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  1 English File Upper-intermediate Photocopiable © Oxford University Press 2014 NAME CLASS 2 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A ENGLISH FILE Upper-intermediate 3  Order the words to make sentences. Example: steak / like / juicy / nice / feel / I / a / big  I feel like a nice big juicy steak. 1 brand / has / sports / orange / a / Jack / new / got / car / Italian 2 yesterday / horrible / hat / red / wearing / a / big / what / was / Celia / !3 brother / gorgeous / had / linen / my / on / a / jacket / younger / new 4 little / found / stay / hotel / lovely / we / French / a / in / to 5 the / some / black / I / scarves / market / nice / at / bought / silk / very6 little / was / on / wooden / hill / beautiful / there / old / a / the / house 6 Grammar total 20 VOCABULARY 4  Complete the words in the sentences. Example: Sally doesn’t like sharing her friends. She’s very p ossessive .1 I keep dropping things – I seem to be very c  ______________ today.2 Becky can change from happy to upset for no particular reason – she’s very m  ___________.3 Don’t you want to do this walk? You seem very un  ______________.4 I don’t feel safe going out on my own. I feel very v  _____________.5 Barry is so s  __________. He won’t change his mind, even when he’s obviously wrong.6 Sam seems very w  ________. He obviously knows a lot about life. 6 5  Underline the odd word out. Example: bruise blister cough rash1 sneeze cough headache sunburn2 bacteria blister virus infection3 earache dizzy faint pass out4 flu a cold injection asthma5 painkillers drugs medicine symptom6 bleed wound diarrhoea bandage 6 GRAMMAR 1  Complete the sentences with the present perfect simple or continuous form of the verbs in brackets. Example: Have you ever had  (you / ever / have) an operation?1 Karen ________ (not post) much on Facebook recently.2 I ________ (never / see) you wearing a tie!3 We’re exhausted because we ________ (garden) all day.4 How many years ________ (your parents / have) this house?5 How long ________ (you / learn) to drive?6 This is the first time I ________ (hear) Lara sing. She’s brilliant!7 We ________ (know) Ed since we first came to Liverpool.8 My internet connection ________ (go) on and off a lot today. 8 2  Underline the correct word(s). Example: In some towns there isn’t enough entertainment for young  / young people .1 The Chinese  / Chineses  are buying more and more cars.2 We need to do more as a society to take care of elderly  / the elderly . 3 The French  / French  take a long time preparing their meals.4 Poor  / The poor  seem to be suffering the most from government cuts.5 The Italian  / Italians  have a reputation for stylish design.6 Traffic lights often make sounds to help the blinds  / the blind  cross the road. 6  2 English File Upper-intermediate Photocopiable © Oxford University Press 2014 NAME CLASS 2 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A ENGLISH FILE Upper-intermediate PRONUNCIATION 7  Match the words with the same sound. h oo ded aller g y ch o king c ough  l oo se diarr hoea Example: cl o thes choking 1 in  j ection ________ 2 ear  ________ 3 off   ________ 4 b oo ts ________ 5 w oo llen ________    5 8  Underline the stressed syllable. Example: co | tton1 poi | son | ing2 head | ache3 fa | shio | na | ble4 car | di | gan5 un | con | scious 5 Pronunciation total 10 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total 50 6  Underline the correct word(s). Example: I only like natural materials – I never wear nylon  / linen .1 I like that checked  / striped  jumper with the green and blue squares.2 I need this shirt in a bigger size – it’s too loose  / tight .3 That jacket is the perfect colour – it suits  / matches  those trousers.4 You need some lycra  / velvet  shorts if you want to do some serious cycling.5 If it’s really hot tomorrow evening I’ll wear my new long-sleeved  / sleeveless  dress.6 We’re going shopping in 15 minutes, so get dressed  / dress up !7 Lisa prefers checked  / plain  clothes without any pattern.8 Those shoes really go with  / fit  your jeans. 8 Vocabulary total 20  3 English File Upper-intermediate Photocopiable © Oxford University Press 2014 NAME CLASS ENGLISH FILE Upper-intermediate 2 Reading and Writing A ‘This might prove that the Copper Age started in Europe at least 500 years earlier than we thought,’ Dr Kuzmanovi´c said. The Copper Age represents the first use of tools by humans. It is thought to have started around 4,000 BC in south-east Europe, and earlier in the Middle East. The discovery of Europe’s oldest underground mine at the nearby Mlava river suggested at the time that Vinca could be the first place in Europe to use metal, a theory which seems to be supported by the Plocnik site. A The trend at the time was to wear them with short tops and bracelets.B This community was situated between rivers, mountains, and forests in what is now southern Siberia.C It was first discovered in 