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english file unit 4 test
  Name____________________________ Class____________________________  File Test 4 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A GRAMMAR 1Underline the correct verb forms. Example:The students will have finished  / have finished  the test in a couple of minutes.1This time tomorrow, you ’re taking  / ’ll be taking  your driving test.2Good luc with the interview! ’ll be thinking  / ’ll have thought  of you.# ’ll have gone  / ’ll be going  into town more next wee $ that%s when my course starts.&The meeting should 'e a (uic one so we ’ll have finished  / be   finishing  'y #.)).* %m sure we ’ll have solved  / ’ll be solving  all our energy pro'lems 'y 2)*).+e   usually start our lunch at 1.#), 'ut tomorrow we ’ll have started / ‘ll be starting  it at 2.1* asthere%s a lot of wor to do in the morning. 6 2Complete the sentences with the correct word(s). Example: f you like  romantic films, you%ll love this film.will lie lie lied1 f you%re cooing a meal tonight, -------- anything this afternoon.%m not eating %won%t have eatenwon%t eat2e%ll have the party outdoors on aturday unless it -------- .will rain%s rainingwill have rained# f you eat fresh, healthy food, you -------- to tae vitamin supplements.don%t needaren%t needingwill need& f you%re feeling hungry, you pro'a'ly -------- enough to eat.won%t have hadhaven%t hadaren%t going to have*nless you -------- lie you need a 'rea, we%ll carry on waling. %ve felt0re feelingaren%t feeling+ f you mae 'read, you -------- a warm place to put it while it rises. need%re needing%ve needed 6 Complete the sentences with the correct word(s) from the bo!. after as soon as 'efore in case when while unless until x2 Example: %ll 'e downstairs in five minutes when   %ve got dressed.1 can%t start cooing ---- 3ane 'rings the food.2Give me a ring later ---- you%re having your 'rea.#There%s no way %m helping him ---- he pays me.&Tae my num'er ---- you need to call me.* %m not leaving ---- you give me my money 'ac.+4et me now ------ you%ve heard any news.56ou shouldn%t eat ----- you do exercise.  Name____________________________ Class____________________________  File Test 4 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A 7The passengers got off the plane ---- it had landed. 8Grammar total20 VOCABULAR Underline the odd word out. Example:hailstorm flood drought mild1damp dri88ling 'right pouring2#hot scorching 'oiling free8ing&settled changea'le hail 'right*dri88ling 'ree8e hurricane tornado 5 #   Underline the correct word . Example: e 'ought some ice creams 'ecause it was boiling $ pouring .1 t%s going to 'e damp and chill%  / sunn%  tomorrow.2 t%s difficult to say what the weather will 'e lie later $ it%s so settled  / changeable .#There was a really strong  / heav% wind 'lowing at the coast.& t%s a very mild  / cool  day for mid9winter.* f there%s thick   / strong  fog the traffic will 'e very slow.+6ou%ll need your sunglasses $ it%s incredi'ly clear / bright  outside.5There%s not much rain today, 'ut it%s still (uite damp  / dri&&ling . 7 'Complete the sentences with one word. Example:The plane too off    exactly on time.1 nvesting money in the stoc maret is never safe $ you%re taing a --------.26ou don%t need to rush $ tae -------- time and enoy your meal.#;on%t expect so much from 3ane $ you must tae into -------- that she%s still young.&6ou should tae more care -------- yourself. 6ou don%t eat properly.* %ve always wanted to tae -------- in a charity event.+The wedding will tae -------- at the church on 12 th  3uly.5;o you thin you tae -------- your mother or your father in character<76ou should tae -------- of the low exchange rates and get some dollars now. 8Vocabulary total20  Name____________________________ Class____________________________  File Test 4 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A PRO!U!C AT O! rite  S   if the sounds are the same*  D  if the% are different. Example:dr  i 88le, ch i lly S  dr  i 88le, i cy  D 1p ou ring, dr  ou ght---- 2h ea vy, s e ttled---- #'el ow  8ero, c o ld---- & i cy, m i ld---- *fl oo d, thunder----  5 +Underline the stressed s%llable. Example:free=8ing1tor=na=do2change=a='le#ad=van=tage&'li=88ard*hu=rri=cane 5Pronunciation total10Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total50  Name____________________________ Class____________________________  File Test 4Readin# and $ritin# A R%A& !G ,ead the article about the effects of climate change in the U-. ive sentences have been removed. hich sentence /0 fits each gap (10#) here is one e!tra sentence %ou do not need to use. T'e %((ects o( Climate C'an#e in t'e U) Climate chane is a lon!term chane in eather #atterns o$er #eriods o% time that rane%rom decades to millions o% years& 't is one o% the reatest en$ironmental issues o% our time& (he e%%ect o% chanes in our climate has been a hot to#ic %or many years& )nd no o$ernment ministers in the *+ ha$e arned that the internet could be badly a%%ected due toclimate chane& !!!!! 1 !!!!!-.cientists say that hiher tem#eratures and rainstorms could a%%ect i!%i communications& 'naddition, etter inters and drier summers miht lead to subsidence / the sinin o% theround / damain underround cables& !!!!! 2 !!!!!- '% climate chane a%%ects the uality o% the sinal, or there is no sinal due to etreme chanes in tem#erature, #eo#le ill clearly bedisad$antaed& 't ould be $ery serious i% communication systems ere not orin in theheiht o% an emerency& (his is hy the issue must be dealt ith&(he 3n$ironment .ecretary, Caroline .#elman, recently e#lained the o$ernment4s #lans totae action& !!!!!  !!!!!- o e$er, i% these %acilities cannot deal ith the increase in %loodsand storms liely to accom#any risin tem#eratures, the money ill ha$e been asted, she arned& .#eain at lac%riars ail ay .tation in 9ondon, hich a *+ rail com#any says isbein rede$elo#ed ith the lon!term e%%ects o% climate chane in mind, :s .#elman saidthe *+ economy ould not be able to ro i% in%rastructure / trans#ort and communicationsnet ors and reliable enery and ater su##lies / %ailed&:s .#elman e#lained that our economy is built on this in%rastructure& ut it could not ro i% there are re#eated #o er %ailures, or oods cannot be trans#orted because roads are%looded and rail ays ha$e been damaed, or i% hea$y rain%all or hih tem#eraturesneati$ely a%%ect i!%i sinals& !!!!! ; !!!!!- )ccordin to :s .#elman, they could come%or ard and de$elo# ne technoloies and #rocesses to hel# our current systems better deal ith climate chane& ) o$ernment re#ort #ublished recently outlines ho #lannin and desin o% ne systemsneeds to consider the e%%ect o% climate chane& (his is es#ecially im#ortant as many #ro<ects ill still be there in 50 to 100 years %rom no & (he study i$es details o% hat action needs tobe taen by the o ners o% trans#ort net ors, %or eam#le& !!!!! 5 !!!!!-ail :inister (heresa Villiers e#lained that althouh the *+ o$ernment needs to manaemoney $ery care%ully, it is committed to s#endin considerable sums on trans#ort throuh$ital #ro<ects such as the (hameslin u#rade, Crossrail, the #ro#osed ih .#eed railnet or and more electri%ication o% the rail net or& (he ne lac%riars ail ay station in 9ondon is bein %itted ith technoloy includin sun#i#es, rain ater har$estin systems, insulation and solar #anels to mae it less reliant on
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