture after going to that exhi!ition.'#e were infuriating / infuriated  !& the rude staff at the customer service des.I thin the instructions for this camera are a !it confused / confusing .*#e were so embarrassed / embarrassing  when we reali9ed we hadn’t left a tip for the waiters. 6 #Complete the sentences with the correct form of the w$ord. Example: disappoint It was ver& disappointing   that he didn’t come.It alwa&s disappoints  me when people !ehave lie that.%ou’ll !e disappointed   when &ou hear the results. frustrate 1Isn’t it ________ when &ou can’t open the plastic pacaging on something5 %ou must have felt ver& ________ when the& didn’t !elieve &ou.$hese uestionnaires reall& ________ me !ecause none of the answers are right for me. terrif% 'he thunder was so loud it ________ the children.;peaing in pu!lic is ________ for some people.*4an looed completel& ________ when &ou ased him to hold &our !a!& 6Vocabulary total20  Name____________________________ Class____________________________  File Test 5 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A PRO!U!C AT O! &'atch the words with the same sound. am a 9ed pr  ou d devast a ted aston i shed ref  u se st u nned Example:ash a med amazed  1g u tted________  conf  u sing________ $d ow n________ 'd e lighted________ gr  a teful________    5 (Underline the stressed s%llable. Example:o<ffen<ded1de<vas<ta<ted dis<a<ppoin<ting$des<pe<rate'o<ver<whelmedho<rri<f&<ing 5Pronunciation total10  Name____________________________ Class____________________________  File Test 5Readin# and $%ea&in# A R'A( !G )ead the article about survival. *ive sentences have been removed. +hich sentence ,-* fits each gap 1-!0 here is one etra sentence %ou do not need to use. $ur)i)al stories We’ve all hear ama!in stories in #hich $eo$le stru le heroically to survive a ainst all theos% &''''1''''( )he truth* thou h* is that not all survivors are +uite so heroic% ,s these t#ostories sho#* the #ill to survive isn’t al#ays so stron % ,s an e-$erience sailor* .ynn Wal/er /no#s nothin is ever certain on the hi h seas%o#ever* #hen she too/ on the ob o sailin a lu-ury yacht rom )ahiti to 3an 4ie o* shemust have believe that it #oul be one o the less com$licate tri$s she ha one% .ittle ishe /no# that ater a #ee/ o calm sailin the #eather #oul chan e ramatically* brin in atro$ical e$ression rom Central ,merica to blast the yacht #ith 20'metre #aves% .ynn ounhersel battlin a ainst urricane aymon% &''''2''''(.ynn #as unconscious or a lon time% When she i inally come roun* she reali!e thatthe boat ha miraculously ri hte itsel* an that she ha been save by the lielineconnectin her to the boat% &'''''''( )ra ically* she coul see 3imon* her boyrien* lyin ea in the #ater%)here #as $lenty o oo on the boat* an the #eather #as calm a ain* but .ynn coul onlyeel an over#helmin sense o ho$elessness% 3he oun that she couln’t eat* an sim$lysat on the soa/in #et ec/% 7t #as as i she ha iven u$* an #as #aitin to ie% )hen* allo a suen* a voice in her hea tol her to survive% 3he mana e to $ut u$ a ma/eshit sail*an consultin the survivin charts on the boat* someho# saile to a#aii% ,nother story is set in the thrillin yet terriyin arathon es 3ables* ar uably the #orl’stou hest oot race% Com$etitors attem$t a si-'ay 250'/m run across the 3ahara esert intem$eratures o over 95 e rees% :ust ima ine ettin lost% )hat* ho#ever* is e-actly #hatha$$ene to an 7talian $oliceman calle arco Containo* a re ular com$etitor* #hen hetoo/ $art in the race in 1;;6% &'''''9'''''( arco shoul have sto$$e an #aite or the stormto calm o#n* but he /e$t on* es$erate to stay in seventh $lace in the race* only to in that#hen the #in ro$$e he coul no lon er see the course% e reache or his #ater bottlean oun there #ere only a e# ro$s let in the bottom o it%<or three #hole ays arco trie to in his #ay bac/ to the course* #ith barely any #ater an no iea #hat irection he #as heain in% e starte to visuali!e the a onisin eath he#oul soon have to ace% , rien ha once tol him that yin o thirst #as the #orst o all$ossible eaths% <earin such a lon an $ainul eath* he ecie to cut his #rists #ith a/nie% =ut* short o #ater* his bloo #as thic/ an #oul not lo#%% &'''5''''( <ive more ays$asse until* miraculously* a rou$ o )uare nomas oun him an too/ him to a villa e%arco iscovere he #as in ,l eria* 10 miles a#ay rom the race course% ;he had tied it to herself moments !efore the !oat had first gone under the waves.
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