1927.D It also seems that they were especially fond of children.E However, others point to Frenchman André Courrèges.F According to Dr Kuzmanovi´c, these not only represent the things they respected, but also things they got enjoyment from. Reading total 10 WRITING Write an email to your friend telling him / her about a historic place of interest in your country.Write 140–180 words. Include the following information: ã say how old the place isã describe the placeã explain why you like / don’t like the place Writing total 10 Reading and Writing total 20 READING Read the article about an historical discovery about fashion. Five sentences have been removed. Which sentence ( A–F ) fits each gap ( 1–5 )? There is one extra sentence you do not need to use. Stone–age Mini Skirt Discovered For more than 40 years, fashion experts have argued over the srcins of the mini skirt. Some say British designer Mary Quant came up with the design in the 1960s. (–––– 1 ––––) And some experts even believe it made its first appearance in Hollywood ten years earlier.But now archaeologists say the true srcins of the mini skirt go back to the very beginning of civilization. They have uncovered evidence that Stone Age women were, in fact, wearing mini skirts more than 7,500 years ago. (–––– 2 ––––)A series of stone statues wearing the prehistoric fashions were found at one of Europe’s oldest known villages. (–––– 3 ––––) The findings in this ancient village push back the srcins of fashion and art in Europe by hundreds of years, to a time when our ancestors were actually just learning about farming. ‘According to the statues we found, young women were beautifully dressed, like today’s girls,’ said archaeologist Julka Kuzmanovi´c-Cvetkovi´c.The unnamed tribe of people lived between 5,400 and 4,700 BC in the 120-hectare site at what is now Plocnik in Serbia. Various things found at the site show us that they knew about trade, art, and how to sew. They celebrated beauty and produced 60 different forms of wonderful pottery and statues. (–––– 4 ––––) Women, it seems, have always paid attention to their appearance.Little is known about the life of the people – known as the Vinca – who made the statues. The Vinca culture developed quickly between 5,500 and 4,000 BC in Bosnia, Serbia, Romania, and Macedonia. It got its name from the present-day village of Vinca on the Danube River near Belgrade where eight villages have been found.The latest discoveries suggest these early farmers were more advanced than we think. The dead were buried in a tidy cemetery, houses had stoves, and there were special holes for rubbish. People slept on rugs and fur, made clothes of wool and leather, and kept animals. (–––– 5 ––––) This is clear because some of the things found include toys, such as animals and rattles of clay, and small, badly crafted pots apparently made by children at playtime. One of the most exciting finds for archaeologists was the discovery of a sophisticated metal workshop.  4 English File Upper-intermediate Photocopiable © Oxford University Press 2014 NAME CLASS ENGLISH FILE Upper-intermediate 2 Listening and Speaking A LISTENING 1  Listen to five young people talking about following fashion. Choose from the list ( A–F ) which problem each person mentions. Use the letters only once. There is one extra letter you do not need to use. A the cost of clothesB the range of fashions availableC the time it takes for deliveryD the lack of sizes availableE clothes which are badly madeF the colours availableSpeaker 1: Speaker 2: Speaker 3: Speaker 4: Speaker 5: 5 2  Listen to a young woman talking about setting up a fashion company and underline the correct answer. 1 Anna decided to set up an online fashion company selling children’s  / women’s  / men’s  clothes.2 Anna used money borrowed from her family  / her own money  / money borrowed from a friend  to set up her business.3 Nowadays, Anna runs the company from her bedroom  / the garage  / an office .4 The speaker says the main reason for Anna’s success is because of the people she knows in the fashion industry  / the support she had from her family  / the long hours she spent working .5 Anna’s best piece of advice for someone who wants to go into business is   to get some experience  / get a qualification  / do some research . 5 Listening total 10 SPEAKING 1  Make questions and ask your partner. 1 What kind /clothes / wear?2 Is / important / well dressed? Why?3 Where / buy / most / your clothes? Why?4 What do / think / prices famous designers /charge / their clothes?5 Do / recycle / old clothes? Why / Why not?   Now answer your partner’s questions. 2  Listen to your partner talking about health. Do you agree with him / her? 3  Talk about the statement below, saying if you agree or disagree. Give reasons. ‘We give too much importance to other people’s appearance – personality is more important.’ Speaking total 20 Listening and Speaking total 30
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